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The Exchange

Male LN Human Cleric 3 | HP:25/25 | AC: 21 (11 Tch, 20 Fl) | CMB: +3, CMD: 14 | F: +5, R: +2, W: +7 | Init: +1 | Perc: +11, SM: +4 | Speed 20ft | Channel Negative Energy 1/1 | Sudden shift 7/7 | Active conditions:

"Yes. I believe we had a vision - or entered Eylysia's memory. When she and her companions confronted certain Decimvirate members of their wrongdoings. Rather than talk, the masked ones attacked Eylysia."

Now, the presence of those two Decimvirate representatives is rather unnerving. Are they willing to let the truth come out this time?

Duskmire Accord 9 | Beacon Code Dilemma

Upon hearing the accounts given by the agents, the two masked Decemvirate members appear to listen intently, yet say nothing. Instead, they turn towards each other as though sharing a silent conversation.

Ilathor Valmaxian wrote:

Ilathor's eyes narrow as he sees the Decemvirate representatives in what he hopes is the real here and now. Unabashedly, he moves to the door and stands before it. "What do you know of Helven Leroung and Veldrid Goldborough? Don't suppose they are you?" he asks, making a point to listen to the voices and compare them to the ones they heard in the vision. This reeks of fraud and corruption. The faster we end this, the better.

"Why do you wish to know what we saw? What happened to Eylysia?"

The scenario provides no clues as to the identities of the two Decemvirate in the room, so I don't know what their voices sound like.

"I assure you, these members of the Decemvirate have no interest in dragging up old feuds." says Kreighton Shaine, stepping forward to respond. "They simply wish to know what truly happened."

If the two Decemvirate are offended by the accusation of being the same villains that appeared within the vision, they do not give any indication of it.

"As for Eylysia's fate," Shaine continues, "what is known is that after the confrontation, which you described having seen in the vision and which resulted in the death of several of her companions, the gnome herself fled the Society--never to be heard from again."

"Yet, it would seem, not before she was able to hide a latent message that the Decemvirate could never uncover." he notes with a smile. "A latent message that, it would appear, you all have experienced."

In strangely neutral voices produced through the magic of their helms, one member of the Decemvirate now speaks, “These secrets have remained hidden for too long—from the Decemvirate and the Society both."

"In doing so," the helmed figure continues, "the organization defamed an upstanding agent. What we have learned here grants us an opportunity to correct past crimes."

The other Decemvirate member nods solemnly, then adds, "Well done, Pathfinders.” Having said their peace, the two masked figures turn and exit through the door.

Kreighton Shaine once again steps forward, looking pleased. "Yes, excellent work, Pathfinders." he says. "Now, go and get some rest. The Society will soon have more tasks for each of you."


Thank you all for playing! Please provide any Day Job rolls on the Discussion thread. I believe I cobbled together the other PC chronicle info I need earlier to report the game, but having it all in the Discussion thread would help me get Chronicle sheets up a bit sooner. I plan to have them posted by the end of the week.

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