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Remove Citizen Goss; destroy the Gray Gardeners; liberate the souls from the final blades; end the Red Revolution.
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Additional Systems:

We will be using all sorts of optional rule systems. Skill Unlocks from Unchained are one main one; Verbal Duels, Influence, Affiliations, Personas (standard and Masked), Mysteries and Investigations, Rumors, Research, Contracts, Downtime, Duels, Gambling and Games of Chance, Investments, Building and Organization rules, and all that sort of thing; if it's in Ultimate Intrigue, chances are it'll get used. If it has to do with intrigue and isn't found in UI, chances are it'll get used.

I strongly encourage you to examine the Building and Organization rules, as well as the Persona rules, as the Leadership feat is not so much being replaced as being dramatically enhanced by these two; the better your persona and organization, the better your chances of succeeding at your goals.

I strongly encourage you to examine the specific rules for Verbal Duels; Performance skills are highly useful in them, and

I strongly encourage you to consider the uses of news, art, and propaganda both overt and subtle in history, whether for revolution, war, or political change; the Artistry skills (and to a lesser extent the Craft skills) will enable you to spread your thoughts much farther than your voice can reach.

Though you may not yet have access to them, of note are the rules for Personas and Masked Personas.

Personas are a measure of how influential you can be in the world; at the end of the first adventure, we will put these together. For a game like this, these are very useful -- especially so for the more public figures of the Military Genius, the Reliable Statesman, and the Influential Merchant, but useful as well in some ways for the Criminal Mastermind and the Distressed Prelate. Your personas will give you dedicated agents to work for you, admirers, and possibly even friends in high places; your personas will make you the critcial linchpins in ending the Red Revolution.

Masked Personas
While vigilantes are the most obvious users of masked personas (and can do so with a speed and reliability that is staggering to see), these rules allow otherwise-ordinary people to keep a 'mask' behind the mirror, as it were. The long-time masters of the masked persona are actually the Gray Gardeners; few if any of them are vigilantes, yet their identities remain hidden. Many if not all of the PCs will acquire a masked persona (again, at the end of the first adventure); the primary development of it will have been accomplished prior to the campaign, with its fruits being seen only now.

Influence (Search “Jockeying”)
Contracts (See AP #101, Hell's Rebels 'The Kintargo Contract', section on Infernal Contracts)
Research (Search “Using a Library”)

Masked Persona
Mysteries and Investigations

Bar Fights
Gambling and Games of Chance
Verbal Duels (and how they work)

Buildings and Organizations
General Downtime
Downtime Activities


More as I think about it and/or am asked.


Because I was asked ...

Because this is a PbP, we have the opportunity to use neat scripts and that sort of thing for different languages. For this campaign, we will use those languages that can be found in Google Translate. When doing so, for audible speech, use the Latin-alphabet phonetic translation (typically found underneath the box in which the script translation appears) so that we can read what it sounds like. If, however, the conversation is telepathic, mental, or if the words are physically written down, use the language's own script, if it has something else (Arabic, the Cyrillic alphabet, etc.), which is usually found inside the translation box.

Taldan is the 'Common' trade tongue, pretty much everyone uses it, therefore we use English.
Azlanti ==> Latin
Varisian ==> Spanish
Chelaxian ==> Italian
Garundi ==> Hebrew
Keleshite ==> Arabic
Hallit ==> Russian
Mwangi (Polyglot, I guess?) ==> Sesotho
Mwangi-related ==> Igbo
Shoanti ==> German
Ulfen ==> Norwegian
Vudrani ==> Punjabi
Osiriani ==> Amharic
Skald ==> Icelandic

Tien (Tian-Shu, Lung Wa)==> Chinese Traditional
Dan (Tian-Dan, Xa Hoi) ==> Myanmar
Dtang (Tian-Dtang, Dtang Ma) ==> Vietnamese
Hon-La (Tian-La, Hongal) ==> Mongolian
Hwan (Tian-Hwan, Hwanggot) ==> Korean
Minatan (Tian-Sing, Minata) ==> Indonesian
Minkaian (Tian-Min, Minkai) ==> Japanese

Druidic ==> Welsh

Elvish ==> Tamil
Dwarves ==> Ukranian
Gnomes ==> Armenian
Halfling ==> Greek
Draconic ==> Macedonian

Orc ==> Czech
Goblin ==> Estonian
Gnoll ==> Kyrgyz
Giant ==> Yiddish
Ettin ==> Haitian Creole
Undercommon ==> Bengali

Lizardfolk (or some reptilian race) ==> Telugu.

Sylvan ==> Gujarati
First Speech ==> Persian
Terran ==> Maori
Ignan ==> Nepali
Auran ==> Uzbek
Aquan ==> Lao
Aklo ==> Basque
Orvian ==> Malagasy

Celestial ==> Scots Gaelic
Abyssal ==> Yoruba
Daemonic ==> Marathi
Infernal ==> Javanese
Protean ==> Esperanto

'The Family' Gang Cant ==> Afrikaans

If you have a language that isn't found here, let me know and I'll figure something out. :) If you have a suggestion, even better.

Isarn Settlement Statblock:

See the Isarn and Its Districts page for an easier-to-read version of this information.

CN metropolis
Corruption +2, Crime +1, Economy 0, Law +2, Lore +2, Society 0
Qualities Cultured, Defiant, Gang-Ridden*, Notorious, Rumormongering, Under-City*
Danger +40; Disadvantages Impoverished, Martial Law, Oppressed**
Government Fascistic autotocracy
Population 42,800
Base Value 4,800gp Purchase Limit 50,000 gp Spellcasting 4th
*** Minor Items 4d4 Medium Items 2d4 Major Items 1d4
* - Modified (Gang-Ridden derived from Cruel Watch)
** - Downgraded
*** - Available magic items are re-rolled at the end of every week; obviously, you can commission one, or try to find out if someone is wanting to sell or is about to finish making an item you're looking to acquire.

Stat Usage

Each of a settlement's stat blocks are added to certain rolls, as follows:
Corruption +2: To Bluff vs. city officials/guards, Stealth outside (not underground)
Crime +1: To Sense Motive vs. Bluff, Sleight of Hand to pick pockets
Economy 0: To Craft, Perform*, Profession to Generate Income
Law +2: To Intimidate to force friendly, Diplomacy vs govt officials or to call guard
Lore +2: To Diplomacy to Gather Info, KS when using city libraries
Society 0: To Disguise, and Diplomacy to alter attitude of govt official
Danger +40: To random encounter table rolls (or chance for encounter)

These apply to all appropriate rolls, whether by you or by an NPC; obviously, the 'Danger' stat is essentially GM-only. If you are using Hero Lab and have ShadowChemosh's Adjustments, you can apply a 'Skill Bonus, Situational' for each of these, and that'll show up on your sheet in the correct places.

* - Due to Cultured, Isarn is always considered to be Prosperous (+1 to Economy) for the purpose of certain checks to generate income; briefly, the check has to create or express something 'artistic' in the 'high art' sense of the term -- statuary, paintings, opera, drama, orchestral music, and the like. Street musicians play the lute and sing arias and solos, or band together and perform 'chamber music' and the like. 'Low' art -- bawdy comedies and music, farcical plays, street art/graffiti, and similar activities, fiddlers with monkeys -- do not receive this bonus, but do not receive any penalty; the point is the people appreciate the 'high art' more.

251 to 300 of 361 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | next > last >>

Yep, me too. I already had five 'background' skills I was maxing out, not to mention the random stuff I'm putting a few points into here and there.

Whether selected or not, this recruitment has given me an opportunity to indulge in my not-so-secret fantasy of building a character with all of the skills.

From the phone:
The biggest concern I can see just offhand is that the character has only tenuous ties to the region, and a strong reason to leave at the slightest hint of his NPC. This would not, for reasons that should be self-evident, be someone into whose hands the Conspiracy would place themselves. An associate / tool, certainly, but there’s no reason to believe he’d stick around for the long haul — or give them up if it furthered his own ends.

Yeah, Erastil… I considered going with the more obvious Abadar, but I like the idea of a banker who is somewhat outside the norm and perhaps more of a humanist – i.e. “trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment” (loosely quoted from Kurt Vonnegut). Long story short, he believes in the Equalitarian ideal insofar as he opines that everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law and that all should have the opportunity to succeed. But, being a banker, he remains something of an oddity and an outsider, which has prompted him to set up shop in the outskirts of Le Commune and to establish relationships with all sorts of people.

“All sorts of people” is to be developed, obviously.

Two questions:

1) Does he need a better “hook” or are his political opinions and ideals enough to warrant joining the Conspiracy? I can easily imagine that he would be at odds with the powers that be, but perhaps you would prefer a more specific turning point? Should there be an event that motivated and continues to drive his rebellious inclination?

2) Is he too squeaky clean? I intend for him to be willing to justify the means and ready to be ruthless if the situation requires it, but I like the idea of it not being matter-of-factly. I think that there’s a character arc there that could be explored and exploited, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

If I understand Androk's point of view (which I might not since he lives inside GM's head) he isn't necessarily looking for people who have a specific rebellious inclination. He's looking for people who have a reason to see mob rule ended and stability returned. More importantly, people that he feels are strong enough in that desire to be able to risk working with the rest of the group, be trustworthy, and even potentially die for the cause. As long as you portray that in some way or another you should be good.

I think you're good on the cleanliness front as well. The conspiracy is not looking for people who are already in the business of getting their hands dirty. The good Miss Popescu has that front handled for you. ;)
As long as you haven't built a character that is soooooo clean that they would refuse to get their hands dirty if/when it is absolutely necessary you are ok.

*For those wondering, the "die for the cause" thing doesn't even need to be out of politics or zeal. Again, as long as you leave room for some kind of reasonable concept of why they might be willing to, you're fine. Surprisingly even my Lilli, self serving criminal that she is, has two hooks built into her psychology to give reasons why she could be willing to die for the conspiracy. (Neither of them are explicitly in her background or personality write-ups either, so Androk isn't too picky on that front.)

First things first.

Alias ad Tempus
I apologize. I apologize for only vaguely remembering something, and thus remembering it incorrectly, to wit:

The Ninth Decree wrote:
"All financial institutions are operated under the auspices of the Revolutionary Council."

This decree came after the brou-ha-ha of the Fourth Council (the Golden Council), anchored by Abadaran banking interests.

Now what this means is that the Revolutionary Council -- functionally meaning Citizen Korran Goss himself -- definitely holds the leash of each and every financial institution in Isarn, and theoretically across the rest of Galt. (This varies depending on where you are, and how close of attention the RC has paid to that area in recent times.) It also means that at any time, a representative of the Council can come in, inspect your premises, audit your books, and do the Grand High Inquisitor thing on you -- because, boyo, you work for them, and don't you forget it.

This is not, however, a deal-breaker for your character; it means that there are two or three ways you can go with it.

First is to actually be under the government's thumb. While this is a risky play, every character in this campaign is, sooner or later, going to be under the gimlet eye of the government, and is going to have to pass muster without giving away the entire Conspiracy. (A note on this later.) Since practically everyone is going to have their Bluff maxed out, this is ... probably not as difficult as it sounds, but it will put you in the government spotlight at least as often as Jerome.

Second is to run another business while not really (which is to say officially) running a bank -- making personal loans to 'friends', spending your own money in helping someone or another to start a business, that sort of thing. This gains you a reputation as a generous person who helps out his friends and neighbors, and would definitely enable you to be dropped into the middle of Le Commune (especially if you have an attitude of both 'pay it forward' as well as 'pay me back when you can, because if/when you do, then I can help someone else out'). The downside of it is that you don't get the cachet of a banker, only as <insert your actual business here>.

Third is to be underground about it -- running both a business and an actual (illegal) bank. This might seem to be the way to go, but the problem is if you're discovered only for this, you're headed to a final blade. Plus, this starts edging into what Mama Lily is all about -- the whole criminal organization / mastermindy stuff.

Think about it, and get back when you can.

Androk is looking for stability in a lot of things: a stable economy, a stable government, a stable society, basically Galt as a stable civilization, because it is sliding slowly back into basically an entirely tribal society, and the process is accelerating. His fear is that in another 50 years, all the grace and beauty of what was once the most celebrated and cultured city in Avistan will be inhabited by flint-knappers whom even the Shoanti would look down upon as being uncivilized -- and he recognizes that no matter the faces sitting on the Revolutionary Council, no matter their beliefs, that as long as the Gray Gardeners are allowed to ply their trade and as long as the final blades exist to allow them to do so, the cycle will continue to spiral down into oblivion.

As a consequence, what he is looking for are people who want that stability for their country, who desire it as a pesh addict desires their drug. He's looked for three other people (the Abettors) who are willing to do what needs to be done regardless of the methods or initial consequences in order to further that goal, and who are willing to die if necessary in order to preserve the reputations and secrecy of the two he's sought (the Agents) who will eventually execute and preserve the goal of the end of the Gardeners and a lasting structure to society in Galt.

He has found the Abettor Jerome Lemaître, whose contempt for the morass of the legal system of Galt knows no bounds, and whose decades of training are especially in tune with clearing out the old and creating a new legal system.

He has found the Abettor Lilli Popescu, who wants structure and prosperity if only to be able to gain from that prosperity by bending the planks of that structure juuuust a little.

He has found the Agent Dolorès Durante, blessed and cursed with hearing the souls inside those blades, and who is determined -- or resigned -- to become one of her worst enemies (philosophically) until she can learn their secrets, the better to destroy them.

He has found the Agent Lucien Fesch, who believes that though soldiers must be ready to die in battle, it is an ugliness if they should die due to the foolishness or stupidity of an officer inferior in honor and skill -- and that being at the beck and call of an honorless government is something that should only be borne so long as there will be something honorable to replace it.

And he has found the Abettor ... you, whichever one is selected. Your politics don't matter; your dedication to the utter elimination of Mob Rule and the passionless, faceless Gardeners who enable them is key, as is your willingness to not surrender, not at any price including your own death and soul's imprisonment or your compatriot's death and soul's imprisonment, information on the Conspiracy to anyone not in it.

Abettor Profile: the Influential Merchant:
The Merchant's part in the conspiracy is to keep the middle class stable. Galt has had a severe 'brain-bleed' of the middle class; people don't want to invest in Galt, people don't want to make things in Galt, people are no longer considering Galt for anything except 'somewhere to send your Aunt Hyacinth so that she gets accidentally murdered during a charming little riot'. It's up to the Merchant to manage owners of the few manufactories that are left, manipulate the handful of investors, keep merchants -- not just shopkeeps (though he'll be working with them too), but merchants who oversee trade -- such as himself interested and active, and if necessary offer a bribe -- even if the point of offering it is for it to be turned down. The Merchant can put a Masked Persona to great use, and with the Criminal be the most readily placed to be active as such.

This is not to say anyone, especially the Abettors, is going to pull a 'Les Miserables' and build a barricade and wave a red flag from the top of it; as someone who wasn't famous at all once said, "don't be stupid, you could get killed doing that." The Conspiracy doesn't need, doesn't want martyrs to the cause. If something you've built risks exposing the Conspiracy, we want you to retreat, to let your edifice collapse if necessary, to take the hit and lose the battle in order to retrench elsewhere and eventually win the war. Lilli may have to watch the Isarn City Guard, under orders from the Revolutionary Council, sweep into her 'tea house', slaughter the workers, and burn the place to the ground; hell, Lucien might get ordered to actually do it. And so long as the Conspiracy is not exposed, that's what both of them may have to simply accept as the price of doing business, and get on with other plans.

Having a problem with performing such ruthlessness is something I'm perfectly willing (and eager!) to have characters explore; that's where RP exists, and character development / progression / evolution. Characters can -- should (well, except for Jerome, but we already know he's evil) -- hesitate when the hard choices come their way. But every member of the Conspiracy must have their eyes on the final goal, and will be wading through a certain amount of muck along the way. Distaste is fine -- but get your @ss to wading, mister. ;)

Ref: Secret Language
Yes, Lily has her personal cipher and her gang's cant / argot. I am considering introducing two sign languages I was going to bring into my Kingmaker game (a foolishly massive undertaking, alas!!), the first one something that could be seen at a distance (akin to flag semaphores or guidance motions, but with many discrete meanings instead of just spelling), the second a refinement that was basically the Drasnian Secret Language (from David Eddings' Belgariad) enabling people to communicate discreetly during other (spoken) conversation. The first would be good for communicating across rooftops, the second for secret conversations at parties.

What actually happens will in large part be up to the PCs.

The really fun part of secret languages is using them not just to communicate secretly, but to build extra levels of confusion to mislead people. For example, the gang's argot is ONLY going to be used by that specific gang. Any teams working for my masked persona will NOT be using it, lending yet another level of obfuscation to those wanting to connect the two personas. ;)

Intrigue games are fun.

I was unable to finish an application in time last go around, but I think I can manage to round it out in a week; I won't need to change much, Andronikos is a good fit for the Merchant.

Well, I wanted the character to be a tad grittier and edgier!

(And I should have studied the decrees more attentively!)

Of the three options, my gut reaction is to go with the first. He’s a banker who believes that banking and government should operate distinctly, but who pretends to play by the rules in order to continue to run his business… However, are all bankers Abadaran or does it remain conceivable for a banker to follow Erastil?

Personally, I like it. The stakes are higher. What do you think?


What if...:
Jared upon arrival in Galt, tracks Gerard Nisroc to an abandoned property, that been derelict for years, having been seized, ransacked, burned down to the stone walls, at least what was left of them and vandalized. It's where the trail ran cold.

Finding a familiar trinket, in the rubble... the tiniest and simplest green lantern charm on a simple iron chain. Gerard’s necklace. Jared takes it as a sign and buys the property and starts to restore it.

It's a labor of love, and soon starts to take shape, a rustic but handsome main structure facing the street with a welcoming circular cobblestone drive.

It’s not long before Jared realizes he needs money to maintain the place and starts to sell his services repairing wagons. A simple fire pit served as a forge until a proper one could be built. Money started to flow in, slowly at first.

But, the artist in him reached out to contacts in Qadira, and he started to import various fine sands. Small amounts, but he could then blow colorful glass... it was an outlet in contrast to the austere city, where you couldn’t grow flowers or wear silks.

It was during that early time that he discovered the secret compartment, impossibly hidden... but, looking back it almost felt as he he’d placed it there. Gerard had trained him, after all.

Jared could hardly tear himself from the reading, documents, journals, manuscripts, ledgers and notes. He recognized the handwriting on some, mostly the notes. Names, dates, times. Through these writings, as he pieced them together, he walked in his father’s shoes... he experienced this place, as Gerard knew it.

“To understand a thing, is to love a thing.” - Gerard Nisroc

In some impossible way, Isarn and Galt, they seeped into his bones and permeated his being and become home.

Knowing what he now knew, changed everything. It was important, this knowledge. Important enough to... die for, or at least vanish for. It was important to Gerard, and that was good enough. He would take the baton and run this to the bitter end.

In subtle ways, as only Gerard Nisroc had ever taught him... he began to fight for the people. Jared began to watch, listen to, and more importantly to feel the people of Isarn. It was an empathy he’d practiced since childhood, and some responded.

Slowly the business grew, adding services and the selling of good all centered around helping commerce, trade and transport. Carts, wagons, carriages, tack, harness, stables... and little by little, the modest business becomes The Green Lantern Carriage House & Bath.

It’s now 4 years later.

A little better?

The build is going to look something like this: Etienne Gaucher

Just posting in to say that I'm still here, still working on a submission, still very intrigued and keeping an eye on all the information being shared. I'm still settling on a build--with the talk about the Merchant making good use of a persona, I'm strongly thinking Vigilante on one side, and just waffling on what to pair with it.

I'll toss out one general idea just to see if it's too closely related to an existing character: a Flying Blade Swashbuckler and devotee of Pharasma. Would having two characters linked to that goddess be too much, or potentially add to the RP? This is still very much an idea in its beginning stages, so no loss either way; I figured I'd check before dwelling on it too long.

I wouldn't worry about sharing a deity with another PC, it definitely wouldn't create any kind of issues, and might add to RP.

Helix Missionary wrote:
I'm still settling on a build--with the talk about the Merchant making good use of a persona, I'm strongly thinking Vigilante on one side, and just waffling on what to pair with it.

One thing I will note to all: Vigilante is a great class, and if it fits the character and build you want, great! Having said that, don't feel like you have to do it just because of all the talk about the Merchant making good use of a persona. The Masked Persona rules allow you to still have the dual identity feature without needing to go Vigilante, so I hope no one is choosing that as one of their classes simply because they feel it's necessary.

Helix Missionary wrote:
I'll toss out one general idea just to see if it's too closely related to an existing character: a Flying Blade Swashbuckler and devotee of Pharasma. Would having two characters linked to that goddess be too much, or potentially add to the RP? This is still very much an idea in its beginning stages, so no loss either way; I figured I'd check before dwelling on it too long.

I agree with Lilli that it wouldn’t be a problem, and would probably open up some interesting RP opportunities—especially since Dolorès didn’t exactly choose her ties to Pharasma.

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Heh. I've gone for vigilante cos they're badass, and it fits my theme: essentially, the social identity and the vigilante identity are both fakes designed to hide the real identity. So in that sense they are both personas.

I'll probably end up using the masked personas rules as well because hell why not :-)

@GM TWO: Thanks as ever for the clarifications. Revised background, description, NPC contacts and so on are ready for inspection in the updated alias.

Note that the gear is still incomplete.

Not gonna lie, I went vigilante entirely for the extra bonuses to social skills.

Alias has been updated again. Nothing major for the crunch; I just swapped around some gear and made a couple small changes to Versatile Vials. I did add a lot more backstory in the form of three 'memories', which will hopefully help you get a better sense of the character.

For the Influential Merchant:
Ever_Anon with Estelle Delsarte, an Elf Empiricist Investigator / Avenger Vigilante
Wandering Wastrel with Eponine d'Ambreville, a Human Exploiter Wizard / Avenger Vigilante
Alias ad Tempus with Etienne Gaucher, a Human Sleuth Conspirator Investigator / Oathkeeper Inquisitor of Erastil
Hassan Ahmed with Jared Thorne, a Half-Orc Urban Ranger / Sorcerer (Impossible bloodline) / Knife Master Unchained Rogue
The Lobster with Andronikos, a Tiefling Swarm Shifter / Infiltrator Investigator / Master of Disguise Unchained Rogue
Josh.Ingle (interest)
FangDragon (interest)
Helix Missionary (interest)
Gaming Ranger (interest)

Jared Thorne:

The issue is not so much that the character has no ties to Galt (although that was an issue, and continues to be), it's that at the drop of a hat, even if it's an implied hat, Jared is liable to up and leave. All you have to do is wave 'I saw Gerard Nisroc in XXX just last month, and he was looking for you!!' under his nose.

You want your other character to be an integral part of this one; I can understand that urge. But 'being an integral part' and 'being the critical lever' are two different things, and between the timeline of the Conspiracy, the timeline of your character, and the 'hanging in the air' nature of 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Gerard Nisroc', Jared cannot have been selected for the Conspiracy; his true attention is somewhere else, and at the time the Conspiracy was assembled and began to maneuver, Jared was barely just getting started.

Suggested Background Modifications
So twenty-seven-year-old Jared (who was 17 when Gerard sent him off to Qadira) finally shows up in Galt, taking 5 years to get there. He hunts around, and instead of only finding vague traces of Gerard, finds his mentor -- alive -- in the falling-down near-ruins of an inn (the Green Lantern).

Gerard had over the last decade built the Green Lantern into a prosperous tavern, all as a cover for a planned series of heists that would allow him to retire. Unfortunately, between a mesmerist as the city's autocrat and Gerard's own views on liberty, as things were meant to fall into place, they instead fell apart. Some heroics -- relative heroics -- went sour, and several times he had to sell various items to repair major damage to the tavern after mobs caused damage -- sometimes from the inside, sometimes 'incidentally'. As he saw his goal starting to get out of reach, the growing sense of urgency led to a foolish attempt that ... that ...

... he can't remember. But he returned to the tavern a broken man, and the Green Lantern's descent into obscurity and ruin followed, especially as Gerard became a common drunk, a condition in which Jared found him.

Six years pass, and Jared Thorne had rebuilt the Green Lantern and by all estimation grown it to new heights. While caring for and cajoling his mentor back into a state of health (or rather, a state of 'only infrequently falling-down drunk'), Thorne also came to care for the neighbors he'd gained from taking over the place, and began to suspect that Gerard's depression was, however subtlely, not a natural thing for him. Combined with a bone-deep distaste for the constant uncertainty and instability present in Isarn and Galt, Jared began what he thought to be a subtle investigation into his mentor's actions that night.

While those specific investigations did not bear fruit (because, simply put, he doesn't have the skill for it), they did bring him to the discreet attention of someone who had an interest in such things. One year (and countless discussions) later, his 'acquaintance' introduced him to a couple other like-minded individuals, people who were willing to work slowly, steadily, and most importantly subtlely to change the very fabric and nature of society in Isarn.

It's been four years since that day, and three years since the last of them joined the Conspiracy; the work is slow and careful, but it progresses. Gerard once more 'runs' the Green Lantern, but he still has his bad days. And for Jared, the past years have only solidified his determination to rid Isarn of the slow poison that is Citizen Goss, and of the decay that is the Gray Gardeners ...

And with that, Gerard becomes a manager (who, having lost much of his skill due to several years' worth of ruin and dissipation, could be at any level of managerial skill, 2nd-5th level for 2gp-5gp/day), and the reason for you not to leave Isarn at the drop of a hat becomes a reason for you to stay and fight to the bitter end.

While I would prefer not having two characters be Catacomb Dwellers, I won't stop you. Just a question, though -- how are you going to become a trusted, respected member of the bourgeoisie if (from what I can tell) you spend most of the time out of the way / hiding? And speaking of hiding, I should especially note that if you're going to take 'Fiendish Facade', all of your physical distortion options must be able to be easily, casually concealed as per that feat, i.e. "Your fiendish physical traits are normally hidden by clothing or appear to be markings of another race."

In all honesty, I see you working really hard on the technicals, but ignoring the most important part -- the background. As it stands, Andronikos is a great character ... just not for a campaign where physical and magical combat is infrequent, but social interactions are the lifeblood of the action. Without otherwise compelling reasons (i.e. those in your background/personality/story), there's no way he'd be approached. Might I suggest pausing your work on his technicals and turning your attention to how 'My name is Andronikos, I turn into a bunch of bugs' is going to somehow also be 'I run a successful business doing X, and am gaining respect and attention by others of the middle class for doing so'?


I like it, and somehow I'm imagining Sam Elliott in Road House with Patrick Swayze... But, that's neither here nor there.

Movie Trailer.

Works rather well! I'm down with that! Thank you for taking the time.

My next topic, if I may continue:

I'm torn between Former Noble just kidding, Historian of the Red Revolution ("w-t-f is going on here?") and Aspiring Sidekick ("let's get out there and make a difference - secretly!").

I guess what I'm really wondering is does either mean side quests?

If Historian ot RR, sleuthing, spying and pilfering type escapades?

If Aspiring Sidekick, will there be outings together or alone?

And how do vigilantes work in the game, is it a "ride or die" type thing or do you have to worry about being ratted out? The one that got me thinking is Judge and Jury.

Or is it assumed that you've stopped azz-kicking or collecting info?

GM TWO wrote:


While I would prefer not having two characters be Catacomb Dwellers, I won't stop you. Just a question, though -- how are you going to become a trusted, respected member of the bourgeoisie if (from what I can tell) you spend most of the time out of the way / hiding? And speaking of hiding, I should especially note that if you're going to take 'Fiendish Facade', all of your physical distortion options must be able to be easily, casually concealed as per that feat, i.e. "Your fiendish physical traits are normally hidden by clothing or appear to be markings of another race."

In all honesty, I see you working really hard on the technicals, but ignoring the most important part -- the background. As it stands, Andronikos is a great character ... just not for a campaign where physical and magical combat is infrequent, but social interactions are the lifeblood of the action. Without otherwise compelling reasons (i.e. those in your background/personality/story), there's no way he'd be approached. Might I suggest pausing your work on his technicals and turning your attention to how 'My name is Andronikos, I turn into a bunch of bugs' is going to somehow also be 'I run a successful business doing X, and am gaining respect and attention by others of the middle class for doing so'?

I've been working on his background since the original recruitment. It's crazy long, so I was holding off on posting while I polished it, pared it down, and edited the intent from Criminal Mastermind into Influential Merchant. But for the sake of understanding and collaboration, I'll post what I have so far below. Before that, I'll address your concerns in order.

In re Catacomb Dweller:

It is an artifact from the Criminal Mastermind build, but it's also the only way I can keep his backstory and his motivations in check with being in and staying in Isarn without major rewrites. Like Lili, he does smuggle things in through the tunnels, but their methods and motivations are very separate. He has at most a small team of individuals that work for his alter ego and smuggle individual items into the city for middle-class folks with expensive tastes, but only really by request. For him, the catacombs are a constant escape plan. He knows the paths well, and can disappear in them at a moment's notice. They also represent what he's become, and the depths he's sunk to to survive at all.

In re Bourgeoise:

In the guise of a dwarf, Andronikos runs a bar and casino in Isarn. He even owns a vineyard outside town, presses his own grapes, sells his own wine. In his circle, he is a very public figure, hiding very little. Think of him as part Act 1 Thénardier from Les Mis, part Quark from DS9. His business is/will be immensely successful, but he never really advances in wealth or status; all money that comes in is immediately spent to further future business endeavors (or in bribes or, eventually, spent in favor of the Conspiracy). Sure, he's shady and cheats his customers and engages in the occasional below-board dealings, but he's forgiven for it and celebrated by his fellows in spite of that, for he is at heart a reputable and respected businessman. He invests in other local businesses and lends out what he can, but he always collects.

In re Fiendish Facade:

Despite his full-body alopecia, Andronikos will in most ways resemble a dwarf, but to me the feat also represents a long history of disguising himself, extensive knowledge of wigs and makeup trained into him from a young age.

I don't think any of his proposed alternate physical features make him look exceptionally undwarfly. The three I have optioned alongside my alternate SLA's are blunt teeth, double thumbs and a spinneret. The blunt teeth could be easily obscured behind a false beard. The double thumbs could be hidden in thick gloves that he wears almost always, but since he plays the piano often, it could be a soft secret known only to friends and regulars, a 'natural' mutation that he is at once ashamed of and deeply appreciates, considering his choice of instrument. The spinneret is the hardest sell, but taken literally it doesn't imply a segmented body (though he can grow a segment, mechanically). It's simply the web producing organ. I imagine it would be easily hidden under his clothing (whether it was part of his backside, or elsewhere on his body) but if any were to see it, it would immediately mark him as something other.

They also would each have their place with his alter ego, which uses his alternate Shifter claws to make his appearance even more alien (choosing the Blunt pincers "claw" and the Piercing stinger).

Here is my present progress in rejiggering the background. It's long, rough and unpolished as it stands now, and still in the process of big rewrites. But what I've been working on.

Andronikos was no stranger to Isarn. He had been here long ago. 52 years ago he fled the city as revolution erupted around him, only narrowly escaping capture and Final Death. There was no sympathy for the rich, nor Chelish collaborators such as himself.

He was born Avner Darkbrew to a happy pair of dwarven alchemists in the outskirts of Druma. His mother died in childbirth, leaving his father alone with his grief and a fiendish monster of a child that he did not and could not love. The child was completely hairless, with curious anatomy and a cruel, intense stare. It was no dwarf, and no son of the Darkbrews.

His father taught him to be ashamed of his hairlessness and his sickly and otherworldly appearance, told him he was at best a mockery of a dwarf, but he must learn how to be one all the same. Together, they disguised him daily as a dwarf, hiding his flaws and imperfections in makeup and an imitation of a young boy's scruff and fuzz.

One day, as the pair headed in to market, a most beautiful and strange sight caught young Avner’s attention. A human man, draped in buckets of gold and jewels and wearing a white robe. Despite the dirt and smoke in the air, his robe and elbow-length white gloves dazzled as if newly cleaned and fresh pressed.

"Don’t ever talk to one of those men, except to do business," warned his father. "And even then, be wary. The Prophets exploit those they deal with."

He didn't listen. Every time a Prophet- a Kalistocrat -came to town, he would follow them, watch them. He was obsessed with their flagrant displays of wealth and grandeur.

Once, a Prophet came to market to give a sermon, and Avner made sure to be in attendance.

Everything he said made sense. The gods did not care about their average worshippers. No, he had never seen Torag bow down to assist anyone outside of his clergy. Yet this Prophet claimed that their Prophecies, the Prophecies of Kalistrade, continued to be proven true, even now, some forty years into the Age of Lost Omens.

He convinced the Prophet to take him wherever he was headed next, to teach him the ways of the Prophecies.

The Prophet took him in as his own son, raising Avner in the Prophecies and teaching him the skills and virtues of trade. The Kalistocrat was the first to call him by what he was: a tiefling, a son of fiends. This was good, he said. Meant he would make good sales in Cheliax and their colonies.

He taught him to be fair and impartial in his dealings, but also firm and insistent. He was taught to lie and cheat, told not to rely on on these tools and to use them when only necessary. But the trick was, it was always necessary.

Life as a Kalistocrat also meant following a fairly strict moral code. Never trust that which is free: it is always better to pay for what you need. Never eat meat if the animal was worth more alive: no hens for their eggs, no sheep for their wool, no cows for their milk. Wear gold and jewels in celebration and worship of your own wealth and status. Wear a white robe and gloves so as to not dirty yourself when dealing with lesser beings. Likewise, do not sully your insides with food that has touched the ground: no roots or gourds, only fruit from bushes and trees.

His training complete, they sent him to the Chelish colony of Galt. And no more hiding as a dwarf, no. He would go as himself, a tiefling and proud Kalistocrat out on his own, seeking profit and trade.

In the years that followed, he built a sizable business in Isarn, doing imports and exports. He'd buy just about anything from anyone and manage to turn a profit. And it didn't matter what it was, if you needed something bought or sold, you went to him, and he would sell it for you.

Not everything he bought and sold was strictly legal, mind, and this did not go unnoticed by the governor.

The two struck a deal: Avner could operate how he wished, but acted as an agent of Cheliax. Anything a government agent requested of him had to be done.

An easy decision. It just meant he got richer.

Twelve years in Isarn. The rumblings and grumblings and anti-Chelish sentiment grew louder and more violent by the day. Then they started murdering people. Not just people, but the wealthy and Chelaxian sympatizers. He had to leave. He did not fancy a trip to the Final Blades, no thank you!

In the middle of night, he gathered all his wealth in a wagon and made to leave town. But he was too late. A mob had gathered outside his business; he had been implicated, his name found in some of the governor's papers. Of course, they said, no tiefling could resist working with those devil worshippers.

He slipped away, stripping himself of his gold and jewelry. He had to hide, had to leave, something, anything! Avner found a portal to the sewers and catacombs and climbed in. He would find his way home. He would escape.

He lived in those catacombs for 26 years. None of the Prophecies could help him down here, none of that nonsense about cleanliness or profit. Here, he fed off of rats and insects and worms and unlucky souls who did not even know he was there. Wandering those crumbling and forgotten halls, he grew accustomed to life in the darkness.

The rats he didn't eat taught him their language, and how to navigate their little tunnels. Over time he found his alien anatomy well suited to change and transformation; speaking the rats' tongue or that of the insects' tricked his body into collapsing into hundreds of the things. But turning into termites and ants ruined his face and body, masking him and giving him a set of sharp, clapping mouthparts and a strange sting.

One day, chasing some meat, he found it. A path out of the city. It had taken a quarter of a century, but here he was, standing before the night sky as a free man. Memories flooded back. He had a life before this. He had been a person, once, not some cruel and inhuman thing, nothing more than a Creature in the Dark. He would reform, and all the things he had treasured so dearly would be his again.

But no one would do business with this monster he had become. He spoke all the tongues of rat and insect he knew, but could not dispel the changes. His blunt insectoid mouthparts and inhuman lower body served him in the tunnels but were a liability here. Here in Galt, he would inevitably be viewed as an enemy.

The answer came in old memories, memories that were forgotten before even his exile in the catacombs. His apprenticeship to his father in alchemy, skills he never excelled at or truly utilized, but now his life depended on them.

Through this alchemy, he learned how to reverse the transformation, how to suppress the effects, channel and control them. As his Darkbrew father had taught him, he disguised himself as a dwarf, and called himself Andronikos after his adoptive father, the Kalistocrat.

For over 10 years, Andronikos worked odd jobs, making a name for himself as a reliable sort, until he saved up enough to buy a vineyard outside town, and a slophouse in the middle of it. He converted the slophouse into a bar and casino, and tried his hardest to be kind and congenial with the working man, always willing to lend money to those in need or cover the cost of something necessary- but he always collected his debts.

He also knew the right people. Anything you needed, you could ask Andronikos, and he would point you in the right direction, get you in touch with a little, necessary evil. It just so happened that a lot of times, he was pointing at himself. Through the catacombs and from Andronikos' vineyard outside town, the hideous and reclusive Creature-in-the-Dark- Andronikos' now natural form, complete with pincers and stinger -secreted in small favors for the middle class man with expensive taste. Anyone in the know believed at most that the dwarf was simply on the take; it would be a hard sell for anyone to think that such a kind and welcoming host could be that same cruel and inhuman thing.

Andronikos disguises himself as a plain dwarf, hardy and bushy browed, with a thick red beard and a shaved head. He typically wears a white shirt tucked into work pants and black gloves, left partly open to display his plentiful chest hair and a single gold chain. That he wears makeup is a well known fact; he's aging and embarrassed, he says, but he's also a little effete. Occasionally he'll spice things up with glossier lips or a smokey eye, but he mostly keeps it simple.

But as the Creature-in-the-Dark, in his natural and undisguised state, he is a terrifying sight. His body bends and twists in unexpected ways, and instead of lips or a chin, he has clapping and clacking mouth parts, that drip and drool when they open. His backend bears a chitinous, segmented stinger, and the chitin wraps around to his stomach and legs, keeping his front parts hidden behind that same chitinous carapace. Naked and completely hairless with wet black eyes, he looks very much the part of something from your nightmares.

To further the distance between his two identities, he will often drink gravelly tonic before performing as the Creature.

Genuinely affable and enjoyable, Andronikos is the perfect host. He is loud, boisterous, and talented at plying his wares and convincing people to press their luck gambling. He seems to genuinely care about his patrons and their troubles, offering help where it benefits him. He only takes off his gloves to play the beautiful piano he keeps in the corner of the room, leading choruses of his own design to keep people happy and drinking.

It is largely, however, an act. Andronikos is entirely selfish and motivated by that purest of Kalistradean ideals: money. He longs to return to the splendor he once had and a life he can barely remember, and after twenty years of investment, he is in too deep to call Galt a lost cause. So he plays nice for people he despises and does his best to accumulate wealth quietly, privately, without attracting the attention of someone especially important, lusting after the idea of a Galt free from tyranny, a Galt he can exploit.

This looks very interesting, I’ve shied away from it due to the complexity but I can’t seem to not look at the thread. Will start to figure things out.

Based on responses from the players--thanks, Lilli and Dolorès!--I'm still rolling with the Pharasmin angle. I don't see him being an actual divine spellcaster, however, so I likely won't take the Secret Practitioner trait. Please let me know if this is something you'd rather not have, GM TWO, and I'll present another idea.

However, I have another question as I'm mulling over options for what he actually does, i.e., what makes him an Influential Merchant. I know FangDragon first brought it up, but I'm liking the idea of a butcher (but I don't want to step on any toes). However, I also have landed on the concept of a physician of some sort, and I'm quite liking that. Based on some cursory research, which I'll be following up on unless the idea doesn't work at all, French medicine did see some major upheaval during the Revolution, so I imagine that could be brought into this game.

The only issue I see is that, historically, most physicians involved in the French Revolution were mainly focused on the plights of the lower class, which clearly isn't the Merchant's wheelhouse... although there are also suggestions that the real medical treatment was only available for those who could afford it, i.e., the middle and upper classes. So if it works, I could have my character be a trained physician who primarily deals in those circles, although with the continuing cycles and trials of the revolution, he's definitely very invested in wider changes to society. Hospital reform quickly becomes linked to societal and governmental reform, after all.

Would that concept work here? If not, I'll return to the drawing board, but it struck me like a bolt of inspiration as I was looking at options, so I wanted to ask.
EDIT: Small follow-up question if that concept does fly: Could/Should I take Profession (physician) as a skill, or would it fall entirely under Heal, and I'd use the Entrepreneur social talent from the vigilante to make money with it?

The concept seems like it would work to me. I think I remember GM TWO stating that a physician concept would be a good one as well. (Limited time to search back at the moment or I'd link it)

I wouldn't get hung up too much on specific skill decisions like that or other little details. Get a really good character developed (background, personality, etc) and just worry about the core crunch (race/classes/ability scores/basic build) and make sure it fits thematically with your back story. Once those have both been looked at, then ask about the little changes. Things like Profession vs Heal and such can wait until after selection if you're the chosen one. From interacting with GM TWO I can almost promise you that your story and personality will be more important than crunch for selection.

There are no such things as 'side quests'. This is a very free-form game with what is essentially a pre-determined destination; how you get there is entirely up to you.

I recommend you review what each of the aforementioned Campaign Traits do, but the boiled-down versions are that one enhances your knowledge of events of the Revolution as well as details regarding previous Revolutionary Councils (i.e. the past), while the other leans on one of the Vigilante 'heroes' of Isarn for current information and assistance(i.e. the present). How those will evolve depends in part on how you approach the trait.

Vigilantism In Action
I am ... not sure what you mean by 'ride or die', but ever since The Scarlet Pimpernel, risk of exposure has always been part and parcel of the vigilante, whether that's Zorro, the Shadow, Batman, or any other 'Masked Adventurer' -- such as a superhero -- with an identity to keep secret. So yes, you will have to be concerned about 'being ratted out'. At game start, the other Conspirators will (by GM decree) for certain know both of your identities, as Androk will have deduced it well before you were invited into the group, and the invitation to join would have been predicated on you revealing all. (Not to him, but willingly to everyone else in the group.) Whether others (such as managers of your organizations and businesses) know is up to you, but the Conspiracy does.

And because this game is what it is, there is plenty of reason to enter your masked identity; it's just that your targets would now be selected due to the needs of the conspiracy. (Which, ICly, they'll have been for the last 3+ years.)

With the Thénardier / Quark parallel, all right, I can see that. Ref: the rough technical build, however, I do have a rule I have which in this case I should point out: If You Say Your Character Can Do It, You Need To Be Able To Do It.

This rears its head specifically at the 'natural and undisguised state'. (I'm going to look past the 'I can't get out of here for 26 years' part.) On reading the 'reverse transformation / suppress the effects' part, it reads that these alchemical concoctions are things he has to consume on a weekly, if not daily, basis, and that if he doesn't do so, his natural form of the 'Creature-in-the-Dark' re-emerges until he can put together a new batch. Am I correct, or am I mis-reading something?

One other thing -- the 'Envy' drawback. Stealing 10gp/day is essentially a requirement for your character; while I am willing to allow that to be 'earned' by way of the Downtime Rooms/Buildings, specifically via either pickpocket/robber teams and/or illegal game rooms, those rooms will a) require something of a significant expenditure on your part, and b) not be able to be used for earning anything but GP. While you can steal on your own otherwise, it should be noted that people living in Isarn tend to be ... not well off. :P

Helix Missionary
Pharasmin is fine. Butcher, physician, whichever. Note that for the most part, though you may at some point spend time actually using your own skills to make money, the majority of your earnings are going to be coming by way of the butcher shop / slaughterhouse / hospital (one might say those were all the same thing and be ... not as wrong as you might like) instead of you actually using your skill. (Note that not all skills need 'Entrepreneur'; Heal is one such.)

The Revolution: France vs. Galt
It should be strongly noted that while we (meaning myself and the GMs of 'Alive in the Red Revolution', who are the original writers of the vast majority of the Galt Gazette) clearly take a great amount of inspiration from France, Paris, and the French Revolution, there are differences -- small ones in some parts (the 600,000-strong Paris of the Revolution would be that encompassed by Nord and Sud Riviere and parts within), great ones in others (y'know ... magic). While you can certainly gain inspiration from elements of information to be found about the French Revolution, always ask whether or not it's appropriate and/or similar within the game. Bonus points if you include reference links to Wikipedia pages, French History, or where-ever else you found your inspirations so that I don't have to duplicate your research.

MythicMan PM:
MythicMan wrote:


I expressed interest in your game, I saw it when it first popped up on the boards. I kicked myself for not joining, as i realized you were very passionate about the game and extremely thorough. Seeing it open now I can’t help but take a shot at joining. I’ve read through the recruitment page and explored most of the links. I finally came up with an idea that I think is A unique, B interesting and C helpful. So without further delay I’ll give you a brief summary of the concept.

-sorcerer with as yet undecided bloodline, with some form of unchained rogue.
-elven woman about 250 or so years old; she’s seen the of carnage of Galt and it’s revolutions.
-(part that pushes the envelope) brothel owner
-backstory, owns said brothel and had clientele of moderate to low wealth. It’s known as a place to drink and find peace, the more exclusive part of it caters to what few guildmasters and those of moderate wealth can afford, getting the Calistria experience.
-reasons for partaking in the conspiracy; a slow burning hatred for the revolutionary government that due to the apathetic attitude towards murder of prostitutes, (she views them as her daughters), that has become more than she can bare with death of her lover when he tried to protect a woman.
-This kind of shock to her life has mad her angry and vengeful wanting to dismantle the revolution brick by brick, and kill the man who keeps it going ; Korran Goss.

I have more of it fleshed out, but will wait till I hear back, also how long is the recruitment open? Just for my sake, Thanks in advance! Hoping for the best and get to use this character.

Not sure if 'unique' and 'pushes the envelope' were meant to be ironic; if they weren't, then just as an FYI, being a brothel owner is by no means unique or envelope-pushing in this game. If they were meant to be ironic, it should be noted that irony does not convey itself well purely on its own when in a text-based medium.

- Sorcerer/rogue is fine. As Lilli observed just above, it's the background and story that are initially key, not the technicals. (Not to say that you should leave your technicals vague; if you do, you WILL lose access to stuff.)
- Late-middle-aged elf is fine. Consider also that at that age, you have clear memories of what the world was like before Aroden died. If you grew up around humans (such as in Galt), human children with whom you had your first years (0-25) grew up and had children before you really emerged from what elves consider childhood -- not only that, but they died before you could really have been considered an adult. At 250 years, you're interacting with the 8th generation of their decendents as equals (250 elf = 50 human) while the 9th generation of decendents are getting busy producing the 10th generation. And while 50 years is a good fair while, 10 isn't much, and even long human lives are so short ...
- Brothels are a ... popular ... choice.
- That's less a backstory than it is a business plan, honestly.
- Understand that you don't 'partake in the Conspiracy'; the Conspiracy selects you. Your job as a player is to create a character Androk and the other Conspirators would want to work with, and -- of utmost importance -- could trust not to sell them out. More comments below.
- Angry and vengeful is ... fine to start with, but 'start with' should have been five, ten years ago. I believe I've made it pretty clear, but just in case, once more with feeling: this is a slow, careful revolution. While it will be decided with a night or a week's master-stroke, the set-up for that master-stroke is going to take 10 or 12 levels, and therefore many many IC months and years of setting that master-stroke up. This means that while passion is nice, deliberation on your character's part is what is going to get the job done.

Comments from above:
Specifically on this part: "... due to the apathetic attitude towards murder of prostitutes ..." Don't do this. Please. This is telling me what my world is, instead of reacting to what my world is. Some GMs don't care if you do this; I do. You run your character; you make your choices, and I will not tell you that you cannot make those choices. However, that's where your decisionmaking ends; I define and describe and run the world that exists around you. By all means, ask me if there's a 'well, they're just prostitutes' attitude towards the murder of courtesans in Isarn; if you asked me, I would say 'no, that's not how things are in Isarn, because the Court of Bees is a Pretty Damn Powerful Element in the city, and nobody wants to piss off a couple of thousand women who habitually have access to the most powerful men in the city ... while they're naked.

But don't tell me what the situation is; ask me what it is, and craft yourself around that.

Alright, sounds good! With everything you've posted there in mind, I'd love to hear about your plans for the medical situation in Isarn.

More Specifically:
What hospitals are there? Are they aligned with a particular faction, religion, political party, or so on?

Where would physicians be trained? Based on potential parallels to medicine in the French Revolution, there were some major upheavals in terms of what schools operated, who could become a doctor, and so on. Is that true here, and if so, for what period/s of time has that chaos taken hold?

Are physicians considered separate from surgeons, as they often were until more modern times in our own world, or have they started to become one and the same?

In the meanwhile, I'll be cooking up the mechanics and getting the backstory in order. I think I have some good ideas rolling.

Understood regarding side quests, identities and Conspiracy.

I suppose I was asking about the trust between vigilante chosen (when Aspiring Sidekick is taken) and Sidekick (Jared). Or if Judge & Jury is chosen, possibly more than one vigilante.

You might check on the game information already provided, to wit Location F2, which your first paragraph's questions.

Otherwise, as Isarn currently functions, anyone can claim to be anything, and the proof only comes out in the pudding, as it were. While there are organized groups (i.e. guilds) that can put a leash on a lot of various shenanigans, particularly in the actual 'object production' side of things (butchers, bakers, candlestick-makers), those who are involved in the service economy have less-strong affiliations. Physicians and surgeons (yes, they are generally considered seperate, but a good surgeon is a physician first) are comparatively rare, and snake-oil salesmen claiming to be physicians can set up for a week or three before disappearing just as their clients are starting to die. Surgeons, of course, are often only able to be hired by someone who can also have a thug or two standing by with the threat (whether understood or blatant) of 'if he dies, so do you' hanging over them while they work; fakes don't survive long in that kind of environment.

Midwives, in comparison, actually have a stronger backing than physicians in Isarn, because the Court of Bees, let's face it, looks with more favor upon women than men, and having reputable midwives is a good thing when much of your wealth comes from the horizontal trade.

You still aren't asking a question. If you mean 'would my PC know their secret identity?' the answer is a resounding 'no'.

Thank you for the feedback! I wasn’t sure exactly where to start, with my first idea being a rough pitch.

Ironing out problems:

I just wanted to make sure it was ok, as in some games that is a little too far, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Mechanically wise I have started working out what I want sticking with sorcerer and picking an Umbral bloodline, while rogue was switched to slayer.

I didn’t think about the aspect of age to far into but as you put it having her that old would make her a staple of the city and with that much legitimacy might help. For clarification are we using the age rules for pathfinder?

That is fair, I have a much more complete backstory below but it should be ironed out a bit more as there is some specifics I’d like to add.

Brothels aren’t staples in games I play so the idea was novel to me

Ok that helps clarify things, I was mainly working on base desire for an end to the revolution. I will expand upon it more and will brainstorm what would create this loyalty to the conspiracy.

My apologies for assuming this, I misread in the article along with a base assumption to the ball moving. What kind of chaos would happen to the other middle class and poor strata that would help to provide a deep seeded dislike for the revolution and an urge to help them.


Belle, Swan

Abandoned on the streets of Isarn, she grew up fighting for everything. She survived stealing what she needed to keep alive until a priestess of Calistria caught her stealing one day and took pity on her. She was taught about Calistria and learned to protect herself using the Lady in the Room’s favored weapon, the whip. As she lived there she saw how the goddess worshipped their goddess and the money was brought in. Seeing a chance to raise above her humble beginnings she decided to try to find a way to own her own establishment giving companionship to the people of Ismar. Through thievery, working as a guard with her new skills with the whip, and cajoling several investors she was able to scrounge up enough money to buy a old house. Here she invited in women she knew who would work for her, and would be loyal to her. They began to being in amounts of money that she had never seen before. Her life as she knew it began to brighten and she hoped for a better future. It was during this time she met her lover and companion; Soubren. He was a sword smith of the noblemen of the city who was renowned for his craftsmanship. In a meeting of influential merchants of Isarn she met him, and their relationship blossomed as time went on. They continued on this way enjoying life until the revolutions ripped Galt apart.

Things spiraled out of control, her place of business was ransacked for valuables and his shop was stripped of the fine silver that was once used for decorations. In these times of trouble they had each other though and they weathered the storm that swept so many others away. Through smooth talking and lieing low they managed to escape death or disparity, selling their much needed services. Though they survived not everyone was so lucky. Though it pained her so much seeing this, she knew she could help little as those that spoke out found swift death. She settled to help as she could; offering rooms, food, and water to those she could. This continued for a time, till finally her world nearly collapsed. Soubren has always hated the revolution but knew not to speak, though one day a rival smith heard him badmouth Goss for the continued revolution under his breath. The smith went to the Grey Gardeners and turned him in for his anti-revolutionary thoughts. He was executed the next day.

This broke Belle as she went into a hysteria of sadness, and she closed her brothel and retreated into her home. In her despair she begged for strength from Calistria, from the gods, yet she got nothing. This continued on as she called out for help. Finally as her strength was fading and she began to get delirious, a figure appeared before her, wreathed in darkness and speaking in riddles. It offered her a portion of its power in return it would have a debt that would be payed one day. Thinking it a dream she happily agreed expecting death to come quickly and reunite her with her lover. She was sorely surprised to wake the next morning fine and rejuvenated. Confused she found a midnight black symbol on her hand that was not there the day before. Unsure of the strangeness she rested the next couple days eating again and recovering. But as she rested she studied the mark, and tried to remember her strange dream. While concentrating magic sprung from her fingers in a dark cloud. Shocked she fainted, waking this time she found she was able to do it much easier. Taking several weeks rarely leaving her home except to get food and drink. she practiced and learned to harness this magical ability within her. She emerged a young but talented sorceress, with new found drive; to end the revolution, and stop the tyranny of the grey Gardners.

She reopened her brothel using money that she got from pawning what was left of her lovers belongings. She hired as many loyal people she could, trying to stay with those she knew well, both from her elven friends and the children of the humans she once knew. Working hard she began to prosper again, making money and building influence, she knew that if she were to be caught at all she would face death. So she bid her time listening more and speaking less. Getting information to feed to those that needed it, ensuring that sometimes patrons would stumble into the dark, awaiting death by thieves. This has gone on for almost 3 years now. Her brothel has grown not to the heights it once had but to the point that it is now a a sizeable force. She slowly builds power and money waiting to one day take back the city from the revolution and to return it to the glory that it once had.

character personality:

A woman who understands the highs and lows of life. She is down to earth, understanding the plight of the common person trying to make their way through this turbulent time. On the surface she is laughable and relaxed enjoying the “fruits” of revolution. But behind closed doors she is angry and tense always planning her next move. She remembers fondly of the days of past walking through the streets of Ismar when the city was more vibrant and less battered from all this conflict. She carries a small journal with which she writes down what happens everyday, wishing to never forget what has happened so that when the time comes she may reap vengeance upon all those that took advantage of this chaos. Inside this little notebook is a picture that was drawn of them that she keeps to remember why she started her quest for vengeance.

This is what I have come up with so far it should help to take the minimalist idea and blow it up to a more fleshed out version. Any and all comments would be appreciated.

GM TWO wrote:


With the Thénardier / Quark parallel, all right, I can see that. Ref: the rough technical build, however, I do have a rule I have which in this case I should point out: If You Say Your Character Can Do It, You Need To Be Able To Do It.

This rears its head specifically at the 'natural and undisguised state'. (I'm going to look past the 'I can't get out of here for 26 years' part.) On reading the 'reverse transformation / suppress the effects' part, it reads that these alchemical concoctions are things he has to consume on a weekly, if not daily, basis, and that if he doesn't do so, his natural form of the 'Creature-in-the-Dark' re-emerges until he can put together a new batch. Am I correct, or am I mis-reading something?

One other thing -- the 'Envy' drawback. Stealing 10gp/day is essentially a requirement for your character; while I am willing to allow that to be 'earned' by way of the Downtime Rooms/Buildings, specifically via either pickpocket/robber teams and/or illegal game rooms, those rooms will a) require something of a significant expenditure on your part, and b) not be able to be used for earning anything but GP. While you can steal on your own otherwise, it should be noted that people living in Isarn tend to be ... not well off. :P

The "natural and undisguised state" bit is another artifact from the Criminal Mastermind build, where one of his classes was going to be Vigilante. I wanted a character whose Social Identity was the disguise and the Masked Persona was his real face. He was (and still might be) always drinking from a flask at his belt that was supposed to force him to stay in a more normal looking state.

Mechanically, the pincers and stinging thorax are both Shifter "claws" that can be activated and removed as a standard action (say, taking a sip from a flask).

But, if I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that I can't reflavor mechanics, so that part would be excised outright. He would have just kept the shifter claws 'on' 24/7 and had to relearn how to undo it.

And for the 26 years underground, it's super long, yeah, but I figure he went insane after a year or so underground and it stopped being "can't go up these stairs or ladders because they'll get me" and became "I live here now, the only thing that matters is survival, I can't go up there because I can't" until he stumbled across a natural exit to the outside world.

I'm comfortable with those calls for Envy, and I am aware of the general state of wealth inequality in Isarn. It's a drawback, after all. In my opinion, they should be surmountable/handleable but not irrelevant.

Reflavoring mechanics is generally fine by me; having your 'real' self be the Vigilante and the Social Identity being the 'other' self is perfectly okay; that's an identity issue, not a 'reality' issue. However, the 'mechanics' that you appear to want to be reflavoring isn't what the Shifter can do (which in your case is turn yourself into a bunch of bugs), but the change between a Vigilante and Social identity.

That change is based on disguise and psychology, not on a physical transformation. What you're indicating you want is three different forms: the first a 'near-dwarf' whose tiefling manifestations, even unusual ones, can be easily hidden by clothing or just a casual disguise (via Fiendish Facade); the second a 'horrible humanoid' that is not only those mutations revealed, but even more and more hideous ones on display, and this as your 'base' form; and the third the swarm-form. So the reality I'm concerned with is this: you're wanting two physical transformations, when all you have access to is one physical transformation (into the swarm) and one disguise-based transformation.

You could functionally do this -- horrible humanoid into, err, 'dwarf' -- and I have no problem with it. There is one thing, though: this concept flat out invalidates Fiendish Facade. What you've stated you want to be your base, native form simply cannot be 'normally hidden by clothing or appear to be markings of another race' -- they're unbelievably alien, to the point that I'm vaguely surprised you haven't gone with 'Qlippoth-Spawn' as your variant. You could disguise yourself (the disguise being going into your Social Identity) as the dwarf, and restrain yourself from moving in non-dwarfish fashions, but however much 'technically' you could take the feat and get the bonus, your concept utterly obliviates it.

Going the other direction, with the 'horrible insectish-thing' being the disguise-identity, again yes, you could do this -- but again, it's a Disguise thing, not Your Actual Form. It would allow you to have Fiendish Facade, but again, your tiefling manifestations would need to be either minimized or else easily covered (such as chitinous plates across your torso -- NOT a full-body exoskeleton).

Being 'old' does not make you a staple of the city; it just makes you old. We are not, however, using the aging rules at this time.

That said, I will confess to being unwilling to struggle through your writing, no matter whether it is due to poor skill or English being a second langage for you. (If it is, by all means keep working on it; this won't be the game for you, but there will be a game for you.) Otherwise, unless you are capable of rapid improvement (i.e. by your next post), I thank you for your interest, but decline to move ahead.

End of Recruitment
I am establishing this to be 11:59 PM EST (GMT -4), Sunday, 4 August. I will likely stop commenting on submissions that Friday night, 2 August PM / 3 August AM.


Seems we are more or less aligned on a plausible background for Jared, thanks for your help there.

Was there more you wanted me to address before I move onto the crunchy bits?

I’m starting to see your campaign world as the immovable object (rather well defined/structured), and I feel the need to aspire to the irresistible force (perpetual navigation of it)! Let’s have a blast!

Enjoying the process, no matter the outcome.

Oh I understand the root of your confusion now, thank you for laying it out like that. Mechanically, it is something I can do, yes.

A more comprehensive list of forms would be more like 1. undisguised, totally bald but mostly dwarfy looking tiefling, 2. 1, but disguised as a dwarf, 3. 1, but with Shifter Claws activated (more on this in a bit), and 4. a swarm of diminutive and/or fine creatures.

The default Shifter would have even more forms (Wild Shape, Aspects and Chimeric Aspects).

So first off, my pincers and stinger- my Shifter Claws -they lend me no bonus to disguise or anything, so people who knew both Andronikos and the Creature could see through the 'mask' but the blunt pincers and stinging thorax are RAW. Here's the relevant section.

To paraphrase, as a swift action I can 'extend my claws', but since some of the things I can turn into lack claws (e.g. insect swarms), I can also manifest my two Shifter Claws as a bite, as pincers, or as a sting. Since the Pincers are Bludgeoning damage, I've been imagining grass hopper mandibles, just two rocks that slam together to pulverize food, and two little arms that then shove the food into the open mouth.

So when I say natural, undisguised state, that's all flavor, not literal from a mechanical perspective. Mechanically, the only thing different from form 1 (normal tiefling) is he has his Shifter claws out/on. Flavorwise, where other Shifters learn how to turn it on on command, he lived with his so-called Claws out for years, and had to learn or relearn how to turn it off on command, a hurdle he ultimately surmounted thanks to alchemy. So when he uses Fiendish Facade to disguise himself as a dwarf, he's back in the type one form, his like, birth form, Claws off. Sorry I wasn't clear, I get how that's confusing.

It's not even the weirdest thing he can do with his Claws, he can also manifest them as just piles of rats or termites, like his hands were melting into streams of vermin.

Alright, I believe I've settled on my build and backstory. Working on getting both in order, and I know the second is more important, but might as well roll for HP while I'm checking in...
4d10 ⇒ (5, 9, 3, 5) = 22 Well, it's a small boost over average, but good to have!

You remain rather confusing. Give information cleanly and concisely. As I understand it, this is what you mean to say:

"What I keep referring to as his 'natural form' is not; it's his standard pseudo-dwarfish tiefling form with his Shifter Claws ability active, replacing the two claw attacks with the Alternate Natural Attacks of the Swarm (two at a time from Bite (B, P, S), pincers (B), or sting (P)). I have been taking the liberty to describe the transformation as being very extensive instead of the minor transformation described (which is, by standard, effective claws instead of fingernails); I hope that's okay."

This gives the basic information necessary, gives the link (thank you for that), states what critical part of the link you're relying on (e.g. the Alternate Natural Attacks), and then states what you're actually doing and what you're changing. And it asks permission.

All the rest of it was already understood as being part of your background; I thought it was pretty clear I was asking after the technical side, not the background/RP side. Thank you for, in however confusing a manner, eventually getting to the point where it is cleared up.

Is there a link someone might share to the Gestalt Rules being used in this campaign?

I apologize in advance, may have missed it!

Functionally those found in standard d20, with specific tweaks/modifications as stated in the Campaign Information. If you have and use Hero Lab, use the Pathfinder Gestalt v1.0 community rules provided by the wonderful ShadowChemosh. If you already have his general ruleset, it should be included.


Been reading, listening, deducing... and I think the crunch started rolling.

Was wondering if you could have a look and let me know if I'm on the right track. Thanks in advance!

  • I'm guessing Industrial Quarter counts as a "community" but does that include the Catacombs beneath it? Or are Catacombs a community onto themselves?
  • Also, is all of Isarn considered "urban" terrain? My understanding was that urban included sewers (Catacombs?).

    Ability Scores and Skills:

    STR 09 cost -1
    DEX 15 cost +7
    CON 10 cost +0
    INT 16 cost +7, +1 4th level
    WIS 14 cost +5
    CHA 18 cost +7, +2 half-orc, +1 4th level

    1 Climb +3
    1 Swim +3

    3 Acrobatics +8
    3 Disable Device +8
    1 Escape Artist +6
    1 Ride +7, beast bond
    3 Sleight of Hand +8
    3 Stealth +8

    3 Appraise +9
    3 Craft (carpentry) +9
    1 Craft (glass) +7
    1 Kn (arcana) +7
    1 Kn (dungeoneering) +7
    1 Kn (engineering) +7
    1 Kn (geography) +7
    5 Kn (history) +11, +13/15 HotRR
    3 Kn (local) +9
    3 Linguistics +9
    2 Spellcraft +8

    1 Heal +6
    2 Perception +7, +9/+11 vs constructs/humans
    5 Prof (merchant) +10
    5 Sense Motive +12, +14/+18 vs humanoids & constructs/humans
    1 Survival +6, +8/+10 vs constructs/humans

    5 Bluff +17, +19/+23 vs humanoids & constructs/human
    5 Diplomacy +14, +16 vs humanoids
    1 Disguise +8
    3 Intimidate +10
    1 Handle Animal +9, beast bond
    3 Perform (comedy) +10
    1 Use Magic Device +8

    These numbers include -
    - Historian of the Red Revolution
    - Overlooked Mastermind, trait (racial)
    - Beast Bond, trait (social)
    - lFavored Enemy 1 (human) & 2 (construct)
    - Skill Focus (Bluff)

  • Late to the party but quite interested. Before I delve way into what's happened already, can I get an update on how long there will be before the replacement character is chosen? Thanks!

    Already answered. I have no idea whether you're on the right track.

    GM TWO wrote:
    Already answered. I have no idea whether you're on the right track.

    Thanks for the link, I had remembered some of it...

    I'd expected a "What the heck were you thinking?!" I didn't get that, so I'll consider it progress and keep going.

    I do remember your mention of Overlooked Mastermind being something where the target would need to know the Half-Orc was indeed a Half-Orc such that they would treat them as stereotypical and with a prejudice of sorts, let their guard down, etc...

    I would think that is fair. An underestimation of a lineage. "Whatever trappings, he's just a..."

    But, it did get me thinking... Would that extend this attitude to social conflicts or verbal duels? Stuff like Perform (Oratory), Perform (Comedy) or Linguistics, etc.. when used in such a situation?

    End of the week. Seriously, it was only eight posts before yours. It's still on this page.

    Jared Thorne wrote:
    Thanks for the link, I had remembered some of it...

    And you didn't go looking to make sure? Don't do that to me. I hate getting questions that I've already answered; it tells me you're not paying attention.

    Jared Thorne wrote:

    I would think that is fair. An underestimation of a lineage. "Whatever trappings, he's just a..."

    But, it did get me thinking... Would that extend this attitude to social conflicts or verbal duels? Stuff like Perform (Oratory), Perform (Comedy) or Linguistics, etc.. when used in such a situation?

    Two things. First, understand that if there's a 'lineage' -- and money in the family -- people will treat you differently anyhow. This does not mean it wouldn't work with the racial trait, but it does mean that 'playing to type' would necessarily be a bit more over-the-top, in one way or another. Second, while yes, the attitude would extend to social conflicts and the like (as appropriate for the skill, and going by the rules of the system), winning such situations in public in anything but the most buffoonish manner would, after a while, basically eliminate the advantage; if you play 'dumb orc' but frequently win contests of wit and knowledge, you're no longer 'overlooked'.

    GM TWO wrote:
    Two things. First, understand that if there's a 'lineage' -- and money in the family -- people will treat you differently anyhow. This does not mean it wouldn't work with the racial trait, but it does mean that 'playing to type' would necessarily be a bit more over-the-top, in one way or another. Second, while yes, the attitude would extend to social conflicts and the like (as appropriate for the skill, and going by the rules of the system), winning such situations in public in anything but the most buffoonish manner would, after a while, basically eliminate the advantage; if you play 'dumb orc' but frequently win contests of wit and knowledge, you're no longer 'overlooked'.

    My apologies, I had imagined it would be a short answer (learned my lesson!), and hadn't meant for you to go looking. I was however grateful for the link.

    As to the the Half-Orc bit:

    If I were to argue the matter, I'd start by saying GM Purview trumps RAW...

    But, I assigned a heavy emphasis to the word "stereotype" (not individual or reality of an individual) and to the fact that the trait replaces Intimidating and Orc Ferocity and Weapon Familiarity (listed as offense).

    So the individual isn't necessarily brutish or bestial or aggressive, but his half breed status groups him into an expected stereotype, un- or sub-consciously (on the part of the opponent). I wouldn't think he has to be buffoonish or appear dim-witted.

    He understands biases and plays to them.

    To your point about once he's won a verbal duel or does well in social conflicts... How is that different than the opponent being beat by anyone else? If someone is wary, their Sense Motive is high, it shouldn't be specific to an individual.

    There could be some situational bonus modifier for the target, GM discretion?

    If they have favored enemy human or orc, something against merchants, sure.

    Dang it, I argued!!! No, no!

    If you think it will be a huge point of contention, I'll find something else.

    I believe what puts a spotlight on it is, it's a unique campaign and a unique rare build... The synergies are great, like a Paladin or Channeling Cleric in an Undead campaign. Or a Barbarian in a heavy combat campaign.

    I am paying attention and he's tailored to further the conspiracy and topple the powers that be. And, he will only get better - more focused and better equipped to do just that.

    Theme Music:
    Made for This

    I take a breath, I'm not gonna lose
    This is what I came here to do
    I walk that wire and I take that step
    Won't look down got no regrets
    Won't look down got no regrets

    I was made for this
    I was made for this
    Born in the wild
    Formed in the fire
    Built for the battle
    I was made for this
    I was made for this
    Mind over matter
    Silence the doubters
    I have the power
    Oh, I was made for this...

    by Carrollton

    Ok I had trouble searching the many long posts to find re-recruitment was happening and missed it. My bad.

    That said, I'm guessing from your last two posts here we wouldn't get along well. But you've got plenty of interest so that's no problem. Have fun.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    I hope I'm not too late to express my great interest in applying for this game. When the recruitment thread first went up, it tickled my sensibilities, but I didn't have bandwidth at the time for such a detailed and involved game - that has changed now.

    I did a fair bit of reading of this thread, the game info thread and various links, and would like to start with a concept sketch, and flesh that out after GM feedback.


    Manush Zartar Karapetyan: middle-aged gnome woman, Alchemist (Mindchemist)/Witch (Alley Witch or Vellemancer). Historian of the Red Revolution campaign trait. Religion: Shelyn (but not practicing).


    Profession: baker or chef. Manush's dream has always been to have her own bakery/patisserie/restaurant where she could practice her artistry. She lives and breathes anything to do with food, from the knowledge and skill of selecting the right ingredients, to combining them in unexpected and flavorful ways, to researching long-lost or exotic recipe, to putting a new twist on a classic dish. She has now been relegated to baking plain bread with poor quality flour, with no innovation, creativity or challenge.

    What I would like, if there is room for it in the world, is for Manoush to have owned and managed a bakery that served all manners of breakfast and lunch food, called either "Le Pain Quotidien" (actual chain of bakery-restaurants founded in Belgium), or "La Briochérie". One of her goals is to resurrect that, and expand it into a more far-reaching business - multiple locations, catering, cooking and baking courses etc.

    Connections: Manoush comes from a large family, although she is somewhat estranged from her flamboyant, artsy, eccentric gnome parents and multitude of siblings. She disagrees with many of their views and life choices, but still cares for them and lives in constant fear that one or more of them will run afoul of the Final Blades. Aside from her family, she has a discreet casual affair with a halfling man, but nothing deeper than that; she is the kind of person that pours much of herself into her work, and thus has little to spare for enduring personal connections. Her husband died during the Rane Council, and they never had children.

    In the professional realm, she has a supplier business (mostly using her alchemy skills). She procures or creates materials and concoctions that other businesses use, especially theaters, playhouses, tea houses and other entertainment or hospitality venues.

    Relationship to the Red Revolution: Manoush was still young when the revolution started, and she cheered it on with all her heart. As time passed, however, her initial enthusiastic support wavered, then wilted entirely as her beloved city became a drab shadow of its former self.

    Personality and motivation: Manoush has become a sour woman. In her youth she was very different from the rest of her family - where they were lively, quirky and loved a good laugh, she was intense, focused, serious. She wanted to settle down and be respectable, develop her craft and be an upstanding member of society. She wanted to belong. These days, her focus and seriousness are still there, but her intensity has faded, her fire reduced to embers. She hates that, and remembers how it felt when she used to love her work, when she woke up every day with a head full of fresh ideas and inspiration. She wants that feeling back, and she wants her city back, as it was before the Chelish came.

    She is a fussy, crotchety person who has very specific ideas about how things should be done, at least as far as her work is concerned. She has a talent of going straight to the crux of the matter in any discussion, and knowing what to say to get what she wants. While she affects a stern exterior, she does have several soft spots - for people who are genuinely passionate about something, for people who can truly and enthusiastically appreciate good food, and for animals and small children. The very last part may be stemming from an unfulfilled wish, but she would never admit that.

    Etienne's backstory was revised and added to the profile...

    Grazi, Etienne.

    Kittenmancer, that looks like a very good background indeed. I presume that she's (forcibly) part of the Baker's Guild ... ?

    GM TWO wrote:
    I presume that she's (forcibly) part of the Baker's Guild ... ?

    Indeed. Initially I wanted Manoush to have her own bakery, but that is a) impossible in the circumstances, and b) would have been a liability (nice place you've got here, shame if anything happened to it).

    I will flesh out the background and work on the crunch today.

    Kittenmancer wrote:
    Indeed. Initially I wanted Manoush to have her own bakery, but that is a) impossible in the circumstances, and b) would have been a liability (nice place you've got here, shame if anything happened to it).

    You are aware, of course, that if you were to be selected one of your 'compatriots' has some dealings with the 'nice place you've got here' world and might be able to help out a bit on that front. I'd offer you a straight up 'nice place you got here, I'll help make sure nothing happens to it'

    All I'd ask is that you remember I helped out in case someday I ask for a 'favor'... ;)

    I made an alias for Manush.

    The build is not complete yet, still need to get equipment but I wanted to see how much gold I have left over after building my business.

    @GM TWO, if you could cast an eye and let me know if there's anything that requires changing, or if you're missing anything, before I dive into creating the business and the dozen or so NPCs that are Manush's most relevant family members (she has a large family). I was also wondering if her current supply/procurement business is not too small for the purposes of an Influential Merchant. I can easily fluff it up if so.

    As a note, I'm decent at building people characters, not so good at building mechanically optimal ones, so if anyone spots improvements I could be making to the build, please let me know! I tried to have the mechanics fit the background and personality as much as possible.

    I'd like to note my interest again, for the re-recruitment this time. Hoping to have something presentable hammered together before friday to at least get some comments on it!

    So far I'm looking at the spiritualist and maybe doctor as a profession. I recall seeing the later mentioned somewhere else in this thread and I shall try and track it down.

    Lessah wrote:
    So far I'm looking at the spiritualist and maybe doctor as a profession. I recall seeing the later mentioned somewhere else in this thread and I shall try and track it down.

    You have posted this right after I finished going through a lot of the posts looking for stuff, so I can tell you that the majority of the physician discussion is on page 5 of this thread.

    There's not a lot of info on it, more of just a concept proposed and a general GM approval of the idea, but there is a bit of discussion after that.

    Excellent! Thank you : )

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