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Hey... one of the two current players still left. We have a lot of things needed, so... look at the build rules and go from there.... pretty much no wrong answers barring those that have been banned.

1. Do we need to level to max level PrC?
2. If one of my classes is arcane, would bracers of defense, amulet of natural armor, and ring of protection be considered armor since it all applies to armor class since true armor of course causes spell failure?

You need 3-4 PrC levels, rules are in OP

On armour;
Bracers of Armor are an armour bonus (Applies to Full and Flat-Foot AC) without Arcane Spell Failure (ASF) and if wearing armour one is negated,
Amulet of natural armor gives a Natural Armour Bonus (Applies to Full and Flat-Foot AC), so no ASF
Ring of protection gives a Deflection bonus (Applies to All AC), and again no ASF

Oops, I wasn't clear enough and the max level PrC question no longer applies since I am not going to use that build. I was thinking way ahead in time and not for the actual build itself.

On Armor, for item/gold restrictions, do those items count as armor for an arcane characters as long as they don't go over 4000 gps for each item?

One more question, do you have the class information for Erinyes? I was going to ask for class information too and if angels can be arcane casters like you said the Erinyes could above in the thread but it would make better sense the Angel remains Divine and the Redeeming Fallen can be arcane.

If not, that is cool, I will just keep working on my current build. Although, I may change to an arcane trickster if no others post interest.

Monster classes link
Outsider monster classes can change from using SLAs to a spellcasting system,
Now all outsider Monster classes using the spell caster system count as divine casters with a bard's casting setup (spontanous caster using charisma and up to 6th level spells).

Max costs
Since armour is armour, and wonderous items are wonderous, you can mix them,
so you could take mithral breast plate, with a Amulet of natural armor and ring of Ring of protection.

Only Bracers of Armor can be over 3000gp, but under 8000gp, in cost since they are armour for arcane casters.

Any chance of using the CR1 Lizardfolk from the Bestiary instead of the monster class? I’d rather not have to buy a new book that I’m unlikely to use again. (Honestly, I didn’t even know the relevant Monster Class book was a thing until this thread.) My idea is Lizardfolk Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple. A dragon-blooded Sorcerer turned into (as far as he can tell) something like a humanoid dragon by the Cursed Operation.

Here is the lizard folk monster class as someone posted up the monster class.

Thank you for the information above!

So I am thinking about creating a character for this game, but I have some questions:

How are you waving requirements for prestige classes? I noticed that one of the characters has levels in stalward defender, even though that prc requires bab 7. What prerequisites are we allowed to ignore?

Also, I am assuming that the party is still 6th level? what is our starting gold?

Yes, requirements are wave, but you may want to say what PrC you want and then check both the OP and Thread for rules.

I have the crunch mostly done for an Sorcerer based Arcane Archer and Trickster. I am thinking of making their background the same that way I can use either depending on volunteers and what the party needs.

Requirements are Modified to allow easier access.
After I'm told the PrC, I'll post up the modified requirements.

Stalwart defender
Base Attack Bonus: +2.
Feats: Dodge, Endurance.
Special: Proficiency with light and medium armor.

Arcane trickster
Alignment: Any nonlawful.
Skills: Disable Device 2 ranks, Escape Artist 2 ranks, Knowledge (arcana) 2 ranks.
Spells: Ability to cast mage hand and at least one arcane spell of 1st level or higher.
Special: Sneak attack +1d6.

Arcane Archer
Base Attack Bonus: +2.
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Special: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells.

Taking two PrCs means you MUST meet the FULL original requirements of your Second PrC.

As a PC who dropped out, I recommend that the chars applying have a minimum set of investigative and diplomatic skills and mindset. That's where my character failed and I decided to not continue. It was just the wrong build for this game.

Thank you Zero for the suggestions.

Thanks Zero. I would also highly recommend you read over the previous gameplay. Get a feel for the world and how we have to operate within it, at least currently. I will freely admit that there are parts of my character that I would have done differently if I knew what you guys can know now. So take that extra hour or so to read up... it will make your submission and play experience easier and better.

Thank you, I have been reading Game Play.

Here is my crunching so far, I need to make adjustments to the suggestions above Drannor Lucaryn

I am creating the character to be either Ranger/Sorcerer(Elemental)/Arcane Archer or Rogue/Sorcerer(Elemental)/Arcane Trickster depending on what is needed more and the other candidate posts. I am going to write him as a scout which will work for both builds.

I am going to withdraw. I have tried making 3 different characters, and no have really jelled.

Thank you for your consideration, and good luck all!

I am working on my character still, just been busy lately but still working on him when I can.

This is Ouachitonian. It took me longer than I'd planned, but here's Thorfinn. Formerly an ulfen human, the Cursed Operation saw him transformed into a lizardfolk. But he's good with it, because as a Dahak-worshipping Draconic Sorcerer, he considers his new form to be something like apotheosis.

He's kind of a switch hitter. He specializes in blasting with evocation spells, but also has 20 Strength, two claws and a bite if enemies think they're going to beat up the squishy sorcerer.

Thanks for the submission it looks good so far but could you format it closer to this profile
As it'll help in auditing to make sure everything is correct.

I guess I can. I usually just copy and past from HeroLab, so reformatting might take a while, though.

That is fine, I know hero lab is a great tool, but not the best for an auditing of something more complex then normal.

Oh, you want the individual spoilers?

it helps,
And I right now I see an issue with your that you may be missing a point or over by a point, since I can't see where you put your stat boost at level 4.

I will check it to make sure and add the configuration you would like to see.

EDIT: You are correct, thank you for the good GM eye! I raised my character to a higher level and didn't properly reset it to 6th. It is now fixed.

Anderlorn wrote:

I will check it to make sure and add the configuration you would like to see.

EDIT: You are correct, thank you for the good GM eye! I raised my character to a higher level and didn't properly reset it to 6th. It is now fixed.


I actually ended up configuring the stats correctly, but I added the break down so you can more easily review it and the rest of the character. I am currently migrating the other information to the format you want. Then I will finish up my fluff.

I'll be gone for the Long Weekend camping without any internet.
And It'll give you all time to finish and polish your submissions.

Something to Note is that you should think "subterfuge" and "infiltration."

Thank you for the update, have a good trip!

Ok, I have some of those skill sets now but I will look to see about the others like bluff and disguise.

Became a little distracted by family this weekend but still made some progress, I will finish fully on Monday.

Taking longer than expected, finishing up the accounting and I have two builds so whatever is needed the most, that is the one I will play.

I am finished, here is my submission ...

Drannor Lucaryn

I will make fixes as I see them or you need me to change.

Looks good.

I’m going to withdraw. I’ve just had too much else going on to completely redo the sheet. Have fun!

Anderlorn wrote:

I am finished, here is my submission ...

Drannor Lucaryn

I will make fixes as I see them or you need me to change.

You have two builds in there, I need you to pick one.

Done, Arcane Trickster

Thank you!

You still accepting new submissions? I'd love the chance to finally give a Grand Marshal a shot.

Yes still accepting, new submissions.

Make sure it complies with the OP, as Gunslingers are a No.

Is that "Gunslingers are no", or "Guns are no"? I was planning to enter entirely with Inquisitor via the Black powder Inquisition, but if guns are out, the whole PrC kinda falls apart given it needs gun proficiency.

I can pick a new PrC in that case, though this is one of the few around that catches my eye whenever I look at them.

It was clear in the OP, No Guns.

DM Azure_Zero From OP wrote:


-- Character Creation Rules --


Archetypes: Any from APG, UCombat, ACG, except those that use content or mechanics from banned classes.


I did post that some older 3.5 PrC are open, but to check with me, there is even an updated Ghost-faced Killer PrC available.

PF PrCs: Core, APG, Paths of Prestage, and Paths of the Righteous (Note the ones from the Hard cover Books are more preferred)
3.5 PrCs; yes only from; Complete Warrior, Complete Divine, Complete Arcane, Complete Adventurer, and FrostBurn
(I don't mind bring some old PrCs back, but ask to confirm they can be used as they'll be upgraded some to PF power levels)

How do you feel about Harower, probably entering from Witch?

Harrower is from the Inner sea world guide, so no.

Link to more updated and complete site and list
also lists PrC's source at top of the page

Well, seems like there's an exceptionally small list of PrCs I find interesting (mostly because a lot of them kind of do the same thing an Archetype does, but worse), and even less in the allowed sources.

I kind of had my heart set on Grand Marshal (wanted to play one for years at this point) anyway, so I'll just skedaddle.

Alright Anderlorn,
hop into the discussion thread.

Hey DM Azure, I’ve got a few questions I wanted to shoot by you for a monster/prc I was thinking about.

I was looking at building a Nymph, but as I don’t have the document myself I’d just be going off the Dropbox file you posted. Did anything get modified to the class that I’d need to keep in mind?

Also, what are your thoughts on a Mortal Usher ? I thought it was mentioned that a particular mercenary group raided/cleared out a liche’s lair and this might fulfill the requirements needed. If not, I’m sure I could come up with something to fit assuming the character build was allowed.

The only other question that I have is, while I don’t care if other people do it, I’m not a fan of playing characters of another gender. Nothing against others that do it, just don’t feel I’d be able to do it justice. That being said, would it be possible to skin the nymph as a Näcken? Functionally and lore wise, it’s just a male water nymph from Germanic and Swedish lore. Only difference is, rather than singing to lure people to drown, they play musical instruments.

The Nymph monster class is Not modified.

Mortal Usher is Not on the Allowed PrC list.

Since I am a bit of a lore stickler,
Näcken's are also listed are shapeshifting water spirits, Nymphs don't have that function, so I'll be saying no the the subsitution.

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