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Arthur, you find you are experiencing some headaches and shortness of breath due to the altitude


Well, seeing as there are 3 trucks and only 4 PCs...

Henry motions Barney and the Doctor to one of the other trucks, then climbs into the truck with Arthur and Jackson.

Constitution, 80%: 1d100 ⇒ 75

Ha! Finally! Finally a successful roll!

"Puno seems pretty nice. What do you think, Professor?"

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

1d100 ⇒ 83 CON Check (75%)

Barney doesn't completely trust Jackson, or Larkin, and certainly not Mendoza, so he is relieved when the other truck seems the best option. He rushes to the truck...


But when he gets there finds himself strangely out of breath, and almost passes out as motes of light fill the air around him. He leans against the fender of the truck, and reached for his canteen to take a drink.

Barney would have stocked up on several bottles of whiskey before the trip (For himself), as well as some chocolate bars, and a couple of zippo's to use to bribe restless tribesmen.

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Arthur smiles though he is rubbing his temples, "It's ah... it's nice. But ahh..." WHEEZE. [b]"It's a bit different than England, Egypt of Arkham.

These hills are dizzyingly high..."{/b] He continues to rub his temples and close his eyes.

Anything I can do to cure this altitude sickness? First Aid 1d100 ⇒ 89. That's a no...

Jackson suggests that any of you suffering from altitude sickness should try drinking coca tea.

As you arrive in Puno Larkin suggests that you take a day or two to get acclimatised before moving on. He suggests you go ahead and back any equipment you want, but remember from here it is pack mules only.

Once Larkin has gone Jackson suggests it might be an idea to meet a contact of his, an elderly woman called Nayra who is well versed in the history of the immediate region

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Arthur nods at Jackson's suggestion on the tea and seeks it out as soon as he can.

"Indeed, it would be wise to consult a local, perhaps we can show her our find..."

If you take some tea you can reroll the Con roll

Jackson says that Narya is staying with friends on one of the floating islands on Lake Titicaca. He rents a reed boat and paddles you across. The island is about 2 miles from Puno itself. There are about seven families living there.

Spot Hidden rolls from everyone

You are met by a stooped, wrinkled old woman with thick white hair and bright, lively eyes (see image 5 on image tab). She can't speak English but is able to speak Spanish. Jackson can translate if needed. She invites you into her home and gives you food and drink.

Ah so you are also interested in the pyramid are you extranjeros. Many such as you are, they are not content to leave things alone. To understand the pyramid I must tell you a tale.

There is an old story about an ancient and evil god who fell from the sky and landed in Lake Titicaca. It crawled out and brought hunger with it, devouring all it touched. The trickster hero Ekeko convinced the god from the sky, tempting it with food into an old armadillo burrow. He then placed stones over the burrow, trapping the god below. Ekeko then told the people that this was now a sacred site and had them build a temple over it, binding it in place with "spells worked in gold."

The god from the sky still lives underneath the temple to this day, and those who know of it are wise enough to avoid its tomb. Few from Puno go anywhere near the pyramid and it has largely become a forgotten site.

Many centuries later the conquistadors came and it was then that the troubles started. It was then that the Kharasiri arrived. I think some of the Europeans must have found the tomb. They butcher people and steal their body fat. They are white men, usually Spaniards. Since I pointed out the man De Mendoza to Elias I have been followed, hence why I am living here.

American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

Con 60: 1d100 ⇒ 81
Spot Hidden 35: 1d100 ⇒ 23

The Doctor jumps in the truck with Barney, and before long is suffering the same headache and shortness of breath as some of the others.

"What a tale! Fantastic, if we hadn't seen what we have seen..."


Spot Hidden, 45: 1d100 ⇒ 48

And back to failing rolls.

Henry followed along with Narya's tale, getting most of the words - although occasionally one sounded odd to him.

Aloud, he said, "Makes sense - the conquistadors were here looking for gold, and if this hungry god from the sky was bound in spells worked in gold, it makes sense that they would try to take the gold. It's in keeping with the letter we found on the Professor's assistant."

To the older lady, he says, "¿Cuántos kharasiri hay?"


"How many kharasiri are there?"

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

Barney thankfully accepts the tea, though after one sip he sneaks a little Whiskey in it from his ever-present flask.

1d100 ⇒ 90 CON (75%)

He then reels as his homemade remedy seems to have only made things worse.

1d100 ⇒ 40 Spot Hidden (35%)

"Please? Can someone switch places with me? I think I need to lie down in the bed of the truck and try to sleep off this headache".

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Constitution 75% 1d100 ⇒ 22.
Spot Hidden 70% 1d100 ⇒ 28.

Post tea Arthur feels much better, whether that is because of the tea or because tea to the English is like Sampson's hair was to him will have to remain a mystery.

Arthur only knows English and Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Arthur listens to the tale, "Assuming for a moment there is truth in this myth, what was so special about these stones that a sky God would be humbled by them? Or is it something in the nature of the property of gold?"

Brent and Arthur, on your way to Narya you spot two figures, a middle-aged woman and a teenage boy. They appear to be casually loitering but you both spot they are making furtive glances at Jackson as you travel out to Narya, Jackson has not noticed.

Narya adds something in response to Arthur's question:

You have to remember that at the time of the Aztecs gold was in such a large supply that it was worked into structures often. Due to its colour it was seen as important for any religious imagery. I think that it is the spell itself that humbled the god, rather than the gold itself. I do know that it is rumoured the seal was broken and if that's the case it needs to be repaired.

What next?


Any answer for my question above?

As far as Narya knows there are only 2 Kharisiri

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

"Repaired... with Magic?

Now we are to believe there is magic that can effect a God from another world? I love myths and legends but this is all becoming rather fantastical is it not?"

It's probably better not to think of it as magic but rather science that our science doesn't understand yet. Certainly the ancients would have explained it as magic as they had less understanding of science.
All I know is that the ward is said to stop whatever is beneath that temple.

American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

The Doctor whispers to his companions, nodding towards the suspicious couple.

"I know this is not my area of expertise, but do you see the pair over there? They seem to be taking an inordinate amount of interest in Mr Jackson. Any thoughts?"


"Maybe to 'repair' it, we just need to put the thing back where it was pulled from. We'd need to do it without de Mendoza watching, most likely."

Not looking where Brent had mentioned, Henry whispered back, "One of us could try to sneak off and scare them away. Or we just ignore them."

As Jackson looks around, he pales slightly

I remember seeing them around in the company of Mendoza the day before you arrived but something's off about them, they look, well ...flat, they don't appear so fun loving or lively as when I first saw them

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

Barney joins the conversation, much the worse for the wear, and wonders why everyone is talking so loud.

"I'll go talk to them. They're a bit quiet anyway".

Barney approaches the pair, his arms outstretched showing his empty hands.

"Hi. I'm Barney. You two seem a bit curious... did you have something to add"?

1d100 ⇒ 40 Persuade (17%)

As you approach Barney the woman and the teenager seem to hiss at you. You just have time to notice a smell of decay before they turn on their heels and run away.

Does anyone else want to do anything?

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

The odor of the two, combined with Barney's altitude sickness bring the bile to his throat, and he stumbles to a nearby bush heaving out everything he's eaten that day. He struggles to get his companions attention.

"Guys! There's something wrong with these two"! he finally shouts out pointing at their direction of retreat.

I'm assuming Barney's altitude sickness would keep him from pursuing as he can barley breathe as it is.

Barney you can chase them but you will be at penalties

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Damn, this talk of magic had me distracted, I should have mentioned those two earlier.

Arthur begins to give chase!

Ok, so now we go to the chase rules, bear with me they are new to me.

The old woman and the teenage boy start to run. They start 10 feet away from you all.

So Dex order is

1) Woman and boy
2) Barney
3) Henry

[i]The two individuals move forward so they are 30 feet away from you

Ok so now we go down the dex order starting with Barney

So if anyone is pursuing the watchers they need to make a dex check to start with

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

Barney will leave the chasing to those not overcome with altitude sickness.

"Get them boys"!

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Dexterity vs. 40% - 1d100 ⇒ 56 - Fail.

American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

Dexterity 35: 1d100 ⇒ 3

Arthur you fail to keep pace with them and drop behind. Brent you are so quick off the mark that you are practically overtaking the female figure.

You can try to grab her if you wish - need a fighting (brawl or a dodge check to grab her

Henry are you chasing too?


Yes, sorry.

Dexterity, 60%: 1d100 ⇒ 45

Henry you manage to keep up with the two individuals.

Brent do your extreme success you can have another action

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Despite his robust Constitution, the altitude takes a toll on Arthur and he lags behind, he slows his pace to a jog to at least stay within range in case his fellow investigators manage to catch one of these, spies?

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

Panting with the exertion, and pale from his illness, Barney decides to chat up Narya while the others chase the Grouse he startled.

"So who were those two, and why are they running away like that"?

Narya looks worried

I think they are kharasiri, you should be careful

Meanwhile, Jackson has drawn alongside Henry

What do you think, should we take them out? and he motions to the revolver in his belt.


"Guns are loud - we don't want word getting back to de Mendoza and Larkin, to say nothing of trouble with the local authorities. We might be better off just catching them and asking some questions first. The Doc certainly seems to be pretty quick off the draw."

American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

The Doctor, surprising himself with his agility, keeps up with the strange couple and makes a grab at one of them.

Dodge 33: 1d100 ⇒ 81

Unfortunately he misses by a long way, and continues the chase.

Dex 35: 1d100 ⇒ 29

The woman and boy manage to dodge Doctor Brent and they flee onwards, knocking over some market stalls as they go.

So everyone needs to make a dex check to keep up and a dodge check to avoid the fallen products.


Dex 60: 1d100 ⇒ 5

Dodge 60: 1d100 ⇒ 97

Well, I kept up, but I'm getting hit with something.

Henry, you manage to keep up until you trip over and upended box of lemons

American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

Dex check above, passed
Dodge 33: 1d100 ⇒ 96

Brent suffers a similar fate to Henry.

Barney and Arthur, what are you doing?

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

Barney continues to chat..."kharasiri! Do you know them? Do they live around here? How long have they been that way?

Barney doesn't wait around long if she fails to provide answers. He follows the others wheezing with the effort.

I don't know them especially but I know of them. I believe they live (if you can call it that) in the pyramid.

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Arthur will keep following, placing a hand in his pocket to grab his lighter.

If applicable, Dexterity 40% 1d100 ⇒ 60
If applicable, Dodge 25% 1d100 ⇒ 59
It appears that despite his best intentions, he just will not be able to keep up!

dex: 65%: 1d100 ⇒ 31

dodge:50%: 1d100 ⇒ 10

Jackson manages to keep up with the couple and nimbly dodges the boxes of lemons

The woman and boy keep running

dex: 65%: 1d100 ⇒ 85

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