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Unless anyone wants to ask Jackson anything else I am going to move things on to the next day

The next day (Saturday) is very hot. At 10am you meet us with Jackson and head to the Museo de Arqueologia y Antropologia (Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology) of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (National University of San Marcos).

The museum is a long two-story stone building, painted dark yellow, fronted by the University Park. Professor Sanchez has an office on the ground floor. It is an airy, tall-ceilinged room with white walls and shelves full of books and artifacts. A large hardwood desk dominates the room, piled high with papers, books and journals.

Picture of Sanchez and Rizo in images folder

Sanchez welcomes you all and talks about Larkin's expedition

I have offered to help Larkin on a number of occasions, only to be ignored or rebuffed. I suspect that Larkin wants to loot the site without interference. There are, unfortunately, no legal restrictions in Peru to prevent foreigners from doing this. He is nothing more than a huaqueros (grave robber).

I think my only recourse is to identify the exact location of the pyramid and get there first, although time is running out. To this end myself and one of my students Trinidad Rizo have been going through the university archives for any possible information about the pyramid. We found a document from the mid 16th century, written by a conquistador called Gaspar Figuero which may refer to the site. The document is difficult to read so Rizo has been working on a summary that picks out the pertinent details. She's almost finished it but had to stop briefly to look for a related artefact in the storeroom. She should be back at any moment.


Henry looks about the room, feigning interest in the books and such while Sanchez talks. He offers a tight smile at the professor's description of Larkin. We all gotta make a living somehow. You pay, though, I'll bring you artifacts from the site.

Turning to the professor, he says, "Mind if I take a look at what she has so far? See if I notice anything useful?"

is anyone else going with Henry?

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

Barney would certainly join the meeting... though a little hung over.

"A little extra knowledge never hurt anything. Let's see what she comes up with".

You head down to the storeroom and Jackson accompanies you. The storeroom is almost directly under Sanchez's office. It is cavernous and oblong about 80 feet by 45 feet filled with evenly spaced rows of floor to ceiling shelves, most packed with a huge variety of items of historical interest.

You arrive at the storeroom and find the body of a young woman, half-buried under a pile of artifacts that have been pulled off the shelves. She is emaciated, almost mummified, and there is a large disc of torn, bloody flesh on her upper chest. Her shrivelled face is frozen in a mask of terror, eyes still wide and staring.

Sanity checks from everyone please


So, I actually meant the summary she was working on, not actually going to the storeroom. It's okay, though. I should have been more clear.

Sanity, 60%: 1d100 ⇒ 70

...You know, I haven't had a successful roll yet.

American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

Sanity 30: 1d100 ⇒ 14

"My god! This poor woman! What the devil happened to her!" Dr Sanders rushes forward to examine the body, too intent on any possible help, or at least information, he can provide to consider the horrifying implications of the body.

Medicine 61: 1d100 ⇒ 68

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

Barney took a step back at the site in front of him, his hand quickly covering the gasp that escaped his lips.

1d100 ⇒ 27 Sanity (45%)

"My god! I've seen many corpses in my line of work... but nothing like this. She looks like she's been dead for ages".

He then reaches under his coat and pulls out his trusty Colt. "Be wary, someone... or something may still be here".

1d100 ⇒ 56 Spot Hidden (35%)

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Sorry, busy weekend. Arthur would have also come along.

All of this talk of cultists and dangers did not scare Arthur off but he did regret not bringing a gun along with him on the trip, Curse me for a fool assuming that this was all legitimate. The offer may have been too good to be true. Still, this Jackson could be wrong, I suppose time will tell...


After a night's rest, Arthur dresses in an outfit identical to the first and meets at the local watering hole to accompany Jackson and Chandler to the Museo de Arqueologia y Antropologia.

Arthur remains quiet and heads off with Chandler, after all, Archaeology is his specialty.

Arthur steps back at the sight...

Sanity 70% 1d100 ⇒ 57

but composes himself stoically.

At Lipscomb's statement, Arthur looks around warily.

Spot Hidden 70% 1d100 ⇒ 18

He then steps forward to assist Dr. Sanders in looking at the body.

"I have seen mummies before in Egypt..."

Medicine 40% 1d100 ⇒ 92

sanity loss: 1d6 ⇒ 4

Henry you lose 4 points of sanity and you cry out in terror

Brent, you can see that a large chunk of skin has been torn from Rizo's chest. It's almost like the type of mark you get from some kinds of worms or maggots. Its almost as if something bit her and drained fluids from her body.

Arthur you spot that lying next to the body is a wooden crate which has been smashed into pieces. The way the top has been pulled off shows that someone has forced it. The remains of the create are packed with straw and poking out from the mass is a section of worked gold. There also appeas to be the freshly burned remains of skin on the gold.

Inside Rizo's pocket is a notebook. (see slide 4 in documents).

There is also a pool of blood on the floor

You can have a track roll if you have the skill

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

"What the devil? How odd this entire scene is.

Poor soul. I would deduce this is Professor Sanchez's student Trinidad Rizo but if she was a young girl how could this have happened to her? Her appearance is... dreadful".

Arthur reaches into the pocket to lift the notebook and points to the open crate, "What do you make of the contents Mr. Lipscomb?"

Arthur reads the notebook aloud, "The translation the Professor discussed is as follows..."

Once he is done reading, "Now, we've got to get the Professor and the authorities here right away".

Gaunt and deathlike, just like this young girl... and that gold in the crate. I wonder.

Track 10% 1d100 ⇒ 74 - No.


After letting out a scream of terror, Henry turns away from the corpse. He thought he'd seen brutality in the War, but this...this was far worse...

Breathing heavily, partially listening to Arthur's description, he took a final breath, exhaled, and turned back, pointedly avoiding looking at the body. "Did you say Luis de Mendoza in that article? I wonder if Larkin's man is a descendant of his, or just a coincidence."

Track, 10%: 1d100 ⇒ 21

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

1d100 ⇒ 69 Track (62%)

"I'm pretty good at tracking, but these miscellaneous smears are confusing me. Bring that light over hear, and let me get a closer look".

1d100 ⇒ 31 Pushing Track Roll (62%)

"Wait... Follow me".

Barney leads the way with his trusty pistol drawn.

American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

"She looks to have been drained dry by some kind of... giant leach? This is insane! Poor girl."

The good Doctor removes his jacket and lays it over Rizo's upper body to give her some modesty in death, then draws his own pistol (more out of shocked automation than anything deliberate) and follows Mr Lipscomb.

Barney you are able to follow the trail, it is of leather shoes but it is intermittent. It leads by a circuitous route back to Professor Sanchez's office.

As you arrive back in the office you can see Professor Sanchez writhing in pain on the floor and sweating. There are traces of a rancid white waxy substance on his mouth. He croaks out

He kissed me

The Professor then passes out


As Barney started following the tracks, Henry drew his own pistol and went with him, trying to keep from thinking about the body back there. As the tracks lead to Professor Sanchez's office, he tenses, wondering if the man killed his own assistant.

Seeing the professor lying there, writhing in agony, he begins searching the room for any hidden assailants.

Spot Hidden, 45%: 1d100 ⇒ 12

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

"Brent! Get in here! The professor is down"!

Barney rushes to the window to look out and see if there is any suspicious activity outside the building.

"Henry! Arthur! Look down the hallways...the culprit might still be close".

1d100 ⇒ 46 Spot Hidden (35%)

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%


Arthur grabs anything that could be used as a weapon and steps back into the hallway.

Spot Hidden 70% - 1d100 ⇒ 90

Henry, you can see that something is moving around Professor Sanchez's abdomen.

Barney and Arthur, there is no sign of anyone and no further tracks


"Um...Doc...there's something moving around the Professor's stomach..."

American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

Dr Brent rushes to Sanchez's side, examining him as rapidly as he can.

Medicine 61: 1d100 ⇒ 43

Brent, you think that the Professor has been infected by some kind of parasite but you don't really know what. The most likely way to remove it would be surgically, however it may be possible to have it leave by inducing vomiting in the subject

Medicine to remove it surgically or First Aid to induce vomiting

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Arthur steps back in, "I see no one out there. Can we do anything for him, perhaps take him to the hospital, immediately!?"

There is the state hospital but it has a reputation for poor surgical technique

Are you taking the Professor to the hospital?


"Do you think you can it out here, Doc, or should we take him to the hospital?"

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

"Unfortunately we're not in Kansas anymore".

"I'm not sure he can make the trip doc... and even if he does, do you think they are more qualified to fix this than you. Surely there is a lab or something we can use to help the poor guy out... and if he's a goner, maybe we can get him conscious enough to give us more clues".

Barney then holsters his gun, and begins to look about the desk.

"In either case we need to see if there is any more information available about this situation, before the authorities get involved, and take everything that might be important. Eventually word is going to get out about what happened, and we don't want to look responsible".

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

"Hmm, let me see if there is anything I can do..."

First Aid 60% - 1d100 ⇒ 56

It takes a few moments but Arthur is able to make the Professor vomit. It is a long and copious vomit and finally from out of his mouth falls a small maggot like creature which falls to the floor, dead. Jackson Elias speaks up at this point.

My God, what the hell is that thing. It sounds like something from that myth about the Kharisiri

You can all see that there is no longer anything moving around in the Professor's stomach and his struggling has eased. He lies on the floor of his office panting and trying to catch his breath

American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

Sorry had a busy end to the week!

"Good work man! This is like nothing I've ever seen before!

Professor Sanchez, sits up, he is still weak and not very coherent at the moment, but he is able to croak out:

De Mendoza, it was de Mendoza

The Professor then passes out

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Arthur raises his eyebrows, "My word, de Mendoza!

He put a parasite in the Professor. This is unconscionable.

I am not sure that we should go on a dig at all my friends. We should take the Professor to a hospital, take the worm so that it's origin can be identified and have the local authorities take this de Mendoza into custody for murder and attempted murder."


"And tell them what? That de Mendoza kissed him and put some kind of parasite in his stomach when he did? We didn't witness the actual event, after all. Jackson, what do you mean this sounds like something out of the Kharisiri legend?"

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

"I think we need to get the professor to proper medical care. As far as the rest of this morning... I'm definitely confused. Do we want to come across as part of this. Foreigners in a strange land and all... and there is the matter of the desiccated corpse in the lab. I see a whole lot of trouble ahead for us if we treat this like we're in the USA".

Barney walks to the window and looks out.

"What I do know is real is those artifacts we were shown. Now that we're aware that something strange is afoot, I believe we can keep our eyes open, and perhaps only trust each other. There's more hear than meets the eye, but not enough to deter me from this expedition. We've got a couple of days before we leave. Maybe we can find out more... starting with whatever paperwork the Professor might have here".

Barney begins to pilfer through the professors desk and shelves. "Let's do a quick search before we skedaddle. We can always make a random call to report what's happened here. Brent do you think he's stable for now"?

1d100 ⇒ 8 Spot hidden (35%)

Jackson replies to Henry

Well according to the legend the kharisiri are like vampires. When they feed their mouths distend into a kind of disc shape and they suck fat from their victims. They can also disgorge a maggot like creature into a victim to turn it into another kharisiri.

Barney you find some notes written by Rizo and the Professor. It states that the tribes around Puno believed in the power of wards and quite often their pyramids would be covered in such devices. They posit that the gold band that you found with Rizo is one half of some kind of protective ward and presumably the other half is still in the pyramid.

What would you like to do?

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

"I say let's get the gold item from the crate, the notebook, and anything else that might be useful and scram out of here. Might want to take that ugly maggot thing with us in a jar or something as well".

Barney places the notes he found in a random book.

"Then we'll find a public phone or something, call in the professors illness, and find somewhere we can talk in private".

"I don't trust anybody that I can't see right now... do you guys think we should continue on with Larkin and Mendoza or try to do what the professor planned on doing, leave tomorrow, and try to beat them to the punch.

Barney looks around for something to put the maggot in.

"We need to choose carefully as each has it's own dangers".


"Seeing as the professor hadn't figured out the exact location of the pyramid, and we'd be on foot versus Larkin having trucks to go most of the way, I don't think we can beat Larkin and de Mendoza there. The only benefit I see is that without us, Larkin might be forced to recruit new hired hands, delaying him, but even then I'm not sure how much time that buys us. We definitely can't trust either of them, though."

Considering a moment, he says, "We might be best off pretending to go along with them, and looking out for trouble. Maybe we can do something about de Mendoza, too. Jackson, those legends say how to kill a kharisiri?"

Near as I can recall ordinary weapons will damage it but it has some kind of healing ability. The only way to completely destroy them is to burn the bodies

Male Human (Scottish American) Bounty Hunter

"I'm getting nervous. Let's make our getaway, then we can figure things out from there. I don't think it's a coincidence that the letter contained the names that it did, and I'm sure that gold is part of the seal. I think it's wise that we not share that we have the gold. Perhaps we can find somewhere to conceal it from Larkin and Mendoza".

Barney starts to make his way to the lab intent on getting the piece of gold before the authorities arrive.


"Alright, let's move. Come on, everyone."

You manage to get back to the lab, the band is still where it was and you are able to pick it up. It is 2 foot long, 2 inches wide, it weighs about 25 pounds.

Professor Sanchez, who has come round a bit says he doesn't know what to think about Mendoza, he will call the authorities but will tell them that he found Rizo like this. The police in Lima are quite lazy and as there are no obvious wounds on the body such as knife or bullet wounds they'll probably assume Rizo died of natural causes.

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Arthur is incredulous at the statement, "Natural causes? That's absurd". He sighs, "Still, Chandler is right, who would believe this story.

I agree, let's move and keep what we have seen and what we have found to ourselves.

We should never be alone with Larkin or de Mendoza lest we suffer the same fate as that poor girl.

Mad as it may seem, we should stop off and get supplies that allow us to create fires. Fireworks, torches, lighters, etc. etc."

Arthur heads towards the door as he is speaking certainly ready to leave.

It is now about midday on Saturday, the expedition will set off on Monday so you have a day and a half to explore/shop, etc

Is there anything you guys want to day for the rest of Saturday/Sunday- if not we'll move on to Monday

American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

Sorry have had a very busy couple of days, am back now. I am happy to move on to Monday.

Monday morning comes around and you meet up at the hotel Espana. You find Larkin and Mendoza waiting for you next to 3 trucks with drivers. He goes in one truck with Mendoza.

There is room in each truck for 4 people, Jackson will not go in the same truck as Larkin. You can split yourselves up how you want.

Some info on Puno

Puno is a small city of approximately 20,000 residents, located in the southern Andean highlands. It stretches back from the shores of Lake Titicaca, up into the overlooking hills, with the more prosperous areas located closer to the water. The majority of the buildings are low one- or two story structures made from stone or brick, and the streets they line become increasingly narrow and more maze-like the further uphill one goes. The centre of the city is dominated by a broad plaza, ringed with neat greenery and trees and overlooked by the imposing edifice of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Charles Borromeo.

The countryside surrounding the city is home to a large number of farms, with staples such as maize, potatoes, and quinoa dominating the crops due to their hardiness and ability to grow at high altitudes. Local farmers also raise alpacas and llamas, with large herds being a common site.

The journey by road is approximately 800 miles (circa 1,300 km) and takes three days, travelling down the coast to Camaná before heading up into the Andes and across the highlands. The latter part of the journey takes the investigators up winding mountain roads, with the air growing ever thinner.[/ooc]

Can everone make a CON save to combat the effects of altitude sickness

HP = 9/11|MP=14/14|SAN 70/70|Spot Hidden 70%

Arthur will obtain torches and lighters, just in case thes emyths prove to be true!


Constitution check 75% - 1d100 ⇒ 84


The Archaeology Professor chooses to ride with Jackson.

Despite a normally robust Constitution, Arthur is having a hard time breathing the farther the group travels into the Mountains.

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