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Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 1/5 | Harm 7/7 | Unstable? N

"What have you found from inside the forest?"

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

Zeke is able to make fine bandages from what he can work with, though they probably won't last under a lot of movement.

The lights on Dot and Amelia crumble away as the ones on Charly did, dying-ember like lights blowing away in the breeze. As the lights fade away, it's obvious to all that evening in upon you as little light seems to be coming from above.

It also becomes obvious to all that that rattling fence sound is coming almost in a pattern, it keeps pausing every few moments and starting up again.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 3/5 | Holds:

Charly sits up to make working on her arm easier. She looks to both Zeke and Jerry before standing up and clutching her now bandaged right arm. She shuffles over to stand with Amelia and listens to the fence.

"That sounds like something's trapped," she mutters.

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

Remembering the...reason behind the last rattling chain link fence, and the rhythmic nature of this one, Amelia pulled out her shield and paused. "We should head over, but give me a moment to look." With a chunk! the shield extended into something more resembling what it was, rather than the almost fan-like contraption, and used her Weird once more to study the area where the noise was coming from.

Weird (View another Place): 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (6, 3) + 2 = 11

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

At first, the shield shows the chain-link fence that Amelia was thinking of - the one Amelia, Dot, Charly and the girls had been at previously. Other than being darker, there isn't really anything to see that would make that noise.

The image shifts and another fence appears. The image starts at would be Amelia's eye level and the fence is clearly shaking in time to the sounds you all hear.

Due to the adeptness at her Amelia's weird skill, the image shifts up. Quite a bit up - it's significantly taller and looks sturdier than the previous fence.

Visible in the shield is a figure climbing the fence. Due to the lack of light in the area, the figure is pretty much entirely in shadow and it's hard to see any typical identifying details, but an educated guess could be made by some due to the size of the figure - humanish shape, a small scrawny adult at best - and the unusual climbing pattern that is avoiding using the left arm for support. The figure is having to regularly pause to climb in such a way. At the next pause, the figure seems to be looking down for a bit - almost looking directly into the shield's view though with their face in shadow it's hard to tell exactly where they are looking - before looking back up towards an overhanging large branch and resuming their climb.

To be clear, all of you can see the images in the shield, though only Amelia can control it.

Male Human Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5

Zeke nods as he finishes his work, and stands in time to start watching the show Amelia's shield displays. He isn't sure exactly what he's looking at, but he doesn't startle at the obviously mystical display. As he watches, he unstraps his shotgun and casually lifts it to rest on one shoulder, his hand around the grip. "So, what, we've got somebody climbing a fence? They're making a racket, might be hurt or something. Don't see how that ties into everything else... but I guess that's the point of us looking into things, huh."

He looks in the direction of the noise, if he can tell where it is, and hooks a thumb that way. "We gonna stand around doing icebreakers, or are we gonna get after it?"

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

"We met a young girl who knew much of this forest," Amelia added as she watched. "It is difficult to say for sure this is her, and the that she seemed to...sense us watching is odd. I am not sure if I trust what this forest shows." She shrugged. "But I do not believe we have ay choice but to follow, unless someone else has discovered another trail to follow?"

She looked around. "Besides, I do not think this is the weather for ice."

Chosen | Harm 7/7 | Luck 7/7 | Exp 1/5

"The girl's name is Dovie Beag," Dot explains. "At least Dovie is what her friends call her. She was one of the kids that were lost in here. She seems to be the only one to come out of it unscathed. In fact, she seemed a lot more relaxed in the woods than she was in the group photos I saw. I think she may have brought the other kids in deliberately, but I have no idea why. Her conversation was about as cryptic as I've ever run into--never gave a straight answer, never got to the point. She knows something, but I don't know if we could get it out of her without hurting her.

Well, that's what I've figured out. How about you gents--by the way, I don't think I've met you" she says to Zeke. "I'm Dorothy Brenner."

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 3/5 | Holds:

"Which way? Still kinda out of it," Charly says as she flexes her right hand to see how much her injuries had hampered it. She winces from the pain, but at least all her fingers still worked.

Then she hears Dot and lets out a sigh.

"Seriously? And here I was hoping that leaving would have helped," Charly says, sounding a little more like her normal self. She holds up her hands and snaps her fingers, sending an arc of lightning crackling in the air.

"Nice to know that the backlash didn't cut me off, I guess," she mutters after checking to see if her hardest hitting option was still on the table. She turns to Dot and gives a sheepish smile.

"Sorry for not offering to shake hands, but mines smarting a good bit right now. The name's Charlotte Takahashi, though friends just call me Charly."

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

The chainlink fence sound is coming from the south, uphill from where everyone is standing. The pattern to the noise is getting slower and slower, the pauses longer. In the shield, the figure is slowing down for reasons none of you can make out in the limited image.

Jerry, Zeke, and Charly notice that the trees they had seen the shadow outlines on them appear darker than the other trees...but are slowly lightening. It's hard to tell, and it might be a trick of the light, but the darkness seems to be moving uphill in the direction of the sound.

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

Amelia grunted as she continued to head for the fence, trying to spot why the figure was slowing.

Weird: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (5, 3) + 2 = 10

"I did not get the impression the child was a threat or a danger, simply that the dangers in this place were familiar, known and avoidable. Unlike those out there in the world." The girl hadn't struck her as the sort to bring random people here to her sanctuary for the hell of it, but she had definitely known more about the forest than she'd told.

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 1/5 | Harm 7/7 | Unstable? N
Dot Brenner wrote:
"She seems to be the only one to come out of it unscathed. In fact, she seemed a lot more relaxed in the woods than she was in the group photos I saw."

"Maybe she's not as okay as he acts," Jerry muses as they walk. He's switched out his shotgun for his nightstick. Zeke's got the ranged firearms covered, and this many people increases the risk of a crossfire.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

After walking up the hill for a few minutes, the group spots a tall metal pole supporting the end of a rattling chainlink fence. There is no visible reason why this end of the fence is there or that the fence ever expanded beyond this point. The metal pole and fence seem to be in good condition, far better than other metal items seen so far in the forest and stretch up a good 12 feet or so into the tree canopies.

Looking at the pole facing the hill, the left-hand side has a wide space of low undergrowth and small plants before any trees whereas the right-hand side has a few open spaces but there are spots visible where it's just more than one person wide between the fence and the trees.

Amelia's magic makes the shield image clearer and rise up to the same height as the figure. It's obvious that the figure is climbing up the left-hand side of this fence and is about to reach a large overhanging branch of a tree on the right-hand side. There is no obvious or definite reason visible as to why the person is slowing down though even just seeing their back in barely any light, Amelia feels a bit more certain that it's the same child as before.

What is just about visible in the clearer image is some oddness in the shadows on and around the tree branch - they seem to be moving in a way that cannot be explained by natural means, some moving closer to the figure - and some closer to the shield's point of view. As the figure reached up for the tree branch, a dark shape seems to reach out and hit the visual, the image twists sharply for a second before the magic breaks. No damage to the shield but the image is gone - and after a few more shakes, the fence goes quiet.

If continuing along the fence, tell me which side your character is walking along and whether or not, as night is falling, your character is using a flashlight or other light source.

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

"I do not know why she is doing what she is doing, but perhaps following her route is the correct way." Amelia started heading down the left side of the fence.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 3/5 | Holds:

Charly follows along, not sure what to think.

"The shadows in the trees and the lights that were on the three of us," Charly says as she walks, waving her left hand to indicate the three women in the group, "Could they be fey? Amelia and I were talking about how the forest could be some kind of fairy ring. Maybe we're dealing with Fairy Courts and the girl is some sort of changeling."

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 1/5 | Harm 7/7 | Unstable? N

Jerry follows Amelia, since she had talked to this girl and seemed to know what she was talking about. Jerry pulls out a flashlight to shine it around to see if those shadowy shapes are in the trees again.

Male Human Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5

Zeke gives Dot a nod and a brief smile when she introduces herself. "Zeke. This here's Jerry. Always glad to have some extra hands on deck." Time seems potentially of the essence, though, so Zeke starts moving after Amelia, noting the strange shadows and movement of the darkness, but not sure what to think of it first. Most of this is a little out of his knowledge ring at the moment--after all, he and Jerry didn't chat with a girl who knew the forest, they chatted with the townies.

But sometimes the clues click together eventually--bits and pieces you've picked up over both the investigation at hand, and all the Hunts that came before. So as Amelia discusses the strange girl (Dovie, Zeke thinks, Dorothy said her name was Dovie), and Charly brings up the possibility of the Fey, his mind strains to make a connection.

In this post I got 2 hold from Investigating a Mystery; I spent 1 of those hold a few posts later. Now I'd like to spend my remaining hold to ask: What sort of creature is it? This based on the digging we've done so far, plus the assumption that seasoned Hunters have at least heard tell of plenty of creatures and their abilities.

As the group nears the fence and it starts getting dark, Zeke also reaches into his jacket and pulls out a flashlight, the handle wrapped in duct tape. "Just a sec," he says, and carefully unrolls a couple of layers. He then places the light alongside his shotgun and wraps the tape around it, so the light projects wherever he's aiming. Once that's finished, he clicks the light on and shoulders the weapon. "Let's move. I'll take the right?"

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

With Zeke's experience and what he's seen and heard so far, he's fairly certain there is more than one creature, or as Amelia put forces, involved in this situation.

Thinking on what he was told of Dovie and her family by the man in the store, there didn't seem reason yet to suspect she was anything but a child - but vulnerable children, especially ones on their own, there were plenty of stories of the hosts of creatures and forces they could attract - good, neutral, and malicious and being put between them was a tale as old as time.

In what Zeke could catch of the shadowy outlines and the way they acted, they appeared less like anything Fey and more like spirits, ghosts, and other human imprints that are stuck and changed somehow - and this likely meant from Zeke's experience that how good or not or what might make them hostile might be down to the individual shade or what was keeping them there.

Now and then, a moving shadowy outline or two is seen against a tree when the flashlights go past but nothing that stays still long enough to get a good look beyond what had already been seen - they're small and have a vaguely human outline.

After several minutes of walking along the fence in a silent darkening forest, a quite young woman's voice that Amelia, Dot, and Charly recognize is clearly heard in the darkness: "Find anything interesting yet, other than people to get the solas breithiúnais off ya?". The non-English words are said in a heavily accented manner while the rest of her speech is as it was the first time the three women spoke to her, more similar to locals.

The voice is not coming from any trees near the fence there, but back a bit and a few trees back on the right-hand side of the fence. On one branch that overhangs the twisting path between the trees, is a figure laying down and looking over with an almost Cheshire cat-like grin, apparently amused that a bunch of adults walked right past her.

Those with flashlights if they shine a light towards the voice:
The young teenage girl in the tree is laying against the branch of a huge tree. If a light is shined on her, she will try to block the light from her eyes but doesn't otherwise seem uncomfortable with it -- or the dozens of shadow outlines that can be seen in the tree near her.

Amelia doesn't entirely recognize the words, but her time in the Empire means she recognizes the accent she uses for those unfamiliar words is Ulster Irish and that it's something to do with light.

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

Looking down at her shield in mild annoyance, Amelia looked up at the girl. "Solas? As in the sun? Is this entire forest a disagreement between light and shadow?" Sighing, she added, "The darkness seems to have brought you cheer, madam, at the very least."

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 3/5 | Holds:

Question, since Charly's a vampire, would she need a flashlight to see?
Also, she's currently unglamoured.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

I'm not sure about seeing, I'll leave that up to you though as there are two flashlights it will cut down on most night vision effectiveness. Whether or not Charly wants to reglamorized and see if the girl has already noticed or see how the child will react to her unglamorized is up to you. There is no way yet to tell whether or not the girl has seen any of your characters in detail or just heard you walking/seen your outlines/seen the flashlights glow in what little. She doesn't have a visible light source at the moment, she's way up in the canopy, far higher than any of the shadow outlines people were looking at before and quite a bit back from the fence so even with Zeke on her side of the fence, she would be hard to spot, Zeke will need to backtrack slightly and move towards her a few trees to be close enough to make out much detail beyond 'small young girl teenager'.

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 1/5 | Harm 7/7 | Unstable? N

Jerry walks up to the pole that was seen in Amelia's shield's image. He remembers that a shadow seemed to strike the girl when she climbed to the top of the fence. He'll shine his flashlight up into the trees above where Dovie was climbing.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

As Jerry investigates the tree near where he recalls the girl climbing, there are a few shadow shapes sitting in the canopy. One remains, almost glaring down not quite at Jerry while a couple of others pull back from the light, one seems to almost hiding behind the glaring one. Jerry can also see that many of the large tree branches overlap here, giving a few routes that the girl may have taken from that fence to where she is now.

The girl responded to Amelia's remark though doesn't seem to move, "You're kinda right in that I was talking about the lights and that they come where the sun comes through the forest. Not sure if that's what they're really are, I found something like them in an old book. I don't know about any disagreements between light and shadow... I think they act different here 'cause of what people've done and left here...

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 1/5 | Harm 7/7 | Unstable? N

Jerry waves his flashlight’s beam across the face of the glaring shadow’s face. If there’s no reaction, he’ll whistle and/or snap his fingers to try and get its attention. (He’ll also note if he attracts the attention any of the secondary shadows.)

Investigate a Mystery: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (3, 6) + 1 = 10

Spending both holds now. Apologies if this has already been answered.

Jerry wonders:

1) What or who is this thing?
2) What can hurt it?

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Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

The glaring shadow flickers a small reaction but whatever they are annoyed at isn't Jerry and doesn't care about what Jerry is doing. Some of the others do react more - curiosity or fear are the most obvious.

The girl laying a few trees over seems to just be watching.

From what Jerry can see and his experience, these look like some kind of human shades - like ghosts or imprints - and suspects Zeke would see similar. This was only previously answered under Zeke's spoiler .

Hurting them is difficult by most physical means, they're not entirely physically there - it'd be like pushing or shooting a shadow, but at the same time ones like these are unlikely to be able to do more physically than a light tap or push on their own. Jerry knows that whether they're good, neutral, or malicious can depend on individual shades or what is holding them there. All these types have a tendency to watch and lead people, the difference tends to be where they lead.

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

"Have done and have left?" Amelia considered what might have been done by people to cause this place to be so...odd, but it seemed unlikely for a normal mortal to do anything that would make this kind of mess. "Could you further detail that statement? And do you recall the book you read of such things?"

Investigate a Myster: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (3, 2) + 1 = 6

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 1/5 | Harm 7/7 | Unstable? N

Jerry peers up at the shadow creatures. Not wanting to interrupt the others' conversation with Dovie, he murmurs aloud to anybody nearby who may be listening.

"Some sort of... ghosts? Shades? Mostly harmless although not always friendly."

Jerry slides his nightstick through the loop at his hip, clips his flashlight to his belt on his other hip, and lays his shotgun down near the fence. He proceeds to climb up to the branches where the shades are.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

The girl answered, still laying in the tree though her attention appeared to be mostly on what was going on with Jerry and the shadows, "My grandparents had piles of books, they were in ones about old legends and how they were changed. I lived with them for a while and read through them..." she pauses as Jerry climbs the fence.

As Jerry puts the flashlight on his belt, he notices one shade against the tree trunk in front of him. The shadow outline appears to be standing on the ground and comes up about to his waist and just seems to be looking up at him, watching. As Jerry climbs up all the shades in the tree above back away - even the glaring one, all going in different directions though more seem to be going in the girl's direction than not. It's slower going for him than the girl - while the fence is holding up well, the gaps in the chain links are a bit small for his feet so it's difficult to get a foothold.

Her voice calls out, "I use the fence as it's the only way for me to get into trees anymore. I wouldn't recommend any of you doing that - you're a lot bigger than me and one wrong step on a weak branch...the ground is safer for most. I just like the height - especially with strange adults around."

She rose up to her feet smoothly, using an overhead branch to help balance her way to the nearest tree trunk, farther away from the group, answering Amelia as she walked, "Like those old legends, I'm not sure which details are true enough to give you the why or "missing" you said you're looking for. People have used these forests for ages. Sometimes they take, sometimes they leave behind things like fences or machinery or statues or..." she gestures towards the shades near her. "What I've been told is that when enough were...someone came and left something which made things this way..." she continued walking through the canopy.

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

Amelia tilted her head as the child walked through the tree tops. "That...was not something I could, even when small." Amelia wasn't much bigger than the girl - Dovie, the others had mentioned? -but still, that didn't seem like a normal way to move through the trees.

Considering, Amelia looked at the others. "Do we follow and attempt to get more answers?" She wasn't sure it was wise with shadow ghosts, or whatever on earth they were.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 3/5 | Holds:


For the sake of not forcing you to retcon anything, I'm going to say that Charly managed to get her glamour back up, though how much of a hold she has is an open question given how easily it has been for her to lose it.

Regarding the night vision, how about this. Charly can see in the dark just fine, but if someone shines a bright light in her face, she's going to be stunned and possibly blinded for a bit. Maybe she has to make a roll to clear her head?

Charly's eyes follow the girl, now blue rather than red like when they'd first run into Jerry and Zeke.

"She's the only one that seems to know anything. Maybe we can make a deal with her," she says before stepping around the fence and trying to follow.

Chosen | Harm 7/7 | Luck 7/7 | Exp 1/5

"I agree," Dot says. "It's not like there are any other options except wandering around aimlessly."

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

I appreciate the consideration though the girl hasn't really paid attention or said anything about Charly or any characters other than they're strange and shouldn't walk on the trees. Between distance and lighting, it's unlikely for her to see Charly in any detail or for your characters to see her in any details which is why I haven't described many.

With two bright light sources, it will make it harder to see in the dark until a few minutes away from them. It's not a clear head thing but how eyes are affected by light. Charly will probably be able to see okay-ish in the dark, but not nearly as well as usual.

Also, Charly cannot step around the fence, your characters walked several minutes to get there and there are no gaps in this fence.

If your character took the left-hand path with Amelia and wants to follow the girl, they need to either climb the fence, backtrack a ways to go around, or use weird magic to go through. Those who took the right with Zeke can wait or continue on.

The girl seems certain on her path and continues on away from the fence in a winding manner. Occasionally it is hard to see where she is through the branches and darkness of the canopy.

Any light source shined near her will show several shades sitting or standing in the trees though she doesn't seem to react to them much other than occasionally taking care not to step on one or react to the lights other than a grumble if one is shined in her face.

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 1/5 | Harm 7/7 | Unstable? N
D_Var_Stars wrote:
"I just like the height - especially with strange adults around."

For the first time, Jerry addresses the girl.

"There's nothing wrong with that, but I'm not climbing up there after you. I just want to see what the view is like."

Jerry clambers onto a branch that looks like it will support his weight and takes a look around both with and without his flashlight to see if there's anything else that attracts Dovie or the shades to this height beyond what Dovie claims.

Assuming there isn't, Jerry climbs back down on the other side of the fence to follow any others following the girl. He'll ask someone who's going around the fence to grab his shotgun or toss it over if it can be done safely.

How tall is this fence?

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

I previously estimated the fence about 12 feet, it's very tall, well into the tree canopy. At the top, the overhanging branch that was seen in the shield slopes down into the tree.

At the top of the fence, what is visible is what is to be expected in a dense forest canopy - leaves, branches, occasional bits of nesting.

Leaning around, moving some of the leaves away to see anything of interest, there isn't anything else in the nearby canopy around you other than a few shades. It's hard to tell if there are more in the tree canopy or on the ground moving between tree shadows.

There are some gaps in the forest line that can just about be seen in the distance, but no clear sign of where the girl is going.

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

With no other obvious way to follow, Amelia shrugged and hauled herself up the fence. She was glad that she wasn't wearing the dresses of her age. The damned stupid would never have made it.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 3/5 | Holds:


Fair enough. I was just trying to give a downside to her being able to see in the dark with no light. I figured if someone shined a light in her eyes it'd affect her more than a normal human.

Charly sighs and grabs Jerry's shotgun and slings it over her shoulder before she starts climbing.

Do I need to roll anything, or does this just happen?

Male Human Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5

Zeke keeps quiet as the group addresses Dovie. He knows he's not the best with people in the first place, and although he tries to get along with kids, this girl seems decidedly different. He's more than a little put off by her demeanor, so he keeps to looking around and examining these creatures. When Jerry whispers about shades, he nods and responds, quietly. "That's what I figure. All comes down to why they're here, instead of whatever's After. Guess that's our job now."

As the conversation comes to an end, Zeke looks to the others and nods after Dovie. "Answers or not, I don't feel good leaving her out here alone. Catch up when you can." He catches Jerry's hand to help him on the way down, and then moves slowly after Dovie, just enough to keep an eye on her, but wanting to give the group time to catch up.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

Climbing doesn't require any rolling. The list of what requires rolling is in the Basic Hunter Reference document at the top. In this case, investigating or reading the situation or magic use might be useful things to roll

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

As she topped the fence, Amelia attempted to scan the area with more than just her eyes.

Wierd: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (5, 5) + 2 = 12

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 3/5 | Holds:

After a couple of minutes of careful climbing, Charly drops the last few feet and makes her way over to Jerry to hand over his shotgun.

"So," she begins to ask the girl as she follows along on the ground. "What do those Solas thingies do?"

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

As Zeke waits, he can feel a tug on his lower trouser leg, followed by some of the shades scurrying away, most in the same direction the girl was traveling. He can just about perceive what sounds like giggling.

The girl's voice comes from higher up in the canopy a few dozen meters away from Charly, most of her obscured in the darkness and branches, "You'd know better than me, I've never had one on me. From what I've seen, they make it really hard to see, make any pain a lot worse, and make people remember things they don't want to. The stories said they burn at the sins in a person or expose the failings in their heart or something like that. Sound like judgemental little pricks to me. I guess that's how they got their name..."

Some of the gaps in the forest look normal - but one area gives Amelia a very weird feeling of being blocked from her magical sight by some unknown force. All she can make out it that it's lighter than most of the other areas. She also notices that as she tries to look at that area, some of the shades turn their attention to her - some seem scared, some seem defensive.

After Amelia checks out one area for a few moments, the girl's voice calls out through the darkness, "Some things people have left behind...are a bit weird and need those like them to find."

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

Amelia was glad the solus hadn't forced her to relive some of her memories. It would have been...unpleasant.

Nodding as the child said that, Amelia replied, "There is a path that has been sealed, or something akin. It seems the shadowkin do not like whatever it was."

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 3/5 | Holds:

"Oh they're pricks alright," Charly grumbles as she rubs the spot on her head where it had been. "I'm afraid that I wasn't paying much attention, but that sounds about right."

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

A strong wind rips through the forest, creating a flurry of plant debris. The shades either flee with the debris or press themselves into the trees. In the direction the breeze is coming from, clearly visible to anyone, is two brightly glowing adults, along with an equally glowing hound, walking slowly through the forest. One person holds what looks like a gun, the other a large knife. The smell of blood can be tasted on the wind coming from their direction.

In the direction many of the shades flee, flickering in the distance, a group of deer is seen and the sounds of running hooves and children crying can be heard.

A noise, mainly of disgust, comes from the girl's direction as she climbed higher, moving farther out of sight though there is slight movement in the canopy that suggests she or at least someone is still moving away from either glowy groups.

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 1/5 | Harm 7/7 | Unstable? N

Are the glowing people and hound walking towards us?

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

They're walking towards your character's general direction, though not directly at your characters if that makes sense - they don't seem to coming this way for you, they're just coming this way. It would be more like you're suddenly caught between the two glowy groups, with the deer one being further away and the girl going forward in a third direction.

Male Human Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5

Zeke frowns at the apparent antics of the shades. The more he thinks on things and watches them, the less outwardly dangerous they seem. But there's plenty that presents a wholesome face to hide the darkness within. Hell, even humans have figured out that method for getting to their prey.

So he presses on, ready and alert, and fights the urge to sweep the girl's location with his light. Accidentally shooting a girl ain't exactly a Hunter's job. When Amelia speaks up about a path, he looks over his shoulder at her and shrugs. "So whereabouts is it? That sounds like where we should be--"

The man's voice is cut off by the sudden gust, and he brings one hand up to shield his eyes from the leaves and dirt blown his way. Then he gets that faint scent-taste, coppery and sour, and he catches sight of the glowing figures. He brings a hand up in a fist as he crouches down, bringing up the shotgun to sight at the figures as he notices the weapons. He doesn't know what's going on here, but he knows he doesn't like it--and he can only hope his boomstick will do something to settle him down if it has to.

Read a Bad Situation: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (1, 5) + 1 = 7
I'll immediately spend the Hold from that roll to ask: What's the biggest threat?

The Exile | Harm: 5/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 0/5 |

Amelia began to gather her strength to try and open the path that was hidden behind the darkness, since it seemed like it might be a cause of all the oddness, but then the strange figures of light showed up.
"Another oddity." Amelia considered, and turned her attempt to the new potential threat. The sealed darkness would be there after.

Read a Bad Situation: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (6, 1) + 1 = 8

Are there any threats we haven't noticed?

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 3/5 | Holds:

Read a Bad Situation: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (3, 6) + 1 = 10 Hold 3. Spending 1 hold to ask "Are there any dangers we haven’t noticed?" Can I ask who's in danger here instead?I got ninja'd by Amelia.

Use Magic: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (6, 3) + 2 = 11 Alright! Going to do one thing that is beyond human limitation and bamf near to where Charly hears the children crying. No glitches on this one! :)

The others see Charly's glamour flicker as the smell of blood hits them. A pang of hunger and a thirst hit her as the coppery smell and taste in the air washes over her. She remains in control, though, and uses the rush to sharpen her senses. She looks about, alert for hidden dangers and listens for a change in the sounds of the forest. The sound of crying children is one she can't ignore, however. She focuses on the core of magic that has been with her since her turning several months before and imagines herself close to the children so that she could help them. Blue-white sparks dance for a moment before she vanishes in a crackles of miniature lightning only to reappear someplace else with a similar display.

This is assuming that one of the dangers Charly may or may not find isn't that the crying children are a trap.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

In the few short moments Zeke moves his light around towards the girl, he isn't able to spot her. Through the sight at the new threat, he sees the two glowing figures - whisps of long hair, bulky wool coats, hard to see any identifying features on their face, but they do not look very sympathetic as their gazes remain towards the sound of crying children. The one with a knife is carrying a small bundle wrapped up in cloth tucked in the coat. Zeke's experience tells him that they could easily turn into major threats, though also has the uneasy feeling that there is more out there to worry about.

The shades who were watching Amelia's action started pressing themselves to nearby trees, some start leaving when Amelia's attention is caught by the new oddity. Amelia has a feeling that there are other possible threats in the forest, but not nearby or actively a threat yet.

Charly gets the feeling that anything in those glowy figures way is in danger right now.

Charly after teleporting:
In trying to find the crying children, Charly ends up appearing next to a thick patch of trees and shrubbery. The crying sounds like it is coming from the other side but Charly can't find a way through. She does see the glowing deer are nearby, the others are visible by their flashlights in the distance behind her, the glowing people farther in the distance. Charly can also see movement in the trees above - the girl, spotted now and then, who is moving much faster than she was before and is coming in Charly's direction.

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