GM Lorenzo's #8-99D: The Solstice Scar, Version D (Subtier 5-6) - OUTPOST II (Inactive)

Game Master Lawrence Smith 2

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A Pathfinder Society Special designed for levels 1-11.

The world-renowned Blakros Museum has outdone itself, gathering an unrivaled collection of relics from the Shining Crusade, a holy coalition that felled the greatest lich to threaten Golarion. When trouble befalls the exhibit mere days before its debut, the Pathfinders intervene, only to discover that one of the relics is key to averting a far greater disaster that has laid in wait for a millennium.

The story continues, first taking the Pathfinder Society to Lastwall's tangled Fangwood to earn the favor of a powerful celestial being and destroy a sinister curse. The PCs then return to the Solstice Scar itself for one final confrontation with the evil that dwells beyond—and a chance to end her villainy for good!

"The Solstice Scar" is a multi-table interactive adventure in which each group's actions can affect neighboring groups and contribute to the entire room's success. This is the last installment of an ongoing adventure updated and rereleased incrementally several times since May 2017, collectively telling a longer story while also presenting exciting stand-alone chapters. Based on participant feedback, this final chapter features two slightly longer parts rather than three, providing a more focused and exciting experience.

Written by Kalervo Oikarinen