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Should I look to start the next encounter for my table to try to squeeze out another Siege Shot or are we close enough to the end of the ACT to just hold off?

Nah hold off - we're 12 hours out.

Dangit, thought you said Friday.

Umm - sorry that IS Friday here :p

I'll split the difference and do it AFTER work (approx 1700 AEST 22 Feb 19)

Ack, you made me have to do math! Fiend!

So that works out to 11pm my time (PST), I think.
ie: 11 hours from now!

So, just to be clear, the bit that's happening tonight, is the "Ending the Act" bit on page 37?

Ie: no actual announcement, just the '10 minute' warning for the GM's to wind things down?

Then the actual victory announcement from the Conclusion on page 38 comes a day and a half later?

Just want to make sure I time the cleanup right, so there's no glaring continuity things going on. =)

We will be rolling through the box text ending - we already have all the calculations so don’t require 10 minutes to calculate.

There will be a slight change to the box text to give some ‘smoothness’ and you guys can then wind down and wrap up

Lantern Lodge

Sign up sheet Dragon.

How do we do official reporting? Will you be handling that Shifty?

Event name: RetroCon
Event number: 686,721

Boon rolls: each player (including each GM) rolls 1d20, 19 or 20 wins a boon. Each boon winner rolls 1d4 to see which boon. GMs need to include an email address for each boon winner in their reporting.

Reporting: HERE


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