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The Kings and Queens of Breland have long ruled under the shadow of the Curse of the Crimson Throne —an infamous superstition claiming that no monarch of the country of Breland shall ever die knowing peace, since Princess Wroann declared herself Queen of Breland in 984 YK, at the outset of the Last War.

Whether or not there is any truth to the legend of the curse, Breland's current king, Boranel ir'Wynarn, seems likely to be the latest victim to succumb to this foul legacy. The country teeters on the edge of anarchy, as nefarious forces threaten to tear the country apart from within, and re-ignite the Last War!

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Here is your question for last week:

10/6/19 Write a memory of you and your sister together. (75 xp until 10/16/19)

10/13/19 Write a memory of you working out, or training, in your martial arts. (75 xp until 10/16/19)

I added three new spoiler sections on the campaign page:
- Quests: Current quests you have. I'll try to keep a brief summary on here, and perhaps a clue of where to go.

- NPCs: The cast of NPCs you've met.

- Locations: Locations you have visited.

If there are any I miss, at any time, tell me and I'll update it. I want this to be a resource that you can access every time you post.

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10/6/19 Write a memory of you and your sister together.
Esben (about 8 years old) and Kare (about 6 years old) are playing in the forest. Their mother is alive, their father is present, and the family unit is happy and healthy. Esben and Kare are young children, innocent of the emotional hardship that will befall them in the next few years. They are laughing and swinging on a wooden rope swing their father made for them. They badger each other good-naturedly (“come onnnnnn, it’s MY turn!”), and play in the woods together for hours. They go on quests and adventure on the high seas, fighting orcs and giants and sea dragons, and anything else their imagination can conjure.

10/13/19 Write a memory of you working out, or training, in your martial arts.
The endless steps of Sharn are perfect for Esben’s training. His feet pound in rhythmic timing and his breath is hot and ragged from the exertion. Beads of sweat fall from his hair and drip down his cheeks and onto his chin. He runs until he reaches his practice spot, a deserted area on the outskirts of the city. He stretches while his breathing slows, and stills his mind to focus on the practice he will do. His hands are wrapped in cloth. An empty flour sack filled with sand hangs from a tree, the recipient of repeated abuse at Esben’s hands. He turns to face his opponent and readies his stance. He practices his strikes until his muscles ache.

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I upgraded the map of Upper Menthis, where Morgrave University is located, and added a map of Lower Tavick's Landing, where your Inn, the Broken Anvil is located in the High Walls District. I also added a map of Lower Dura, the section of Sharn across from Lower Tavick's Landing, and a cross-section of Sharn.

Alright, next post is up. It has links to maps of all of the areas you're traveling through, to give you a sense of distance and the enormity of the city, and to get you a snap shot into the different areas and feelings of many of the sections of the city,

I've updated links on the campaign page as well, for these to always be there.

10/20/19 Read a brief synopsis on The Last War. It ended in 996 YK. It is currently 998 YK, so you've known a world at war basically your entire life. (Think WWI or WWII).

Write a quick memory of where you were when you learned of the destruction of the Nation of Cyre, and where you were two years later when you learned the Treaty of Thronehold had been signed. These moments would be akin to where you were on 9/11, or where you were on the day Germany or Japan surrendered in WWII.

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I added a couple of links in the campaign tab. A map of Khorvaire, the continent you live on, with labels, without, and with each countries borders designated in a different color.

I also added three "cheat sheets", one for the Dragonmarked Houses, one for the arcane institutions of Khorvaire (such as Morgrave University), and one for the gods/ some of the religions in the world.

If you recall the crowd conversation you overheard, one of them said "the Six take you", and also "Olladra". This sheet references that.

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Lol, this is good because I definitely thought "the Six take you" was a reference to there being six City Watchmen or something haha.


This week I will post one thing each day about Breland, to help your character.

Five things every Brelander knows:

1. The Galifar Code of Justice. Every citizen of
Breland learns at least the basics of the Code of Justice,
especially as it pertains to the rights afforded individuals
in any situation. This knowledge boils down to the right
to defend yourself, the right to confront your accuser,
and the right to open debate. Of course, the code contains many additional rights and laws, but these tend to
be the most important for the average Brelish citizen.

2. That different is just different. Tolerant and
accepting, the average Brelish believes that different
isn’t better or worse, good or bad; it’s just different.
Different races, different faiths, different cultures . . .
the Brelish, on the whole, are the most accepting and
unifying people in Khorvaire.

3. Something about the weather. Everyone in
Breland has an opinion about the weather, and they
love to discuss their views and share them with others.
This is especially true in the southern portions of the
country, where the weather seems to vary between two
states—hot and wet, and hotter and wetter.

4. The virtues of democracy. Unique among the
Five Nations, Breland has long been experimenting
with a new form of government. While the monarchy
remains in place, many other duties of government,
including legislation, falls to a partially elected
body—the Brelish Parliament. Thanks to town meetings where all citizens have a voice and the right to vote
for the elected members of the parliament, the Brelish
understand the rights, responsibilities of democracy,
as well as the great gift they have to live in such a progressive nation.

5. The wisdom of Beggar Dane. Out of the
pages of the Sharn Inquisitive, the simple lessons for
living popularized by this anonymous street bard
have become ingrained in the Brelish mindset.
These include: “A copper piece in the cup is a
copper piece earned,” “Never borrow, never lend,”
“The silent man has no one to blame but himself,”
and “A magewright in the town is worth an army in
the wilderness.”

These five little "guideposts" for Brelish characters will possibly help you to find pieces of your personality or speech. The code of Justice is very American, very British. Right to free speech, to assemble, innocent until proven guilty...little maxims like that. Breland is a very liberal, melting pot of acceptance for who someone else is, and that being okay. Breland is the Washington State of the U.S., in that regards, vs. Thrane which is more like the south. Weather is constant in Sharn, and Breland in general, so it's always talked about. The pride the Brelish feel for their democracy is very American. They look down a little on the other nations that just don't get it, while often glossing over the speed bumps, such as corruption, that can clearly still exist in a democracy. And the Wisdom of Beggar Dane is very much analogous to Benjamin Franklin, and the little sayings we have to teach us simple ideas.

You are welcome to riff with these a little, and even create your own as we play. If one clearly doesn't fit (like if you say..."The king knows best", or sommit like that), it'll likely just start a debate up amongst the npc and you, which is great. We have differing opinions, and memories and understandings of what things mean, and what is valued by an individual. So be creative, and I'll reward good role-playing. :)

Also! Congrats on finishing the first 50 posts. You posted 24 times, so that is 240 xp! I've added that to your total.

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DM Mittean wrote:

5. The wisdom of Beggar Dane. Out of the

pages of the Sharn Inquisitive, the simple lessons for
living popularized by this anonymous street bard
have become ingrained in the Brelish mindset.
These include: “A copper piece in the cup is a
copper piece earned,” “Never borrow, never lend,”
“The silent man has no one to blame but himself,”
and “A magewright in the town is worth an army in
the wilderness.”

Did you make all these up, or are they part of lore somewhere?

They're actually in one of the rulebooks, specifically the book Five Nations. This is from the chapter on Breland, of course.

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