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I am recruiting for a Campaign Mode run of all three books of Against the Aeon Throne. SFS credit will be available for those that finish the run in accordance with the SF RP Guild.

Anticipated Start: I would like to start Session 0 as soon as I have selected my six players, ideally in early December. The intended start of the campaign would be in early January (although I do not have my work schedule for January yet).

Basic Requirements:
1. Being polite and respectful to everyone at the virtual table.
2. Post daily during the week. Weekends chill--I may post something on a weekend, and you're welcome to post on the weekends, but I won't bot anyone or move major plot points forward on a weekend.
3. Notify me if you will be unavailable to post during the week for more than 24 hours.
4. Content on the PG side of PG-13.
5. Be comfortable with me botting your character during absences and bulk rolling initiatives, perception checks, and the occasional mass save. I do these things to keep the game moving.

Campaign Rules: Starfinder Society rules apply with the following exceptions:
1. Characters start with 12 build points and 1500 credits.
2. Any playable race printed in the Rule Book, Alien Archive 1, Alien Archive 2, plus Ghibrani and Morlamaws.
3. Polymorph and Baleful Polymorph is legal.

Applications: Post your desire to play and give 1 GM reference (PFS or SFS). If I have GMed for you in the past, you can reference me. If you've only played one game with me, it is to your advantage to post a second GM as a reference. If you've played several games with me, I probably have a sense of your play style.

I will, ultimately, select the table that I think that I'll have the most fun with over the next several months.

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I am definitely interested in this. It looks like you have GM'd the First Mandate for me in SFS.

I have roughly 50+ links of game's GM'd on here that you may look over at will. Plenty to choose from to check out my playstyle.

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Hey there Blake,

I might as wells throw my name in for consideration. I haven't played any of the Starfinder APs yet so should be fun!

Character Proposal: The Shaded Grove (or Shade to their friends) is a sapling ghoran. An easy-going type, Shade sought a life among the stars, and the Veskarium seemed their best bet. Their small size and natural technomantic skills were valued, and their time working aboard various Veskarium ships developed him into a sharp wit with a dark sense of humour that can be off-putting to those who are not prepared. Beneath the tough facade, Shade is still an idealist, and found the Veskarium's methods too brutal. When they could no longer stomach it, they departed to seek greener pastures as it were...

The Shaded Grove is a Sapling Ghoran Techomancer with the Spacefarer theme. An idealist with a dark sense of humour sounds like alot of fun to me, hopefully you agree!

As Ghoran are ungendered, Shade prefers to use singular 'they', but he understands that Common tends to default to male pronouns for ungendered races.

GM Reference:
GM Valen is current GMing for me in a SFS game, and I am running a pair of SFS games myself.
I could also put lynora who has been GMing me in an ongoing PBP game on the board since 2011, though that is definitely not PFS/SFS.

I'd like to add my name. And since we appear, so far, to be keeping it all in the family, I will (with his consent) use GM Tyranius as my reference.

My playstyle varies based on the character and the campaign. I will add links to some examples later, but just had to post as soon as I read the previous posts.

Some of my PCs include:

Aegis-9 (stalwart action hero)

"Harrowed Jack" (grim loner)

Keyrock Marbleheart (comedic scoundrel)

"Lightfoot" (noble spaceknight)

Sev (analytic AI)

Golthwur Strath (arcane arrogance)

Gahlethea (arcane blondness)

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(Whoa. Speak of the devil and he shall appear).

Hi, Blake, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring.

My best current DM reference would be Aubrey. I'm currently playing in FireclawDrake's Half-Alive Streets and with FCD in a game by Z...D....

Lot's of my PC's and my old campaigns ( I haven't run a game for a few years) can be found here.

I'm willing to give any PC class a try, but am more partial to soldiers, operatives, and envoys. If anyone wants to develop PCs with common history, I'm game.

Your basic requirements are perfectly fine with me.

Thanks for your consideration.

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I'm interested as well, though I'm fairly new to the PbP world. I've only finished two games (GM LoreMaster and GM Starson), and have four more running now (including a second with GM LoreMaster).

I'll need to think on a character... probably a race from AA2 since I've done several from AA1.

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@Thom I'm definitely willing to workshop some history together, what I posted above was just an initial proposal, I'll gladly adapt it.

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GM who can vouch for me.

I am considering an Operative Pahtra or Vlaka. Those races inspire some rp ideas and I have not played an operative yet.

Though, an exocortex mechanic SRO has been on my to do list...OR a drone mechanic....

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Hello GM Blake,
And hello all fellow contenders,

I am fine with the 5 rules.

GM reference:

Djeorn Djeornson Djeornsonson
Male human, born and raised on Absalom Station (and sure proud to be, he ain’t never left the place!)
Comes from a long line of... security guards, working at the local SpaceMart (« Our prices are out this world! »)
Class: Soldier
If Djeorn (‘Dee-ORN’) ends up part of this adventure (sadly for him as he’d be travelling the stars like « all them other fools », but happily for me) I am very open to linking backstories with other characters

Good game to all, and have fun!

I would like to be considered for this as well.

You GM'd for me (my characters) in the Gameday Special, and Gameday 1-01.

I would probably go Skittermander since all races of AA1 are open. I don't know what theme or class. I would have to work on it.

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I will toss my hat into the ring.

My GM Reference is Gm ShieldBug who has GM'ed me through many scenarios in PFS. Also Gm Ewok who is GM'ing a group through the first adventure path with me in it as well as having played with me quite a few times.

One idea I have wanted to do was a Nuar Technomancer or a Trox of unknown class.

The requirements work fine for me. I prefer longer campaigns (compared to scenarios) so this is something that is very interesting.

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I'll submit a human mercenary envoy. He's a military retiree looking to start a new life.

I've been a player under Old Guy GM since 2014 and I've been in at least three games under Navior.

FireclawDrake wrote:
@Thom I'm definitely willing to workshop some history together, what I posted above was just an initial proposal, I'll gladly adapt it.

That would be great. We can start with your Vesk history. Now I'm thinking an Android mechanic who also worked the Vesk ships, an expendable second class citizen as it were. Maybe they shipped together on a tramp bulk freighter?

When Shade is ready to seek greener pastures, HFG-5309 realizes the Vesk aren't great bosses and comes along. That would put you in a slight leadership role.

Edit: Just realized the DM reference request was for PFS or SFS. In organized play, my DMs, in addition to FireclawDrake and Z...D..., have been DM Alice, Magabeus, Luke Parry, DoubleGold, and Nevynxxx. I've played a few games under both Alice and Nevynn, so they'd likely be the best references. Nevynxxx has been much more recent.

I'd like to do this. I've been playing with GM Aerondor and The World's Most Interesting GM for several games.

I'm thinking of a Shirren Mystic. My initial thought was an Overlord Mystic, playing on a Shirren who's too addicted to choice and starts making choices for others. Not sure how to keep him from going evil though. Akashic or Empathy could be possibilities, though I'm also intrigued by Star Shaman or Xenodruid. Maybe I'll let the tone of the AP dictate it.

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Anticipated Start: This absolutely works for me.

Basic Requirements: I can be comfortable with all of these easily.

Applications: While I have played a few games with you before (most recently was Assault on Absalom CORE), I'll post a few other examples. Tyrannius would be a good option, but he's been cited so many times :-)

GM EndlessForms (retired)
GM Thunderspirit
GM Trex
GM Aerondor

They'd all work!

Just to add to my thoughts on what my character would be for this to help you choose I guess.

I am thinking a Skittermander Mystic Scholar - probably focused on Medicine - so a support healer type.

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Hmm.. so many cool races out there. Looking at Osharus, Pahtra (for the Vesk connection), Quorlu or Trox.

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I just realized you meant Society DMs. I've recently played under Aerondor, Bigboom, and you, Tyranius.

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Definitely interested! Regular poster, I'm currently GMing a Starfinder Homebrew. My GM references would be Foxy Quickpaw for their Dead Suns run and GM Auke for a long-running PFS Core group (we've gone from level 1 to level 3, I'm gonna take a run GMing a scenario for them).

No idea on a character yet :) I'd need to do some pontificating on what I want to make, but I haven't made a techonmancer yet...

I'm interested...this looks to be a great group.

I have a wedding this weekend and hope to submit something...but can I ask when recruitment closes?


Probably around the first week of December.

Owner - Gator Games & Hobby

Oooh! A chance to try out some of those wacky aliens out of the Archives sounds great!


1) Those requirements and character creations sound good to me :)

2) You've GM'd a couple of games for me under the guise of Theophilus Flink, but (shock of shocks) I've also been in a couple of Tyranius's SFS games. I think the single GM I've played under the most on these boards would be Chaosorbit, if a 3rd would be helpful.

3) In campaign mode, I'm always happy to fill whatever gaps the party might have, but if it would be helpful to have advance specifics on what I might play, I'm happy to throw those together!

Just an update: I'm starting to review the applications and check the references for those I'm not already familiar with.

The earliest that I'll settle on a table will be after 11/23, so if you're late to notice this, you do still have time to apply if you're interested.

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GM Blake wrote:
Just an update: I'm starting to review the applications and check the references for those I'm not already familiar with.

Just noticed we are currently in a game together: Ashes of Discovery with Mordin and Asterion

Okay, looking through scenarios and campaigns I've played here the last 5 years, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of gaming together.

Probably my best GM references would be GM SnowHeart, where I've been playing Ilsa, a mesmerist discovering dark powers that corrupt her as she utilizes them.


GM Cellion, where I play Spectre, a crime lord android whose former master mysteriously disappeared.

Both campaigns have been going for at least a year. I have over 18000 posts over about 5 years and will be a consistent player if selected.

I'm happy to play any role in this group, though I had been toying with the idea of an astrazoan bounty hunter mystic who uses disguise and mind tricks to capture prey.

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Hey guys,

It looks like I'll be getting into a local IRL SFS run of Against The Aeon Throne, so I'll back out of here for now - best of luck to everyone going forward!

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Thank you, everyone for your interest.

I have selected:

Chris Marsh
GM Valen

I will be messaging each of the above with a link to a separate session 0 campaign so that you can coordinate your character building.

Thank you. :)

Liberty's Edge

Good game all (and may the dice be with the PCs!).

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Awesome! I'm excited. GM, would it be possible to open the discussion thread to confirm that we've dotted and start building character ideas?

Chris Marsh wrote:
Awesome! I'm excited. GM, would it be possible to open the discussion thread to confirm that we've dotted and start building character ideas?

I just sent PMs to each of you selected with a link to the Session 0/character creation campaign thread.

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