[PBP Gameday VII] [PACG] Assault on Absalom by Box Runner Dinketry [Tier 2] (Inactive)

Game Master dinketry

During This Campaign:
At the start of this adventure, choose whether you wish to count the adventure for purposes of tier advancement. If you choose not to count this adventure as tier advancement, you do not gain feats as provided in the Guide, but you do gain scenario rewards and deck upgrades as normal.
This adventure does not use traders.
Do not read any scenario’s villains or henchmen before playing it.
If you are dead at the end of a scenario, you may play another character for the next scenario.
If you fail a scenario, immediately replay it.
When playing this adventure in Tier 2, the scourge die is 1d6; in Tier 5, the scourge die is 1d8+1.
Any character may bury a card that has the Healing trait, an ally, or a blessing to give a displayed or buried Reinforcements support card to another Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild table that does
not have one displayed or buried.

During This Scenario:
Before setting out locations, choose the Dark Archive or the Grand Lodge. When possible, choose one that the table has not yet completed.
  • Dark Archive: Add the locations Great Library of Tephu and Guardian Vault, and use the villain Velriana Unborn. If the Great Library of Tephu or the Guardian Vault is open, the difficulty of checks to defeat monsters is increased by the scenario’s adventure deck number. When playing this adventure in Tier 5, the difficulty of checks against Velriana Unborn is increased by 6.
  • Grand Lodge: Add the locations Ghoul Square and Sea Fort, and use the villain Devoted General. At the start of your turn, roll 1d4; if the result is less than the number of characters, you are dealt 2 Ranged Combat damage. When playing this adventure in Tier 2, the difficulty of checks against the Devoted General and Kor-Ahn Tuk are decreased by 6.

  • 9-00B Reward:

    For the rest of the Adventure, 1 character may temporarily replace 1 item in her deck with the loot item Game of Afterlife and 1 character may temporarily replace 1 spell in his deck with the spell Remove Curse. At the end of the scenario, return the cards to the game box.

    Dark Archive Faction Condition Effective!:
    For the rest of the adventure, when you encounter a non-villain bane that has the Undead trait, you may recharge a card to evade your encounter or to ignore its power that happens before you act.

    This table DOES NOT HAVE a Reinforcements card.
    On your check, after the roll, you may bury this card to add 1d8. You may bury this card; each character shuffles a random card from his discard pile into his deck. You may bury this card to shuffle 1d4+1 random cards from your discard pile into your deck. At the end of the scenario, give this card to another Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild table that does not have one displayed or buried.

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    Grand Lodge

    Welcome welcome!

    I'm the BR from New Zealand. Yes, my hours will be a wee bit off.

    Come on in and say Hi! Talk strategy and shop!


    I’m from France but in Japan for the moment, in holidays until the beginning of october.

    My nickname is masaru, written 勝 in Japanese.

    I’ll play Aric/The Red Raven. He is currently in another game, I hope he will make it. We’re on our third scenario, we didn’t go far due to the site outage.
    I’ve played the tablet/pc ACG game and only participated in org play in the aformentioned game.

    Grand Lodge

    Google Sheets Info

    This is TColMaster. I'm going to be playing Oloch, who is level 2. Earned it from this ACG group:


    Doh. Did I sign up for the wrong table? My Arabundi is a brand new character and I'm seeing all these level 2's.

    I've played a ton of the Card Game, and currently have a different character in another PBP scenario.

    Grand Lodge

    It's ok, Gimry. You can play a game that is one step different from your current ACG character's level. Your Arabundi would find this challenging, but it is legal.

    Grand Lodge

    Google Sheets Info

    Oh, and to round out the "round-the-world" group, I'm from central USA. Getting group postings at a good time for this group will be fun! New Zealand, France, USA......

    Grand Lodge

    Nakondis Maps | Kelmarane City Map

    We are still awaiting one more of our group to check in....

    Hi all!

    Nok-Nok the Godthief here, ready to play!

    American East Coast, just to have even more time zones in there...

    So... How do I set up/ use an alias for this game, like TColMaster and Dinketry have?

    Grand Lodge

    You'll need to go to your Account Settings. Click there and scroll down the left-hand side until you see 'Aliases'.

    BTW, I sometimes forget to hit the 'BR' alias of mine and you'll get that default 'GM Dinketry' thing. Nevertheless, it's all still me.

    Welcome welcome! So, by my calculations, it's 630pm on Saturday night for Nok-Nok, 530pm on Saturday night for TColMaster, and 730am on Sunday for masaru (20100) right now, though it'll be a different time for you soon.

    It's 1040am on Sunday here in New Zealand, if you're curious.

    I've posted some information on how this is all going to go down under the Campaign Info tab, if you're curious.

    OOPS - Nok-Nok pointed out my error, and I still had time to edit. Thanks, Nok-Nok!

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    Actually, that would be Saturday evening for TColMaster & I, and Sunday morning for masaru.

    Grand Lodge

    So, people-types, we have a few decisions to make.

    1.) Do you want to use these scenarios for purposes of tier advancement or no? This is an individual choice for each person, but if you choose to not do tier advancement, you don't get feat rewards; you just get scenario and deck upgrades.

    2.) Do you want to start on scenario 9-00A (diplomacy-heavy) or scenario 9-00B (combat-heavy)? You'll play both, so it's simply a matter of where you want to start. This is a group decision.

    Talk amongst yourselves here!

    Grand Lodge

    Google Sheets Info

    1. Yes
    2. Oloch is very Combat oriented and would prefer B. But, it doesn't matter to me either way.

    1. If I get feat-tier advancement there, can I pass if I go on with the scenario my character is in? Or is that specific to this scenario?
    As a tier 1 character, I think I'll go with it.

    2. Aric is more diplomacy focused while The Red Raven is combat focused. I don't have a preference for the starting scenario.
    They gain much by examining cards, and don't have much in the way of helping other characters.

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    1. Yes, tier advancement for Nok-Nok.

    2. Since a lot of our group aren't really good Charisma-wise, it might be best to start with scenario B, and try to get deck upgrades which help shore up that weakness.

    Arabundi Deck Handler

    Just to catch up. I'm in the US Central Time Zone.

    2)Nok Nok makes a good point. I say we go Combat first.

    Grand Lodge

    So, that's a yes for everyone for tier advancement, and a rousing preference for 9-00B as the first scenario. Noted!

    Grand Lodge

    A few notes on this game, courtesy of BR skizzerz (I blatantly stole this from them):

    Game runs from October 1 to November 12.

    Some ground expectations:

  • 1. Pay attention to everything that the Overseer GM says. If they announce a condition of some sort, check for my follow-up post to describe what the effects of that condition are. I'll try to get those follow-ups out as soon as possible after the Overseer post.
  • 2. Try to post at least once a day in order to keep things moving. If you are going to be unavailable for an extended period of time, please ensure that your deck handler is linked and available for other players, and provide instructions so that other players can bot your turn. I recommend putting the link in your alias Profile (put it in the Class line, and wrap it in the url tags so it turns into a link -- see "How to format your text" below the reply box for details on how to do that if you aren't sure)
  • 3. Do not wait around for my scenario update posts, just base your turn around the most recent update plus what other players have done since then. I'll get a scenario update out once per day unless there is nothing to update. I'll have other (non-update) posts interspersed throughout the day as needs require.
  • 4. There are no take-backs or retcons, with exception of invalid plays/turns. Use resources wisely, and keep in mind the other perks you get in Organized Play such as accessory re-rolls and die bumps.

    Things that make gameplay smoother:

  • 1. If a location is shuffled, you can continue to examine or explore cards in it by rolling a die to see which card you examine/explore. No need to wait on me to post an update first with the shuffled deck.
  • 2. When encountering a card, be very explicit in what card you are encountering. This helps other players at the same location know where you left off so they don't accidentally encounter the same cards that you just got through and have to re-do their turn.
  • 3. Use your Notes section to describe any cards or powers that can be used to assist other players on their turns and that you are willing to use. If you post that certain cards are available for use, state what the card does as well.
  • 4. When something impacts another player (a power that affects all characters at your location, or you're playing one of their cards), bold that thing so that it stands out.

    Things that make deck upgrades smoother:

  • 1. Write a list of your 2-5 most desired deck upgrades, in order, and roll 1d1000 for each of them.
  • 2. That will let us look through those lists and see how we can get everyone their #1 preferred upgrade without lots of times lost in back-and-forth. If people are fighting over an upgrade, the d1000 roll is used to determine who gets it (highest roll wins).

    Hangouts: I'd like to start a Google hangouts chat for this campaign if everyone is on board. You don't have to do it if you don't want to, but it typically speeds things up. Please post and let me know if you'd be interested in joining it. I'll need your email address in order to make this happen.

  • Grand Lodge

    Please tell me if your character is currently busy in another game right now. Otherwise, I should be able to start populating our game and set it up in the box runner database.

    My character is still in a game. We’re finishing the scenario to try to get boons as we can’t succeed.

    Grand Lodge

    Google Sheets Info

    rockcreekfarmwebmaster@gmail.com - for google hangouts

    Oloch is free and ready to go.

    Grand Lodge

    Nakondis Maps | Kelmarane City Map

    Lastly, I need to know if you want to assist the Dark Archive or the Grand Lodge with your first attempt at 9-00B. I'll go with majority opinion. You'll get a chance to help the other faction next.

    Arabundi Deck Handler

    Arabundi is good to go. Hangouts is fine.

    I don't know either of the factions enough to make a decision.

    Dark Archive for first mission, Grand Lodge next.

    Grand Lodge

    Google Sheets Info

    Don't care either way which faction to support.

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    Nok-Nok is free and ready to start.

    I'll agree with masaru, Dark Archive first.

    shnik_lob@yahoo.com for hangouts.

    Grand Lodge

    We will start at Dark Archive first.

    Masaru, you will need to be finished with your game by September 30th or we will not be able to have you join this time-sensitive special and your seat at my table will be given over to someone else. You could bring a different character if you wish. Please advise me of your decision ASAP.

    We're supposed to stop by then, me and another player are using the same characters. We had only a few turn left so it should have been over by now. I'll ask skizzers to hurry things up.

    We finished our game and also distributed the deck upgrades. My character is ready for the special. Should I draw before we get scenario information?

    Grand Lodge

    No - we have time. I'll signal when I'll need you to post your starting hands.


    -BR Dink

    Rules questions:
    - can I use traders I got access to from previous game?
    - if I got access to loot, can I give it to other player? I don't think so.

    Grand Lodge

    Answers for Masaru:

    1.) There are no traders in this particular game.

    2.) You can give a card to another character at your location during your turn in the game as the very first thing you do during your turn, but only once the game starts.

    I will post the locations in the Gameplay thread in a bit; please choose where you'd like to start. I will signal when the scenario starts.

    Please determine what order you'd like to go in. Currently, it is set to Arabundi - 1; Aric - 2; Nok-Nok - 3; Oloch - 4. Let me know if you'd like to change that order.

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler


    I know it's not usually done in these online games, but is it possible for you to keep listing the initial number of monsters and barriers somewhere in the location details? Kind of necessary for my character...


    Grand Lodge

    It should be listed next to each location in the updated post. Of note, you're interested in the PRESENT number of either monsters or barriers at each location for Nok-Nok's powers, not the INITIAL number.

    For example, please note the Dilapidated Plaza location as posted in the Gameplay:

    The Gameplay Thread wrote:

    Dilapidated Plaza

    At This Location: When you play a boon that has the Acid trait, you are dealt 1 Acid damage.
    When Closing: Succeed at a Diplomacy check with a difficulty of 4 plus the scenario's adventure deck number.
    When Permanently Closed: For the rest of the scenario, when a character at any location attempts a check, after the roll, he may bury a card to reroll 1 die and take the new result.
    M: 2 Ba: 3 W: 1 Sp: 1 Ar: 1 I: 0 Al: 1 Bl: 0 ?: 1
    Located/Displayed Here: Arabundi/Gimry, Aric/MatsuKurisu, Nok-Nok/Shnik, Oloch/TColMaster, None

    The bolded text tells you Monsters (M), Barriers (Ba), Weapons (W), Spells (Sp), Armours (Ar), Items (I), Allies (Al), and Blessings (Bl) known in each deck. I think the ? category shouldn't apply to Nok-Nok's powers.

    Is that clear enough?

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    Nok-Nok's powers refer to the location's deck list, not the cards in his location deck. I've always seen it as referring to the number written on the location card, and not the number of cards remaining in the deck (which, as you've noted, becomes awkward to establish with unknown Villains/ Henchmen and more added to the deck, and requires an untoward amount of memorisation in ftf games).

    Grand Lodge

    Ok, I see the clarification.

    Nevertheless, I've just listed the starting locations and their current numbers of monsters and barriers at the start of the game. What's to stop you, Nok-Nok, from copying that down and referencing it throughout the game? If it's truly the deck list that needs referenced, then it won't change, and you may handle your bonuses from monsters and barriers yourself.

    If it helps, I've made a chart below:

    Nok-Nok's bonuses

  • Dilapidated Plaza - +2 for monster bonus; +3 for barrier bonus
  • Dye Market - +2 for monster bonus; +1 for barrier bonus
  • Alchemical Laboratory - +1 for monster bonus; +2 for barrier bonus
  • Ruined Temple - +1 for monster bonus; +1 for barrier bonus
  • Great Library of Tephu - +2 for monster bonus; +1 for barrier bonus
  • Guardian Vault - +1 for monster bonus; +2 for barrier bonus

    Flag this post and now you can reference it for the scenario! We can do this at the start of new scenarios. Because we will be likely flipping back and forth between scenarios, it'll be good for you to keep these handy.


  • Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    Thanks Dink!

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    So, group huddle time?

    First of all, does anyone have any Curse prevention/ removal in their deck?

    With the scenario's Additional rules, I'd say closing the Great Library and the Guardian Vault first would be a good priority. What do people think of all starting at the Guardian Vault? That would prevent the Poison damage for the first turn, at least, since no one would move there.

    Grand Lodge

    So far I have Oloch starting at the Ruined Temple and Aric starting at the Guardian Vault. Where do Arabundi and Nok-Nok want to start?

    I'm assuming that the alphabetical turn order is good for everyone, so we will stick with that.

    Male Human Vigilante Deck Handler

    I don't have any curse prevention or removal cards.

    Grand Lodge

    Arabundi at the Vault with Aric....Nok-Nok, where you at?

    Ah, I see. Three friends at the Vault.

    Good stuff; I think we are ready for when the Overseer makes the call.

    Arabundi Deck Handler

    Is it too late to change locations Dink? I sent my message to the Hangouts without having time to check this thread. Given my primary power only works when I'm at a different location, I think it would be best for me to start at the Library if Nok-Nok and Aric are both hitting the Vault.

    Grand Lodge

    Nakondis Maps | Kelmarane City Map

    It's not too late. Arabundi starts at the Library.

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    I actually just noticed I gave the wrong email address for Hangouts. Use this one instead: shniklob@gmail.com

    Grand Lodge

    Nok-Nok, per Google Hangouts, that email doesn't exist. I cannot add it myself. I've emailed the link to your reported Gmail address, Nok-Nok. You can add yourself.

    Grand Lodge

    Nok-Nok is correct. Until the Library and the Vault is closed, all monsters in this scenario are at a +2 for difficulty. Also, the Ambush is increased by the adventure deck number of the table (2).

    Carry on!

    Arabundi Deck Handler

    Oops. :/

    Sorry about that. I'll try to be more thorough. I rushed that turn a little bit.

    Grand Lodge

    Don't worry about it - I miss rules like that all the time. Thanks for the call-out, Nok-Nok!

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    Hey Dink,

    Another few requests, if you don't mind?

    Could you add the Dark Archive additional rules to the "During this scenario" spoiler at the top of the page (and possibly in your update posts)? It doesn't seem very useful otherwise.

    Is there anywhere we can see the Scourge table and list of Scourges? Maybe that can be added to the Campaign Info page? It feels weird to me they'd put rules and a list of Ships but not of Scourges...

    Grand Lodge

    I've amended the "During this Scenario" post at the top of the page to include your requested information, Nok-Nok. I won't be including it in my update posts.

    There is nowhere where you can reference the Scourge List. It is the same Scourge List as used in the Mummy's Mask set, however, but it's not specifically included in the text information provided for this Special, so I won't include it for reference. I would include that Scourge List in the same category covered by the "Do not read any scenario’s villains or henchmen before playing it" rule.

    We have now waited for Aric for ~8hrs. I will give Aric another 4hrs to reply unless people would like for me to give him a full 24hrs to take his first turn. What say you all?

    Grand Lodge

    One last thing that has come up a few times in this scenario for other tables so far:

    Defeating the Henchman DOES ALLOW for a free attempt at a closure

    This was an important change to this scenario made after it was released.

    If you defeat the Black Echelon Operative henchman, please take a few chance to close your location (if Conflagration has been banished, of course).

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