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Rose Street Revenge slides

I plan to run Rose Street Revenge, the series of four level 1 Pathfinder Playtest quests, for PbP Gameday VII, to begin on August 13th.

A caveat on the schedule:

I will be unavailable from late September through mid-October. I suspect that there will be enough time to complete the quests before then, but if not we will have to take an extended break, and then wrap up during the second half of the gameday. I don't know exactly how the new rules will play out in the play-by-post format, so it's hard to predict how it will go.

Please only sign up if you'd be ok with either outcome.

That being said, I look forward to trying out the playtest rules with some folks! Post your interest and I'll pick six people in the next few days to a week, depending on how many I get.

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Good day, I'm interested to join and I don't have a problem with the scheduling. I understand that it's playtest and there are a lot of things to understand.

I’d like to play and understand the scheduling issues that may arise.

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I'm good with the scheduling.

To simplify things, I'm going to take people on a first-come-first-served basis. Marjim, Abraham, and Stigand, you're in. (Assuming you still want to be; I know multiple people are recruiting for this game at the same time.) The next three to post here, you're also in.

You can go ahead and post in the discussion thread to confirm your interest, and dot-and-delete in the gameplay thread if you wish to save the campaign. I'll also send out PMs when we're close to the start date.

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will do

Great - thanks and looking forward to it.

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It felt kind of greedy to ask to join as I am currently enjoying your talents in my first PbP. That said, I am really excited about Playtest and really want to experience it as PbP as well as at a physical table, so if you'd have me, I'd love to sign up.

I understand there are potential unknown challenges and there may be a scheduling issue if we do not complete the game before your commitments in late September.

Numbat1, hi! Of course you’re welcome to join, glad to have you. You can go on and check in.

Two slots remain. :D

*peeks in*


I would like to give this a try and I am okay with the odd timing :)

Welcome aboard Lady Ladile!

One spot left.

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I'm up for it!

I have no issues with the timing stuff either and can usually post at a pretty high rate to help get it in fast.

Sounds great, Pete!

Looks like we have our six, so recruitment is now closed.

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@GM Elinnea

Afraid I will need to be withdrawing my spot.

Ok, no problem. See you in another game sometime!

One more spot is available.

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I will happily take the spot. I need a new low level character.


Hello Skorn and welcome! Feel free to check in to the discussion and dot into the gameplay thread, if you wish.

*waves at Skorn*

Hello, stranger! :D

I read that there is another spot available? I'd really like to join. Have a human Fighter, almost read to go. Only equipment to select, and port the sheet to an alias.

Hello Iff! Yes, you can jump in as our sixth player. Feel free to join the discussion thread, or post in gameplay if you're ready to introduce your character.

I expect things might move a bit slowly at the beginning, as we're all still figuring out the system and the new character options.

Is this spot still available?

Lander Graylock wrote:
Is this spot still available?

Funny you should ask! We've had another spot open since yesterday, so you can join in if you want. We're still picking out characters and getting started at the moment.

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