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Game Master McBeefsteak

Scions of the Sky Key - Maps and Handouts

PBP Gameday VII, Starting on or about Aug 13th

Dark Archive

Hello, I would like to join.

Player: noral
Character: Eltran Aatish
PFS: 314670-7
Faction: Exchange

Glad to have you!

Grand Lodge

I'd like to give that a shot. I have an unusual character I'd like to try out
Character: Felixe
Class: Swarm Monger druid-1
Faction:Grand Lodge

Dark Archive

Great thanks! Do you want to advertise on Flexseed to attract further players GM? Could you please also open the gameplay so we can dot in and see this game in our campaign page? Thanks!! ;-)

Yeah sorry, I'll get to both tomorrow! It's been a long day!

done and done, hopefully we garner some more interest.

Dark Archive

I'm pretty new to PbP, but I'd love to give this a shot - I've got a (ranged)sorcerer 3, (melee)sorcerer 2, Bard 1, and Paladin 1, depending on what we need, and I'm happy to play any of them.

Silver Crusade

If you have room, I'd like to pull this guy out of moth balls.

Player: Archmage of Entropy
Character: Justin Thyme
Class: Human Fighter 2
PFS: 53482-3
Faction: Silver Crusade

Sovereign Court

If there is room for more, I'd love to play! I have a paladin I'd like to run.

Would you be interested in running through all three parts for this?

I'm going to try and hammer through all three parts if we can but it all depends on how fast we go. I do have them all so it's possible. And theres definitely room for everyone, so far we're at 5 so we can take one more.

Silver Crusade

I would love to play Nali though Scions of the Sky Key. But she's lvl4, so if that's an issue, I can wait.

Grand Lodge

I would totally be up for all 3

Silver Crusade

Same here. I really enjoy knowing that just because an adventure is over, I do not have to go trolling the recruitment boards again. The next adventure just opens up before my very eyes and draws me into sweet embrace.

Dark Archive

I would of course love to do all three! ;-)

that makes us full up I do believe with 6. Nali I don't see a problem with it but we are likely doing the bottom tier so it may be a little trivial for your character, though I'm sure no one minds an experienced come-along!

Dark Archive

I do not mind higher level support. ;-)

Hey all, sent some PM's to a few of you who I see either haven't declared a character yet or haven't got any linked to their account at all.

Please everyone who has not done so get their characters ready in the near future, I intend to start some of the fluff/preamble this week to make sure we get through as much as we can during gameday.

Dark Archive

Profile is up to date now!

Dark Archive

Is it going to be a problem that this character is currently in another game?

I don't personally have a problem with it. Do you anticipate it being done before Aug 13th?

Dark Archive

That's the intention! The GM is aware of the time constraint as well.

Hello, if you still have room I am interested. Character info is below.

Player: Shadow
Character: James Hummingbird
Class: Human Bard 1
PFS: 242885-3
Faction: Exchange

Unfortunately we're full up but keep an eye on your inbox. If someone drops out before I get going I'd gladly take you!

Dark Archive

Hello GM, if you do not mind I would like to change the character that I am playing in this game.

See below:

Sovereign Court

Player: noral
Character: Xiao
PFS: 314670-16
Faction: Dark Archive

no problem

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