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Have a couple of 5th level characters (Sniper & Urban Ranger/Zen Archer) along with a couple of 3rd level characters...and possibly a 6th level Ranger if it's high tier...

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Card caster Magus {Level 5}

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Applying with Yelek, Bloodrager lvl 3

I just saw this is for exchange, I would then please play a pregen to put this on my exchange shaman who is unfort yet to little!

The Exchange

Applying with a level 3 exchange swashbuckler!

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Ok Full!

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I just posted the starting info from the scenario ahead of time but I'll start on 8/13/18.

Scarab Sages

Hello. Izlin here. It looks like we have many level 3's here, and my magus leveled up to 6th. So, I think I am going to switch to this level three kinetesist.

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If everyone can post in the discussion section so we can start on Monday!

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