[RD] PFS 2-10 Penumbral Accords (Low Tier) (Inactive)

Game Master Andrew Harasty

Penumbral Accords Maps (Low Tier)

Scarab Sages

Once again back to the Balkros Museum! See what mysteries are there this time. Can you keep Nigle safe?

2-11: Penumbral Accords [Tier 1-5]

Sing Up Here

I will keep the sign up open till Friday (20 Apr 2018) and the figure out tables. At most I will run two. If there are more than 12 players than I will do a lottery.

I run a fairly quick table and expect about one post per day during the week and maybe one for the whole weekend. Major updates are in the morning Eastern US times but other updates will happen though the day.

Should be starting mid week next week.

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