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for clarity, if i have marked favorite your submission then i am approving it.

Interested. Working on a "Boku No Hero Academia" feeling character.

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Have opened our discussion thread.

Those with approved submissions head to the discussion thread.

P.S. At this point your PCs have just passed the entrance exam and are going to UA for the 1st day of your 3-year Hero Course. You have other classmates in the class but they are just in the background as it is you who are the stars of this show.

P.P.S. No info yet as to the identity of your homeroom teacher. But homeroom teachers are veteran heroes. You may get a chance to meet your idol.

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MattZ wrote:

OK, here's my submission. Let me know if anything looks odd, I might have misunderstood something. Never used this system before.

** spoiler omitted **...

I really like your submission.

Been a while since I used the system, but I have a rough idea of what I'd like to try. If anyone could help me with this, I would be really appreciative.

I'd like to make a young kid who's quirk allows him to 'lock' an object/person's momentum at its current rate for a limited amount of time.

Ideal: If I can manage it, I'd like whatever is affected to be 'locked' in the position it was activated in, and the subject to be invulnerable while affected.

Second-Best option: limited durability with subject able to act, but the initial momentum carries the subject at rate and direction when activated.

Explanation: The kid almost never uses his power on himself, the last time he tried he almost couldn't stop for fear of grinding against the pavement. Normally, he tries to make opponents leave through their own momentum, but in preparation for the entrance exam, he has tried to come up with ways to deal with villains. He has to be careful though unless he wants to accidentally kill anyone. For this reason, he never affects anything too small that can pierce through a body.

Okay going to build Toshi's Alias and include a description and background.

And it's done!

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Here's my finished submission.

Nishiwaki Teruo

PL: 8
PP: 120/120

0 Strength
2 Stamina
8 Agility
4 Dexterity
0 Fighting
0 Intellect
8 Awareness
4 Presence

10 Dodge
2 Fortitude
2 Parry
2 Toughness
8 Will

Initiative +12

Blast: Damage 6, Attack 10 - DC 21; Increased Range: range (Standard - Ranged, 150/300/600 ft. - Instant)
Hail: Line Area Damage 6 - DC 21; Line Area 3: 5 ft wide by 120 ft. long, DC 16 (Standard - Close - Instant)

Feathers: Array [25 PP]
Feather Arrow: Damage 6 [1 PP]
DC 21; Increased Range: range (Standard - Ranged, 150/300/600 ft. - Instant)

Feather Hail: Line Area Damage 6 [24 PP]
DC 21; Line Area 3: 5 ft wide by 120 ft. long, DC 16 (Standard - Close - Instant)

Wings: Array [17 PP PP]
Wings: Flight 8 [1 PP]
Speed: 500 miles/hour, 1 mile/round; Wings (Free - Personal - Permanent)

Wings Cocoon: Protection 8 [16 PP]
+8 Tougness; Impervious (Personal - Sustained)

Evasion 2 - Circumstance bonus +5 to avoid area effects.
Improved Initiative 1 - +4 bonus to initiative checks per rank.
All-out Attack - Trade active defense (up to -5) for attack bonus (same number).
Favored Environment: Air - Circumstance bonus +2 to attack or active defense checks in an environment.

+10 Acrobatics (2 ranks, +8 Agi)
+4 Athletics (4 ranks)
+4 Deception (+4 Pre)
+4 Expertise: School subjects (4 ranks)
+6 Insight (+6 Awa)
+6 Intimidation (2 ranks, +4 Pre)
+16 Perception (8 ranks, +8 Awa)
+8 Persuasion (4 ranks, +4 Pre)
+10 Ranged Combat: Feather Hail (6 ranks, +4 Dex)
+10 Stealth (2 ranks, +8 Agi)

Native Language: Japanese

Motivation: Thrills
Complication: Phobia (Insects)

52 Attributes +42 Powers +5 Advantages +17 Skills +4 Defenses = 120

Despite his current eagerness to prove himself as a hero, Teruo decided to enter UA just a year ago. Until then he wanted to become dozens different things, as most kids this age. He admired heroes, but he didn't think of himself as a hero material. That changed when he and the group of tourists were caught at the top of a building, burning from a villain attack. He decided to help in evacuating people, and while he couldn't light them up, or keep himslef in the air with the load, he was able to glide and so lowered quite a few of people.
That was the best day ever for Teruo - he got to take part, however small it was, in the hero activity. And he received a commendation. It was exciting, no matter how you slice it.

Teruo is on a bit shorter than average for his age, has light brown hair and green eyes. His Quirk is a pair of vivid white featherd wings at the small of his back.

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So my first build was favorited by you, but not my second (the remake). Is it okay if I use my second or did you see a problem with that sheet?

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Cyberohero wrote:
So my first build was favorited by you, but not my second (the remake). Is it okay if I use my second or did you see a problem with that sheet?

I thought I approved that too.

Lemme rectify that.

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we will close recruitment on Saturday, November 11, 2017.

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I would like to submit Setsuna for approval.

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Last chance, one more so we can have an even number of students.

Saw this and started reading through M&M - think a Boku no Hero Acadamia game would be awesome!

For a character, I'm thinking something pretty unconventional: a character with the quirk to increase the density of bodily fluids (blood, sweat, tears, etc.) coupled with extremely increased metabolism. Effectively, he sweats like crazy to create armor.

Mechanically, should be basically a defensive wall with some ability to attack back.

Hope to have it done by the end of the day.

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Cool, got it all finished(though it took a while). Say hello to Komaba Uryu, or Grit!


Komaba Uryu, AKA Grit: PL 8

Strength 4
Stamina 4
Agility 5
Dexterity 4
Fighting 7
Intellect 0
Awareness 3
Presence 4

Dodge 5
Fortitude 5
Parry 7
Toughness 4(8)
Will 6

Initiative + 13
Liquid Gauntlets Damage 7, Attack 9, DC 22
Thrown Liquid Blast 5, Attack 8, DC 20 - Range 125/250/500

Sweat Armor Protection(Sustained, Impervious) 4
Thrown Liquid Blast 5 (Attack + 3, Damage 5, DC 20, Range 125/250/500)
Liquid Gauntlets Damage 3 (Attack + 9, Strength-Based, DC 22)
Stick and Harden, Sweat Bubble Movement 2(Wall Crawling, Safe Fall)
Instant Clot Healing 4 (Action, Limited: Self, Bleed Effects)
Liquid Wall Create 5

Improved Critical 2 (Liquid Gauntlets)
Improved Initiative 2
Power Attack

Acrobatics + 9 ( 4 ranks, +5 Agility)
Athletics + 8(4 ranks, +4 Strength)
Close Combat + 9 (2 ranks, +7 Fighting)
Ranged Combat + 8 ( 4 ranks,+4 dex)
Intimidation + 8 (4 ranks, +4 Presence)
Perception + 9(6 ranks, +3 Awareness)

Motivation: Justice

Attributes(62) + Powers(35) + Advantages(6) + Skills(12) + Defenses(5) = 120

Komaba’s quirk didn’t appear as early as others’ and when it did, it was considerably weaker than others. A quirk that made a person sweat more was seen as disgusting, not useful. Thus, he was frequently bullied by the other children.

Komaba began skipping school, to the ire of his parents. He picked up various martial arts in his past time, and pursued vigilantism rather than hero work. After getting caught for doing so twice, his parents became more strict, forcing him into a private school. Wanting to return to fighting the cruel and unjust, he decided to sign up to become a hero.

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kindly proceed to discussion thread. note the assignment.

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