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Initiative, Perception Sheet



Seeing as there is a shortage of GMs I have decided to throw my hat in and give it a try. Recruiting for one table Tier 1-5. Seeing as though this is my first time GMing I would prefer players that are not brand new, but I can allow it if there is interest. Recruitment will be open for one week, but can close sooner if there is a good enough party. I will be selecting players to make a good group. As always please post the following.

I am fairly new myself, but rules can be looked up. Willingness to try and finishing the scenario will go a long way. I have maps made up, and posts pre-made so the sooner we get a good party the sooner we can start.

Day Job:

A brief description of your character would be of benefit too.

Dark Archive

Player: Faelyn
Character: Cornelia d'Malheur
PFS: 13693-1
Faction: Dark Archives
XP: 7.5
Day Job: Craft (Alchemy): 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (8) + 11 = 19

Very excited to see some of my wishlist scenarios showing up for this PC!!!

Cornelia is an archivist for the Dark Archives and is often sent into the field to retrieve dangerous artifacts from their current owners legally when possible... and when that's not possible, she has plenty of skills to aid her in those approaches as well. She has a personal understanding on the dangers that such artifacts can present to the untrained...

She is very knowledgeable and can cover any topic presented to her. She is very handy with locks and traps. While she is not the deadliest opponent in combat, she has tricks available to her to assist her companions.

I like your character. Not a good combatant, but good at other things to help the party. Glad I opened up recruitment in time. We will see what everyone else brings.

Silver Crusade

Player: Rogar Valertis
Character: Ashara Lethani
PFS ID #: 100733-2
Faction: Silver Crusade
XP: 10
Day Job: Profession(healer): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26

Here's Ashara.
She's a no-nonsense silver crusader, who used to be a selfish young rebel who was taken in by a pathfinder who gave her a family and something to fight for.
She likes to settle things peacefully when possible but she's also more than capable of using her powers to force those who can't listen to reason to flee. On the field her first and foremost duty is helping her companions to survive empowering them and healing their wounds.

Sounds great. I like the back story.

Dark Archive

GM Deekan wrote:
I like your character. Not a good combatant, but good at other things to help the party. Glad I opened up recruitment in time. We will see what everyone else brings.

Thanks, GM Deekan! Decided to take a dip into Inspired Blade at 5th level to shore up her offensive powers a bit. Cornelia is one of my favorite PCs thus far.

The +1 on attack rolls and +2 on damage rolls will come in handy there. I can see why she's a favorite.

Grand Lodge

applying with this toon...just have to lvl him up to second...might change him up but will stick with a martial

Looks good Doran. Just fill out the above information when you can!!

Grand Lodge

Doran Therinor
pfs 125048-12
grand lodge
no day job

Grand Lodge

Lukaas Penn, musician and lover extraordinary.
Quite tall and burly, being 6'4" and 210 lbs, Lukaas is younger than he seems. He tries to keep a bushy beard and loose clothes to look older than his 20 years. When excited, his voice easily becomes high pitched, and that had put the young lad in minor trouble time and again. He's got a little more fat than muscled, but quick minded and agile. His most powerful weapon, anyway, is his honey tongue.. Lukaas is left handed, with brown hair and black eyes. Recently, he got a tatooed tear under his left eye

Lukaas Penn's life has been one of boredom so far, born a simple merchant's son. That's why, as soon as possible, he took on the road life, earning his way by singing and entertaining.His curiosity and thirst for knowledge, good deeds, thrills and (hopefully!) beautiful ladies to save have called him into the way of the Pathfinders. Now, all he got to do is to prove himself worthy of it....

Player: Escharid
Character: Lukaas Penn
PFS: 133884-1
Faction: Grand Lodge
XP: 8/8
Day Job:Perform-string instruments, Msw Luth: 1d20 + 8 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 8 + 2 = 28

Sovereign Court

Are you full?

You would be 5. This brings a slight dilemma. I wanted to run 1 table, but would be willing to run 2 tables if need be. I could run subtier 1-2 and 4-5 table so I wouldn't sell anyone short. I can wait a few days since I wasn't planning to start until Monday and see if we can fill 2 tables. Everyone feel free to share your opinions. I want everyone to get the most from the scenario.

Sovereign Court

I was going to use a GM star replay but I'll sit out if needed to someone else can play who hasn't played the scenario.

Dark Archive

I checked the APL and it comes out perfectly to 3. I'm fine with either option, although I would prefer to play up with Cornelia as opposed to down.

Chankotu I am more then willing to accommodate you if you want to play. I am still going to try and get a table for each subtier. If I can't then we can go with what we have, as long as everyone is good with that. Sorry for the delayed response, but I just had a busy day yesterday.

I will have someone up later today for if you decide on a second table.

I would like to run a table for each subtier, so yes I would like to have you.

Grand Lodge

Would you allow a player to have a character in both Subtiers?
I got a L1 Skald.

Sovereign Court

Lukaas Penn wrote:

Would you allow a player to have a character in both Subtiers?

I got a L1 Skald.

You'll need a GM star replay otherwise you can have two characters replay the same standard scenario the other tablets could be Core.

Grand Lodge

I've got a L1 Unchained Rogue who could join the lower tier.

Dark Archive

This is a brand spanking new Level 1 Warpriest that might fit the bill.

@Chankotu thanks for answering that before I had a chance.

You other two will be great.

Dark Archive

Hooray! I've been looking for a good first game for Sil for a long time. It'll be nice to finally play him.

Grand Lodge


@Cornelia and Lukass-I'm assuming you two want to play up in the subtier 4-5 table?

@GM Red Box-I will do two tables so bring a character on in.

I'm thinking of starting on Monday. That way I have a few days to fill the open spots.

Dark Archive

Correct, I would prefer to play the higher tier, please! Looking forward to starting!

I just remembered you said that before. Start date is Monday.

Sovereign Court

I've been debating this for a bit, but finally decided to throw my hat into the ring. However, While I haven't played this yet, I have GM'ed it. If that's a problem, then I'll be more then willing to step out.

If not, then...

Player: Garon N.
Character: Alexandre d'Alycone
PFS: 153161-4
Faction: Sovereign Court
XP: 13
Day Job: No Day Job, forgoing for Faction Goal Knowledge(local) DC 20: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15 That's a fail on that, not a big deal.

Alexandre is the adopted son of a minor Taldan baron in the far reaches of Taldor. He was primarily brought up to be a 'diplomatic courier' ,or as Alexandre puts it, offical troublemaker and problem solver. Being able to slip in and out of his natural form was only a bonus for diverting blame away from him. After several run-ins with Pathfinders during his 'troublemaking', Alexandre found that working with Lady Morilla and the Court at large was a far more effective method furthering the goals that he was sent out to work on. So, with a grin, he joined the Society, in order to 'be a better diplomat.' In the field, Alexandre has found that if using his silver tongue to talk his way through problems didn't work, then his skill with a sword was a good fall back.

That looks like five for the 4-5 table. Now to just fill the lower table.

@Cornelia, Ashara, Lukass, Chankotu, Alexandre

The link for your table is below. Discussion is open for dotting.


Player: Ryan McMahon
Character: Grast Enteroso
PFS: 217154-5
Faction: Liberty's Edge
XP: Big Old Zero
Day Job: Farmhand

Grast had a dream life going. He bought a small farm and was looking to start a family. That changed with one goblin raid that destroyed the crops and the buildings.

Grast did take a lesson from that day. His scythe and demeanor did a good job of killing several goblins. Knowing that a farmer with out a farm wasn't much use and certainly would not be starting family Grast is going to try out a life of adventure.

@GM Red Box-glad to have you. I have someone from the 4-5 table coming over with a lower character so that should make 5.

Dark Archive

Player: James Martin
Character: Silvanthur Arcanotheign
PFS: 1904-16
Faction: Scarab Sages
XP: 0
Day Job: none

Grand Lodge

Player: Wrong John Silver
Character: Tanniralirul
PFS: 118418-8
Faction: Liberty's Edge
XP: 0
Day Job: Craft(scrimshaw): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

Grand Lodge

Dotting in with the proper Alias.

<- GM Red Box

Grand Lodge

PLayer Escharid
Character Lars Ulrich
PFS # 133884-10
Faction liberty's edge
Xp 0
Day job Perform Singing: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

(to be played instead of Lukaas Penn)

Sovereign Court

if you all have room I wouldn't mind joining

Player: Fox
Character: Aelin Ashryver
PFS: 208282-5
Faction: Sovereign Court
XP: 1
Day Job: None

@Aelin, you make 6. Game starts tomorrow. Go ahead and introduce yourself in gameplay when you want. Update the Initiative and Perception sheet for me too.

Silver Crusade

Seems like everything is down in gameplay atm. They say we are not to be worried, I'm a tad worried though.

Dark Archive

The messageboards are like the magnificent Phoenix: they flame out periodically, but always rise from the ashes. Also they sometimes are full of Arizonans and tourists, but we love them in spite of this.

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