4-05 The Sanos Abduction (Core) (Inactive)

Game Master Helikon

The Pathfinders are sent to the Sanos Forest in central Varisia to assist an agent researching the fey who inhabit the remote wood. Chronicles

Offering a round of 4-05 The Sanos Abduction in core mode.

Those wishing to play this scenario are to post the following info: <Keep in mind this is for whatever character that will be receiving credit for this game>

Player Name:
Character Name:
PFS ID and character number:
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"):

Please also let me know when your character sheet is ready to go. In a few days I will randomly select players from the pool of players who have filled the above and completed an online profile for their character (full stats under profile, and stats preview showing on the PFS avatar).
To all have fun!

The Exchange

Player: B Viggers
Character: Auriferous
PFS: 100387-12
Faction: The Exchange
Day job: Merchant: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (5) + 13 = 18 if Reroll available at end, will use that for 10+13+3=26 =50gp

Paladin-4/Sorcerer-1/DD-2; I have played this in Classic.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Subscriber

Dotting for interest.

Sovereign Court

Dotting from phone. Will post info when I get to a computer.

I would be interested, details to follow later.

Silver Crusade

Player Name Scott
Character Name Sir Ninn de Hawtey
PFS ID 143586-22
Faction Silver Crusade
Day Job Craft (sand art): 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (16) + 12 = 28

Character sheet is not up to date. He just leveled up from Blood Under Absalom, while I was at a live Con. It will probably take me a couple of days to catch up on all of my PbP campaigns, then I'll level up Sir Ninn.

Sadly just noticed that my one character in tier is currently engaged elsewhere.

Silver Crusade

Player Name: Jason Rodarte
Character Name: Riceak Hawklight
PFS # 43330-02
fACTION: Silver Crusade
Day Job Sculptor: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

Silver Crusade

Looks like my gnome will have to bow out but here is a 3rd level cleric.

The Exchange

Player Name: PJP
Character Name: August Dupine
PFS ID and character number: 150786-11
Faction: Th Exchange
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"): Profession, merchant: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11

Scarab Sages

Player Name: Hrothdane
Character Name: Imrana Reza
PFS ID and character number:
Faction: Scarab Sages
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"): Craft (bookbinding): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (17) + 10 = 27

Level 4 wizard. Still updating her character sheet from last adventure

Silver Crusade

He should be ready to go.

Auriferious LV 7
Sir Ninn Lv 3
Riceak LV 3
Imrana LV 4
August LV 6

Grand Lodge

Luke_Parry here.

This is the alias that I intend to use.

Day Job - Craft(Alchemy) - 'Take 10' = 22.

Remaining details sent via PM.

(Incidentally, this should keep us at tier 3-4.)

Recruitment process is open till tonight.

The Exchange

Applying with my monk. Level 3.0, dual-threat with shurikens & unarmed.

Player Name: Gilthanis
Character Name: Taidus Raine
PFS ID and character number: 63386-17
Faction: exchange
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"): none

Silver Crusade

Hi Gilthanis, we have been together on a previous adventure, We were hunting leucrotta.

You hear a voice. "Mylady Heimarch, there are the requested pathfinders. Let me see, yes, Sir Ninn,Riceak, Imrana, Sir Jeggare and Tadius Raine, please come into the study!"

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