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Hello Everyone,

The Saskatchewan Pathfinder Society is going to be running in Regina. We had a massive response from attending the Prairie Games Expo on May 28th. We are looking to start up monthly starting July. The Game Masters are coming down from Saskatoon and we will be working with the ComicReaders Downtown. When I finalize a date, I will post it here and on all of our social media sites. Stay tuned to our Facebook for all of the events in Saskatchewan. We are aiming for July 24th for the date.

For more information, please email us at any of the following:
Our Email:
Our Facebook: Saskatchewan Pathfinders Society
Our Twitter: @SaskatchewanPFS
Our Forum:

The Concordance

Confirmed we are holding a Pathfinder Society session at ComicReaders Downtown on July 24th @12pm. See everyone there

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