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Male Human Gunslinger 2

Sorry for the delay post, I was very busy yesterday. Im not sure if we considered posting rate? Was it 1xday ?

1/day indeed.

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I just wanna say that this is a total trip playing this character! This is NOTHING like anything I've ever played. I've never played a robot. I've never played a range-specced fighter type. And my normal RP is more like the gnome. Very extraverted, very wordy, very much running on and on with backstory and exposition and questions of PC and NPCs both. So playing this guy is just nuts for me! And it's been great! I hope you all are enjoying this campagin as much as I am and I can't wait to see how things develop! =)

Male Human Gunslinger 2

Nice to see you are having fun, Iron man is cool :)

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Is everyone okay with the DM rolling initiative for all of us? Most of the boards here have the DM roll for each player, and then once for all the bad guys, so that the party can post, and then the DM posts for the baddies, then the party, then the baddies.
Given the natural lag for waiting for everyone to just post init., this might save lots of time.


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I have no problem with running.

With that having been said.... =)

We're 4 2nd lvl chars, there's only one monster, we've no idea what our combat numbers would actually look like, I have a rifle that I've not yet had a chance to shoot yet, and I wanna see Copperbottom in action. =)
Hence, if we had gotten our collective buttocks kicked once before by one of these things, I'd be all for a strategic withdrawal.
But we haven't.
So I can't really say Run when I don't yet know that we should.

Just the price of playing in a new pool, I guess. =)

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lolz. Y'know I totally forgot firearms were against touch AC? Good thing Jimara reminded me. =)

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Holy crap. Even a troll only attacks at +8.

Is running still even an option?

Even if we got out of this with only some heavy wounds, don't we still have a problem with not having a cleric?

You do have 2 free potions of cure lights wounds each and yes running is an option... Note that some of the content in the table comes from the monster codex, this particular example you are facing is a troll who attended "college" (four levels of barbarian)... Another note is that many traditional monsters (such as trolls) will be reflavored as mana wastes mutants...

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Do both the GM and Emile think that we've bit off more than we can chew?

Hey Dust Devil, how about you knock off 3 of those barbarian levels and just bot Emile for a little and see how it goes?

No knocking off levels but if you flee now the GM shall be merciful this time, I trust you have learned your lesson concerning the dangers of the Mana Wastes?

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Everyone okay with that idea? We high-tail it outa here and just call this encounter a mulligan? Then we can get on with the serious business. I'm sure there's a deep plot just waiting for us to find it.

Not a mulligan, their is plenty on that table that can kill your party at your current level... Some things should not be fought, also however remember that their are ways equalize a fight. If you want to lure a troll into a deep gorge and drop one ton of acid on him to kill him I would go with that (so long as you could find and transport said acid).

Be cunning, be smart and be ruthless in the wastes.

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I'm sorry, but I thought you said we could run away? It just ate the golem and is about to eat Zander. How are our intrepid heroes supposed to get out of this one?

You were suppose to do that before the monster got to react (e.g no attempt to attack it with a sniper rifle) you still can and I'm willing to rule that you can with the golem intact... But by retreat I mean full withdraw, run for the hills basically.

Female Human Fallen (Horror) Init+3/Perception+0

Sorry, guys. Back now.

Male Human Gunslinger 2

Well that was actually my first turn it was natural i tried to attack at least once no?

Male Human Gunslinger 2

OK... i just noticed a barb troll would be a CR8-9 at the least, yeah... thats way, waaaay beyond our league, lets retreat ASAP

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Wait, I'm sorry, I'm just a poor caveman recently unfrozen from an iceberg after thousands of years. So by 'cinematic' do you mean you don't want dice rolls anymore and just want a descriptive narrative of what we do, or....?

By "cinematic" I mean the fight between the Sand Stalker and the gnolls is effectively "background noise" until you attack the gnolls (as in get in their faces) themselves and they go full throttle on you. Savvy?

Ok need to upload maps obviously to keep this game going... Are any of you familiar with roll20?

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m Human(Revolution) Golemoid 2 Init.+4 AC 20 HP: 21/21

I don't beleive I'm familiar with it, but I'm learning lots of new things lately. =) What is it?

Also, I'm not even sure who's turn it was. Maybe in a combat post, it might be a good idea to say who's up?

Also, I'm still here, even if we need to re-open recruitment.

roll20 is a virtual tabletop application, free to use. It can be used to create maps and easily manipulate them, was primarily thinking of using it for maps and doing the rest on these forums.

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m Human(Revolution) Golemoid 2 Init.+4 AC 20 HP: 21/21

Sounds good to me!

Dude man, just a word: Please do try and keep the encounters somewhat in our orbit. We don't know from the description "A troll is coming" whether it's a normal troll, and maybe something we can handle, or if it's somehow CR9 and something we should run from. If every monster can have PC levels, then every combat is something we'll have to run from. (Like, we have no way of knowing if one of the gnolls is a 10th level fighter.)
Probably not, but if we're constantly running into leveled monsters, we won't actually be able to fight anything, but anything might be tougher than us.

I'm not trying to be a killjoy, I'm just saying my perspective as a player. =)

Does this make sense?

Not everything is that bad, you for example are currently fighting gnolls, a "PC" (in terms of power) race. This encounter table is designed to vary sharply in power curve, however if you do take "reasonable" precautions (such as a watch every night and the like) you shouldn't be surprised by the "big boys". None of them have stealth whatsoever, basically if it's big it's going to have a hard time sneaking up on you.

In other words you have time to escape if need be.

F Drow or 3/4 Drow 1/4 human which according to PF=Drow Arbiter 2

So are we still playing or what?

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m Human(Revolution) Golemoid 2 Init.+4 AC 20 HP: 21/21


I mean, I still check this board, but I'm not really sure what our status is. Are we waiting for recruits?

Let's see if I can keep this up at least till the end of the module... Does everyone mind creating a (free) roll20 account to handle maps?

(better then google docs, you can actually move around your tokens and so forth and I can draw up maps on the fly)

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m Human(Revolution) Golemoid 2 Init.+4 AC 20 HP: 21/21

I'm up for it. Website?

Can you please PM the others to let them know that we're rock-steady and roll-ready? =)

Once signed up I'll give you guys my display name and set the map up.

It seems Emile will not be joining us... Need a day or two to get things setup (experimenting with the map creator).

here is the link, show up and say hi and i'll add you to players list.

F Drow or 3/4 Drow 1/4 human which according to PF=Drow Arbiter 2

hey it won't let me join

Give me your roll20 name Jimara, i'll try to invite you into the game.

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Same here. Says I'm not authorized.

Name is (surprise!) Atlas2112

F Drow or 3/4 Drow 1/4 human which according to PF=Drow Arbiter 2

Edwin S.

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