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He studies you for a moment.
"To Ghealeas itself, or just accross the ocean? We have many ports we will stop at that aren't Ghealeas."

Ghealeas is the only name I know about across the ocean, until recently I didn't realize the other side of the ocean was more populated than this side, player doesn't know as much as the character would about the world

You know as much as your character would. World geography isn't something dwarves make a point to teach their young...

"Whatever gets me to Ghealeas the fastest is what I'm looking for."

"Well then, since our ship is the only one going, I guess that makes it the fastest option, hmmm? Very well then, how many are comming?"

"Two of us."

"Well then...2 pounds gold, each is usually what we charge for passengers, 4 if they do no work. The captain should be back here this evening for the final say. We have a man who watches the plank, just tell him I sent you to see the captain when you return."
He'll nod, then return to what he was doing.

I'll nod and thank him even though he's not paying attention anymore, and return to the inn to tell Cabados.

If you do the math, 25 gp is a pound.
Cabados will whistle. "50 gold for a internship on a boat, 100 gp for a cruise...I think I'd go with the 100 gp. Did he say how long the trip was?"

I'll nod, "I was thinking the same thing, boats aren't exactly a skill I'm interested in aquiring. I didn't ask, he wasn't looking to share and I figured there's likely nothing I can do about it." and I'll shrug, "But I'll check with the captain this evening when I confirm our rooms."

When you go to see the captain, you will see a man at the top of the gangplank, trimming his nails with a knife. When you approach, he will challenge your presence, when you tell him the first mates name and why you're there, he will nod and wave you onboard.
This vessel, to give you an idea, is a three masted, 120 gun boat. It is 65 meters in length, 16 meters wide.
He leads you accross the massive deck to the rear of the boat, then down under and nto the captains quarters. He knocks, and a voice from inside acknowledges him, and he opens the door. Inside is the fisr mate, and the captain. Smaller than his first mate by about 6 inches, he is no less an impressive sight. "Ahh, we've been expectin you sir. I am Captain Johss Gurvant. I understand you wish to book passage on the Celestra?"

I'll nod, "Yes Sir, my destination is Ghealeas by whatever means gets me there fastest. How long does it take?"

"Well, the voyage will take 5 to 6 months, weather permitting. This includes two stops, one in Glharond (eleven nation, you would know this) and one in Thressian (you have no clue). We have business to do there, and the stops can take up to 3 or 4 days per. If you pay the standard rate you will be expected to work daily as part of the crew. You will be assigned a shift, and you will be shown the ropes, so to speak, then you will be expected to pull your weight. If you pay the other rate, you will be expected to stay out of everyone else's way. Either rate, I'll expect you to be respectful at all times, or you could pay top dollar for a swim. Are these terms acceptable?"

I'll nod, "They are, I'll pay 8 lbs of gold for the two of us, we'll stay out of the way unless there's some violence against the boat, then we'll help with the defense. Half up front and half upon arrival in Ghealeas. Will that be acceptable?"

"Not particularly. All up front, that's the price. Won't do me any good to lose you after you've eaten my food for 3/4 the journey and you've only paid half. Are you unable to pay in full now?"

I'll frown at that, "You won't lose me, and you won't have to worry about my honoring my debts. If I decide to leave before arrival I'll pay the second half in full regardless, will that be fair enough?"

"I did not mean to casue offense, merely stating that accidents at sea happen no matter how good you are at honoring your debts. It does me no good to have a good intentioned 1/2 paid person on my ship to watch him fall into the sea. All up front, or no passage."

I'll nod, "There won't be any accidents at sea," and I'll hand him 200 gold, "When do you plan to depart?"

"We will depart with the morning tide in two day's time, as I have business to conduct here. Be here at dawn on that day, if you please."

I'll nod, "Good day then." and depart, heading back to the inn to tell Cabados that things are arranged. Then I'm going to do some shopping, I want to get a good strongbox with a quality lock for the rest of my money, and I want to get some dried fruits and things so I have snacks, as well as some reading material, especially anything I can find on the place I'm going to. Plus if Cabados has any needs I'll take care of those if they're reasonable.

"Ah...good! Two days it is then."
He will request much of the same you are, things to occupy his mouth, stomach, and mind, but he doesn;t expect you to pay for it. He still has 200 gp form the orcs, and half the greataxe.

oh yes I'll sell the great axe as well.

It doesn't matter to me to roleplay out the specifics, I have a +6 to my appraise role and profession: merchant at +8 though so if you want to I can

Not necessary.
You'll get 175 gp for the axe.

I'll buy the supplies as above and then split the rest, if it's not exactly even I give the larger share to him, then I'm going to find a blacksmith's shop and offer my services for the remainder of my time until I have to board the ship.

Okie dokie...
THe day of departure will arrive, and you are let on board. You are each shown to cabins in the aft section of the ship. They are about 10 x 10 rooms, with bins in stead of shelves and a hammock rolled up on the wall. There is a small writing desk that folds down from the wall, with a folding chair attached to the wall beside it. It smells of well tended oak and sea salt, but you get accustomed to it quickly.
After you're settled in, you will hear a knock, then Cabados opens the door a crack, "You presentable?"

I'll place my chest in a bin large and place a blanket over it, when Cabados knocks I'll pull the door open, "Yes, come in." and I'll drop the chair down for him and then jump in the hammock, "What's up?"

"They put me next door to you. This ship is huge! I hope we get a tour..." He has clearly never been on a ship before and is excited, and bables on for a minute or so about it's coolness when another knock comes. Assuming you answer, a deckhand is standing there. "Captain would like you to join him for meals. Breakfast is in an hour." He bows and leaves.

I'll nod and patiently listen to him babble, I'm not as impressed as he is but the size of the ship isn't lost on me.

"As a word of caution, we don't know the captain or crew anymore than they know us, be on your guard as much as reasonably possible."

I'll spend time with cabados until breakfast and then join the captain, I assume that Cabados is coming also.

He will, in human form. He doesn't know how they'd react to him, being from outside Voldrune.
The mood on the boat is one of serious business, everyone is focused on their tasks.
Breakfast with the captain is pleseant, but short. He will eat quickly and excuse himself, apologizing for his lack of hospitality, but he has charts to consult, and he will see them at mid day meal.
The fare is eggs and bacon.
Nothing much happens and lunch rolls around.
Again the captain eats quickly, and departs again, apologizing.
You have cucumbers and bread for lunch.
As dinner gets closer, the crew is a bit more relaxed and the shifts start. Dinner with the captain is spicy fish and potatoes.
"So, what takes you both to Ghaeleas?"

"My children were stolen from me and sold into slavery, I am following them to get them back."

If he shows interest and wants details I'll tell him about the attack and that I followed the trail to Voldrune and it lead me to Ghaelaes. I won't tell him about Zon of course, and I'll say nothing more of Cabados' story other than that he's a true friend who's helping me.

He doesn't pry for details, but you can tell he doesn't like what he's hearing. "I hope you find them, and flay those that took them."

Cabados just says "We will."

It does put my mind at ease to hear him say that, and I'll also second Cabados' response.

Generally I stay off the deck, I'll likely watch for the time of day when I'll be the least in the way and come on deck to stretch and do some isometric exercises to keep in shape but other than that I'm studying my books looking for any piece of knowledge that might give me an advantage in Ghealeas.

I hear your requests for data on Ghealeas...and as soon as i have iot worked out in my head, I'll let you know :P
Cabados will do exercises with you, and do meditation.

No problem fully understandable. Since it's months of rinse/wash/repeat I figure I'll tell you my daily routine, which is what I did. Cabados is very welcome to join me, his company is appreciated.

If anyone offers to do any training to show me techniques for fighting aboard ship I'll take them gladly, but I won't go looking for it because I'm trying to minimize my interference.

I'll also continue to have meals with the captain as long as he welcomes my presence.

The captain is not a good man, but he has his limits. You don't think you'd let him babysit your kids, but you're pretty sure he'd kill anyone that hurt them. He's a person who will follow his word, but he's a You'll come to know him well over the next week or so.

As long as he doesn't try to slit our throats in our sleep and takes us to Ghealeas I am not worried about whether he's good. I'm not exactly a "good" person myself. Is there any chance for me to get some pointers on ship combat?

No he doesn't. You paid, you get your journey.
You'll get some tips, but no real training.

I wasn't expecting real training, tips was about the best I could hope for. Just something to maybe reduce the penalties for the terrain if we get in a fight.

anyhow, other than that my routine doesn't change much during the voyage.

The first leg of the trip will be pretty uneventful. You'll see an island appear on the horizon, and as you get closer, two elegant looking clippers will pull alongside the ship, boarding her.
The captain will bring everyone on deck, saying to you "Don't worry this is common."

You'll see 2 figures dimension door from the boat onto the Celestra. They are around 6'2, very lithe. They are wearing full cloaks, hood down, and wearing some kind of plate helmet with a flowing green plume. You see glowing eyes in the helm, and the unmistakable sweeping points of elven ears. The way their cloaks lay, it looks as if they hover rather than walk. One will go look over the people gathered, and one will go converse with the captain.
The one looking over the folks on deck will stop and study each person in line. When "it' gets to you, their eyes narrow, and you hear a feminine chuckle. She then turns to look upon Cabados, and shows no alarm, but says quietly to him in Elven "What manner of creature are you, and are you an enemy of the Elven people?"
He replies...reluctantly it seems "I am a sentient being created by the god of magic, Gyler Silverleaf, and I am not an enemy of the Elven people." At the mention of Gyler, she looks him over again, then gives him an appeciative nod. She "floats" back and give a nod to the other one there, and ports back to the boat. The other one says "Thank you Captain. You may put in at Ghlrond Bay, for the alloted two day period. You may come ashore and be welcome. If you have any questions seek out one of us. Any disrespect towards the denizens here will not be tolerated." A hand appears from the folds of the cloak and he gives a salute to the captain, then he ports off as well.
When they're gone, the captain visibly relaxes. "That never gets easy..."

They look like THIS

I'll boggle at the captain, "I bet not! I'll stay on the ship, thanks!" and go back down to my cabin, intent to ride out the three day stay without leaving.

gerd damn tree huggers an dere strange ways

Cabados will take the shore leave, happy to be on dry land.
He'll come back and regale you with tales of Elven culture, architecture, etc.
The deckhands will be busy offloading and loading most of that time, save the last night they are there. They go out to enjoy the town, and one of them comes back wrapped in a leaf, brought up on deck by one of the wardens. He converses with the captain briefly, and departs. The next morning the crew is somber as they leave with the moring tide.

As much as I was looking forward to putting my boots on dry land, this land wasn't what I had in mind, not the slightest bit regretful that I choose to stay below.

Probably a good idea, you'll hear stories about the dead sailor, that all he did was call a barmaid a "pointy-eared tart" and a warden appeared to take him out of there, when the sailor refused, he was be-headed. Cabadois didn't see it, but he has the look of a man who is thinking 'that could have been me'.

I'll grumble under my breath, "Uppity damned tree huggers." but even as we're sailing out of the port I'll avoid raising my voice. Just because I don't care for them doesn't mean I don't recognize and respect their power.

Need a little time to figure some s!&~ out...I'll post here again when I got it :)

ok no problem

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