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"Well, luck had nothing to do with it, but I found the shop he runs his business out of. I didn't see him though, I don't think. You?"

"Well I'm not sure if I trust the guy, but it looks like some business people are setting up a meeting with me and him tomorrow." and I'll shrug, "If it works then I'll be able to get the information without worrying about... the business people... getting upset with us."

[blink, blink]
"How in the abyss did you manage that?"

I'll shrug, "long and short of it, I found them and asked. Not sure if I trust them yet but we'll see."

"Hmmm. Well...ok then. I guess I'll just relax while you're handling that then and check out the sights till you figure out our next move."

The rest of the day passes, and early in the morning you'l lawake to find a mesage waiting for you at the bar. It's in an envelope, and on it reads "Velmy will be in one of our dockside 'houses' at noon. He is all yours." On another sheet there is a crudely drawn map of which building he is referencing.
The note is signed "Gregor".

I'll nod to Cabados, "If you would, tomorrow I should know something, see you for breakfast?"

If Cabados shows up I'll hand him the note, "They set the place, a great ambush spot it seems. Could be they're making sure I can kill Velmy, could be that he won't even be there and the plan is to kill me." and I'll roll my eyes, "I don't care whether the guy lives or dies, long as he gives me the info I need. Your thoughts?"

"On what exactly? The set up or his death?"

"On the set up, I'm apathetic whether this guy lives or dies, long as I get my kids back that's what I care about."

"Well, I think the chances its a setup are better than 50/50, but I could be a bit paranoid..."

"No I think your right, so the question is, what's the best way to pop the likely ambush?" I'll rub my chin, "So you can change your appearance at will, can you simply go invisible?"

"Only by blending into a crowd, I'm afraid..."

I'll nod, thoughtful, "Well then if you can change your appearance to look like someone who belongs there then place yourself in a position to thwart the ambush, I should be able to keep myself alive long enough to turn the tide. I don't think they'll strike right away, they'll look to see what I know first, find out more about who I am, threat assessment, that should buy us the time we need. Any ideas?"

"Plan for the worst, but hope for the best. I'll head down to the docks and check it out...I'll be near by if things go poorly."

I'll nod, make sure he knows where the warehouse is, and then get in some physical exercise and mental relaxation during the hours between breakfast and roughly eleven. I'll make sure to show up at the warehouse half an hour early.

When you arrive at the building the meeting is to occur in, you'll notice that it's not much of a warehouse, but more of a "business shack" like a building used for an official capacity for the docks.
It's a 20' x 10' one story sort, raised a bit off of the docks, with stairs leading up to the only door. The door side faces the dock, while the back wall is over water.
There are two windows, one on either long end of the building, as to watch the docks. The door is unlocked.
If you let yourself in, you will see a clean room, with maps on the wall, a couple sofas, and a single desk. There is a coat rack on the back of the door, with a couple cloaks and hats hanging on them, but the room is otherwise empty. You'll wait for about a half hour, hearing the noises of the docks, when the door will open, and a middle aged dumpy fellow is ushered in by someone, and the door pulled shut behind him. He is sweating, and he looks nervous.

I'll take a seat on a sofa, if there's one that'll allow me the chance to dive behind the desk I'll sit there, if not I'll pick the one that'll give me the most tactical advantage.

I take in the man, does this guy look like the sort who'd be capable of selling people into slavery? Is he carrying anything?

sense motive 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18

The sofa accross from the door allows you to rush an attacker and/or bolt if necessary.

That's kind of a tall order for a sense motive check.
He's not carrying anything visibly, he's wearing some finery, for a person that works on the docks with merchants.
He has the look of a man who at one point could handle himself, but has gotten lax, from lack of need.
He looks...uncomfortable. After the door is pulled shut behind him, he looks back at the door, and sighs. He turns around, looking at you and finds no comfort, obviously. His shoulders visibly slump, and he goes over and sits on the other sofa, under the window.

You both sit in silence for a bit, unless you start the conversation.

I'll watch him for a bit, letting the silence make him more uncomfortable...

When I speak it'll be in a low cool voice, "You know why your here?"

Without looking up he says "I know why I'm here, but I don't know who you are, per se. I suppose I should be lucky I haven't lost a finger or something." He cringes as that thought crosses his mind.

this guy's the most unbelievable slaver ever

I'll shake my head and sigh, "What's your name and trade, and be honest I already know the whole truth."

"I am Herrod Velmy. I operate a descreet slave trade here."

I nod, "And where do you send your slaves?"

He looks not a little puzzled and says..."With their buyers, of course." He looks about then back at you. "What's going on here? Are you trying to edge in on my business? Is that my punishment, to have competition?"

I sneer, "No you fool!" and I'll take a deep breath to calm myself, "You moved some dwarven children through your... network, you remember? Where did they go?"

He really looks confused now...
"Well, yeah, I remember but why...?"
The blood drains from his faith as he sees the situation for what it is, and who you must be...
"Oh man, oh was only business! Please! I didn't...I wouldn't's against the rules! But he..those eyes..."
At this point he goes full hysterical.

I'll smirk and wait, I won't try to calm him down but I'll just wait unless he tries to leave or hurt himself. When it looks like he's regained enough composure to understand me I'll say, "Well then it seems I really do have the right man. Tell me everything concerning the dwarven children. Who brought them to you? Where you sent them and to whom? How long ago?"

"They were brought to me by some orcs."
"I sold them to a representative from Ghealeas, on behalf of his employer."
"This was about 7 months ago or so..."

"What was the representative's name? His employer's name?"

"What would bring you to violate the rules when you know the punishment will be severe?"

Do I know anything about Ghealeas?

"I have it in my paperwork..."
He moves over to the desk, and opens a file drawer. He fips through and opens a scroll with a time and date written on a tag on the tie string. "Ahh...a dwarven male and female child sold to Khrevan Majgat on behalf of Muhaharaj S'mrit Kororsoj of Ghealeas. Paid 150 lbs gold."
He gets visibly shaken when asked about the other person.
"Umm...I really don't know..a man was waiting for me in my office, told me that 2 dwarven children would be arriving in 2 days, and I was to buy them. I argued with him, but somehow he was quickly able to talk me into it..." his eyes glaze over for a second. "Anyway, I did as he asked."
Ghealeas is a general term for what's accross the ocean, since that's where people come from. The humans that settled here came from there.

"What did this man look like? Did he give you a name? Give me the scroll. And your going to give me the money you received for the children."

150 pounds of gold? how much is that in coin?

"No he didn't give me a name..."
He blathers on a bit about the cash...but hands you a rather nice bag with 3750 gp in it.

I'll make sure he gives me the scroll as well, one thing that I'm looking for is whether the cost for my children was different than the normal price for a slave.

I'll look at him thoughtful, thinking carefully whether I want to kill him or not, "You should retire, I think, because I ever find out you've sold another person into slavery, I'll come back and your death will take a long time." and I'll leave.

He doesn't say anything but looks relieved as you leave the room.

That scroll only concerns that one sale. It doesn't look like any of the other papers he has, this looks like a formal document written in an oddly flowing script in broken common. It is a requisition for a pair of Gnuden, one male and one female, for breeding stock. Age was not a concern, the younger the better. It seems the person was authorized to pay 200 lbs of gold (5k in coin) for such a pair, but the rep must have haggled.

I'll head back to the inn and meet Cabados, who I'm expecting already knows I safely left the office. I'll show him the scroll and tell him about the gold, "I figure I can use it to pay the costs to go get them back. He also mentioned someone who made him do the transaction, all he remembers is that he was a man who was very convincing. I'll be getting a ship to Ghealeas, your company would be appreciated, but if you don't want to I understand."

"Hmmm...the chieftain we killed once spoke of such a visitor, now that you mention it. Said some guy came to him and told him he was meant for greater things..."
"Sure I'll go. Nothing really going on here for me."

"hmmm, so somebody's trying to stir things up here in Voldrune."

"I'll secure passage to Ghealeas as soon as possible."

After we finish eating our late lunch I'll go back to the docks to do just that.

You'll find most of the boats that are here are for coastal travel, and not suitable for a long voyage on open water. The dockmaster will let you know that three or so times a year, a boat that brings trade comes and goes, and she's due in port in the next week or so.
He won't speak for her captain, but he says when he arrives he can let you know.

"A week... well I guess it'll have to do, thank you sir.."

I assume there isn't a town closer than the capital that gets more trade?

It's the only town on this coast with the capacity to handle ocean-faring vessels.

Ok, I'll head back to the inn then and tell them I'll be staying a week and extend my room. I'll check in every other day to see if they've arrived yet.

Is there some reason why the largest city and the only one with a real port would only get 3 trade boats a year? I'm missing something here.

The country here was started as a colony from there, who eventualy seceeded and formed their own country. They are not on good terms with their parent country, and the only vessels that are sent here for business are from private merchants who can afford to do so.

Ok then, so I'll wait and check back every other day until the situation changes.

Well it will take a couple weeks, but finally a vessel does arrive, and the dockmaster sends word to your inn, as he said he would.

Two more weeks of slavery, I'm trying not to get frustrated.

I'll go to the ship and stand at the entrance looking unsure of myself, if someone passes by I'll stop them and ask what the proper etiquette is to board someone's ship.

You'll see movement all over the place as goods are being offloaded.
Barefoot men in very light clothing, are milling about doing various chores involved with the business of thie ship.
A dark skinned human, with his hair wrapped up wearing only a tunic, breeches and a scimitar on his hip yells "Oy! You get out of the way!"

I'll move aside, "You are the captain sir?"

"HAAHAHHAAHA no! What I am is BUSY! What do you want small one?"

"I need to speak to the captain, where can I find him?"

He waves a deckhand over, and hands him a clipboard telling him to take over for a minute.
He turns his attention fully on you. If you were a lesser man, you'd be a wee bit intimidated. You can see why these men obey him without question.
"You do now, do you? I am First Mate aboard the Celestra, Sajat Moorhum. The captain is in town settling affairs, and is unavailable. Perhaps I may help you with something?"

I'll nod, "I'm seeking passage to Ghealeas."

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