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LG small town
Corruption +0; Crime +0; Economy +2; Law +1; Lore[b] +0; [b]Society +2
Qualities pious, prosperous, strategic location
Danger -5
Government hereditary mayorship
Population 1,800 (1,500 humans;150 dwarves; 50 halflings; 100 other)
Notable NPCs
  • Lord Thomas Havelyn, commander of Balentyne and Lord of Aldencross
  • Father Donnagin, priest of
  • Tacitus of Morimun, magister
  • Bellam Barhold, owner of the Lord’s Dalliance

Base Value 1,400 gp; Purchase Limit 7500 gp ; Spellcasting 3rd level divine, 4th level arcane
Minor Items 3d4 items (+1 Longbow, +2 Shortbow, +2 Longsword, +1 Light Wooden Shield, +2 Chainmail, Mistmail, Miser's Mask (available at Third Eye Oddities), Cauldron of Brewing (available at Third Eye Oddities); Medium Items 1d6 items (+1 Holy Light Crossbow, +2 Heavy Flail, Bracelet of Friends (available at Third Eye Oddities), Snakeskin Tunic (available at Third Eye Oddities); Major Items --

Balentyne Explored

8A: The Servant's Entrance. This is the servant entrance into the fortress from the Aldencross Road.
8B: The Pontine Gate. This leads to a bridge going over the River Tyburn. The doors are open.
18: This is the bridge over the River Tyburn.
18A: This is the drawspan that leads to the eastern gatehouse. The drawspan is currently up.
10: This is the kitchen.
12: This is the mess hall.

On the first level, 8 is the main thoroughfare through Balentyne to the gatehouse. Milla is not actually allowed access to the northern gatehouse at any time. She does see two bridges cross over the lake, the main one on level 1, and another higher up looking over the bridge.
Area 9 is the barracks where soldiers can be found sleeping when not on duty. There are enough beds here to sleep 120 soldiers each with their own locker. Not all lockers are currently locked.

Area 13 is a well used storeroom, stock full of a huge number of supplies including rope nails, pitch, torches, lamp oil, lumber, bricks, mortar, etc. Baudwin informs you that an area of this chamber will be set aside for you to perform your sewing duties.

Area 11 is the pantry, which Baudwin informs Milla only holds enough food for the fortress for a day or two before needing restocked, despite it's size.

Area 2 is a forge, a door leading to a storeroom below that's rarely used.

Areas 3,4,5, and 6 are the Captain's quarters, each room off-limits to Milla. In order, the rooms belong to Captains Barhold, Varning, Mott and Eddarly.

Area 14 is the Vestiary for the priests. 15 is the cells for the acolytes, 16 the clergy's shrine and 17 Donniganns cell. Milla is given only a brief tour of these chambers. A ladder in area 14 leads up to the church itself, though you don't climb the ladder.

Baudwin leads you around to the other gate at 22 (which is normally closed), and brings you into the keep proper.

26 is the church proper,.

27 is the fountain, 28 is the statue of King Markadian the I, also known as the Victor, who ordered the reconstruction of Balentyne. At the base of the statue it reads, “Hold fast to courage, faith and fellowship and this tower shall never fall.”

29 is a storeroom, 30 is a stable. 31 is the great hall. 31 leads up to 34 which is the Hall of Honor. The wall is inscribed with the name of every man who has fallen defending Balentyne, listing over 200 names. A cap sits nearby which can effectively seal the upper levels of the keep from the lower levels, requiring 2 strong people to move. Two guards stand watch here.

35 is the prisoner's cells, currently vacant. hehehe. 37 is a not often used but strangely well stocked torture chamber. 36 is a set of stairs leading up.

39 is also guarded by two guards, guarding the entrance to Tacitus, Balentyne's Magister, chambers (41) and his laboratory (40). You are not allowed further up which leads to Havelyn's chambers.

32 is a flag room, numerous flags and tapestries hanging around outside. This leads up to 38, the archer's strongpoint, stocked with over 4000 arrows. The room is unguarded. Above this is the rookery, where Mad Martin keeps watch over Balenyne's flock of messenger ravens, able to bring help all over Talingarde in times of need. Without them, it could take weeks to receive sufficient reinforcements. You are prohibited from entering for your own safety.