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Campaign Thread.

Character Sheet

Asmund reporting for duty.

Character Sheet

Ula! Ulo has traveled long and far to be hear on this day.

Sayyid is ready to map the stars!

1189 AU, 12th day in the month of planting.

The morning finds in you Nerun, having arrived last evening on a courier job from Konpen.

You had been hired to deliver a collection of financial documents, as you have a fairly quick boat. However an unforeseen squall blew you off course and a journey that should have taken 12 days took 15. Per contract you were only paid a third of the agreed on 18 sovereigns of silver, for having failed to deliver withing 14 days. Party gains 6 SS

The day now finds you in a sour mood, low on funds, and without a clear next step lined up.

The principality of Nerun lies before you, about 140,000 souls sitting along the gentle hills that line the bay that forms the harbor. Nerun is a city in between, both full of the bustle of trade and lacking the frenzied character of the worlds largest, most prosperous ports. Nerun rarely has a spoke wind and as such it makes its living off of tamer, more predictable trade routes. Seria to Ukkad, Ruva to Brestlor. Fewer fortunes are won here, but so to are fewer fortunes lost. The harbor is filled with serious, but unremarkable ships themselves filled with serious and unremarkable cargo. Many of its citizens have the more laid back attitude of the twin kingdomers, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty scheming to make their fortunes by whatever means they may...

"I will go Ashor and search for some medicines for the young Lady,
will anyone accompany me?

Character Sheet

"Aye Sayyid, some herbs to pass Ade's illness are our first priority. She won't be making another long journey before she is well."

Healing: 4d6 + 1 ⇒ (4, 6, 1, 5) + 1 = 17
Wild Die: 1d6 ⇒ 5
22: What herbs do we need for Ade?

Do I have any contacts in Nerun who would helpful in acquiring medicine or a job?

Ade's fever doesn't seem anything serious. Some bed rest should suffice, though there are some herbs and teas may speed the process. Just ask any apothecary for something for a fever.

I asked for lists of where people's travels had focused, if you didn't list Nerun then there isn't any particular reason you would know people here, but you never know who is passing through.

Ill allow either investigation or streetwise skill rolls to search for leads/contacts.

Character Sheet

Yeah for my contacts perk I just listed types of folks they might be. I don't think Asmund has ventured very far inland anywhere besides Cimfell, so most of his contacts are people in ports or boat captains/sailors. I've spent at least some time in all of the big ports.

Know how: 3d6 + 1 ⇒ (6, 6, 6) + 1 = 19 + Wild Die: 1d6 ⇒ 6 + Critical Success: 1d6 ⇒ 2: 27

Streetwise: 2d6 ⇒ (2, 4) = 6 + Wild Die: 1d6 ⇒ 1 Critical failure + (27 - difficulty)

"Let's see if we can't find an apothecary, and perhaps there's someone in port right now might give us a job"

You wander through a street market in the harbor district and spend 6 copper bits on a simple herb tea.

You keep wandering through the streets and poke your head into a few alehouses, auction houses, and brokerages. Your not really sure where to begin though.

Character Sheet

Never having been to this city Ula! Ulo, keeps his eyes open and follows his companions.

I know nothing of this place, but would be glad to learn of it's people.

Character Sheet

Ula! Ulo starts singing a song, the song of his people in fact.

Warrior Singing: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (3, 3) + 2 = 8 + wild die: 1d6 ⇒ 1
welp thats an inauspicious start

Looking around sheepishly Ula! Ulo smiles to the folks around him on the street.

You know I was once a great warrior, who alone fought a great lions of the plains. He points to scars on his back and forearms, here and here is where the great beast clawed me.
storytelling: 3d6 + 2 ⇒ (5, 1, 6) + 2 = 14 wild die: 1d6 ⇒ 4

Perhaps one of you knows of work more fitting than singing for a man such as I?

Some people variously stop and listen for a bit as you tell your tale, but mostly people are too busy to engage. A few look as though they may have been ready to throw you a couple coppers, but no one really has the time to give out career advice to strangers on the street.

'In the deep sands of my homeland there are lush oases where both trader and beast alike might be found. It is here that you might find the Great Sand Eagle, a treasure beyond imagining. Perhaps here too we might find a treasure."

Streetwise: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 3, 6) = 13 Wild Die: 1d6 ⇒ 6 Wild Die: 1d6 ⇒ 4 = 23

"Perhaps I can Find us such a treasure."

You make some inquiries of some sailors and dockmen and come up with a name. A contract agent by the name of Halcan. You gather that his enterprises are often less than perfectly legitimate, but apparently he was putting out word recently for some freelancers who can handle themselves, preferably with their own ship.

You get an address in an alley off silver street, a broad avenue coming out of the harbor district were many contract agents, insurers, and financiers keep their offices.

"Ahh a name, let us see what sort of acquisitions need to be made"

Sayyid and his comrades go in search of this address and the man whose name they were given.

I'm assuming the others go along

You make your way through the city to the address you were given. Silver street is a broad, airy, tree lined boulevard. Handsome stone offices line the street.

You turn into a little side street and come to nondescript little office building.

You go in. A middle-aged man is sitting behind a desk in foyer, shuffling through some papers. As you enters he looks up.

Can I help you?

"I am looking for one, Halcan, it has come to my attention that he is looking for a crew"

Sayyid gestures at his fellows...

"We are such a crew and my understanding is you need such a crew as ours, yes?"

The man gets up wordlessly and walks through a door behind him. You hear some muffled words and he comes back. He gestures towards the door.

It seems Halcan has a few minutes to spare you. Please go in.

Assuming you go through the door...

You come into another office, it has no windows but is lit by wall lamps. In the center of the room is a large sprawling desk. Where the desk in the foyer had some neat piles of documents, this one is buried behind expansive mountains of paper.

Behind the desk sits an overweight man, in a large brown coat. He appears friendly enough, but you get the sense this isn't a man you would trust all too far.

Ah, Renil tells me you are here responding to my call for a crew. Truth be told, I believe I've mostly found what I need, but perhaps a few more ... Tell me, what are your names?

Character Sheet

"The name's Asmund, this here is Ula! Ulo, and our navigator Sayyid. We've one more back on our boat. If you've found what you need we'll be on our way. Otherwise tell us about this job of yours."

Well, you lot certainly look like you can handle yourselves.

*Muttering to himself* and a big Cimfelder, couldn't hurt...

Tell me, you ever heard of a Yuruan raid?

Before you can respond he continues

Its quite simple, lets say your a big trading house and your rival is making money from a fancy new trade route. Lets say your unhappy about this. You got two options, you get some boats and start plying the same route ... or you arrange some Yuruan raids. You hire some boats, sail them out to the route in question and pretend like your attacking some ships. Sail up on them, launch a few flights of arrows, singe their sails a bit, beat the drums, give chase. But they somehow get away and tell the tale. Everyone's safe, but the insurance goes up.

Whole ordeal is not strictly legal, but as such things go, its pretty harmless. You bring enough force to make sure they can't attack you, then you make sure that you don't quite catch them. Nobody gets hurt, whole thing pays well. You boys gotta any interest in an arrangement like that? You look intimidating enough for it.

"Well when you say it pays pretty well how well do you mean? A job like this? ... not good to be caught in the act, much less recognized, so the coin must be .... abundant?"

There is some slight risk, so the coin is more than you make hauling fish, yes? And a cloth around the face makes for slim chances of being recognized.

But worry not, our intelligence is good. One ship, only very lightly armed. Due here in Nerun 4 days hence. You would meet them about a days sail from here, my other men know the precise spot.

For four of you, with your own ship, I can offer 32 sovereigns of silver. Anywhere else you'll struggle to make half that in 3 days work.

Character Sheet

"If you would give us just a brief moment to discuss Mr. Halcan."

Asmund takes Sayyid and Ula! Ulo to the side and speaks in a whisper.

"Its shady business but that 32 sovereigns would do us a world of good. I say we take the job. Besides, anything goes south I think the four of us have a good chance of making it out just fine. Better than your average pirate anyway."

"Agreed though perhaps we can get a better deal for risking our lives, allow me to bargain with the man."

Character Sheet

Too his huddled friends.

"I do love fishing, How ever this sounds like a fair bit more adventure, a good story we can tell later over drinks while relaxed with a fishing pole in hand. I two vote we take this man up on his offer, though I would not push to far Sayyid he seem an ill tempered sort.

Ula! Ulo looks up and glances at the man smiling broadly.

My friend, might one assume that such a bushiness transaction might open the door for our stories to grow stronger and prosperous... together?

Character Sheet

I'll be busy tonight, so this post is conditional on everything goes smoothly in the conversation with Halcan

As the party leaves Ula! Ulo, turns and looks at Halcan.

"Oh friend, I was hoping to learn more about the intricacies of your trade laws and the insurances that cover them here, might you have a primer on the subject, or be able to point me towards on you might vouch for?"

Plenty comes across my desk that a capable crew might find interesting. Your interested then?

Character Sheet

"I've got to agree with Ulo on this one Sayyid. Thirty-Two is a good price and we best be getting back to the boat. I'd rather Ade not be left alone too long."

Turning back to the desk "We'll take the job, and everything goes smoothly we may do business again. When and where might we meet your other men?"

He gives you the berth of the other ship being used and a time to be there. You have about 2 days to kill.

You will be paid 1/3 (10SS) then and the rest when you return.

Character Sheet

"Err do we have bows and arrows? I have but two throwing spears and I fear I might do more harm with them then we intend... "

Character Sheet

"Ulo makes a fair point, we should purchase ourselves a few bows before we head back."

Asmund looks around for a merchant that might sell some bows and a few quivers of arrows.

Character Sheet

"I am a poor wandering storyteller and so have but my share of those 10 sovereigns of silver to offer to this endeavor but do so willingly."

As you make your way back to the harbor, you detour through a neighborhood were many craftsmen have their shops. You stop in a bow maker's shop and are quoted the following:

longbow - 4 Sb
shortbow - 3 Sb

quiver of 20 - 1 Sb

Character Sheet

I'll grab three longbows and three quivers of arrows, unless Ulo or Sayyid decide they don't want one. I believe Ade has her own.

"back to the boat then?"

"No my friend, I would prefer a shortbow, it is better suited to me"
Sayyid puts the longbow down and after a quick word with the merchant selects a short bow for himself.
"My people use these from horseback I will be more able with this one."

Character Sheet

Asmund leads the way back to the boat, then brews up some tea for Ade and lays low until its time to go.

Sayyid lets out a long high whistle when they return. Moments later a great bird of prey lands on his outstretched forearm. Sayyid and Talbia walk the deck as he softly talks to the bird.

Ade comes out of her quarters looking surprisingly better, but sleepy. "How was dry land, boys? Find us any gainful employment?"

Character Sheet

"Indeed we did m'lady. Glad to you see you're feeling better."

Seeing Ade in good health Asmund steels himself in preparation for the arduous task of convincing her its okay to be pirates for a bit.

"We've been hired by a man named Halcan to perform a Yuruan raid. Its a routine operation, no real violence, but not entirely legal either. I figured you might have words on that but it pays well and we need the coin."

"Employment, yes... though how gainful it truly is we shall see. You are feeling better, no?"

Ade glances at Sayyid and Talbia. ”I’m fine. Thank you.” She smiles at the bird, then turns to Asmund. ”And I do have some words on that. I don’t like being left out of decision making, I don’t like playing at piracy, and I especially don’t like intentionally missing when I shoot at something. If you’ve really made up your mind to trust this guy, expose us to legal trouble and annoy the ghost of my father, I’ll go along for now, but I think this is a mistake.” She pauses. ”We need the money, and I know you wouldn’t have taken the job if others were lying around. Just don’t expect me to feel good about this.”

Character Sheet

He grimaces a bit when Ade mentions her father, but his face quickly returns to normal.

"I don't relish the idea all that much myself, and I wouldn't trust this Halcan fellow if we had many options, but I think it's our best bet. We do this job, we have enough coin to be a bit pickier about the next."

Asmund reaches into a pouch on his belt and pulls out a little bundle of green leaves. Popping it into his mouth he grins widely at Ade.

"And you don't have to miss what you're aiming at so long as you don't aim at the people."

Have decided that Halcan's job is the best course available to you, you spend two quite days wandering the city and seeing the sites. The princes estate, the streets of silver and marble where upscale merchants and trading houses keep their offices, the two great forts guarding the entrance to the Bay, the bustling sock sides we're workers move great quantities of goods to and from the giant warehouses flanking the harbor, and the sprawling street market that spreads out between the harbor and the diplomat's palace.

At the appointed hour on the morning of the third day, you head to the appointed quay. In the birth you see a galley of medium size. One large mast, room for 15 oars on each side. A ship not truly built for war or trade, but serviceable for either. A serious looking ballista Grace's the bow. You can make out the words "Sea Snake" along the side of the bow. A serious looking and well-scarred sailor oversees the proceedings. He greets you
Ah, you'll be the crew of the scout ship Halcan hired us. He said the Cimfelder would be hard to miss. I'm Selhert, captaining the snake.

Ade keeps her cloak pulled well forward, and lets the others deal with Selhert. She glances at Asmund briefly when she hears the words 'scout ship.'

Character Sheet

Asmund extends a hand in greeting.
"Aye, thats us. I'm Asmund, captain of The Sea Hawk's Companion. Let's get straight to business. What is your plan, and where do we fit in?"

Selhert shakes your hand firmly.

He answers you, lowering his voice somewhat. Not whispering, but enough to ensure it won't carry. He goes through the plan step by step with the assuredness of someone whos done this a time or two.

Plan's pretty simple. First things first, the idea here is to get seen. That means they'll be coming back with a description of your boat, so a few basic counter-measures are called for. For the Snake, we have a spare sail in a different color which we'll be hauling once we've left port. We'll also be repainting the bow name and I got myself a false-figure head we can mount. I recommend you use a back-up sail and name-board as well. Name-board's a bit harder to come buy, but I got a spare one here if you haven't got one, reads "Verdant Lance," no idea who came up with that one.

Once were at sea, they'll be staying off the main shipping lane, better for us. The corridor they'll be coming through is about 3 leagues wide. Easy enough for 2 ships to patrol. Winds are easy round there, they may be a day late, but not much chance them being off course. You see 'em, signal us. Your small enough they may be tempted to take you, but the snake's got a crew of 18, all armed. They won't trifle with us. After that it's simple: few flights of arrows, get a bolt stuck in their sides, singe their sails. Let 'em escape. Easy.

Once it's done, Ill have the rest of the payment for you and I got the first third here now. I'd recommend you steer clear of Nerun for a few turns of the tide. No casualties so they'll lose interest quick, but all the same, best stay away a few weeks. Got any questions?

Character Sheet

"Seems a fair story to me. We would be glad of the name-board my friend."

Ula! Ulo looks excited, though he does try and maintain a calm about himself.

Character Sheet

"Sounds simple enough. Just one question, whats the signal?"

Assuming I'm given the signal.

"Alrighty then, good luck and swift winds to you Selhert. We'll go prep our boat and we'll see you out there."

Asmund leads the way back to The Sea Hawk's Companion.

We sail the ship away from port until we lose sight of the docks, then drop anchor. We rig up the extra sail, put on the "Verdant Lance" name-board, and cover the figure head with a piece of fabric.

Asmund turns to his companions. "Let's be bad guys."

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