When Worlds Collide (Inactive)

Game Master Brian Minhinnick

Hero Points

You can use Hero Points to affect the outcome
of a battle or situation and swing the odds to
your favor. The following options are available
to you:
• A Twist of Fate
• The Luck of the Gods
• Mighty Success
• Legendary Success
• Defy death
• Shake off wounds
• Other

A Twist of Fate
Where the narrative of a scene has not clearly defined a certain piece of information the player might suggest something that sounds reasonable and make that suggestion become fact. Use of a Hero Point in this manner should be at the discretion of the GM and shouldn’t be to effect major changes in a scene and can’t be used to change something that has already been ascertained. For example, if the characters are locked in a dungeon cell, one of them could use a Hero Point to find a loose stone in the wall, that he can pry away, maybe to use to bash the guard over the head when he comes in to serve their slops. A magician could use a Hero Point to account for one of his spell requirements in this way – for example, if the time of day hasn’t already been established, he could state “ah, the hour is perfect for my conjuration”.

The Luck of the Gods
You can spend a point to roll the dice again whenever you make a task resolution roll (even if you roll a 2, which would otherwise be an automatic failure). If you do this you must use the result of your second roll. If you have a boon that allows you to use three dice instead of two, you use all three dice the second time as well (same goes for flaws).

Turn a success into a Mighty Success
Whenever a player succeeds in combat (or even in non-combat situations), he can turn the success into a Mighty Success at the expenditure of a Hero Point. The results of a Mighty Success depend on what the character is doing.

Note: This is effectively the same as rolling 12 on your Task roll, where 12 would normally have been a success. You can do this even if
you spent a Hero Point rolling the dice again.

Turn a Mighty Success into a Legendary Success
If you roll a natural 12 when making your task roll that would have been a success in any event (a Mighty Success), at the expenditure of a Hero Point, you can turn that into a Legendary Success. You can do this even if you spent a Hero Point rolling the dice again (as long as you got 12 on the second roll).However, you cannot make a Legendary Success unless you roll 12 on the dice. (In other words you cannot bump up a normal success into a Mighty Success and then spend another Hero Point to make it a Legendary Success).

Defy death
Hero Points can always be used to keep a Hero alive where he would otherwise be killed. If you have taken sufficient damage to put you below zero LB but above -6, you may spend a point to put your LB to zero: alive but unconscious. If you have received sufficient damage to put you below –5 LB, you may spend a Hero Point to stabilize and remain alive. You are still unconscious but will recover with several days rest.

Shake off Wounds
When a hero has just suffered damage, he can take a momentary pause (using his next action) to shake off some of the effects of that wound.
In other words, somehow the wound wasn’t quite as bad as it first seemed. Roll a d6 – this is the number of LB he gets back (but he cannot exceed the LB damage he just took).

Anything else I allow. Ask and you might receive.