Way of the Wicked(custom gestalt)

Game Master Diamondust

The Villains have survived the dangerous voyage north and now only the gates of Balentyne stand in their way.
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Its 1030pm. Paizo was down most of the day. But will try to get a background in


Beads was a slave for half his life. Captured, tortured. And used. Till he freed himself. By shooting the man who captured him. Guns was in his blood. He grew up with the smell of gunpowder filling the air. So he fled. To a place called Talingarde. People were suppose to be nice and helpful. Till you worshiped something othwr than their Mitra. So one night they came for him. Teied to force him to repent. Well. They couldnt force him when their were gaping holes in their bodies. Nope. Guns solve a lot of problems. He teied to flee again. But this time. This time they caught him. And tried him for murder. Well. He would rather die free than live as a slave. Never again.

Hope this helps. Plus the 10min background and posted a while back =^.^=

Cardinal A. Thorn wrote:
Going over everyone and starting the selection process. Everyone has roughly 24hrs for last minute submissions before I finalise.

Good luck everyone!

Didn't find time to do the stuff for this recruitment after all, good luck all!

Ok, narrowing you all down has been quite difficult but I have done it. You will be tested and if you are found worthy; receive the generosity of Hell. If not, there are always more ambitious evil souls to recruit.

The Noble Doctor(Alchemist/Gunslinger)
Talia Fireskin(Psychic Warrior/Soulknife)
Marvin the Strangler(Magus/Brawler)
Lady Rose(Antipaladin/Vigilante)
Kelvar Mylan(Slayer/Cleric)


Have fun, guys, but know this! One day, I'll show you; show you all!

Evil will always find a way. Have fun guys.


Ah well, I tried. Have fun y'all!

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