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Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

Alis - I figured all that... just needed a bit of time to write her response up and didn't want to lose that MONSTER roll! LOL

Priyya's eyes soften noticeably. These women are so good at handling others gently. She smiles, acknowledging she is both caught out and aware of their unspoken communication.

Priyya's brow furrows as she recalls the vision trying to think if there was any element of it she missed, and avoiding (for the moment) the other subject. Her wide almond eyes snap fully open. "There was nothing else I saw. But, now that you mention it, there were some things I heard. When the butterflies deposited me on the mesa, the sound of their wings changed. It went from the sound of like... papers rustling in a breeze to the sound of larger, heavier wings... like the flapping of a pair of giant bat wings as I would imagine it." She dredges her memory for more. "... And there was a wind on the mesa. It was fitful and distant but sometimes it became quite loud. It didn't sound like wind across rocks. It sounded more bestial like a large cat, maybe a Dune Panther."

Priyya looks uncomfortable, sad, or maybe perplexed. "That is all that could be related to you, Alis. I swear. The rest... well... Fel's timing at rousing me was either damn poor or guided by Sarenrae's hand. I asked her a question, a question no Surya-ka-Vahaak has probably ever dared ask the Lady and I was awakened before she saw fit to answer... though that may, in itself, BE the answer."

After listening to all of the vision, Alis looks deep in thought, considering what it all might mean. After a few minutes, she begins listing off things that stuck with her in chronological order...

"The first part of us being in one body reminds me of what you said about sometimes wandering being a purpose in its own right. Your own searching combined with my aimlessness is what brought us together. The fact that my body was naked, and don't forget, our hair is about the same length, puts me in mind of what you'd have left if you took away my rank and privilege. Little old ample me without any purpose."

"But, what's a will with no body? A ghost? A figment? Whatever it is, it can't affect this world without a materialized form. So in the hot light of scrutiny, we were both laid bare before the hot gaze of your goddess where even the greatest worldly weapon is as meaningless as a penny."

"However, where the desert is shifting, formless sands, elemental earth yet acting much like water, the mesa is strong and concrete — the quality that most contrasts our world to the spirit worlds."

"Now I may call Desna 'Lady Luck', yet if there's one thing I've learned, it's that there's no such thing as coincidence. I don't think that means that everything is predestined mind you, but it gives more weight to the theory that fortune favors the bold. In otherwords, we can determine our own 'luck' by not just letting the power of the gods sweep us along, but by tapping into that power within us."

"I think Desna's butterflies were in a way a combination of the two. Our joint desire to have our will be realized in this world, to be clothed in majesty and raised up, and her ushering us along the path that we desired."

"Standing atop a precipice indicates a choice to me. From up high we have perspective both to recognize danger and also possibilities. That we were standing in the world are already in seems to underscore that this was a choice. We could either choose to stay either above and detached from the world, safe perhaps yet bearing that unblinking scrutiny of the truth of our own weakness laid bare in the light..."

"Or..." she looks up at the sky, "to choose to take charge of what had girded us in glory and enter into a new world. It needn't be a literal world, of course, but even a new paradigm, a new way of thinking can change someone's reality."

"The two moons, fire, and water... look at us and the places that we call home. Yet our moon her on Golarion is what brings change to the world. It causes the sea to rise and fall with its passing, it stirs our emotions and lights our way, or chooses to let us find our own way when its gone. I think the presence of the two moons... the two of us in one body, a ring — a symbol of continuity — encircling all the world? To me that speaks of finding balance."

"Do not follow, do not lead? If one walks by themselves, they have no one to follow and no one to lead but themselves. Only when there are two or more is it possible to lead or follow. Yet if we were one, or even side-by-side walking at the same pace in tune with one another, that would also be neither leading nor following but just choosing to go and make our own fate."

"As for the other sounds, the fact that could be heard but not seen makes me wonder if those are possibilities that are not yet certain, or maybe factors that are external to us. Wild cards perhaps. It could be that they represent fears or hidden dangers of the consequence of our choice. Whether to stay safe on the mesa for what might come, or whether to leap into the new world and will the butterflies of fate to bear us up."

"Just as they seemed to grow closer, I think that if they are meaningful then they will be revealed in time. Yet since we were not afraid of them in the dream, I don't think them to be an ill omen."

"As for your question... at the academy, Alexis and I didn't share many classes, but one professor we both had was our philosophy professor, Sir Garrick Tam. If we would ask him a question that we could figure out on our own and were merely asking for confirmation, or with hesitation, he would pose it right back to us."

She laughs, "I used to think he was mocking me, and Alexis would get upset because she doesn't like being wrong and likes to have everything double-checked — to know for certain what's what before she makes a move."

Anyway, at the time we both were irked by it, but looking back now, I can see that Sir Tam wanted to teach us that we weren't in his class merely to hear what he had to say and imitate him. He wanted us to think for ourselves, to leave our doubts behind and to speak with authority. He wanted us to grow up to be peers or without letting our beliefs be easily swayed by others... without letting someone else lead us like children or coddle us."[/b]

"I think that Sarenrae's silence, or the vision ending like that might have been the same thing..."

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

Priyya listens to Alis' thoughts and then thinks for quite some time. "The addition of Desna as a likely influence makes everything you've said quite possible. She's never been in my visions before and I am not used to her ways... so you may interpret her meanings better than me. It is likely her message is for you personally. But I will tell you what I think based on how Sarenrae usually is in my visions. I think you and I being 'one' tells me that I am to accompany you. I think the 'lead/follow' comment is to emphasize that we are 'companions'. I think that you and I being 'one' may also indicate we are the same - sisters or priestesses, of the same 'blood' in some way. The fact that both our Deities made an appearance supports the idea of us being sister priestesses. The other thing that makes me think I am to go with you... is that the call to go 'North and West' has stopped. Sarenrae's task for me has changed. So, if you were hoping to be quit of my company... think again, sister."

"As for being nude, I am often that way in visions; I cannot hide before my Goddess. However, perhaps Desna meant that to have more meaning for you. As for the desert, mesa, sky, moons, and sounds - your guess is as good as mine."

Alexis wrote:
"As for your question... at the academy, Alexis and I didn't share many classes, but one professor we both had was our philosophy professor, Sir Garrick Tam. If we would ask him a question that we could figure out on our own and were merely asking for confirmation, or with hesitation, he would pose it right back to us."

Priyya laughs bitterly. "Your instructor was not Sarenrae and my question wasn't an abstract philosophic argument. If I choose wrong, the penalties could be severe." She looks at Fel resting in her arms and says mostly to herself, "Still, it may be worth it."

"Yeah, I suppose that's a good point. Of course, one of the mantras that seemed to be the modus operandi of the 'order' that I was part of was that it is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask permission. Mind you, I don't recall this ever being espoused as a two-way policy, and Sarenrae doesn't seem to be a capricious deity like... some others."

With Alexis' departure for Arcadia only a few days away now, your group decides to push-on past the point of weariness in order to make it back to town tonight.

It's well past midnight when you arrive at the Seven Silvers taven, but Trevlar is still up wiping down the bar with a world-weary look on his ruddy face, and a disheartened slump to his shoulders.

However, all his grimness melts away when he sees your group enter the common room. "Dimira? Roldare? Oh thank the gods! Asina! Get out here, you've got visitors!"

Without hesitation, the burly barkeep gives Dimira a big hug as if she was his own daughter. When Asina finally makes it out from the kitchen, still wearing her work apron, she squeals in happiness and practically tackles her two friends. "I can't believe you guys are alright! You were gone for so long we feared we lost you and the heroes who went to save you!"

As the three go off to talk and celebrate, you just barely spy Trevlar wipe tears from his eyes with the back of his thumb. "You folks are a godsend, there's no doubting that. Lady Wardove, there's not much our little town will be able to do to thank you beyond the reward money for that contest the mayor cooked-up, but you've really made a big difference here... You and all your friends! Anytime you all are in Kassen, the Seven Silvers is open to you, no charge!"

With that, he breaks out enough mugs for everyone so that you can all celebrate and recount your tales over whatever suits your fancy.

Felmor rests in Priyya's arms and enjoys the ride back to town. The ride back was rather invigorating for him, and although he certainly gained enough strength, and felt strong enough to ride on his own, he rather enjoyed being held by Priyya, to be honest.

Still he was very glad to arrive back at the Seven Sisters tavern, where it all began, what seems like an eternity ago. He takes a seat at the table where the bard had performed some days earlier, and says, "Aye, 'tis good ta be back. I'll take whate'er ye got left in th' kitchen, Trevlar I ain't picky."

Once he has palced his order, he notices Priyya, not talking much, and with a thoughtfull look in her eyes, and he noticed the looks shared between Alis and her. He looks over to her, noting how beautiful she looked, and asks, "Everthing OK thar?"

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

Felmor's question reminds Priyya that she hasn't checked herself for signs of zombie infection in a few days. She holds up a finger to indicate she's got to handle something before answering his question. She heads to her room to check herself over.

Heal 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27 Assuming this is good enough to detect if she was diseased.

Priyya is relieved that she appears to have escaped infection. She heads back down to the bar and retakes a seat next to Felmor.

"All things considered, Fel, it's going rather well. We're alive, people have been rescued, evil has been vanquished, food is coming, and I've got a waiting bath and a comfortable bed upstairs. I'll call that a victory." She gives him a smile, "How about with you?"

Felmor watches her go upstairs, and then takes a drink of ale, which was provided by Trevlar. He watched her body as she walks away from him, and appreciates her curvy forms, and the catlike way she walks. Aye, mebbe I really be feelin' better. Certainly her goddess be watchin' oveah me. Dunno what th' future holds, certainly wouldna mind travelin' with th' Capt Wardove fer a while. Dunno if she be comin' wit me or not. Even if she don't she always be wit' me in me heart.

His thoughts are interrupted by Priyya returning to him, and in response to her question, he takes her hand in his and leans in close, saying softly, "I jes want ye ta know, I be verra happy now, 'n not because I nearly ended up as monster chow, I be happy 'cause of ye, Priyya, ye made me believe in meself agin, 'n I owe ye everything fer that."

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

Priyya blushes. "I'm glad I've affected you as much as you have affected me." She kisses him quickly and then dives into their food which was just delivered. She watches him while she eats, weighing, considering. After getting herself around a good portion of her plate, and a mug of ale, she asks softly, "Fel, what do you want from your life? A boat of your own? A house by the sea? A wife? Children?"

Felmor pauses from wolfing his meal, and turns to look at her. He sees the seriousness in her eyes, and for a moment Felmor realizes he is getting, well not old, not by any stretch, but certainly getting older. "Well, Priyya, I neveah really thought about that before, I jes been tryin' ta survive my past decisions in me life. Armandia once asked me that, it was a while ago, but that got me ta thinkin' what I be doin' wit me life. Lotsa sailors never plan out their lifes like that, cause it be a dangerous life. Still , me daddy told me ta at least try ta git yer own boat. Sound advice I t'ink."

He pauses for a moment, to collect his thoughts, and then continues, "'Lexis offered me a position as a helmsman of 'er flagship, so I plans on takin' that job. As fer a wife, 'n kids...." he pauses and looks directly into her almond eyes, trying to see himself as a husband perhaps, "Yeah, I kin see meself wit' a wife, 'n children."

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

He doesn't know whether that answer fills her with hope, despair, or a combination of the two. The look in her eyes is passing strange... slightly sad, slightly scared. There is also that fiery determination she shows just before she says something utterly frank. "Fel, marriage is forbidden to me. I can never be a wife... not without giving up my order and my purpose for existence. I can't do that, Fel. Sarenrae made me for a purpose and I can't turn away from that."

She takes a deep breath and looks down at her plate, "But I could, perhaps, bear you a child... assuming Sarenrae does not prevent it, or injury end it, or I die. My life is dangerous. We Surya-ka-Vahaak along with the other mantles in my order... we don't live to see advanced years. And while none in my order, so far as I know have ever mothered a child... it is not expressly forbidden and Sarenrae did not tell me I should not do this thing." She seems to find something intensely interesting in her flatware or plate because her head remains bowed and her voice, very quiet. "Still, I would be willing to dare this if... if you... if this is something you might desire, but only if you would want a child in this way. If you plan to marry then, perhaps this would not please your wife. Please don't feel you have to answer now, just consider it." She finishes in a rush, "Please excuse me. I need to bathe and rest, I think." She leaves the table quickly and heads upstairs to her room.

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

To keep the sidetrek on its merry way...
Priyya has retired to her room for the evening which I have busted out into its own thread:

Priyya's Room

If anyone wants to chat with her that evening - no that is not a solicitation for visitors - that's where she will be. Just give her an hour or so (game time) as she is enjoying a bath right now. :)
Let's assume whatever happened that evening happens but Laith feel free to move the actual Sidetrek on as you see fit. So if you want to skip to the next day, go for it.

PS - Regarding Priyya's last statement, I didn't know who was sitting where and Priyya wasn't actively whispering so I suppose it is possible that other folks may have heard the exchange, or not, as they choose. That's what I get for typing when tired.

Felmor stares after the retreating form of Priyya, the realization of who and what she was sinking in again. The Surya-ka-Vahaak , and also the woman he loved. Aye, ‘tis never easy, but mebbe it ‘ taint meant ta be easy. If’n it was easy, then it wouldna mean much.” He sighs, wondering about his bad luck, and trying not to feel sorry for himself, that way led down a path he no longer needed to go. He wondered whether he should say anything, and for a moment sees himself rushing after her like a lovesick puppy. Somehow, he got the impression part of her, the Surya-ka-Vahaak would not…respect him for that, although Priyya the woman may appreciate it. He had to live with that fact, and railing about it changed nothing, like railing against the ocean currents, or a strong headwind.

Maybe he would stop by her chambers later, hopefully she would say yes for some company.

After a time in the common room of the Seven Silvers, weariness finally overtakes everyone and you each retire to the upstairs.

Morning comes sooner than you might like however as Asina and Trevlar come knocking on your doors around breakfast time. Still yawning from staying up so late with all of you, Trevlar says, "Mayor Uptal's downstairs talking with Dimira and Roldare right now. Figured you might be interested in joining 'em. He was wanting to thank you proper."

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

Priyya acknowledges Asina's summons, "Be right down, thank you." She dresses quickly and heads downstairs...

Felmor grabs his pack of gear, feeling a sense of urgency for some reason, and moves along with Priyya to hear what the mayor has to say.

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

Cheeky Monkey! That could be read as the two of them emerging from the same room... :p

When you get downstairs, you find Mayor Uptal speaking quietly with Alis, Alexis, and Dimira at one end of the private room. Morgaard and Roldare wait in the common room giving them some privacy and speaking with the town guards, Billy and Tom. You notice that while Billy is squirming as he overhears bits and pieces of the conversation from the back room, that Tom is leaning calmly on one of the tables, is hand resting atop a small yet heavy-looking strongbox.

Judging by the heated sound of Dimira's voice, and the nervous sound of the mayor's you gather that she's not only recently learned that Jonah Uptal is her father, but that he is currently fessing up to his misdeeds.

"You sent two groups to the tomb under false pretenses?!" Dimira cries, "Roldare was almost killed, Father Durnaan is dead and so are nearly half-a-dozen other people!"

"What?! You mean that they are princesses and– oh, by the gods! What a mess I caused by getting captured by those thugs... Alis, Alexis, there's no way I can ever repay you or your friends. What can I do?"

Sense Motive DC 10:
It sounds like Dimira is nearly in tears from all that she's just taken in.

I need to get to bed, but feel free to mingle in the common room or enter the back room and interject as you see fit.

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

Sense Motive 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18

Priyya looks at Felmor and says quietly, "Oh, hell... I think we are going to have to do some damage control." She heads into the backroom to attempt to calm Dimira. Secretly, she thinks the mayor is getting off easy if all he gets is a tongue-lashing from his abandoned daughter.

Sense Motive 1d20 ⇒ 10

"Aye, Priyya. I t'ink this requires a woman's touch." Felmor moves in quietly behind Priyya, and allows her to do the talking, knowing he would like nothing better to plant his belaying pin up the mayor's arse.

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

Priyya thinks Good thing the Kirmoon's are there... because my "woman's touch" is rusty. She gives Felmor a grim smile, and says very quietly, "I'll try... beloved."

Priyya approaches the distraught Dimira. "Be calm, sister. You are justifiably shocked and outraged. But we need you to breathe and be calm. Please try."

Diplomacy 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19

Priyya and Felmor enter the private room to find Mayor Uptal seated at to the left of the head of the table with Dimira sitting across from him, Alis to her right. Standing at the table's head is Alexis who looks absolutely wroth.

Upon seeing you enter, Alis looks over her shoulder gritting her teeth and motions for the two of you to quickly have a seat and to shut the door behind you. The door is scarcely latched before Alexis begins to tear into the mayor.

However, she does not lay into him shouting and screaming like a madwoman. Instead she speaking in an icy, even tone like some grim oracle of doom. For over 15 minutes, she flays him over not only his lack of morals but his ethical missteps as an elected official, neglect for his daughter, and sending people needlessly to their deaths to save his worthless, empty pride.

By the time she has finished, you'd swear it was mid-winter with no firewood or coal to be found. Dimira is white as a sheet, Priyya looks like she needs to get some sunlight, Felmor seems to have shrunk two-sizes in his coat, and Alis is practically curled into a ball in her seat, knees to her chest. You'd swear that waves of frost were emanating from the older twin and that Jonah Uptal had expired from exposure in the midst of blizzard for the way in which he stiff and pale in his seat.

At long last, the defeated-looking man looks down at his shaking hands and clasps them together. He cannot bring himself to meet Alexis' gaze but instead looks to Dimira and says, "I swear to you, to all of you and what gods will bear witness... I know that I can never right all the wrongs that I have done, but I swear that today I dedicate what's left of my life and fortune to setting the wrong things right, or may the devil take me! I only hope that someday even if I can never be forgiven that maybe Dimira will let me call her 'daughter'..."

Felmor sits back in his seat, completely stunned by this dressing down of the mayor, worthy of the finest sea captain's tales. Ach, was that th'same girl who hugged me in th' tomb? Nahh, coudna be! He does completely agrees on the sentiment displayed by Alexis, in fact only Priyya's calming touch and/or grip, kept him from grabbing his pin, and proceeding to act on his earlier impulses.

Once she has finished, and Mayor Uptal has issued his proclamation, Felmor barely manages to nod at him in acknowledgement, clearly unconvinced of his sincerity. He had heard sailors swearing off many things, from booze to women, with that same tone, only to completely forget about their 'solemn pledge' not long thereafter. He squeezes Priyya's hand in comfort, knowing she had a long night earlier.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

The remainder of your time in the town of Kassen is considerably less strenuous. Following his reprimand, the soon-to-be-ex-mayor had Tom and Billy give you the reward that had been promised. Afterwards, deputy Tom stopped Priyya to explain that their friend, the brown-skinned elf, had been released a few days prior and left town heading downstream without further incident.

To her credit, Priyya donated the majority of her reward so Dimira would be able to attend a seminary in a nearby city to learn more of Arshea and someday found a church in her hometown. Alexis and Alis followed suit and purchased the deed to a plot of land suitable for founding an appropriate church building upon her return.

For his part, Morgaard decided to make an investment in Roldare's business. He took both the lad and Felmor on a walk around town imparting his advice on how, like finding a flawless jewel, that a man ought to know when he's found the perfect woman. The three spent quite some time at the jeweler's shop yet what exactly took place there none would say.

With the tomb of the town's founder cleared of both bandits and undead, a mid-afternoon feast was held in your honor. While the mood was somber due to all that had happened, there was no mistaking everyone's gratitude. Well, everyone except for the bandits who meet their fates at the gallows that noon. The town had not execute them sooner for fear of reprisal should your group have failed.

News of the giant poisonous monster living in Greylake was met with equal parts surprise and disbelief. Disbelief until Felmor (after having several rounds of ale), revealed the huge scar he now bore on his side and the long tooth hanging from around his neck by a turquoise ribbon. After seeing that, those men who had boasted that they would venture there to hunt it themselves became curiously silent, a newfound respect in their eyes.

Although it was not a long distance to have to walk, the Schuffers spent the morning giving their best carriage a fresh coat of white paint. When the time came for you to go, Darren himself, dressed in his Sunday best, drove you throughout the town for all to see. At long last, you arrived at the docks and boarded the Jade Coi while a gathered throng stood and watched, shouting your praises.

Yet no sooner did you board than did Alis call out for quiet from everyone assembled...

"Everyone," she begins, "while you have shown us a heroes' send-off here in your town, know that the fate of things was decided by one sword. One man's brave actions ended the evil that we faced. While the rest of us had succumbed to our wounds, it was Mr. Traker who carried the day with Kassen's own sword!"

"Kassen once again rests in peace with his sword, yet it is this sword that once sought to do you in. That of his mortal enemy, Asar!"

She holds aloft the sleek black blade that had belonged to Asar and you can see that its ancient grip has been rehilted with burgundy leather overlaid with braided, hammered wire, a fiery red crystal now set in the pommel. It rests within a scabbard crafted from matching leather with silver fitting adorning its throat and a teardrop shaped finial at its base.

"Yet even acts of great evil can ultimately only end up serving the good that the gods intend for that is the way of things. So too shall this blade now be wielded not for conquest, yet to aid those who need its protection!"

Turning to Felmor, Alis says, "Mr. Traker, would you please kneel?"

The sailor who was feeling a bit uneasy at all the attention a moment ago seems almost to forget his sea legs for a moment as all eyes turn to him. He looks to his lover beside him seeing in Priyya's almond-shaped eyes the confidence she has in him and his resolve is strengthened.

Picking up on a message spell from Alexis, Priyya whispers something to Felmor and he removes his coat and hat before taking a knee in front of the incalculable Princess of Greengold.

Enduring her gentle smile and twinkling purple-eyed gaze, he waits uncertain as to what she's up to gulping nervous as she unsheathes the blade and holds it high in the wind and sunlight above him.

After what seems like an eternity wherein he's convinced that he's sweating like an ice berg caught in a tropical current, he winces with alarm and the blade descends!

"By the witness of Heaven, and the thrones of Kyonin and Taldor..." the blade taps Felmor once on each shoulder and again on the crown of his head, "I grant you the right to mete justice, to bear heraldry, and to be known as a Knight of Greengold and a Captain of Cassomir!"

She slides the sword silently back into its sheath and offers it to you with both hands, "Rise Sir Traker, and take your blade..."

Wait a minute, that’s na how it happened, or was it? Felmor has difficulty remembering just what exactly happened in the crypt. The fog of battle, they called it. Still, the events seemed to be pretty close, he guessed.

He endures the speech given under the gaze of the smiling princess, and winces when the blade descends towards him! Once Alis has finished the ceremony, he rises to his feet, somewhat unsteadily, and accepts the blade with some reluctance, remembering its previous wielder. He looks back to Alis, unsure what to say. Finally, after glancing at Priyya, and seeing her smile at him, he says, quietly at first, and then his voice picks up steam. I thank ye fer this honor ye have given me, Princess Alis of ‘ouse Kirmoon. It be my honor ta serve ye in what e’er way ye see fit!” He takes Asar’s blade up and salutes Princess Alis, then follows up by saluting Alexis, Priyya, and finally Morgaard. each in turn.

Once he has sheathed his new blade, he waits until the Jade Quoi is underway, then approaches Alis, and asks, ”So, uhh, Princess Alis, jes what is a knight supposed ta do anyway?"

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Upon examining the blade, Felmor finds it engraved with each of your titles on opposite sides of the fuller.

On the scabbard is a large silver plaque etched with a heraldic coat of arms:

On a field Azure, a sword Sable limned Or cleaves the memento mori Argent. Supported sinister the thorn-wrapped crystal Vert, supported dexter the lion Argent. In crest a sea serpent erased Vert, the neck pierced by an arrow in bend Gules flighted Tawny between sails Argent.

In motto on a scroll Proper, "Courage bears up hope."

The central field is blue, a black sword limned in gold cleaves a silver skull. The supporter on the left is the thorn-wrapped green crystal pillar of Kyonin. The supporter on the right is the white lion of Taldor. The crest is the head of a sea serpent pierced thru the neck by a red arrow with orange fletching. To either side of it are the billow white sails of a ship.

Below, on a scrolling ribbon made to look like parchement is the motto, "Courage bears up hope."

Sir Traker wrote:
”So, uhh, Princess Alis, jes what is a knight supposed ta do anyway?"

"Well besides setting the wrong things right, rescuing damsels in distress, and generally making the world a better place?"

"To begin with, most knights are granted landholdings to rule over and govern for the crown. However, I suspect that a fast ship, and lighthouses in new ports of call might suit you a bit better, am I right?"

Alexis leans up against the railing of the Jade Coi and says, "My own voyage will be leaving too soon for a vessel to be properly commissioned for you, however, it is just under a month before Alissariel is due to embark for the Mwangi Expanse..."

"Oh, do you think Aunt Corrina might know of any ships nearing completion that could use a new captain? If not, I can just charter one and have you captain it until yours is ready! You should really talk with 'Sis about what sort of vessel you have in mind. I'm good at piloting and handling the sails and rigging, but she knows the sort of waters you'd be apt to navigate and all the ship-building stuff!"

Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:

"Well besides setting the wrong things right, rescuing damsels in distress, and generally making the world a better place?"

"Yeah, besides that stuff. Most of that stuff be pretty easy, heck I been doin' that stuff already. I mean like th' formal stuff, ye know, who ta bow to, 'n who ta salute, 'n what kinda clothes ta wear. Jes th' little stuff, I s'pose."

Alexis Kirmoon wrote:
"To begin with, most knights are granted landholdings to rule over and govern for the crown. However, I suspect that a fast ship, and lighthouses in new ports of call might suit you a bit better, am I right?"

"Aye, ye know me too well, Princess Lexis. I be waitin' afer a ship, rather than a suit o' armor."

Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:
"Oh, do you think Aunt Corrina might know of any ships nearing completion that could use a new captain? If not, I can just charter one and have you captain it until yours is ready! You should really talk with 'Sis about what sort of vessel you have in mind. I'm good at piloting and handling the sails and rigging, but she knows the sort of waters you'd be apt to navigate and all the ship-building stuff!"

"Aye, Princess, 'tis be a good idear." Felmor turns away, and then looks at her, a frank look in his eyes. "I jes wanna say thank ye agin, not fer the honor ye gave me, but fer givin' me somethin' I ne'er had before. Respect fer meself."

Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:
"Oh, do you think Aunt Corrina might know of any ships nearing completion that could use a new captain? If not, I can just charter one and have you captain it until yours is ready! You should really talk with 'Sis about what sort of vessel you have in mind. I'm good at piloting and handling the sails and rigging, but she knows the sort of waters you'd be apt to navigate and all the ship-building stuff!"

"Aye, Princess, 'tis be a good idear." Felmor turns away, and then looks at her, a frank look in his eyes. "I jes wanna say thank ye agin, not fer the honor ye gave me, but fer givin' me somethin' I ne'er had before. Respect fer meself."

"I did no such thing, Felmor." Alis smiles gently and continues, [b]"You earned that respect! At this point it would have spoken the worse for me if I didn't respect you than it would have for you!"

After a time, weariness from the long night before finally overtakes Priyya and Felmor you as you float gently downstream towards the Inner Sea. It is an easy few hours and the two rest peacefully in each other's arms near the prow. With the currents bearing the ship along and Captain Qoian piloting, the twins have no issues assisting with the few tasks that need doing.

Once at sea, a balmy breeze rouses Felmor to a sky full of stars and the silvery-white moon. With the moon to guide you, the Jade Coi makes a few hours more progress before at dropping anchor so everyone can get a proper rest.

By noon the next day, you once again find yourselves walking thru the docks district of Cassomir back towards the Black Boar Inn and Tavern. There, you catch lunch with Lord Laithoron and regale him on the adventure he brought to Alis' attention before heading upstairs so that Felmor and Priyya can get outfitted with some cool new threads.

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

Priyya fingers the fine fabrics and smiles at the offer of a new wardrobe but shakes her head. "I am a humble priestess. Unless your common use couture can well withstand violence and bloodshed, I should probably avoid it. However, for my evenings..." she casts a glance at Felmor, "Something a bit more feminine would be very much appreciated. More to the point, Sir Felmor here could definitely use clothes befitting his station as Knight of Greengold and Captain of Cassomir."

Felmor smiles at Priyya's word's while trying not to grit his teeth at the thought of losing his favorite sailors wardrobe, If'n , I gotta dress like one' o them pansy face cockatoos, I be throwin' a fit!

He says to Laithoron, "I t'ink I be yieldin' ta yer judgement on this, jes don't make me look too buffoonish, please?" There is a pleading note at the end of the question.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20
Priyya_1 wrote:
"I am a humble priestess. Unless your common use couture can well withstand violence and bloodshed, I should probably avoid it. However, for my evenings... something a bit more feminine would be very much appreciated."

"You hail from the desert correct? I'm well aware of how oppressive the heat and sun can be there, however it is also arid. While your current garb is excellent for keeping out the swirling sands and scorching sunlight, you'll need a different approach to say cool in the humidity jungle. With the forest canopy blotting out the sun, there you will be more concerned with wicking moisture, drying quickly and keeping the vermin at bay."

"As for these," the tall, dark-haired elf motions to the evening gowns and courtier's outfits Priyya had been gazing at with skepticism, "they are designed more for... urban adventures. No matter what you wear, any cloth will be cut by swords or pierced by arrows. If you're looking for normal clothing that is impervious to such harm then it will be a very long search, I assure you. Fortunately, such damage is easily repaired with magic, and I can assure you that I guarantee my workmanship for a lifetime... an elven lifetime."

"As for your evening wear, I can tell by her enthusiasm that my dear Princess would like to help you out with that."

With that, the elven tailor helps Priyya to select some lighter-weight outfits designed for hot, humid weather before surrendering the cleric into Alis' care.

Alis looks at Priyya, mischief twinkling in her eyes, in a mock diabolical voice she cries out, "Now she's mine... aaallll mine! Mwaaa-ha-ha-haaa!"

With that she takes her friend's hand and leads the suddenly apprehensive warrior-priestess back to the finery.

Before too long, the young bard has her bronze-skinned friend looking radiant in evening gowns of turquoise, white, and gold. At Priyya's insistence, she also selects ornate scarves to bind-up the Surya-ka-Vahaak's ebony tresses and show off the graceful curve of her neck. A pair of long sheer gloves reach almost to her elbows. Lastly Alis selects a simple strand of pearls which forms an attractive contrast to the cleric's dusky complexion.

Once they are done, Priyya looks at herself front and back in an octagonal array of tall mirrors. A mixture of emotions play across her face, wonderment, self-consciousness, perhaps a twinge of guilt even. However, even she cannot deny that she looks like a million gold. I look like I could pass for a princess!

As if sensing her friend's inner conflict, Alis says, "See, this shows off your nice toned arms and shoulders without making you look either muscle-bound or wiry. Aaand it hints at the rest without giving anything away! You would look just great at a royal soirée without causing a scandal. I'd say... alluring yet stately!"

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2

Priyya stands shyly next Alis, her head downcast. She says very quietly, "Uh... I think I wasn't exactly clear about what I meant when I said evening wear. I was thinking... more... intimate apparel to be shared with someone special. If you get my meaning. I don't know if I'll ever be able to wear these beautiful ball gowns."

Alis winks. "Oh I knew that, but you'll still need something to wear to Fel's formal ceremony back in Greengold. Alright, let's go find you something sheer and sexy now. Think your knight would go for the harem girl fantasy?"

Priyya wrote:
"More to the point, Sir Felmor here could definitely use clothes befitting his station as Knight of Greengold and Captain of Cassomir."

Priyya just manages to finish her instruction before she's led away by the energetic Alis. Feeling the apple in his throat creep up with anxiety, Felmor comments:

Sir Traker wrote:
"I t'ink I be yieldin' ta yer judgement on this, jes don't make me look too buffoonish, please?"

Before Laithoron can respond to either, Alexis steps up and says, "Fear not, Captain, we shall see you attired handsomely without looking like a dandy."

With that, she lead him over to the Lord's section where she helps him pick to pick out his attire. She starts him off with a pair of comfortable grey-linen breeches with lacing along a gusset on the outside of the leg to allow them to be as tight or baggy as he likes. She pairs it with a cool, loose-fitting shirt of black muslin that laces at the throat before picking out a pair of thigh-high black boots capable of keeping the sea when the deck is awash with green water or that can be turned-down in the popular style.

The centerpiece however is a great captain's coat of royal-blue corduroy trimmed with silver cord. What is of greater interest, however is how it is vented to remain cool. The sleeves lace beneath caps at the shoulders and false pockets in the front and at the rear allow for airflow to keep the wearer looking authoritative while also remaining comfortable even in hot weather. It features generous cuffs that fold and button to the outside allowing him the freedom to don the pliant grey gauntlets Alexis slipped onto his hands. Silver piping accents the black contrast lining and the same treatment is given to the broad lapels the run the length of the front opening.

Lastly Felmor is quite relieved to find many spacious and conveniently located pockets for things like flasks, weapons, spyglasses, and compasses. As he stretches out in it, twists, and flexes, he finds that the cut allows for his full range of movement and has several adjustment points to allow for wear over either a shirt or leathers. He even gives several hard tugs on various parts but is impress (and relieved) to find that the great coat is as sturdy as it is commanding.

"Let's not forget your hat, Knight Captain!" Alexis smiles and walks him over to a mirror where Laithoron hands him a polished bicorn with a spot on the front for your insignia.

"Try on a sword belt and a baldric too," she suggests, "there's a split in the back so that it won't interfere with your scabbard."

At her recommendation, Laithoron takes the coat and allows the princess to buckle a broad belt around his waist for his dagger and belaying pin and then helps him equip a baldric for his longsword. Afterwards, Felmor puts the coat on again and finds that it is still roomy and comfortable without pulling on his weapons or making them difficult to draw.

"Oh, and to lose the baldric so you don't trip on the scabbard?" She pulls what you thought was a decorative silver concho left across your chest. Attached to it is a long pin that was binding the ends of the baldric together. With it gone, the whole thing slips free beneath the coat and drops to the floor leaving him free to fight.

As the princess attaches some gold braids to his epaulets, the sailor has to admit to himself that he looks like a man fit to command a Taldane battleship. Aye, if'n I seen a captain lookin' like this I'd be a thinkin' 'e's a ser'us custamer— helm o' a Taldane battleship or tha likes..."

Female Aasimar -- born Kelesh Cleric / 2
Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:
Alis winks. "Oh I knew that, but you'll still need something to wear to Fel's formal ceremony back in Greengold. Alright, let's go find you something sheer and sexy now. Think your knight would go for the harem girl fantasy?"

She gives Alis a rye smile, "I can't say if it would suit his fantasy... but it fits mine, Alis. Speaking of which, does Master Laithoron have any boots about?" Priyya describes briefly what she is envisioning, something like Fel's new boots, only cut for a woman and slightly more form fitting. Clearly she has a surprise in mind for the new Captain.

Aye, well I be lookin' th' part, now I jes gotta act like it, 'n not let this go ta me 'ead. He remembers all too well other nobles who have let their clothes define them.

He gives a nod of appreciation to Alexis, and says quietly to her, "I do appreciate this, Alexis. It be natural fer ye, but not so much fer me."

His mind turns to seeing Priyya in that evening gown, she looked absolutely, stunningly beautiful, except for the look in her eyes, looking a little uncomfortable and scared. He hoped to see her in that gown, and soon.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

The exploits of Alis, Priyya, Felmor, and company continue in:

Wardove's Rumble in the Jungle


These Side-Trek exploits of Sasha Nevah, Lureene Ourson, Arion Hithraen and company branch from the primary Campaign in :

Wardove's Rumble in the Jungle

Placing his spectacles into his satchel, his Journal under his arm, her Scribe said, "I thank Your Highness for Your leave and directions. I hope this night will prove to be fruitful in many respects. I hope to return before the dawn." He bowed loyally towards the Princess.

The fruit of useful information to add to her arsenal

The possibilities of such an evening were lingering in Arion's mind still as he moved onto the balcony when he realised Lureene had begun a conjuring ritual. Around the glimmering golden globe, people seemed to jump from place to place with the strobing between shadows and flashes. Blinking motion indicated the Scribe urgently lifting his Journal to quickly record the shape of the pulsing Rune upon the heads of the Summoner and the form she gave to whom she'd summoned.

An Eidolon! Her Highness must hold some power far beyond what I had guessed if she is confident enough to allow THIS. I greatly look forward to learning somewhat more of her plans, if they include making use of such powerful beings!...and their links to the Abyss...

Arion had begun to step back, out of reach of the tail and crackling electric-arcs, preparing to use his Quill if necessary. He immediately chided himself for allowing his concentration to be so fixed upon the conjuration that he allowed someone to move behind him and grasp his shoulder so easily unnoticed. In keeping with what seemed to be Princess Kirmoon's strategies he played along and dared one non-hateful sentence in Abyssal.

"Re athlek ishbuz-Grak"

As Arion watched the serpentine apparition cautiously he addressed the two Ladies,"Lady Ourson, I had realised already what a great enchantress You must be, Your charms affecting me so. This display of Your powers raises more questions perhaps best spoken later. Before we follow our Sovereign's submonition, possibly, You Ladies might prefer to choose other attire or refresh Yourselves? Not that I think You need it, radiant as You seem to me already."

Knowledge Check: Planes (Identify Outsiders) 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28


Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20


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