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Kale raised an eyebrow to Vretiel. "Short compared to whom?" She asked with a slight glare. "We take the dust, we need it for the wall of light." She stated simply as she took the pouches. "Lets get back to that wall hmm?"

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Iskra nods, gathering the tomes and slotting them into her pack.

"Agreed. Shall we do one last check of the walls in case of secret doors?"

That done, she follows the party back to Hunclay's manor.

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Haruf nods emphatically at Iskra's remark and starts to search for secret doors just for the sake of it.

Search for secret doors: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

What's left to do at the manor except freeing the shadow creature?

N Male Elf Witch 3 | HP 17/17 | AC 15 (15 Touch, 14 Flat-Footed) | CMB 0, CMD 11 | Fort. +1, Ref. +2, Will +3, +5 enchantment | Init. +2 | Perc. +7, Sense Motive +2 | Speed 30ft | | Spells: 1st 2/3, 2nd 1/2 | Active conditions: Mage Armour

Oblivious to Kale's glare, Vretiel grabs the remaining pouches of dust and shakes his clothes out of any debris and leftovers of the zombie. "On we go, then!"

As the group leaves the room, he takes a last look around the cave, searching for anything they might have missed. He leaves immediately afterwards, relieved to be going back to something less muddy and with less mosquitoes.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

Nebten: sorry, you're absolutely right. Don't know why I thought it was two per skill point. Also, Aklo was more about future encounters with this dark tapestry thing than this specific book. Like, it's the first "authoritative" source on the subject, so Vretiel would expect to find further information on the matter to be in this language.

Iskra, when we level up it might also make sense that one of us gets abyssal/infernal, now that I think about it.

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After carefully searching the secret cave's walls, the party determines there are no other secret passages here.

The return to Hunclay's Manor is uneventful. The party makes there way to the basement where they are greeted by the ever present, blinding Wall of Light.

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Go on, remove the light, Haruf says without realizing he sounds like a child's story villain. His anxiousness could be due to his preference of walking in the shadows.

All that would be left for us to do is checking the stars, but we still need to manage to sit on the chair... I'm sure Hunclay had a way.

male Half-elf

"If we could understand the charts first." Alex said as he watched and waited, believing vretiel's estimations were about the wall of light. "They seemed to be in a different dialect from the aklo text."

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"It's my pleasure, darling. Maff, honey, your knights in shining armour are here!" Vretiel yells. He takes off one of his gloves, opens the pouch, closes his eyes and starts smearing the dust in the most irregular way possible, not realising he's taking twice the time that he reasonably should.

With all the packets empty, he smiles "Ah, the satisfaction of a job well-done…is definitely not as good as the satisfaction of a job well-done by a servant whilst I sip Qadiran sparkling wine, but, oh well. Who shall do the honours of freeing our lovely shae?"

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Even with his eyes closed, Vretiel is still blinded by being within arm's reach of the light wall. After performing his best Pollock impression, the Wall of Light his permanently shuttered.

The shae glides out of her cell and ends with a bow.

"Well Met and thank thee. For this rescue, I am at thine service and company for the duration of thy quest. Alas, the Burning Wall has weakened me and I shall needed magical aid to restore my strength.

I have but two requests. First, thy people are strange to me and I to them. I shall reside out the boarders of this town and rejoin when you depart. Second, have ye found my armour?"

Congratulations. You have rescued Maffei. The party has gained 480 XP.
Maffei, like Nighttail, may be used as a companion to round out the party of 6. A companion will not start taking a cut of the XP until the party has reached the same effective character level as the companion. Companions do not request a share of treasure, but they do not have any way to improve their current gear. Therefore it will be the party's responsibility to upgrade their equipment, if so desired.
What would the party like to do now?

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I think that plate looking leather armor is yours, right? We did find it, just don't remember what we did with it!, Haruf says happily.

With the manor fully explored, Haruf believes that all the traps should be dismantled for it to be used by a stranger. Of all the traps, he only remembers the one in the observatory still being active, but has no clue as to how to disarm it.

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Haruf has the armor. I just wasn't sure if the Player didn't know, or if the Character didn't want to give it back =v)

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I forgot

Haruf gives Maff her armor back and wears his old armor again.

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The shae nods in thanks as she receives her armor. She quickly dons its, providing a shape within the shadowy mists. The lines of form make it more comfortable to look at Maff with a figure to focus on.

"Proceed when ready."

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Male Knife Master lvl 3 [27/27 - 0NL] | AC 15 T13 FF 12 | CMD 17 | F+3 R+6 W+1 | Init +3 Per +5]

Haruf suggests trying the different charms on the chair. If that doesn't work, he reluctantly recommends asking for help around town.

Dark Archive

There are no other magical charms to use on the chair.

When explaining the problem, Maff steps up and examines the chair.

1d20 ⇒ 18

Maff nods in agreement with Haruf's quandary. With her elongated fingers, she tries to manipulate the energies stored within the brass chair.

1d20 ⇒ 11

"All clear."

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Male Knife Master lvl 3 [27/27 - 0NL] | AC 15 T13 FF 12 | CMD 17 | F+3 R+6 W+1 | Init +3 Per +5]

Haruf looks at Maff with disbelief and touches the chair to be sure.

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Placing his palm on the brass seat, a surge of electricity reaches out and shocks Haruf into belief that the trap is still there.

Haruf, DC 20 Reflex save or take 3d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 6) = 16 points of damage.

The pale masked shae cocks her head to the right.

"Pardon, ser. Devices infused with the Art are a delicate business. I am still weakened from the Illumination Wall. Also without the proper tools, such devices can be difficult."

Haruf asks around town to see if there is anybody that can disarm magical traps in Hunclay's manor. With a few weird glances, nobody admits to having such roguish abilities. Half the people give off the impression that they would not be caught dead in the wizard's manor.

During the group's walkabout town, a blonde hair boy with a page cut and purple tunic presents himself.

"Greetings. The Baroness is inquiring on the status of your present task on behalf of Belhaim."

Kale sighed as she looked to Haruf. "Too bad. You would have been asking her how she did it all day." She smirked.

While out and about town Kale mostly listened as people turned them away. Quiet as she often was. It wasn't till the young lad stepped foreword and said. "Good news, we've all but one trap taken care of. Bad news, we can't figure the thing out nor can find anyone willing to give it a go."

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Male Knife Master lvl 3 [27/27 - 0NL] | AC 15 T13 FF 12 | CMD 17 | F+3 R+6 W+1 | Init +3 Per +5]

Reflex Save: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

It can't be done, I tell you, he says firmly to Kale.

He doesn't answer the blond boy and retreats to his quiet self in public. One can sense a reluctance to leave his friend's manor to strangers, but there's little anyone can do against the laws of the world.

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The page shrugs his shoulders and casually says, "Good enough for feudal work. The Baroness invites you to sup with her this evening and to review your report. Good day."

With a snap of his heels, the page about faces and returns to the Baroness's manse.

Calli, normally stoic in the face of danger, turns emotional. With the death of Hunclay and now discovering the sort of dealings he has made over the years, it has become too much for her. An adventurer's life is a hard way to make an easy living, but it is made harder when somebody who is like a father figure is involved. She states she will most likely join a nunnery at the nearby Castle Anthrax. She wishes the party well and hopes to reunite in the future over a few drinks.

Maff also departs, but states that she will remain within the environs. She will range up and down the creek north of Hunclay's manor. She will pass by Hunclay's at sunset if ever needed.


After making themselves presentable, the party approaches the manor house near dusk.

Iulia, finally over her illness, trails the party. She doesn't say anything but looks up at the full moon starting to rise in the twilight. She then suddenly and grotesquely transforms into some lupine monstrosity. Sweet-tooth, the power-pig, also turns into some horrific, porcine beast. After both metamorphoses concludes, they bound away into the forests in the north. A mist mysteriously close in on the edge of town, as if to swallow the two of them back into the unknown. Furrowed brows of worry and confusion waif over the party.

A banquet is set out before our heroes in the customary style. The main course presented is that of grilled eel in a brown butter sauce and capers. Fresh buckwheat loaves with steam arising from their tops are paired with finely woven honey. Finally for an accent of color and a special delicacy, fresh stone fruit quartered for easy eating are placed about in small bowls. There are decanters of water and nectarine wine to help with digestion.

The page enters the banquet hall to make an announcement.

"Her Lady Origena Devy and heir Arnholde."

Dressed in a midnight dress with a purple sash of authority, a silver haired woman with an ageless face enters the hall. Following her is a young man, with shoulder length brown hair, a strong jaw line and a decorative saber at his side.

Lady Devy's purple eyes dart about the group as her lips purse a bit as she rounds the table to the head chair.

"Welcome to all. I see the number is the same, but we have some new faces. I am unaware of of Mistress Honas performing any services this month. So any causalities were hopefully not fatal.

"Either way, when you are ready, please report your findings. I would like to get the business out of the way first."

The Lady takes her seat as her son stands behind her. She begins to nibble on a peach awaiting the details of the exploration.

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Vretiel, clearly disapproving of Calli's choice, hugs her anyhow. "You know, if you ever need anything like, I don't know, escaping the cloyster, just let me know. Yell my name thrice at the moonlight and tell whatever creature is summoned to fetch me. Be well, my angel."


When they reach the manor, the elf smiles pleasantly. "Oh, nobility outside of Oppara is so charmingly quaint. To see a small beacon of civilisation is like sparkling wine to a parched throat. Or regular drinking water anyhow—" Vretiel is interrupted by Julie Delpy the werewolf running out of the door, followed by monster pig. He sighs "Yes, definitely more like plain water. Out of a muddy river. Really, I can barely stand all this refinement. Come now, on we go for what will be a remarkably average feast!" He locks his arm with Alex's and enters the mansion.

Once the Lady of the house presents herself, Vretiel gets up and bows in typical courtly fashion. "Your Ladyship. My Lord." He waits until he's given permission and then continues "I am Vretiel Vaneldra, your humble servant. I deeply thank you for this most pleasant feast; we are not worthy of Your Grace's kindness. I have recently joined this fine group of adventurers, and must commend your wise decision in arranging such a variegated and efficient party."

Smiling, he glances at Kale to see if she will take the lead in the official business; in case she doesn't, he gives an extremely detailed and colourful report of the group's findings at Hunclay's manor, with many moments of poetic freedom and flourishes.

1 = Kale; 2 = Haruf; 3 = Alex; 4 = Iskra
Who will Vretiel choose to accompany him inside the manor: 1d4 ⇒ 3

"Send for me if you ever need anything Calli. I'll coming running." She told her friend before she looked to Haruf and smiled before back to the woman before her. "We both will."


While Kale wanted to bolt after her, yet another friend was lost, friend she knew it would be a lost cause. She had changed out of her normal armor and into a set of fair looking clothes. A nice green tunic of ulfen design with a red shaw, held onto her shoulders with a silver winter wolf pen. Though she did not wear a skirt, no. Kale never wore a dress or skirt. She found them rather annoying. Not she just had a a pair of black pants on with her normal boots.

"Some bad issue with going through our friend's belonging. Pick a different life after we finished." She explained. "Though there is something we need to speak of. There is a painting within the manor that I wish to keep. Tis a painting of us. The group you first met and Hunclay in... Happier times. Since it hold personal value to those here and has our likeness I don't think it would go for much in an auction." Kale stated.

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Lady Origena looks passed the party to the far wall where the God of the First Valut's Golden Key is on display in a aureole.

Nodding in understanding, the Baroness replies.

"I understand. However, as de facto executor, every item must be inventoried and placed in the trust. I will say that I can have the painting separated from one of the major art lots. With it separated, I can site doctrine that the painting should be bequeathed to your group since you are apart of the subject matter, ergo have first right of refusal, etc, etc. Ol Hunclay must of thought highly of you to have a painting created of your likenesses from memory. Please, continue on."

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Male Knife Master lvl 3 [27/27 - 0NL] | AC 15 T13 FF 12 | CMD 17 | F+3 R+6 W+1 | Init +3 Per +5]

Haruf feels very sad from hearing Calli's goodbye and is very grateful that Kale included him in the goodbye, as he's never been particularly good at it.

As Iulia runs off as a werewolf, he looks very confused as well as scared. Didn't Hunclay know this? I remember we saw something about this in his journal, he says looking for some comforting approvement by his friends.

In the banquet, he gladly accepts the food, yet doesn't say a word. He is particularly bored at Vretiel's flourished tale, taking it for rich people's talk. Whenever he feels something else should be said, he still keeps it to himself, but hopes someone fills in the gaps. He doesn't approve of telling Hunclay's pursuit of the Dark Tapestry, but he knows better than to interrupt rich people and nobles.

He is happy that Kale mentioned the painting and smiles timidly at her, hoping she notices, however he has no clue as to what the Baroness replied and is completely oblivious as to whether they'll be allowed to keep the painting or not and hopes to himself that someone will clarify, almost speaking out and holding it in at the last moment.

He strongly hopes Iulia isn't mentioned and tries to devise a plot to redirect attentions in case someone will mention her transformation, but is unable to think of something reasonable enough.

Found the part that Hunclay knew. Page 24, the post when we defeat the bear-rug

Wizard 3 | HP 16/16 | AC 16 (16 Touch, 14 Flat-Footed) | CMB 0, CMD 11 | Fort. +1, Ref. +3, Will +3 | Init. +8 | Speed 30ft | | Spells: 1st 3/4, 2nd 1/3 | Active conditions: Mage Armor

Iskra is content for the most part to remain seated, sitting with poise and decorum in a fetching black gown replete with elegant pearls at the hems and fabulous black shoes. It is, in short, a outfit fit for a demure noble lady, doing wonders to accentuate and smooth, to hug and to flow.

Ah, my magical Sleeves, how I doth love thee.

When the time comes for introductions, she rises and gives a gracious curtsy. "My lady, my lord. I am Iskra Kustov, a former student of Bassy, recently returned to town while on leave from my university studies. I agreed to assist our friends so as to help cleanse the manor and environs of any dangers to the people of Belhaim, whom I hold in such dear regard."

That said, she sits once more, glass of wine in hand, and enjoys Vretiel's account tremendously, though she hides her smile with sips from her glass.

Kale returned Haruf's smile with a small one of her own before turn her attention back to Lady Origena.

"We went through a lot together. Fought a possessed dragon, and if it wasn't for his help it would have been much much worse." Kale informed her as she crossed her legs. "Though I will say that Hunclay did a lot to protect his home, we where about to take care of everything save one... There is a chair that send electricity through anyone who sits in it. We can't seem to turn it off." She explained.

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Lady Origena bows in acknowledgement of both Vretiel and Iskra's introductions.

"A student of Bassy. That is high praise since she does not take on many pupiles, but those that do flourish in the world. I am happy to hear of your return and willingness to help out with our small quandary."

Returning her attention back to Kale's story, the Baroness response in shock and delight.

"Oh, my. A possessed dragon, you say? I did not know such a thing could happen. Then you were indeed the right people for this job.

"As for the chair, I do hope it is still in one piece. If you have not done so already, please leave a notation as to which chair it is so that our accountants can be safe during inventory.

"Is there anything else?"

Kale twisted the white strand that she had left down, a smirk on her face. "Demon possession. It was an interesting wake up." She stated proudly.

"Sadly not. We where hoping to find someone to deal with the chair. Though now that we know there is no one who can, we will return and ensure there is a note for those who will be taking inventory so that they will not be harmed... unless they are fools. Then I do not take responsibility for that." Kale commented. "There where birds but it seemed an outsider made a lunch of them." She informed her. "We took care of the little... annoyance but the birds are dead."

Dark Archive

1d20 ⇒ 6
1d20 ⇒ 11

Baroness Devy continues to politely ask questions of Kale & company until she is able to extract a complete report and all of her questions have been answered throughout the meal. She is surprised to hear of Hunclay's secret cave and is proud of the party's honesty in reporting its contents.

"I must say I am delighted to have this task be finally completed. As per our agreement, 5000 gold marks. And you must be present for the auction. I figure we can make the proper arrangements and have everything categorized in about a month.

"I am sure it was hard not to pilcher a bobble or two. Abadar awards such honesty to keep the scales even. In addition to the 5000 marks, I will pay half the winning bid of any lot any one of you wishes to bid on. Please be aware that I can only afford such generosity caps up to 7,500 gold marks for the total of the auction.

"Until such time, feel free to make Belhaim your home. If there is anything you wish to purchase, just let Tymek know. He can import specialty items from Cassomir if you put in your request early enough.

"Very well, is there anything else?"

Congratulations, you Explored the Estate. Each PC has earned 320 XP and the party has earned 5000 gp.
Congratulations, you Explored Hunclay's Cave. Each PC earns 480 XP. For the party's honesty and turning over the treasure therein, each PC earns an additional 240 XP.

male Half-elf

Alex patiently and quietly listened to the recounting of their tale from kale and vretiel; his outward appearance much more placid than his mind as his thoughts clearly were elsewhere than the current banquet. Between Calli departing the group, and Iulia turning into a creature of the night, he is already rather torn on this endeavor as to its worth. however, the results of the evening kept his mind at bay. "in the morning," Alex swears to himself, "A new hunt will begin."

As Kale mentions the lack of survival of the birds, he sides with honesty given the fact that the rest of the group has chosen the same. however, he sorely would prefer otherwise given the auction. "on the subject of honesty, one of the birds did survive solely on its luck of not leaving our side throughout the adventure. because it left the manor with us, it was inadvertently spared the same demise as the others."

if any down time allows before the next venture, alex will spend time trying to track down Iulia even though its a hopeless endeavor

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"How gruesome. Be sure it is accounted by the intakers. Since there is nothing else, see you all at the auction."


Alex tries to track down Iulia, but it appears she has ranged well beyond the environs of Belhaim.

At this point in time, the party has a month to do what they wish. They can also make purchases outside of the normal limits that Belhaim provides. Just let me know what you wish to buy.
Below, I will list the lots, what they entail and opening bids. I'm doing this eif anybody wants to save gold and try their luck out at the auction to buy back some of the items found during the exploration of Hunclay's manor/cave. Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to discuss among yourselves.

Auction Lots

Details of Lots:

Birds Lot: Starts at 25gp

Kitchen Lot: A large cabinet containing Hunclay's silverware and expensive dinnerware

Parlor Lot: Huge globe of Golarion cradled in a polished mahogany stand. Sextants, astrolabes, and paintings of unearthly landscapes.

Dining Room Lot: Long Oak table surrounded by ornately carved oak chairs. Large framed paintings of desert landscapes.

Library Lot: Thirteen extraordinarily rare books on subjects related to astronomy. The remainder 600 books are of a variety of subjects.

Assorted Potions Lot: Two vials of oil of keen edge, a potion of undetectable alignment, a potion of protection from acid, and a potion of protection from fire.

Assorted Scrolls Lot: scroll of campfire wall, a scroll of excruciating deformation, a scroll of haunting mists, and a scroll of magic circle against chaos.

Hunclay's Spellbooks: This collection of spellbooks contains all cantrips and a number of higher level spells-25 1st-level, 22 2nd-level, 17 3rd-level, 13 4th-level, and 11 5th-level spells. I will write out the spells if the lot is won by a party member.

Bedroom Lot: The armoires and wardrobes store rich clothing. Sitting on the writing desk is a gold ring set with a fat black pearl.

Observatory Lot: In addition to 50 rare star charts that focus on strangely empty-looking swaths of the night sky, lying on the tables are an exquisite platinum astrolabe, six rare astronomy tomes of aged Taldan pedigree, and two expensive handheld telescopes.

Clockwork Lab Lot: The tools and resources to create and repair clockwork constructs.

Storage Lot: A well stocked wine cellar, with many fine and rare vintages from across the Inner Sea. A large supply of magical components for spellcasting and research. Will include material components of monetary value. Was to what type, I'll leave that up to the caster (ie: 100 gp pearl, 500 gp of diamond dust, etc)

There is no Summoning Journal.

Rare book lot: Four of these are rare antique tomes on astronomy written in Ancient Osiriani; each is worth 1,000 gp. The fifth tome is a tattered volume called Secrets of the Dreaming Dark.

Mithral scroll tube with scroll of permanency inside.

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Male Knife Master lvl 3 [27/27 - 0NL] | AC 15 T13 FF 12 | CMD 17 | F+3 R+6 W+1 | Init +3 Per +5]

Haruf goes to the auction just to see and account for who buys Hunclay's stuff, especially the magical things, even though he can't tell them apart.

Also, he repays Kale the money he owed her, but doesn't buy anything else, preferring to keep the money for something bigger. At some point a week after the auction, he asks Kale if she would buy a house for themselves, wondering if they can afford it. He figures they have enough money to not need to work for a while, but he still keeps an eye out for fishy deals and any shady activity in town, although it's not clear whether he would stop such a deal or try to be a part in it.

In addition, he offers Alex his help to find Iulia. Once Alex says he can't track her, he becomes somewhat obsessed and pushes travelers for information, rumors and news that might lead to finding her. Even to a worrisome extent...

Dark Archive

And to be clear, the party has a month of down time between meeting with the Baroness and the auction.

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Male Knife Master lvl 3 [27/27 - 0NL] | AC 15 T13 FF 12 | CMD 17 | F+3 R+6 W+1 | Init +3 Per +5]

I'll change my text to a week into the downtime, then

"A whole month here... well that isn't what I expected to be honest." Kale told the group as they left the Baroness. "A month to kill... What do you think it best way to pass the time?"

Kale didn't worry about coin Haruf had borrowed. As she saw it, it was their coin. Though when he asked about the house Kale smiled brightly. "Do you want to settle here? Really?"

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Male Knife Master lvl 3 [27/27 - 0NL] | AC 15 T13 FF 12 | CMD 17 | F+3 R+6 W+1 | Init +3 Per +5]

Haruf answers too low for Kale to hear what he said, but when she asks him to repeat it, he goes Ya, I mean, what else we gonna do, right?. He's too embarrassed to look at her.

Wizard 3 | HP 16/16 | AC 16 (16 Touch, 14 Flat-Footed) | CMB 0, CMD 11 | Fort. +1, Ref. +3, Will +3 | Init. +8 | Speed 30ft | | Spells: 1st 3/4, 2nd 1/3 | Active conditions: Mage Armor

Iskra would like to put in a bid for Hunclay's spell books, but I'm not sure how the bidding works.

"Haruf?" Kale asked as she wrapped her arm around his. "We don't have to settle here. We can settle anywhere." She told him.

Liberty's Edge

Male Knife Master lvl 3 [27/27 - 0NL] | AC 15 T13 FF 12 | CMD 17 | F+3 R+6 W+1 | Init +3 Per +5]

I like it here, he says calmly, showing signs of happiness.

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