The Forgotten God (Table 1)

Game Master Rednal

Hadran, God of Valor and Knowledge
Burkhardt, God of Pacts, Pledges, and the Spirit of the Law

Deepmar Penal Colony
Dig Sita Caina

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Gameplay thread.

As needed Herald (Outsider, 25 HD) As needed

I watch the rise of the fallen. The heavens themselves await to see if your re-ascension shall come to pass.

The sands of the desert are ever-changing. Things can remain buried under them for countless ages, and only the winds of fate will ever uncover them. Such was the case for your tomb, buried far deeper than the winds normally moved the sand. Yet chance happens - perhaps calling it fate would be too much, for that implies a guiding hand. No, some things simply... happen. Inevitably, if you consider the way that all things are a result of what came before, but without intent or purpose. A small group of cultists discovered the entrance to your tomb, and quickly began to fortify the position so that they could access it. After all... ancient, undisturbed place hidden within the sands? That's obviously interesting.

It was the sound of movement that first awoke you. For ages beyond ages, you have slumbered in an unchanging tomb, but that time has come to an end. The smallest fraction of divine power has gathered within your body once more, enough to support your life and bring you back to the Material Plane. Awakening from such deep slumber takes time, though, and you continue to hear sounds from around your tomb. Before long, however, everything changes. Even from where you rest, you can feel the powers of evil suddenly surge as chanting reaches your ears. Even as the God of Knowledge, there are many things you do not know, especially now... but this is one that you do. It's a ritual of the darkest arts, intended to resurrect the bodies of the most vile servants of evil and empower them to do the work of their dark gods once more... and the ritual is focused on your tomb. The stone you're locked inside has been too thick to break, but as the ritual continues, it slowly cracks open and gives you your first sight of the reborn world. Four cultists are standing around you, each about 20 feet away from the tomb, as a circle of black-and-red energy rotates in front of their outstretched hands. Their eyes are closed, and they have yet to see you, but the ritual seems to be nearing its completion...

For ages beyond memory, your mortal body has slept, trapped and confined within a tomb of stone. This was how it should have been, for the loss of godly power is not an easy thing to endure... and it takes time to regain one's prominence. However, all things change, including the rest of sleeping deities...

You cannot see anything. Even your darkvision seems unable to penetrate the absolute darkness of the narrow place in which you are confined, but that doesn't mean you can't sense anything at all... what woke you from your slumber are the words of humans coming from outside the stone, faint but audible to your ears.

"And so we pray to the gods, that they might guide us and help us find justice..." a voice was saying - and your mind is suddenly struck by something you haven't felt in a long time. It's the words of prayers, sent by mortals with the wish of reaching the ears of gods who care about justice. Each prayer is the same, more of a ritual than an individual feeling, but it is a prayer all the same - and they are quite earnest.

<Oh gods who watch over us, help us find your justice and allow us to judge well.>

Your body is still slowly starting to function, and while moving is difficult, hearing is not. The man who was leading the prayer continues speaking, laying out the facts of the case. There appears to be a dispute centered around a particular area of land, one that has been somehow blessed with berries that help animals ward off disease and grow larger and healthier than usual. One man, claiming to be the owner of that land, has accused another of stealing those berries before his own animals could feed, and has suffered quite significantly as his animals failed to sell. The other man claims that his ancestor discovered the plant and was the first to claim the land, but that the deeds were changed at some point in the past. According to him, he has every right to take the berries, and anyone else's use of them is the true theft - after all, one cannot be held bound to an illegal change in ownership, right? Both are making compelling statements, and even in your current state, you can feel the agitation of the crowd - both men seem quite popular in town, and the crowd is very worried about making the wrong decision here and punishing someone who hasn't done anything wrong.

Meanwhile, your strength is slowly returning to you... and the front of your tomb has just a little bit of give.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

My eyes, the feel heavy, wait I hear something. Is this another dream. Are they stripping my power from me again...No wait this is different. What type of chanting is this? Why am I in a tomb? No they banished me? Ah my memories they are coming back. How long have I slumbered? No time will have to think on this later. This ritual feels ominous. Dark magic is here. Can't let them finish it. The lid it cracked. Ah at least the in tombed me with my sword, or a faint memory of it. I hope my hands remember how to wield you old friend. Let us see what power I have remaining...

Hadran will activate his fast healing, thinking it will help to speed the awakening process. He try to move the cracked stone enough without them noticing. If he can get out without them noticing he will charge the closest one trying to break the ritual.

I assume my surprise round will be getting out. Let me know if that is not the case.

If they Notice:
You have desecrated my resting place with your vile magic. You know not whom you have awakened. Such evil will not stand.
Initiative: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

If the didn't Notice:
Swift Action Arcane Strike, using mythic power to last 1 minute and make weapon furious, enter bloodrage and charge nearest cultist.
Charge Attack: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (18) + 13 = 31
Damage: 2d6 + 15 ⇒ (5, 2) + 15 = 22
You have desecrated my resting place with your vile magic. You know not whom you have awakened. Such evil will not stand.

The cultists cannot reach your Initiative score even with the best possible roll, and as such, will automatically be going below you.

Before the cultists even knew what was happening, one of their number was already flying against the wall, split open by the blow and quickly bleeding out.

<"Gods... why...">

His body struck the floor, light fading from his eyes as the circle of magic completely shattered. In just a moment, the other three had whipped back their heavy hoods, chanting quickly to focus their dark energies. The first one to complete his spell quickly waved his hand, focusing a torrent of energies towards Hadran.

Cast: Hold Person (Will Negates, DC 14).

The second likewise focused his powers, but for a somewhat different effect, aiming to weaken their foe whether or not he was held.

Cast: Bane (Will Negates, DC 13).

"What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO!? the third one howled - he was the one furthest from Hadran and the dead member of their little group, and his slightly different garb marked him as the leader of the group. Even so, he seemed too shocked by the sudden violence from such a being to respond properly - cultists for used to strange things happening in rituals, but THIS was-

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Do you want me to use spoilers as well? I will for this post. Are these cultist of Rovagug? I am assuming they are.

Hadran's Turn:

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19, Hold Person!, you should know the man you hunt. Has knowledge left the world with my absense.

The hold passes harmlessly over the outsider.

Will Save: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25

Your magics are week even in my suppressed state. You follow the Rough Beast do you? His evil will not take hold now that I'm awake.

He turns his attention to the one barking orders.

You may know some things. You wait there while I finish off these men He smiles as he charges the next cultist taking a mighty swing with his sword.

Charge Attack: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (5) + 13 = 18
Damage: 2d6 + 15 ⇒ (2, 6) + 15 = 23

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

What the...where am I?

The last thing Orithos remembered was walking out of a temple, and now he found himself waking up once more in another temple. Rather annoyed with a slight headache, Orithos realized standing up was a difficult task in the dark, but eventually, he found his balance, and hobbled towards the noise.

Hearing the men and woman praying outside, and finding their inquiry rather disappointing, the forgotten one pondered their issue for a few moments.

They're arguing over land? What is this? Sighing to himself, Orithos realized the very unique opportunity he currently possessed. Brushing himself off, the forgotten one took note of his mental state, and pushed back the sudden excitement and nervousness he felt. Then, he pushed the front of the tomb right open.

The concussive sound the slab made as it hit yet more stone sppoked Orithos into jumping a good foot of the ground. The sun's light blinded him in an instant, but besides the practical shock he was suffering from, his determination kept him going. Seeing a small platform running close to the opening, Orithos decided rather quickly that he would keep his feet bound to it; at least until his eyes weren't blinded anymore.

"Sorry for the intrusion, but I have something that might assist you all," Orithos said, before promptly tripping on a corner of the slab, also knocking his head against the platform. Resigning himself to a sitting position, the rather fiery haired man continued.

"Pardon me, for it was a little dark in there. Anywho, where was I? Oh, yes, the farmers. If the deed of a land has been changed since the original time upon which it was claimed, then the individual who currently owns the land is the one who has rights to it. If a man takes something off of a land he no longer owns, that is a crime, and is called stealing. Since one man has, as we have concluded, stolen from another man, the proper thing to do would be to give back the stolen goods to the man who rightfully owned them, but since they have already been sold, there is another way we could go about this. All of the money earned by the farmer who stole the berries from the current owner of the land is to give all profits to the owner of the land. If the man who stole the berries already spent his profit on other goods, then the man who stole the berries must give what he bought to the man who owns the land. If said goods were used or sold in a way so that they no longer belong to him, the man who stole the berries must be committed to service under the owner of the land until the owner of the land gains back equal profit to the profit gained by the one who stole the berries."

Having tuckered himself out a bit after the lengthy speech, Orithos decided to stretch, rub his eyes, and then look upon the people he had so readily given a verdict to.

Just trying to keep things tidy for you two. ^^ Either way is fine.

The second cultist goes down, but by this point, the others have gotten a much better sense of what's going on... and the one who seems to be in charge of things wastes no time in ripping a jewel off of an ornate necklace and tossing it through the air. As soon as it hits the ground, it promptly bursts apart, revealing a short but sturdy demonic entity of some kind. The monsters lunge straight towards Hadran a moment later, swinging with a vicious claws as it closes in.

Attack Roll: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25 for Damage: 2d4 + 3 ⇒ (3, 2) + 3 = 8

The entire audience looks stunned at Orithos' appearance - though the man said to have stolen the berries looks quite indignant, and recovers faster than the others. "Now see here, whoever you are!" he said firmly. "I figure you'd have a point if the land changed hands fair as a cloudless day, but his ancestors stole it an' blocked everythin' we tried to get it back proper-like! I say you can't bind a man to the law when that law's bein' used to cheat him, 'cuz that ain't why we got laws in the first place!" There's a murmur of agreement from some of the crowd - not all of them seem convinced, but he's certainly not alone in his opinion.

Silver Crusade

When everyone blearily gocked at Orithos, the man rose himself up and took a closer look of himself.

Hair a flaming red that seemed to wave in the breeze as if alight, and eyes the pale color of a campfire's glow, he realized rather quickly how strange he looked. Cheeks almost glowing red from embarrassment, Orithos decided to stand up, dust himself off some more, and after a good clearing of the throat, addressed the man who clearly identified himself.

"First off, don't treat me like I'm your son," stated Orithos with a calm demeanor. "I'm far older than you, or, at least, that's the feeling I keep getting, but that's another story entirely. As such, you should be treating me with the respect of an elder, not some boy you should talk down to." Looking to the crowd, he hollered, "Is this what he does to you? Talks you down until you submit to him? I can see why half of you don't like him." Addressing the man once more, Orithos said calmly, "Second, back off." Orithos at this began walking slowly towards the man, and continued as he took each step. "You were asking for justice, and here I am, so if you want this little dispute of your's finished, you better treat me nicely. Treating me as a lesser to you is like attempting to squash me with your boot."

Making sure he stood at least a couple yards away from the crowd, Orithos addressed them as a whole once more. "Now, since this man states that the owner of the land's ancestors stole the land in the first place, would someone kindly present to me proof so that this man's statement holds value?" And with that, Orithos waited patiently for whatever they might present.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadran's Turn:

Using Demons are we. You are desperate. I am Hadraniel God of Valor. No demon will stand in my way.

Haran watches the wound close almost as fast as it appeared. He smiles as if realizing he had more power coming back to him.

Move Action to start battle dance:

With a few steps and twirls Hadran starts up a series of spins with his blade striking out as if it was an extension of his own body. The beauty of such a dance has long been forgotten. Certain aspects resemble that of the way the worshipers of Saranrae train to fight.

Hadran Calls upon fate to guide his blade ah he strikes the beast.

Attack Destined Strike: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (6) + 14 = 20
Damage: 2d6 + 17 ⇒ (6, 6) + 17 = 29

For both of you, please be sure to mark how many uses each day you have left for any limited-use powers. ^^ This will help with keeping track of them.

The attack strikes true, biting into the monster's hide and leaving a fairly serious injury upon it... but the creature has the faintest resistance to damage. Rather, it should have, but foresight was a very valuable thing, and the monster's resistance to damage was unable to cope with the cold iron of the blade, allowing it to cleanly slice through its hide.

HP: 2/31

As the blade was withdrawn, the small demon lashed out with its weapons once more, looking to rip through Hadran's hide and cause some real damage before it left the mortal world once more. For all the power of the blow, the creature wasn't nearly so weak as it could have been, and it was an unusually vital specimen of its kind. It probably couldn't endure another blow, but against one of Hadran's power, even this much was something rather impressive.

Attack Roll: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22 for Damage: 2d4 + 3 ⇒ (1, 3) + 3 = 7.

Meanwhile, the cultist leader snapped his fingers while whispering a cused word, sending a tremendous burst of sound over the area Hadran was currently occupying.

Sonic Damage: 1d8 ⇒ 1

It wasn't the most powerful noise he'd ever made, even though he had carefully avoided hitting his summon. No, what was more important was the additional effect that this particular spell had...

Roll Fortitude, DC 17. Failure results in being stunned for one round, while success allows you to ignore that (but not the damage).

The man involved in the dispute calmly looked Orithos right in the eye. He wasn't a particularly young man, and he was rather stubborn... like most of the people who lived in the area. "I 'ppreciate you tryin' to help, neighbor, but I only give full respect to them that deserve it. If'n you want something from someone, then kindly demonstrate some of your own manners and please ask nicely, else you won't find many friends around here." Even those that disagreed with him on the issue of the land seemed to be leaning towards agreement on that - right or wrong, he was one of their own and somebody they liked - seeing a stranger threaten one of their own wasn't going over well.

"As fer proof, you want some fancy big-city papers or somethin' that anyone could write up? Hard to have those when another fellow's family spent generations makin' sure they didn't exist, eh? Fortunately, we got 'em right here, 'cuz they never realized my ol' ancestor could write." He triumphantly held up an ancient journal with faded text and showed it to the crowd.

"Wh-what is that!?" the other man in the dispute asked sharply.

"This, neighbor, is th' hand-written account of how them berries were first discovered an' claimed. Readin' this'll make it clear that my ancestor was the firs' t' find them, and we wouldn't ever trade away somethin' like that."

"And what proof can you offer that he really wrote it? Maybe you did it yourself and just had some... some Wizard make it look old!" the other man said - which even those on the side of the man taking the berries seemed to be acknowledging was a valid point. Magic could do many things, even in this place... and the Village Elder calmly stepped forward, raising his hands.

"Everyone, settle down. We'll get to the bottom of this." he said... though he did warily eye the split statue that Orithos had come out of. "Let's take a small break, shall we? Come, have a drink and cool your heads. You, too, visitor." he said, looking at Orithos.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadran's Turn:

My head is still cloudy. I know I should be able to recall something of demons, but nothing comes to mind. All my power has not returned yet. No matter lets end this.

Seeing the demon press his attack Hadran calls forth a bit more of his power. In a flash he brings the blade to a defensive position blocking the creatures blow. His parry is followed by a swift repost fitting with the fluid movements of his dance. He truly was a master of combat. It was easy to see how he became the god of valor with such abilities.

Fort save: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (5) + 13 = 18

Sudden Block Brings AC to 17 and attacker rolls again taking lowest. The present roll misses so no matter.
Sudden Block Attack: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (16) + 13 = 29
Damage: 2d6 + 17 ⇒ (1, 1) + 17 = 19

After dispatching the demon in a swift maneuver he makes his way for the Head cultist. As he charges he manages to keep about his dance. As he lofted his sword high, he turned the blade bringing the flat of it to the side of the cultist head.

Charge Attack for subdual: 1d20 + 15 - 4 ⇒ (9) + 15 - 4 = 20
Damage: 2d6 + 17 ⇒ (6, 1) + 17 = 24

Not sure if the cultist was before the demon or after. He summoned it with the stone last time so he should have been before? If not and the demon was first you can switch the rolls. Still passed fort either way but if switched only an 18 on the attack on the demon so may have missed.

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Lost in thought and ignoring the man's rebuke of undeserving respect, Orithos tumbled the thought of the book in his head. Logic did dictate that one could meddle with evidence in order to make it seem true or false, but even still, the man held the lands no longer, and Orithos found that very fact conclusive.

Hearing an elder's voice among the cacophony was much needed clarity to the hot headed one, and it took only moments to bring his head back from judgmental duties. Looking to the old one, Orithos realized just how much of an impact his appearance might have on these folk, for all of them looked human or something similar.

Possessing hair of fire red with tendrils that seemed to wave in the breeze, though there was none, Orithos found his skin a darker shade of olive, and for some reason, when he brought his hand closer to his face, he found his eyes glowed with an unnatural ember. Beyond that, he wore a blue, embroidered tunic, with white, baggy trousers, and rather pointy blue shoes.

Well, Orithos thought to himself. Do I look dashing or what?

Feeling once more uncomfortable in the village's presence, Orithos brought his gaze to the elder, and replied, "My apologies, good sir, and yes, something to drink would be nice. There is much we have to discuss."

The demon's body vanished into nothingness as too much damage finally overwhelmed it, but at the last moment, the leader of the cultists leans back just far enough to avoid the swing, smiling as he did so. Seeming quite at ease, he took a quick step about five feet backwards, then snapped his fingers and uttered an arcane word. An aura promptly sprang into existence around his body, pushing to keep the forces of good at bay.

Cast: Protection from Good on self.

"Surely you didn't believe we were all so weak?" he asked, smiling widely. "Call yourself whatever you want - the only true gods are far greater than you!" Meanwhile, the acolyte on the other side of the room ran through the exit to the chamber, not bothering to stay and watch the outcome of the battle.

The crowd was slowly settling down as the case took a break, though more than a few of them were uneasily watching the area that Orithos had appeared from. The village elder seemed more apologetic than anything else as he brought out a pitcher of reddish liquid and poured for both the two men in the debate and Orithos. Others in the crowd seemed to be getting their own drinks, though the option was the same for everyone - even the small children currently present. "I'm sorry - you must think us terribly strange. It's usually much better, but the herds are the only major source of income in the village, so everyone takes them very seriously." The two in the dispute, meanwhile, were sitting just a little ways from each other, wary but not actively hostile.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadran's Turn:

Hadran looks to his hands cursing that his strength had not fully returned. Damn, can't let it bother me. This guy knows something. I have to catch him.

A look of anger takes over his face at the mocking words of the cultist only for an instance and then calm, well at least as calm as one bloodraging can be.

Hadran steps to the man continueing his dance. He smiles as he spins, loweing his center mass the sword comes around sweeping upsward slicing across the mans gut

Attack w/ Mythic Surge

Attack: 1d20 + 14 + 1d6 ⇒ (7) + 14 + (6) = 27
Damage: 2d6 + 17 ⇒ (5, 4) + 17 = 26

You made me call on more of my power, I am impressed. Now surrender and save your worthless life.

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos's Turn:
That statement nudged Orithos into a whole bout of other questions best left unasked. Might as well keep this calm and civil, he thought.

Mustering up an attitude of mirth and, well, calm, Orithos also figured he'd better act on his best behavior. "Actually, I'm sorry to admit, but it is a little strange. If a village works together for its own survival, why must two ideals drive it apart? That sounds rather counter-productive to me, and if I had my way, I'd have had the berries fed to all of the herds in equal amounts so that everyone benefits from it, rather than a few."

Realizing he was speaking out of turn, again, Orithos paused, thought on what he had said, and then sighed. "I'm sorry for saying all of that. I know not how long I was in that temple, and fatigue is still influencing the amount of patience I have." Reading the offer for drink as both a means of custom and cooling heads, Orithos partook in it, and let the effects take over a little.

"You must think me equally strange for bursting out of sacred ground. I apologize for defiling it, and once we have addressed this current issue, I shall assist in purifying it."

Enemy HP: 22/48

Even as the powerful blow cleaved through his chain mail and ripped open his body, the cultist simply sneered. "So you could just murder in the name of your justice? I don't think so" he said, stepping away once more. This time, though, he held up a holy symbol - or, rather, an unholy one, focusing power into it. A burst of evil energy erupted out of the symbol, shooting outwards to damage every living thing in its path (except, of course, the caster). The energy, as well, seemed much more powerful than it would normally be - whoever this cultist was, he certainly wasn't normal, not with these powers that seemed far above his apparent level of skill. The demon that had been summoned hadn't lasted long against the vengeful God of Valor, but even so, that hadn't exactly been the ability of a weak man.

Channel Negative Energy (Harm Living; Will DC 17 halves): 4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 2, 5) = 14

Gain 1 temporary hit point.

The man who currently claimed the land that the berries were on nodded to Orithos. "Honestly, I wish that we could." he said. "Unfortunately, there aren't enough of them to go around. My ancestors actually tried planting the seeds of the berries in order to grow more, but they always withered and died before yielding anything." he took a deep drink from the red liquid in his own cup. "And the berries have to be eaten over a long period of time to really show their effects. Most of our herd animals are a little on the small side, and buyers don't offer as good a price for those. A whole herd of good meat is much more valuable, though, and brings in much more money for the village."

"Aye." said the Elder. "This little scuffle aside, though, both their families have done well by the rest of us. In fact, most of the buildings you see here are the result of the contributions of their families over the generations. As for the statue, well..." he looked over at the place Orithos had come out of. "It's just a statue, really. We like to have it as a reminder, but it's not like the gods need symbols to guide us." Mostly, they just liked their traditions. Having something solid to see could help remind people of the real power of the gods, but in the end, a tool was but a tool. It was the choices of mortals that truly counted.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadran's Turn:

Will Save: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (5) + 11 = 16
Hadran takes the full force of the blast, the corruption washes over him seeming to tear him apart from the insides. Fortunately for him, his fast healing was still in effect and started to repair the damage.

Your forsaken power is strong indeed, don’t be mistaken, I do not seek justice. I will not suffer the evil of Rovagug to exist. Though, I will give you a chance for salvation if you are strong enough to survive.

Attack: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (14) + 13 = 27
Damage: 2d6 + 17 ⇒ (3, 4) + 17 = 24

As the body falls before him Hadran will stop his dance and rage. Breathing heavily and fatigued he will then attempt to stop the man’s bleeding.

Heal Check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13
Heal Check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23

Damn that took a lot out of me. Maybe I over did it a bit, but this one was quite strong. I will need to destroy that holy symbol after stopping the bleeding. I could use a rest as well. That one cultist did get away, but perhaps he was scared strait. Let’s see what else this priest carries. Let us hope he has scrolls or potions of healing or we will be waiting a while for him to awake. I don't have my full power. I will need to rest here a day before traveling now anyways. I don't know what I will find out there. If the world is full of followers of Rovagug then all may already be lost.

Hadran will ponder his thoughts while resting off his rage. After he will destroy the holy symbol and searcht the priest. He will then cut up his robes to make tiest to bind him. He will take 20 when binding him up securing the ties.

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Perplexed as to how he should feel about the sudden addition of facts, Orithos mentally took a step back and ran his thoughts over what he knew. Two farmers, one field of berries, how do I solve this?

"Is there an individual with magical capabilities here? Someone who specializes in crops or the study of nature and arcana? If so, I think I might know of a means of getting those berries to grow." Dunmuir scratched his scalp in thought, and continued, "Another solution would be to examine the berries themselves, and try different methods of growing them. I know some plants grow in sandy, humid environments, while others grow while submerged to water. Maybe these require a specific soil or requirement to begin growth."

After taking another sip from the beverage, Orithos realized he felt a little healthier than he had previously. "If I may ask, what is in the this?" he said holding up the beverage.

The unconscious cultist is unable to resist while he's bound and searched. In one of his pockets is a vial of what seems to be poison, though you aren't entirely sure what type it is just yet. He also has two flasks of unholy water, apparently for use in rituals, and they're worth a solid 50 gp apiece to the right buyer. However, that would also involve spreading such things around, which might not be the best possible plan... of course, there are more legitimate things that could be done, but most of them will involve purifying the water somehow just to ensure there are no lingering negative effects.

The elder shook his head. "We're fairly simple folk here. We do get the occasional child with magical talent, but we've always had the policy of pooling our money together to send them to the big city so they can make the most of their lives. Such gifts deserve more than a life of farming." From a more practical standpoint, nobody wanted an uncontrolled mage destroying all of their crops, even accidentally. They simply didn't have the ability to handle such things on their own.

"Oh, trust me, we've tried." the man who owned the land said, taking another drink from his cup. "Planted the seeds all over town. Different soil, different watering method, different sunshine... we may be simple villagers, but we do know farming, and we've never made a difference. The berries just refuse to grow elsewhere. As for the drink..." he looked into his cup, then shrugged. "Just well-water, isn't it? Good stuff, though I wish we could at least grow our own grapes and make something better than the alcohol we've currently got. Not the right climate for it, though." He seemed very disappointed about that... but also long-since resigned to it.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadran's Turn:

Not very prepared is he. Maybe the other cultist has some usable things. If I had my full power I would bless this water. As it is, it would be best just to pour it out. Alright first search the other cultist then deal with this.

Hadran searches the other cultist.

He will then go outside and dig a small hole in the sand and pour the posion and water in it before covering it back up. After he will head back inside to rest and regain his powers. This will also allow the cultist time to heal and wake up.

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Switching glances between the farmers as they spoke, Orithos realized they both meant well by their farms, and their efforts to grow the finest. Simply a tipping of the growth scales set them at each others' throats.

"I take it you've tried using the well as a water source for growing the berries?"

The other cultists don't seem to have much on them, though they were wearing some fairly nice scale mail (albeit somewhat damaged from your powerful blows). Their leader, meanwhile, is sitting quietly with his eyes closed, recognizing the particular situation he's in and clearly not intending to volunteer any information. He seems more disgusted than anything else at this turn of events.

"Well, it is the primary water source for the village." the one who owned the land observed. "Like I said, we tried everything we could think of to get them to grow elsewhere. I'd happily share with everyone if there was a way to, but..." he seemed more frustrated with himself than anything else.

Throughout the discussions, a clearer picture of the issue seemed to be emerging. First: The village had a limited amount of income from external sources. Second: The man who owned the land was clearly the wealthiest in the entire village at the moment, primarily thanks to the nourishing effects of the berries. Third: Ownership of the berries was under dispute, and the man who claimed to own them did, at least, have evidence that hadn't been proven false just yet. Fourth: It was unlikely the village would do too well if it didn't have at least one herd of good animals to sell, and there simply weren't enough of the berries to go around. Finally: There was the issue of the water within the well, which was far healthier than a normal person would expect it to be, and all of the villagers seemed to take it for granted that their water was like this. It was entirely possible they didn't even know what normal water looked or tasted like.

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Scratching his scalp again, Orithos began thinking of options. "Well, I have a couple theories I'd like to test, and how I go about them is purely your decision from here." Standing up, the fiery haired one began pacing, since, for some reason, the motion helped ease his thoughts into a rhythm.

"I do possess magical capabilities, and though I'm unable to assist with nature magic, I can do other things. Your well seems to possess water that is much healthier than normal water," Orithos said, after which, he promptly drank the rest of it, waved his hand over the cup, spoke a word, and water poured into the wooden vessel from his palm. "This is normal water, and I'd like to compare your well's contents to my own. I can do that by straight forward detecting if it's magical, and then branching from there."

Pacing at a slower walk now, Orithos urged himself to think of other avenues, for if the first choice was chosen, he already knew of a way to divine the source of the magic, though, the people might not like it. "Another option we have is to study the field, and the berries. If my first theory is correct, the berries are not magical, merely, they're grabbing the vitality within the water as a means of growth. In other words, the reservoir from which your well obtains its water must be right underneath the berry field; hence why they grow nowhere else. If this is true, then, there must be a means of discovering what exactly is giving your water its exuberant properties."

Stopping mid stride, Orithos turned once more to the elder and the two men. "If both theories are sound, and we discover what is making your water so fruitful, we might just have a means of granting not only your well with these properties, but the nearby rivers and lakes, if there are any. Again, this is purely theory right now, but it's a start. What do you three say?"

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadran's Turn:

[b]Tell me priest if you will. you see I have been asleep a long time and have not had conversations well outside of my dreams. Why does a man worship the Rough Beast. What destruction do you seek. Are you forsaken for being born, and as a revenge for such events the world should burn. I am curious of your beliefs. Misguided as they may be. So will you talk with me? I know how these things go. You won't say anything you are just the start your masters will be done, blah, blah, blah, blah....I am not an evil being. I do not wish to harm you. You see my path is that of redemption and a long walk it will be. What information you have may or may not be of use. I am just curious you see. I was once a great seeker and possessor of knowledge. Do you know who I am? Again just curious. I prefer if we chat without the use of magic, but if you press me I will make you serve me as I leave this place. Answer and talk with me and I will let you leave. I will give you a warning of continuing to mess with me, but as I said I have no anger toward you. I will let you go free. So how does that sound.[/b[

while speaking Hadran paces in front of the priest, stopping now and again and staring at him, making big gestures with his hands almost with a sense of urgency. Mostly just showing himself trying to comprehend and take in everything.

The Priest stared at Hadran for a moment... then slowly smiled widely. "So many of you think that yours is the only way that can be right." he said quietly. "You think it's fair and just that those you call good get rewarded, while those you call evil get punished. Well, I've seen the servants of the gods of good slaughter innocents just on the suspicion they were evil and never been reprimanded by their deities, and I've seen those you call evil impose order on their societies, bring down crime, and protect their civilians from those who would kill them just for existing. The gods are more monstrous than any mortal, and when Rovagug destroys the heavens, every person wrongfully exalted or condemned will be freed. Every sin has its price, and what better way to punish the sins of the gods than with a God of Destruction?"

The two landlords and the village elder all looked curiously at the true water, noting its clear nature as opposed to the reddish tint that infused their own. The one who owned the berries dipped a finger into the water, the licked it off. "Hmm... not very flavorful." he observed. "If you'd like to examine our water, though, I've no objections." The other man was very carefully not saying anything about Orithos' suggestions.

Optional Skill Check: Sense Motive (Hunch; DC 20)

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Reflecting on the berry owners words, Orithos chuckled heartily, then responded with, "True, tis very true indeed. Oh! Pardon my lack of manners," as he said with a bow. "My name is Orithos. You might see me as a strangling for I see myself as one, as well. Still, I possess flesh and blood just like any other man, and though the magic I cast is merely for studious examination, I will do my utmost to keep it both limited in use, and use only as much as is needed." After his proclamation, he promptly sat himself down once more and prepared himself.

One use of Surge
sense motive: 1d20 + 3 + 1d6 ⇒ (9) + 3 + (5) = 17

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadrans Turn:

Fair? You expect the world to be a fair place. People are not boor equal. Some are born small, some are born large. Others smart, other not so. This is the way of things. Gods are beings that ascended and took hold of their powers. We are not infallible. I am no beacon of good. I led my followers to destroy and cause bloodshed. My sense of valor and glory became overwhelmed with wrath. I fell. War is waged all the time in one or another god’s name. This does not make the war right or just. A warrior may take up sword in one’s name, but that does not make him a worshiper of the god. We hear the prayers of our followers and offer aid as we can, but the importance of being mortal is choice. You are free to make your own choices. You follow us for a guideline of how to live and that may sway the choices you make. To follow as you have decided is zealotry. You follow blindly in hopes your way is right. There is no right way. We all just exist, though the god you put your faith in wishes to end existence. What kind of future is in such belief? Sometimes the old must be destroyed to make way for the new, but this is a change and a choice. Destruction for the sake of itself and to just end things is wrong. I will not try and sway you further priest. You see I believe in mortals and their hearts to make choices. You may go back to your worship. You may even come after me again. This will be your choice, but I promise if our paths cross again with you set on destruction, then I will end you. You may then have your place by your god, as I’m sure you have given your soul. See you think we judge and condemn. That is not true. It is your choices that condemn your souls. Follow one that demands such and that is the way of it. Now I do not wish to die out here as I’m sure you don’t want to either. Which way is it to the nearest town? Come we will walk together. I will take you safely there as I have destroyed your symbol of power. Once there you will be free to go and live your life by the choices you make. Now come on.

Hadran will help the man up, and bring him to the tomb.

I have put your two fallen in here. There are no resources to burn them so they will be buried in the tomb that held me. Do you have any words you wish to say over them before we leave?

He stands quiet offering the priest time to say words over them. Hadran bow’s his head and says some words in his head for their souls to be preserved and watched after.

[b]Now we can go.[b]

The man simply turned his head; he had no intention whatsoever of accepting Hadran's assistance. His beliefs were not so shallow that a few words from someone else, however reasonably spoken, would be enough to change his mind. Especially from someone who actually claimed to be a god in his own right, despite showing nothing that truly resembled godly power. Hah. People could hold whatever views they wanted, but in the end, they all tended to be selfish, and the one with the biggest stick one. That may have been part of why he followed Rovagug, who was a very big stick indeed... but nothing could bind the God of Destruction forever.

Whatever secrets the other man has seem as if they will remain hidden for now; perhaps due to your diminished powers, it's impossible to get a truly good read on his emotions.

The Elder soon returns with another glass of the village's reddish well-water, setting it down in front of Orithos before taking a few steps backward. By now, most of the crowd (fed and watered during the break) has found out what is going on - and they step back a few moments after the Elder does, apparently just a little worried about things going wrong. A few braver souls remain close, though, going so far as to come up onto the platform to watch.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadran’s Turn:

As the sun rises higher the day grows hotter. Standing in the cave the heat starts to penetrate in. Hadran stands staring at the priest. He brings his hand to his forehead wiping the sweat away. He shakes his head at the actions of the priest.

So you would turn away from my assistance. You have has spoken so boldly on the judgment that ‘good men’ pass, would now pass judgment on me. You are a walking contradiction my friend. You have so much anger and hate in you I don’t think you know what you believe. I’m going to leave now while I can still track the one that ran off. You are free to come along or go your own way. May I ask what the ritual you were trying to do was then? It seems you do not know be. I know the magic was a dark sort. Was it one of the beasts you were trying to call forth? No matter, just curious. Safe journeys to you, and remember your path of destruction is only destroying yourself. Redemption can be sought by all of us.

He bows to the priest in a sincere gesture of acknowledgment. He then takes up some of the robes of the other priest covering his skin and fashioning a turban and face wrap to protect from the sun. He then sets out to follow the one that ran off.

Survival: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Thinking to himself, again, the fiery haired one started to get an understanding of just how dependent these folk were on their livestock. Solving this issue was of the utmost importance.

Sitting himself upon the earth with the goblet before him, Orithos began a simple incantation, raised his hand up and over the goblet, and let the results come forth.

Orithos casts Detect Magic

You've earned 300 XP.

The tomb isn't especially large, and it isn't long before the stone hallways give way to a simple, sturdy door. The sun outside is blazing hot, but at least for now, your preparations are quite sufficient to allow you to move through the sands. Tracks don't last forever in the desert, but one of the nicer things about sand is that disturbances are very visible until the wind blows them away. The cultist's tracks lead toward a set of supplies, apparently set up by the cultists to help them survive in the desert, but the tracks disappear at the same time as an animal's tracks start, heading rapidly away from the camp...

The reddish water of the village is indeed magical, but the aura is incredibly faint - barely above the residual magic that's normal to find within the world itself, and not even worth calling a dim aura. It is, however, undeniably present and real.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadrans Turn:

Supplies, well thats nice of them to bring. Lets see what we have.

Hadran will gather what supplies he sees that will help to survive. Food and water.

They wouldn't have had only one animal. The cultist must have set the other off to run. I know its better to travel at night, but I can't let the trail go cold, or blow away in this case.

After picking through the supplies and gathering what he needs Hadran will follow the trail. Taking care to not overdue it.

Wish that priest would have came with me. Someone to talk to would be nice. Haven't spoke in all these years. Alas he made his choice. I wonder what the world is like now. The road ahead will be hard. I need to find my relics that they split my power up in. Where to start is the question. I'm sure they won't be so easily gathered. Some even being used for dark purposes I'm sure.

Trudging through the Desert

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Sensing the magic and gazing within the red liquid, Orithos found a distantly faint aura within it, and grinned from ear to ear. "It is there. Your water is magical. If you wish, I can hold the spell while you gaze in it. As I understand you and the villagers are rather fearful of magic, I will place the goblet upon the earth and maintain the spell in a way so that it does not touch you, but that you may still see what it reveals. Again, if you wish."

Proceeding with what he stated he would do, Orithos placed the goblet upon the earth, placed his hand close to the side of the liquid within, and maintained the spell so that the cone would point towards the ground rather than up and out. He then proceeded to draw a line in the dirt where the cone no longer reached, which was about a hands breadth from the bottom.

Orithos sustains Detect Magic for further examination.

The camp was originally set up to support several people, and there's easily enough food and water to support you to your next destination. There are also a few small, simple tents built for the desert, but the journey seems like it will be taking quite some time. However, the tracks are surprisingly straight; the man who ran away seems to know exactly where he's going despite the open, empty nature of the desert.

"I reckon we can take your word for it, neighbor." the accused man said, sighing slightly. Several of the other villagers did come over to look, however, and he watched the group very carefully as, for the first time, many of them interacted directly with a form of magic. Half of them seemed more than a little nervous, as if expecting the goblet to explode at any time, but the others (mostly younger people) had no such problems. "But the real question is... so what? Magical, non-magical, ain't much of a difference if you can't do anything with it."

Orithos (Sense Motive, DC 15):
The accused man is lying about something, or at least not telling the whole truth.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadran's Turn:

Hadran will take the extra few moments to take down and pack one of the tents.

If the days grow too hot I will need to find shade and move at night. This should help. Seems to be lots of food and water, wondering if they were planning on staying a bit. Hopefully that means they came from closer by, but maybe it was far. No matter I have some supplies and a path to follow. It is time to be off.

With that though Hadran starts his journey.

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Maintaining the spell wasn't very difficult for Orithos, but hearing the words of someone who seemed to be hiding something was grating mightily on his nerves. Having to keep his gaze upon the goblet while casting the spell, Orithos made an effort to keep his voice calm and collected so as not to startle those that were still examining what his magic conjured within the water.

"And you say you have used magical and non-magical means of manipulating the water?" Orithos raised an interested eyebrow, then making sure his words did not sound perturbed, he uttered, "Please, any evidence you possess might be of benefit to the village. It would surely help us greatly, I'm sure."

You're able to follow the tracks for several miles through the sands. However, they are mounted, and thus faster than you... and the tracks are slowly starting to fade away as the wind begins to blow against the sand. It's not so bad that you've lost sight of them, but it's headed in that direction. Of slightly more concern is the wind itself, which is slowly getting stronger.

"I didn't say that." the man replied sharply. "What I said was that it don't matter much if it's magical or not, if there's nothin' you can do about it. I'm just happy as long as it's good for waterin' plants an' people." There was no hesitation in his voice - he knew exactly what he'd said, and that was what he'd meant.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadrans Turn:

Hadran continues his track through the hot sands. The sweat soaks into the turban helping to keep cooler. The wind has started to become a inconvenience. Not only is it making the tracks go away it is getting harder to travel due to visibility.

This damn wind. I can’t go much further if it picks up more strength. I may need to stop.

As Hadran comes to the top of the next dune his fears are met. He sees a sandstorm in the distance. Fortunately it is far enough away for him to bed down into the sand and cover himself with the canvas of the tent. The storm hits. Moments seem to take forever as he holds the canvas down over himself.

Damn it. Now I for sure will have lost the trail. Best I can do is keep going in that direction. They certainly didn’t want my tomb to be found. They put me in the middle of nowhere. I wonder if she will speak with me. Surely she remembers me. Sarenrae my love, it is I Hadraniel. I have awakened and know the error of my past ways. I am walking the path of redemption so that one day I may take my place beside you again. If you find it in your heart, I could use some aid. Stop this blasted windstorm and show me out of here. The acolytes of Rovagug appear to be on the move and I to think what they may do if not stopped. Hear me my dawn flower.

Hadran waits. He hopes and expects a response. Time passes and nothing. Eventually the storm passes and Hadran digs himself from the sand. He now stands upon a changed landscape. The dunes themselves have move and shifted. The trail once followed is now gone. He can only hope his ability to navigate direction with the sun keeps him on track.

No response. Could it be I have been forgotten? This cannot be. Could Sarenrae be dead? No I can’t think that way. How much has changed in my absence from the world. I must trudge on. I must fine civilization.

Hadran continues to follow the direction he was going. Now using the sun to Navigate.

Took the liberty to narate a bit more. I think this is the type of posting you want right? I just don't want to step on your ideas in the process as events will shape the character as well :)

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Noticing people were starting to walk away now, Orithos released the spell, sat himself up, and looked the accuser square in the eye.

"Then, how exactly do you know it won't make much of a difference, and that there's nothing I can do about it? Either you do know something, and you're not telling me, or you're trying to dissuade me from helping these people, which that second one I'd really love to know the reason why."

I do like narration. ^^ If it ever does conflict with the plot, though, I'll let you know.

If there is one thing that mortals can rely on, it's that the gods are always watching. Whether it's to punish (or welcome) them for their sins, promote their ideologies, or simply determine which of the realms would be the most suitable afterlife... the gods care. What hope or fear is there for a god forgotten by his companions, though? There is no deity to guide your steps, no blessings or nudges or whispers in your ear. More than any other thinking being on the planet, you could be said to be truly alone.

This is all the more true as you continue your hike through the desert... and half-buried by the sand is a newly-dead body, none other than the Priest you chased. In his rush to get away, it seems he failed to prepare for the desert and was unable to survive - and so it is that nobody even knows you exist. However, the man does seem to be clutching something in his fist...

The so-called thief looked at Orithos for a few moments, then across the town. Those who had come up onto the stage looked at him curiously, awaiting his answer. Finally, he sighed. "I was tired of lyin' anyway." he grumbled. "You wanna know why I took the berries? Fine. My family was the first group to settle in this area, and the water was practically foul back then." he said, standing up and looking around.

"Y'all might've forgotten 'cuz you've been here so long, but we were the first, and it was them berries that let us keep on livin' here. They was healthier than anything else, and a brand new crop every day... so we started crushin' em and puttin' em into the water to make it better... and it worked! We've done that every day for all o' these years, an' that's why any of you can live here at all. We just didn' tell you 'cuz your own ancestors were far too afraid of magical things!" he exhaled heavily. "An' we kept it a secret that we had them at all, 'cuz all other folk would think about was how to fatten up their herds if they knew what the berries could do. Some fellow's father found out, though..." he eyed the man who currently owned the land the berries were on, "...and started mucking about with things that were fine as they were. So y'all can call me liar, thief, or whatever else you want. I don' really care, 'cuz I'm doin' what's right either way and a pox on anyone who's got a problem with that."

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadrans Turn:

The sandstorm came hard and fast. The winds came roaring over the dunes as if they were an angry dragon. Hadran almost lost hold of his cover in a moment of self reflection, but was quickly dragged back and forced to survive. Moments later it was done. The desert was calm and quiet again. You would not know what just took place if you did not know what the terrain looked like before. All Hadran could do now was use the sun to continue in the path he was on.

A Few dunes later he spotted an arm extending up behind one of the dunes. As he approached he started to make out the head, then the torso. It was the priest that escaped the fight.

Seems the storm buried him, and in his fight for escape he was pummeled by the wind and sand. That is no kind way to die. I would pray for you, but no one seems to hear me. May your soul be blessed and find peace at rest. Wait he seems to be clutching something. Wonder what it may be.

Hadran makes his way to the man. He take the item the body was clutching and lays him at rest.

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Eyes wide in surprise, Orithos was as thrown off as anyone else who'd heard what the farmer had just declared. For a moment, he honestly had no idea what to say, but then his thoughts began to turn, again.

Minutes passed and he could tell people were fidgeting to hear what the foreigner would say, and when the tension felt like it was about to snap into anger's direction, Orithos began talking once more while keeping his gaze focused on the earth.

"I see generations of individuals who've held within themselves the best interests of the village, all while keeping their actions in secret out of fear that they will be judged. If their secret was revealed, I see a people who would have formed a mob and destroyed what they had worked for, I see these generations being exiled out of fear of the unknown, and I see a village falling apart at its roots."

Rubbing his face with the palm of his hand, Orithos let the stress be pushed away. So frustrating was this event, that he wasn't sure if he could get his message across without the people judging him, too. Looking up now to the elder, Orithos continued.

"I have an idea how this could be fixed so that everyone still benefits, and these two men stand punishment for their actions."

Standing up, the fiery one began pacing.

"The berries are what keep this village alive. We know that now. Without them, everyone would suffer, and the community would fall. If we give the berries to either of these two, there is a potential, I'm not saying they will, but there is a potential they might use them for selfish means in the future."

Stopping to relax his shoulders, Orithos turned to the two men.

"Yet, as I see it, both of you mean well, and in all honesty, neither of you did wrong. You merely have two views of what doing right means. I want to help you two resolve your differences in a way that both of you two can get along, or if better, work together, but with the involvement of the berries, issues will arise."

At this, Orithos began pacing, once more.

"As a result, I have come a conclusion that both of you might not like, however, it would maintain order and structure of this society."

Seizing his steps in front of the people, he continued.

"My suggestion is a suggestion, and you do not have to heed it, but it does possess your best interests, much like these men before you, do. I suggest that the land upon which the berries grow be removed from their possession, and placed under the community's hold. No one individual will have claim to them, but the village as a whole, will. Individuals of benevolence will maintain the ritual that the generations passed have maintained before you. How you go about making sure that no one steals from those fields is a decision best left to your own making, but it would be paramount that security of the fields be kept solid, otherwise, your village's health will decline."

Taking a step back, Orithos turned to the elder, and finished with, "Again, my idea is simply an idea, and you do not have to follow through with it if you do not deem it as proper for the community. With that, I am done," whereupon Orithos backed off a bit more to let the village, the two individuals, and the elder make their choice, or inquiries on the details, for he knew they would be coming.

The held item turns out to be a small, crude map of the region. There's only one village on it, a little ways in from the desert... assuming the map is accurate to the area, of course. It's equally possible that there are other settlements, but they just weren't included. However, using the position of the sun as a reference, it should be possible to orient yourself and follow this map in the way the Priest did. Fortunately, you're still able to recall at least some knowledge of surviving in the wild, which helps for knowing where north is...

It takes a few long moments for the crowd to react, looking more than a little startled by the revelations. If they'd understood it right... one man tried to use the berries in public out of ignorance, and the other in secret out of fear? Kind of hard to hate either side doing that, actually...

"I got no problems with that particular solution." the man who'd been helping the village said calmly. "Ain't much of a difference to me either way, now is it?" he looked towards the other man, whose expression was best described as... shell-shocked. His own thoughts were rapidly proceeding through the potential ramifications. If the story was true (which would explain why their own water was reddish and tasted so good), continued use of the berries in their drinking and irrigating water pretty much had to be a given. More to the point, the other man had taken berries - plural, not singular, which meant that the more berries that were used to freshen up the water, the better it was probably going to be. However, it was also important to feed them to animals over time and build up a herd for the sake of the entire village, and...

...Bah. "All right, we can try it that way." the land-owner said. "But only as a test! The village still needs its income, and if the animals can't be supported well enough by using even more berries with the water, I'm reserving the right to keep at least some of each day's harvest for my own animals!" That seemed to be about the best compromise he was willing to make, and after a quick discussion amongst themselves, a sense of agreement seemed to float out. This case, at least, was over.

You've earned 300 XP.

Perhaps now you could finally start figuring out where you were...

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

[spoier=Hadrans Turn]
What is this? A map, fortune favors me. Let us have a look. A small village is the only settlement marked. Well it’s a start. Hopefully I have enough supplies to make it. I can restock and find my way to the nearest city from there. Well I should be off.

Hadran continues his travels climbing dune after dune. The sun beating down made the journey seem twice as long. There were moments of hallucination. He relived himself being stripped of his powers standing by watching unable to aid. He fought against the suns tricks with consumption of water and rest. It was looking grim. Just as he consumed the last of his water he came over another dune, but this one hid the small village. Still wrapped and protected Hadran entered hoping to barter for supplies and directions.

Fortune shines on me yet again. I need to look around. First priority is getting some water. I will just ask the first person I see. Yes that will do.

Hadran wonders into the village looking for aid…

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Greatly relieved, Orithos turned to the elder once more and said, "Now that we have that taken care of, there are a couple questions of my own, and I was wondering if we could speak privately. I prefer we attend to my inquiries once you have a convenient moment to spare. Otherwise, I feel as if I would intrude upon your responsibilities."

The village is a mid-sized place, more than a hamlet but still far less than a city, and the outside of the place is ringed with farms and fields for raising her animals. Perhaps most relevantly, however, you can see people slowly dispersing from the central area of the village and going back to their tasks. Most of them look more than a little surprised, but they're neither worried nor afraid of what's going on. A few are left near the center if you'd really like to talk to them, including someone whose flaming red skin marks them as obviously inhuman...

The Elder nodded calmly. "But before that, allow me to thank you on behalf of these two louts." he said, glaring slightly at the men who'd been quarreling... and they quickly excused themselves, citing a need to get back to their duties. The older man shook his head and sighed. "As for the questions, just come by our little hall anytime; I'm usually in there." He gestured to one of the village's slightly nicer (and larger) buildings - it was the central point for what little government they had, and located just behind the stage - central points were helpful like that.

HP: 174/174(188/188 Rage) [Mythic Power 3/9 ][Legendary Power 2/2][Rage 19/23][Performance 28/28][Trance 7/8]| AC: 24, T: 19, FF: 24 | DR 5/Evil: Pro. Evil | Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 15 | CMB: +15, CMD: 26 | Init: +16, Perception: +19:

Hadran's Turn:

A disheveled and exhausted looking man slowly makes his way into the village. His steps are heavy as if bearing a large weight. He trudges forward true, as he reaches the town center he sees a couple of men and a strange one with red skin. He looks up with a look of determination. He brings his hand to the wrappings around his face and slowly pulls them down to his exposed mouth. His lips dry and cracked he manages to mutter just a word.


The man falls forward in a heap. He crashes to the ground. The large sword draped over his back makes a loud clanking sound as it is thrown around. The man now lays there. He is breathing still but it seems a bit faint. He shows obvious signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration. He clutches a crinkled up map in one had that shows the village on it and a empty waterskin in the other.

Male Ifrit HP: 29/29 | AC: 21, T: 15, FF: 15, | Fort: 9, Reflex: 6, Will: 11 | CMB: +2, CMD: 15 | Init: +7, Perception: +7| MP: 3/5

Orithos' Turn:
Hearing a cry for help near the edge of the village, Orithos turned his head to see a man collapsed on the ground. Thankful that the crowd had dispersed, the fiery one rushed to the man's aid. "This is not good. He needs water," he voiced excitedly. Glancing towards the waterskin, Orithos took it in his grasp, articulated a word of the arcane, and the container filled to the brim before water sloshed out.

Holding it close to the man's parched lips, Orithos placed one of the man's hands on the waterskin, and then started tipping water slowly into his mouth. "Careful, now. Careful. We don't want you gorging yourself."

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