The Depths of Dillium Das (Inactive)

Game Master Vinsomner

An ancient citadel sits on a plain, surrounded by never ending fields of decrepit farmlands. The once pearly white walls still stood, with only minor depredation to the structures. The gates to the citadel remained rotten and open, inviting anyone into its hold to tempt their fate. But place remains empty and abandoned as no one has ever returned from its far reaching depths...

Dillium Das World Map
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Campaign Rules
Be able to post at least once a day. Being able to post more then once a day is more then welcome, but you should be able to post once a day.

Along with one post a day, each post but have a minimum of 5 sentences! This is to help give a more detailed impression of your characters and their actions. Dialogue does count towards your sentences. The more you write, the better this campaign will be. I like detail and with more detail everyone is able to role play more!

Everyone will be given to the end of day to post their combat. By the end of the day all enemies will take their turns. If you have not posted your combat by the end of day, you will be essentially 'delayed' and can act normally after enemies take their turns. This does not grant you an extra turn in the next combat round.

All enemies will be lumped together in one initiative, players will act as a group initiative. Post when it is the groups turn in any order. This is to help streamline combat and make it easier in the PbP setting.

Campaign Background:

The campaign takes place in the world of Caleesh, a large super-earth where you are in the northwestern hemisphere where the climate is a temperate nature. Specificly your on a large continent that is dominated by six nations. The nations are as follows:

Redale: A nation primarily dominated by humans. They are a technologically advanced with complex mechanism and cities. They are a very intellectually driven nation that have an edge in politics. They are an inclusive nation and many races live among them fairly. They dislike Guzzathan and like Lur'dalen.

Guzzathan: A dwarven nation that claim mainy of the mountain regions streatching between nations. They are a military powerhouse but also one of the wealthiest nations. They help facilitate trade amongst the nations and supply many nations its soldiers for protection. They have always maintained a steady peace with all the nations mainly due to their strategical positioning and military might. They dislike the nation of Huth'han, and like Ferralathia and Irullia.

Lur'dalen: A primarily elven and elf-kind nation. They are in the eternal pursuit of greater magics and knowledge of the other planar worlds. There cities are more reclusive and hidden away, though they boast the greatest magical talent within the known world. Like: Redale and Ferralathia, dislikes Huth'han and Irullia.

Ferralathia: A melting pot of a nation, where any races could be found. There economy facilitates the greatest trade of raw minerals. They are close kin to Guzzathan and have always traded most of their resources to them. They have many different cities with its own rulers and cultures, but one Emperer controls the entire nation. Dislikes Redale and Huth'han, likes Guzzathan.

Huth'han: A nomadic nation has claims for the vastest lands of plains in the known world. This nation is rulled by a single chief of the herds. Though this nation only has one great city where this chieftan resides, many herds roam the lands, moving to where the food travels and seasonal changes. They are expert horse riders and archers who have the finest pelts and hides in the known world. Dislikes Lur'dalen, Redale, Ferralathia. Likes Irullia.

Irullia: A nation that claims naval superiority, they control the largest amount of the sea and have claimed most of the islands that lay scattered around the continental shores. A nation filled with hardy sea-going types, they aren't the most prosperous of nations but it makes them the most resiliant to changes and upheavals. Dislikes Redale, Lur'dalen. Likes Huth'han, Ferralathia.

There is an ancient citadel located between the majority of the nations, unclaimed and unwanted in a sort of 'no-mans' land. Many expeditions have been launched towards the citadel, but all have failed by the dissappearance of the expeditions. No traces or signs of them could ever be found as the citadel remains empty. Though the land around is dead or dying from an unknown ailment. The nations stopped pursuing it in fear of causing the localized plague to spread.

Centuries have passed since the last official expeditions by this time yet the Citadel still stands. But a new issue has grown over the years. Suddenly across all the nations crops have begun to wither and die, wildlife begin to starve and die off unexpectidly. Sickness is growing and spreading and starvation of smaller settlements are causing refugees to seek the larger cities, only adding more strain to the fragile state of the nations.

The nations are beginning to grow wary of eachother, armies are mustering and cities are being fortified. Fear of global war would break out amongst the nations as food becomes scarcer and the plague worsens.

An emergancy council was called within the wastelands that border all the nations. In this council they have exhausted all other options besides one, to venture into the citadel and try to find the cause of the plague. Though no one would commit their armies to this task in fear that would open them up from an attack from their rivals. So it was decided that the best of each nation would be put forward to venture into the Citadel to find the cause and possibly reverse what ever is causing the lands to die.