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Haha great, Uk is now Lassie.
What's that boy? There's an army coming?

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Heh. You might have done better had you let Tailwind do the talking!

You all arrive at the Main Gate to Ironfist Village sometime in the afternoon on the 8th day of your travel.

You arrive feeling somewhat refreshed thanks to Gyrdwald's care.

You arrive as the guards call down, "Halt! Identify yourselves or be shot where you stand!" You notice Bolt Tips gleeming from the arrow holes in the front gate. The Village seems to be alert and on a war footing.

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Rao has been acting odd since you began your journey back to Thax, muttering in his sleep, and talking to stones when able. Anytime one of you asked him about, he would snap an angry glare at you, or open his arms to give you a genuine embrace.

Your Brother was weird before no doubt, but he seems to be taking it to a whole new level now. He doesn't look toward the village, rather placing his ear to the rocks surrounding the Ironfist Walls, and speaking calming words to them.

"Thank you for protecting our Clan dear friends. We will prove ourselves worthy of your love and care..." He doesn't seem to care about the guards at all.

Dwarf Warpriest 4 | HP 39/39 | AC 21 T FF 20 T 11 | CMD 16 | Fort +7 Ref +3 Will +9 (+2 poison/spells/SLA) | Init +2 | Perc +4

"Gyrdwald Wise-Eye, warpriest of Clangeddin Silverbeard!" Gyrdwald calls back to the guards. "Uk Umberbrand to you with a dire message!"

"He did indeed," calls the voice. "Open the gates!"

As you walk through the normally welcoming gates, you all see that the Ironfist Clan is indeed on a war footing.

Lines of Dwarves work tirelessly to prepare the Village for war.

A Dwarven Warrior approaches you all and says, "Greetings. We have been expecting your party Warpriest. Welcome home. The Clan Leader wishes to see you immediately. Please follow me."

The Dwarf leads you through the Village and you see that fortifications are rising everywhere. Dwarves, especially those of the Ironfist Clan, have an almost innate ability to prepare for war. You look with pride at the preparations your Clan prepares.

You meet with the Ironfist Clan leader, Grim Stonehammer, who discusses battle and defense plans with you all. The Clan leaders gruff demeanor is overshadowed by his desire to prepare. After an hour discussing defense plans for the Village, he personally leads you through the Deep Tunnel, and onto the Bridge of Kings. The view of the Dwarven Kingdom of Thax comes into view inspiring you all.

You enter Thax, and meet with King Gora the 57th and his Court to discuss the coming battle.

Dwarf Warpriest 4 | HP 39/39 | AC 21 T FF 20 T 11 | CMD 16 | Fort +7 Ref +3 Will +9 (+2 poison/spells/SLA) | Init +2 | Perc +4

On the march into Thax Gyrdwald marvels at the impressive city, and wonders how any force, even one of drow, could think to assault such a place with the dwarves on high alert.

Upon being escorted into the court of King Gora he does his best to remember he proper etiquette.

Knowledge Nobility (untrained): 1d20 ⇒ 8

Knowing little of such things, he does what he hopes is correct. He drops to a knee and bows his head.


From off to the side you all turn to see another of the lost Saman, Cheldor Brownjaw of the Barbarian Bear Tribe standing beside the King. Apparently your old friend has been recalled from his hunting duties for Thax, for the upcoming battle!

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"Hello Brothers. Been a long time."

With dried orc gore still on the pole blade and spray on his face, Uk joins the others in the king's hall; Tailwind, his dire wolf companion and steed, padding along by his side. "Rragh gah, huphhm regggg! Uhhhhuuuuh", nodding wisely to Cheldor, Donar and the King.

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This current thread is before the Bridge Battle that we played in our meeting today. Regard that as we continue!

Donar and Uk enter the King's Hall, joining the Nobility of Thax. It is good to see your old Brother, Donar again. It's clear that King Gora has recalled the Drow Hunter to Thax proper to prepare the Kingdom for the coming battle.

You all clasp hands, embrace, and high five each other in greetings. You look around and see that the Saman of the Ironfist Clan are almost totally gathered.

"My thanks to all of you for coming to fight for Thax in this, your generations, darkest hour," says King Gora in an elderly, raspy voice. The Ancient Dwarven King shifts uncomfortably on his stone throne scratching his beard. He seems to take a moment to regard all of you in his hall. He looks at all of you individually for a moment and then speaks.

"Thanks to you Saman, we were made aware in time, of the Army of Drow and Orc's that approach Thax. Our scouts have confirmed their numbers. Our defenses rise with all of the haste we can muster, but even with that, we are severely out numbered." You all see a sense of helplessness come over the Ancient King.

General Dane Hammerhand speaks up seeing his King's discomfort.

"I am deploying you Saman to the Dark Bridge. Donar has confirmed that the Drow will approach that area in force to invade Thax. We will need a force to slow their advance while we reinforce the Bridge's defenses on that side. Craag you are in charge of securing the Bridge. Gyrdwald, choose a small force to protect the Bridge on the far side until Craag has completed the defenses. I cannot stress how important protecting the Dark Bridge will be, it is one of three entrances the Drow can use to infiltrate Thax. Hold it to the last Saman!"

With that, the General waves you all off to move into your position at the deepest part of Thax's border!

A day later Craag stares out into the oppressive blackness of the Dark Bridge. You cannot see them, but you can hear Gyrdwald, Uk, Donar, Cheldor, and Rao fighting the lead elements of the Drow Army.

"My Lord," says one of your Lieutenant's. "Preparations are completed, and the Dark Bridge is fortified. Shall we recall the Warpriest's element to join us on this side of the Bridge?"

You look down at the defenses, and smile at their strength. The Drow will have a hard time getting through.

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"Sound the recall now we join the fight"

That said Craag starts lining up his men at their defenses puttnig himself in the middle of the front line with ordres for those around him that when his brothers come back that they fill in beside and right behind him if they are still in the fight.

The Dwarf pulls a horn from his belt and blows loudly into it!

Character Image Rank: 0, Defense: 0%, Protection: 0, Life: 0

"Time to get out of here!" Rao yells to all of you as the Drow Soldiers fall back. The Horn wails letting all of you know it is time for you to rejoin Craag, and Bower at the Dark Bridges entrance!

Orc horns blare in the distance, as the lead elements of the Drow Army approaches in well formed and fairly disciplined ranks!

Three columns of Orcs approach the Dark Bridge.

Ironfist Clan are up!

Name any preparatory spells, commands, or overall preparation before the Orcs get to you!

Grand Lodge

m dwarf fighter/4 /AC 30, touch 13, flat-footed 27/ hp 42 / Fort +8, Ref +3, Will +3; +2 vs. poison, spells, and spell-like abilities

no spells here

A Dwarven War Horn blares in the background!

The Battle of Thax has begun!

Initiative for everyone!

The Battle of Thax has become an all out long, and brutal war. For over a year, devastating losses have been claimed on both sides, with the Dwarves holding Thax well. The group was forced to split once again as the Saman moved where they were needed. Over the last year of war, the Drow led Army has been repulsed time and time again, but have been able to gain a small foothold in the lowest levels of Thax known as Derro Deep. The Enemy Army has halted its advance there for reasons unknown, and have fortified their position over the last 6 weeks.

Uk, along with others of the upper echelons of Thax’s High Command, have been recalled to the Ironfist Clan Village by the King of Thax for an important War Council. With a lull in what is now known as the War for Thax, Uk and Tailwind take a much needed break to return home, rest, and prepare to attend to the aging Kings War Council.

Raise one level to 5th as we reset and start the game back up!

The door to Clan Umberbrand’s ancestral home opens with a creak...

The Umberbrand’s Home sits just to the left of Deep Gate, the gate leading to Thax proper. It stands as one of the oldest dwellings in all of Ironfist Village.

You open the door, and are welcomed by a well lit, perfectly cleaned home. The smell of roasted pork fills the air, setting an immediate drool from Tailwinds massive form.

”Welcome home boy,” says Soro Ironkeeper, the Mayor of the Ironfist Village and Elder of the Clan. “It’s good to have you home.”

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