Tetsu no Kurage no Haka - Tomb of the Iron Medusa in Minkai (Inactive)

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The notorious Minkai aristocrats of Clan Hanado died out nearly two hundred years ago under the weight of its own arrogance. All that now remains of the once-great clan is the long-hidden Tomb of the Iron Medusa.

Map of the Crypt

Account of the Hanado Clan's history
The Hanado were an old Minkai noble clan who disgraced themselves and were stripped of their title many years ago.

The mon (symbol) of the Hanado clan was the medusa, said to have been derived from the family’s patriarch, Hanado Tanaka, who according to stories was so feared by his military subordinates that a mere glance from him would turn an unruly recruit to stone. The three branches of the clan each developed their own variation of this emblem: the howling medusa (Sarudo), the mocking medusa (Voshu), and the cross-eyed medusa (Dalano).

In a rare account of this period, the historian Kadesoda speaks of a race for self-destruction between the three branches. The Sarudo clan was the first to fall as they became preoccupied with pleasure and self-indulgence. The last of the clan, Hanado Dosuru, retreated in shame to a self-imposed exile and eventually suicide, opening his veins in the bath of a seedy Li Po brothel. His five daughters became infamous for murdering their husbands and then vanishing from society.

The Voshu branch was next to fall. Known for their nautical prowess, members of the clan
traced their lineage back to Hanado Pado, admiral of the Minkai Third Fleet. A civil war between twin brothers of the clan: Vasapo and Viseno, who went so far as to field armies against one another, decimated the branch.

The last surviving branch, the Dalano clan, at first seemed likely to weather the ignominious end of their cousins. The cunning and ruthless Hanado Barotome, who led the Dalanos, was an exemplary and highly successful commander in the Minkai military. Yet Barotome went on to suffer a crushing military defeat during the Seven Year War, after striking forbidden pacts with outsiders. Dishonored, he fell on his sword Jigoku no Mucuro in contrition, yet even this act was hardly salve enough to atone for the family’s military failure. Indeed, so appalled was the Emperor by the family’s descent into murder, hubris, and blasphemy that he proclaimed the entire clan damned—their memory was to be wiped from every public record and monument, and all members stripped forever of noble status.