Taming the Frontier: A Kingmaker Adventure

Game Master Ryuko

Chapter 2: In which a threat is established, friends are met, and exploration is begun.

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The spy approached with a grave face. "My liege, I regret to inform you that several Lodovka envoys have been sent to speak to Numerian enclaves. They have spoken directly to the Technic League. Furthermore, Lord Lodovka has begun a process of hiring mercenaries and training troops for war. From the reactions of others whom I believe to be agents to other noble families I believe that there is no doubt." The man took a deep breath. "The Lodovka's are preparing for war."

King Noleski Surtova, rubbed his thin beard and waved the spy away without a word. His claims followed what other agents had told him of other houses. "It would seem that my grip upon the throne is failing." He stated quietly to his empty War Room. He shrugged his voluminous garments and pulled a map close. If civil war was to be the order than the royal house of Surtova had best be ready. Restov would stand with him, but he could be sure of no other support.

The map told him little he wished to hear. The wild lands of Numeria still threatened in the West, raiding barbarians which would hurt morale, but which at least bordered several rival lords as well. More concerning was to the South. The Stolen Lands. A harsh, savage place which was claimed by his kingdom, the Numerians, the River Lords and Pitax. The resource heavy but dangerous strip of land was unsettled by any but bandits and savage humanoids. But perhaps it was time to change that.

The old man's robins-egg blue eyes scanned the map for a moment, mentally tallying troop positions and lines of supply. "Bah, Impossible." He snorted after a moment. The Stolen Lands were too far from anything important to waste troops on while the war was brewing. Perhaps another year.

He pulled another missive to himself across the desk, the map lying forgotten. He scanned the letter, a short argument for a man to be hanged. The man claimed to have much skill in adventuring, and claimed he would give anything to the Throne should they pardon him.

Noleski eyed the map once again, pulling his robe close in the cold stone room. "I can't spare my own men, but what about those of my enemies?" He considered it, then rejected the idea. None would allow their King to order regiments away when they prepared for war. Not a regiment then... but perhaps simply people. One here, two there. A group of thieves, nobles, outcasts, adventurers and farmers. Send someone from every region, and perhaps it would even help delay the war while securing the Southern Front. Two birds, one stone. A decree of exploration.

King Noleski Surtova, Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, pulled a fresh parchment towards himself and began to write. Now what was that prisoner's name?


Hey all, Ryuko here with a game announcement. Going to run a very rolelplaying heavy Kingmaker game. This thread is for recruitment purposes and will hopefully find me 4 to 6 people which I will enjoy building a story with over the coming months. Posts in the full game will be expected at least twice a week, and I appreciate quality over quantity. In keeping with this theme I ask that all character applications come complete with a story, in your own writing style, of how your character got roped into this likely doomed expedition. Stories may be of any length, though I suggest at least 3 paragraphs.

Character outline is as follows:

15 point buy (I prefer heroism through action and not through birth).
All races provisionally allowed, but I am a big fan of the core races and those will likely get a closer look than others. Essentially, if you're a Grippli, your writing had better impress me.
All classes except Summoner allowed.
All official Paizo sources allowed.
2 Traits, one of which must be a campaign trait. If no campaign traits fit your character, shoot me a PM, I'll come up with something..
Final decision on allowance of anything is dependent on me, the DM.

Notable Houserules:
Power Attack, Combat Expertise and Lunge are combat options. Anyone with STR 13 or higher may Power Attack. Anyone with DEX or INT 13 or higher may use CE. Anyone with a BAB of more than 6 may make Lunge attacks.

Combat Maneuvers provoke Attacks of Opportunity only with a failure, not with the attempt.

Vital Strike is a single feat that scales.

Weapon Finesse/Agile Manuevers are Options of Finessable Weapons and no longer feats.

Dervish Dance is replaced by Expert Strikes. Expert Strikes is a feat requiring a BAB of +4 which allows you to add your DEX bonus instead of STR bonus to damage for Finessable Weapons.

Weapon Proficiency is a trait. Using a Feat on Weapon Proficiency gains you Proficiency in 2 weapons.

Vital Strike is an attack action which can be combined with any other such action (i.e. Charging, Spring Attack, Cleave).

Lances Do not deal double damage on a charge, only +5 damage.

Characters gains 1 point buy every level, replacing the one attribute point every 4 levels. Point-buy Points may be banked for later spending. Atrributes beyond 18 cost an amount of points equal to the resulting modifier (19 = 4, 20-21=5, 22-23=6 etc.)


Item Rules:
Items carried by a character are divided into three separate categories: Ready, Secured and Stowed. Readied Items are items such as Weapons in a scabbard, potions in a bandoleer, or alchemists fire clipped on a belt. Readied items are obvious, clear and can be drawn using a move action. Secured items are things such as a bear trap carried in a backpack, a hidden boot dagger, or a potion secreted inside a characters pants. They are a bit more difficult to reach and use a standard action to retrieve. Stowed items are things like an alchemists kit in its case, a tent in the bottom of the backpack, or a flask of oil in the pack-horses saddlebags. These are difficult to reach and bother with, particularly in combat, and cost a full-round action to reach which provokes an attack of opportunity. The only limit on what items one can carry in which way is how much sense it makes, and as with all things, it is subject to DMs Call.

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I'll definitely have to put something together for this.

Question for you on your House Rule for stat increases. When you're increasing a stat at later levels that has a Racial Mod to it, do you figure the cost of the increase before or after applying the Racial Mod?

Example: You spent 3 points to buy to a 13, then Racial Mod increased to 15. Do I need to save up 2 points like I would have at creation (to raise the 13 to a 14) or 3 points (to raise the 15 to a 16). I don't care which it is, but it would make a difference to how I arrange my starting stats.

3 points. The racials will be considered the new stats after creation.

I see rogues being ridiculously OP because of that expert's strike.

Not to be "That guy" but the reason finesse doesn't apply to damage is because it also applies to your armor class. You sacrifice damage for dodgeability.

Still, I'm not dotting this for interest because of the amount of homebrew, but I do wish it the best.

But that expert strike is... something.
There's a feat in "Call of the Jungle" called Piranha strike, which is essentially power attack for Dexterity people, which is nice. But coupling that is going to make two-weapon fighting backstab rogues literally one-shot half the enemies you throw at them.

Even worse still, feint rogues.

Good luck with the campaign :D

Question before I commit to stats. If I made a druid, could I have a treant sapling companion instead of the normal options?

And if I have someone who'd do that kind of thing I'd not want them in our game. I offer expert strikes to help make the duelist type of character (who I feel is not adequately supported) more valid. Should it cause an issue I would discuss it with the player to reach a compromise.

I don't support player vs. Dm mentality. Were working together, and if something is causing a problem it needs to be addressed through co-operation, not confrontation.

Nameless Nick wrote:
Question before I commit to stats. If I made a druid, could I have a treant sapling companion instead of the normal options?

I'm fine with that.

Dotting for interest. I have a half-elf Aldori Sword Magus idea that I think would work well with this. I will round out the statblock and get back to you.

Uh, let's see. A DM who wants to have a ton of roleplaying, has established and interesting houserules, and has the right mindset of the DM / player relationship. Why yes, I do believe I will submit a character for this.

Hmm. I had you wrong. Pardon my impudence, I'm so used to optimization cacophony on these forums it makes me bitter. I do apologize.

Still, the 15 point buy really does affect the only character I'd be interested in submitting. On top of that, he's Neutral Evil with Chaotic (And albeit, some lawful) tendencies.

I'll shoot you the concept before I actually give the stat block and see what you think, good man.

Dmitri Mavis's Backstory:

For most men that exist, women are a lot of things. Conduits of the future, pleasure centers, friends, mothers, role models, and just so many other things.

For Dmitri, they were literally everything. Growing up, Dmitri knew no other man, as he was a sacred child in the Church of Zura. He was surrounded on all ends, at almost all times, by Women of humble make. Succubi tended to him in his younger years, but at the time he didn't know what they were.

Growing up in a church to the god of pleasure and all things hedonistic had surprising ramifications on his mental state and his outlook on life.
For starters, he didn't immediately become a pervert. At the age of 16 he became curious.
He inquired as to the different methods, and the reasons behind their gallivanting.

Shocking everyone with the inquisition, the leader of the church, a Succubus by the name of Avalni, took a great amount of interest in him. Usually seen as conduits of sex and contracts, Dmitri saw the Succubus as a basin of knowledge and insight into the feminine heart.

Avalni taught him how to truly love a person, and many ways to pay his respects to Zura in various Acts. Plenty of things came into play at around this time. He was, at first, taught directly by Avalni ways of persuasion and how to carry himself, as well as how to please both the minds and sexual desires of the opposite sex. By the time he was ready to go on his pilgrimage, he was oozing with charisma.

Prior to the journey, Avalni's final teaching was a secret. She told unto him that Zura didn't need a church, and that she simply enjoyed the bounty of carnal desire in the populace of the world itself. As such, at the age of 24 Dmitri left the cathedral, coming into the world as a conduit of pure carnal desire, while at the same time, truly respectful.

Zura could be worshiped via the drawing of blood, no matter who's.
Sexual acts also worked. Simply causing another person to give into their carnal desires willingly and smoothly was enough to do so. Forcing someone to do it was wrong, as the more willing, the better.

Though looking at him now provides the depiction of an "off" person, Dmitri knows plenty about himself and everything that he enjoys partaking of, and simply lives for the happiness of himself, and the worship of his most beloved deity.

Recruitment Explanation:

Upon leaving the church, Dmitri suffered culture shock, for the most part. He had never met other men before, and was rather mistreated, but found solace in the arms of women all the same. He was an alien to the male population, but could be seen as lovable, in many different ways, to the women. Some pitied, some loved, some lusted, and some even envied, but Dmitri was use to this.

In his exploration, he found that there existed adventurers, men of mettle. Women too! It was magnificent. The job description truly appealed to him, but for all the wrong reasons. Thoughts of grandeur filled his mind, more so than normal. He wanted to taste the slain creatures of his crimson scythe. He wanted to draw blood for his deity, his or theirs, it didn't matter. He wanted to meet interesting new women, and men all the same. It was truly a proving ground, and best of all, a way to worship his loving "godmother", Zura.

He left with all haste upon hearing of it, feverish, with excitement so great he could barely contain the thoughts of grandiose ecstasy. He had to stifle back drooling as his sanity waned for a moment. He was so prepared for it mentally that he broke into a sprint for the nearest method of travel there. But, little did he know, he wasn't ready. No. Not in the slightest...

What do you think?

Me beard bristles with interest!



Character Sheet is here now.

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OK, let me present Fyrek Orlovsky, a Sylph Sky Druid (venerating Ketephys).

This is an outline and a background story, rather than a full character writeup, but it should be enough information to communicate the build. (I'm superstitious about making an alt until actually accepted into a game.) If there is any additional info you'd like to know about her, just ask.

Hopefully the story is good enough to justify the non-core race -- I've been wanting to make a Sky Druid for a long time and this seems the perfect place for it.

High Above

At first Fyrek had seen those words as ironic, as a cosmic joke at her own expense, but over time she realized that they were more than that. A subtle message from the quill of a subtle family to their lessers. A kernel of truth wrapped in a layer of condescension and braggadocio.

High Above

A truth that Fyrek's very existence made much less subtle. Among the other changes to her body during her thirteenth year were the appearance of the swirling blue markings of a sylph. It was perfectly reasonable and understandable that part of House Orlovsky's power and rule of Mt. Veshka was due to their relationships -- strategic and otherwise -- with djinn and outsiders of the air. But subtle clues and awe-tinged whispers are one thing, and the naked visage of an air-kissed cousin is something else entirely. House Orlovsky pruned that entire branch of the family, sending Fyrek, her parents, and her siblings downslope, till they eventually settled in the shadow of the Icerime peaks.

High Above

As they were being hustled from their home, the elven nursemaid who had raised Fyrek secretly pressed an object into her hand during their farewell embrace. "Be strong," she said. "And brave. You are my Falling Star, and you will survive this." Only that night, after everyone was asleep did Fyrek feel safe removing the cloth wrappings from her gift -- a silver medallion with a hawk and crescent, glittering in the moonlight. From that moment on she wore the medallion close to her skin, the symbol of Ketephys the Hunter whose stories she had always loved.

High Above

Fyrek's parents were true Orlovsky's and even living in a backwater and fallen from favor they schemed a return to the dizzying heights. One son found a place in the Royal Guard, and one studying with the Aldori swordlords, and eventually they found a merchant who was willing to put his wealth and influence behind their return to court in return for the hand of woman who had caused all these problems.

High Above

But Fyrek had arranged to take other vows, those of a druid in the service of Ketephys. Under the aegis of the swordlords, she would journey to the Stolen Lands, charter in hand. To explore the land, but most of all to protect it from those who might see the wildlands as a mere resource to be exploited. Against her family's wishes, and against their schemes, she wanted to use her life and her inconvenient talents to build and to protect.

High Above

So reading one last time the words emblazoned on her bedroom wall, Fyrek could only laugh. Her destiny was, indeed, High Above, but it was not the destiny of a Lady on a Throne, but that of a Hawk on the Wind. Now she had only to sieze it.

Fyrek Orlavsky
Sylph (Sky) Druid of Ketephys

Str: 10 Dex: 15 Con: 8 Int: 14 Wis: 15 Cha: 13

Natures Bond = Feather subdomain
Alternate Racial Traits: Breeze-Kissed and Sky-Speaker

Traits: Noble Born (Orlovsky); Eye of the Falcon
Feat: Point-Blank Shot

I thoroughly enjoyed that backstory pH. I'm not good with house-names or nobility like that. Mine are more spurred from fantasy and darker, unorganized bits. I like yours none-the-less, though.

I humped myself a bit working on the crunch (Dropped Strength so low that I couldn't carry a g!@@#%ned thing) so I'm going to take another run at that, but in the meantime, here's the background for my foolish Grenadier Alchemist, Blake Cortelli.

“A life without love is no life at all.”

Blake Cortelli was born into a family that had too many children and not enough food to care for them. Everyone in the family had a role that was specific to their age. Work for the children began when they were old enough to walk, and typically consisted of wandering the streets begging. When they got a little older, they would learn to pick-pocket or steal outright. The Cortelli family was desperate, and their (often drunken) frustration was taken out on the children regularly. Those who had unsuccessful days were beaten.

Unfortunately for Blake, he was never strong, stealthy, attractive, or particularly fast. It would perhaps be incorrect to say that he was beaten more than the other children, but he certainly did not adapt to that lifestyle as well as others did.

Blake grew into a very intelligent young man, with a fixation for gold. He was certain that if he had a way to obtain enough of it, he could fix everything. He ran away and became apprencticed with an alchemist, intending to uncover the secrets of turning ordinary elements into profitable ones. Patience was never a virtue that he had embraced, however, and before long he was stealing chemicals to sell to whatever gangs would want them. When his master found out, Blake was thrown out.

With the knowledge he had acquired and his innate talent, it wasn’t long until Blake had a steady job working with an up-and-coming thieves guild in Brevoy, creating for them anything from potions to explosives. When the local law enforcement began an attack on the guild’s hideout, Blake quickly gave himself chemical burns on his arms and face. When the guards burst in, he fell to the ground, crying, saying he’d been captured and forced to work for them.

By the time his early 20’s are rolling around, Blake already has nothing. His family is miles away and he hasn’t seen them for years. His alchemist’s shop has been seized, his clients are all captured, dead, or have lost trust in him. When the opportunity to go abroad to start a new kingdom is offered, he jumps at the chance to leave it all behind.

YoricksRequiem wrote:
When the local law enforcement began an attack on the guild’s hideout, Blake quickly gave himself chemical burns on his arms and face.

I take it Charisma was your dump stat?

Duboris wrote:
YoricksRequiem wrote:
When the local law enforcement began an attack on the guild’s hideout, Blake quickly gave himself chemical burns on his arms and face.
I take it Charisma was your dump stat?

Strength, too. I was originally just going to burn his face, but then I thought "Eh what the hell, it's more horrifying this way."

Mostly the explanation is there not to justify the low stats, but because I like the idea of a selfish, survivalist character who will injure not only others but even himself if it means living to fight another day. He's quick-witted and clever and willing to do what ever it takes.

Hope this isn't too long-winded. Here it be!

Woe to the stout folk that venture from their ancestral halls beneath the safety of the mountains. Weeping mothers, disappointed fathers, waiting for beardlings that dwell far from the highest peak's shadow and never return. Dwarves who leave the Five Kings behind them return on occasion but others seem to forget all about the stone below that echoed with the squall of their newborn selves. To proud, traditionalist dwarves that find regulating the length of hair on face and head of great importance, nothing is more shameful to have a son or daughter lost to the surface. One such dwarf is Fofin Proudheart, bound to follow a deific oath that purged old ballads of heroes from his heart and replaced it with the ever-present clash of iron against iron.

For many folks, spending half a century in the dark confines of a mountain hold would drive one mad or tip them into unending apathy. The dwarves that make their homes there, however, usually loathe when they must trek to the surface for one reason or another and spend their time beneath the open sky pining for the comfort of their clan hall. A few dwarves born beneath the stone are brought into the world backwards, as some grey bearded elders say. Those handful of eccentrics, when they see the wide expanse both above and before them stretching for miles on all ends, they can't get enough of it. A son born to the Proudheart clan, Fofin knew exactly what those "backward" dwarves felt when he stepped out from beneath the mountain and first set his eyes on the sky.

Until he became what dwarves consider to be a young adult, Fofin spent his days in the city of Taggoret, learning the fine points of mining and dwarven society from his clan mates. Like all young dwarves, he took minimal training on how to swing an axe or fell a foe but attention was always to be paid fully to processes of mining. He made a fine pick-swinger and shared the successes of his clan with every rich vein of ore they uncovered. In time, he grew to be a sturdy and reliable young dwarf and so his family decided it was time for him to go with other strong hands to the surface.

Taggoret on the surface was like nothing he had ever seen before. Its high walls would have been common to anyone else but the contrast of their iron ramparts to the bright sky above dazzled the young dwarf to no end. Imagine his delight when he heard that shipments of ore were being sent out and that he would be among those to escort the load.

Soon enough, the wagons rolled out and all the splendor of the surface world stood before him. The older dwarves delighted in teasing him as they walked, telling him fanciful stories of dwarves that turned to stone or fell into the sky. Nervously, Fofin brushed it off, continuing to soak in the sights of the brand new world, one he would come to wander with restlessness in the days ahead.

As the carts wheeled ahead, the fighters sent to detail the caravan felt at ease. Despite claims that bandits notoriously prowled their path, none had seen any indication of highway men or that there would be. Naturally, the veterans that came along for the ride were suspicious but the younger blades were complacent to take it easy on themselves, breaking out mugs and singing cheerily as they marched down the road. The clear mistake of underestimation would not be dwelt upon by many in the party, for their demise came swiftly with hardly a warning.

A legion of bugbears, bristling with fur, eyes wide with malice descended upon the dwarves. Shouts from ahead heralded battle and unprepared warriors grasped desperately for their weapons while many found those of their foes biting into them instead. Fofin struggled to gather his wits, picking up an axe from one of the fallen dwarves as he sought to defend those who were left. Swinging the weapon about, the snarling goblinoid head of an attacker fell to the ground before him with its hulking body following behind, dropping the young dwarf beneath it. He struggled with its then found another added to it as a fellow dwarf hewed the life from it. There he laid, pushing against the dead heap until the sound of battle died out, replaced by the sounds of taunting goblin speech and the moving carts.

When he finally emerged from beneath the carcasses that had weighed him down, he saw to his horror that all his kin had apparently perished. Their carts had been taken and their bodies looted by the marauding beasts. The only satisfaction he could have taken was grim, seeing a few other hulking corpses scattered about his deceased comrades. Anger burned in his heart, though he knew he would stand no match to the raiders as he was.

He went to one of the dead veterans and asked forgiveness as he wearily pulled the plate armor from his body. Among the veteran's possessions he found an amulet bearing the image of a mountain with a sword buried inside it. This, he knew, was the symbol of Garum, the Lord in Iron. Twining the token into the blonde strands of his beard, the young dwarf made a pledge to the war god that would define his life to the end of his days.

With grim resolve, Fofin Proudheart set out with scavenged weapons in hand, ready to forge himself anew in the fires of war should Garum give him the strength to slay those that murdered his brothers. He found his foes and brought justice to them, hacking them down one-by-one, spilling their vile blood with ease. With the bugbears' deaths, the young dwarf left those lands, his oath to Garum driving him forward. From then on, he has wandered the Inner Sea, growing more adept at the martial crafts, forever seeking opportunities to revel in glorious battle.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, he is a dwarven fighter dedicated to Garum. Though often grim and humorless, he has times where the jolly dwarf that he once was shines through.

My my! Nicely done Fofin!

I would post similar quantities, but I have to tone down my characters back-story, otherwise it would just be 20 years worth of sexual adventures, torture sessions, learning to use a scythe, and being taught to be submissive towards those of the opposite sex.

Hence the reason I don't. :U

Still! Nicely done.

Well, thank you!

When I set out to write a back story it's hard for me to just summarize it but I figured I should wrap this one up a bit at the end.

Really? I thought you wrapped it up at just the right time.

I will have to think a bit on this, sounds very interesting.

Definitely interested. I have a Kingmaker character nearly ready to go, just requires a little tweaking and I'll post him up :)

OK, feedback, character by character.

Mavis: Not bad, and could be fun to play with. May I ask what race/class and role he would be in the party? He definitely seems to have some issues which could be disturbing. I do want to stress that my game will stay within about a PG rating. Might push PG-13, but I don't intend to move into any kind of explicit content.

Nexi: Seems legal, I'm wondering what kind of backstory you come up with.

pH/Freyk: I love it. Very well done and very flavorful. Definitely a story worth dealing with a different race for. I love that she has family ties that aren't completely foreign to her which may actually be around in this game.

Blake Cortelli: I love the 'Ultimate Survivor' kind of vibe of him. Makes perfect sense for the kind of man who might end up in a crappy situation that the party is in. Good justification for your dump stats, though I would ask that you don't do too much worse than say... a 7 and a 9. Two 7s is a little uncomfortable to me, though better than usual with my houserules since you can buy them off a bit easier.

Fofin: Interesting... though can I ask why he's in this particular situation at all? Sounds like he's a mercenary with no ties to Brevoy in any way. Not really what I'm looking for.

Sorry this is a little rough - rushing it I'm afraid.

It was never easy to be born on the wrong side of the sheets. Yet it saved young Destan's life. She was born just a scant 16 years ago, her mother a young and somewhat wanton housemaid in the royal household. When she discovered her condition, she fled, with nothing more than her few belongings and her uniform. She ran for her home deep in the woods, outside the borders of Brevoy, where her family took her in without question. Lowly woodcutters and lumberers, they were kindly folk, but they were disappointed in their somewhat wild child when they discovered her condition.

When Destan was born, her grandmother was shaken by the omens she saw. Still, she allowed her daughter and the bastard child to stay in her home.

Destan quickly proved to be as wild as her mother, hard to control and harder to train. When she was four, something strange began to happen... It was as if she were suddenly cursed, and her whole family, even her laconic uncles, were spooked by her oddness. Strange sounds and coloured lights would sometimes swirl around her, and she would talk to the air around her as if she were surrounded by invisible folk.

As she grew, she frequently spoke to no one in particular and would play with practice weapons, sparring against invisible foes. While this wouldn't seem odd for a child, such flights of fantasy were the norm for Destan and she insisted her imaginary friends were quite real.

As she grew, she continued to show no interest in 'womanly pursuits' like cooking or sewing. Her grandmother gave up on her, perhaps a bit too easily, and condemned her as 'unmarriage-able', and declined to try to find her a husband, which was fine with Destan.

Destan was determined to make her own way in life, and with her family's encouragement, she, and the spirits that always seemed to surround her, walked out of the family home and never looked back.

Her first foray out of the forests and she had nothing to her name except a few essentials for survival and a piece of her swaddling cloth - the white and gold tattered remains of a uniform depicting part of a red dragon wielding a sword.

Less than a month away from home, she found herself in a back alley in the city of New Stetven, and hard pressed by a gang of three toughs after just one thing. Cornered, she led them on slightly, with every intention of beating them senseless once they got close enough for her to attack their most vulnerable spots.

To her surprise, when she went to grab one of them by the cojones and twist, a knife manifested from her hand out of seemingly nowhere, and she actually severed his testicles from his body. At the terrifying sight, his two companions, who had only wanted a bit of fun and pleasure, fled into the night. Herself terrified of the sudden appearance of the knife, dropped it, whereupon it disappeared. She grabbed her small pack and fled as well.

When she stopped running, she curled up in an unused corner of a stable and wept in fear and horror at what she'd done. But it wasn't long before the voices came and reassured her that all was well and she wasn't alone. The voices told her they were her long-lost ancestors and would never leave her. They informed her of her gifts with metal and how she could manifest any weapon she wanted by just thinking it into her hand.

Finally, the panic left her and she relaxed, and fell into a deep sleep. She was found in the morning by the owner of the stable, a weapon smith in service to House Surtova of New Stetven. He took her in and taught her his craft, and she trained alongside his own two sons for a year, learning everything she could of weapons and their manufacture and use.

When she was 17, Destan was working at the forge one day, when a young man came into the forge. He was good-looking and personable, and she fell almost instantly in love with him. He was taken by her fine looks and pleasant demeanor, something she had learned from the smith and his sons in the past year - how to hide her 'voices' and strange behaviors.

She had no idea the young man was a young scion of House Surtova, only that he was a customer of the shop. The two of them became quite good friends before long and one thing led to another and he asked her to marry him. But his family would have none of the relationship. She wasn't highborn enough for him, and they put a stop to it. His distant cousin, the King, secretly had her locked away. All he knew was that she was gone.

Destan had nothing in her cell but her voices and a few belongings she had on her when she was taken. Held for no reason she was ever told, she was a nameless, faceless prisoner for almost 3 months. Then they came with their offer of freedom...

build and other info:

build, crunch, etc. is all in the profile

Welcome back Ryuko. No, I am not posting an immortal alien for Kingmaker, though it would be fun.

Good luck with the most original AP written. Can't wait to see how they redo it.

wow... looks like I just missed the cutoff for a critique...

Glad to see you back!

I, too, will need to chew the fat about a specific character for submission.

Your intro is something I've never seen before for Kingmaker, which lends itself towards characters with a certain selfish mindset . . ..

Unscrupulous non-rogue? (Possibly a Confidence Man?)

Good-hearted ne'er-do-well? (Whether based on Han Solo or D'Artagnan, for examples.)

Blatant thief? (Whether rogue or not.)

Ryuko wrote:
Blake Cortelli: I love the 'Ultimate Survivor' kind of vibe of him. Makes perfect sense for the kind of man who might end up in a crappy situation that the party is in. Good justification for your dump stats, though I would ask that you don't do too much worse than say... a 7 and a 9. Two 7s is a little uncomfortable to me, though better than usual with my houserules since you can buy them off a bit easier.

Glad you like it! I'll totally adjust the attribute numbers - I was having trouble figuring out how to make him able to carry any gear with a 7 Str anyway. I'll post the crunch numbers in the morning when I finish working them out.

Destan: I love it. Great ties, good reason to be here, Cool powers that caused real problems. Excellently done.

Hustonj: I tend to dislike how the Kingmaker path, as written, assumes you're all volunteers. After all... this is a crummy position. Sure, there would be some volunteers, but there would also be political threats, pardoned prisoners, people who wanted to get away from the political maneuvering of the country. There's a lot of people who would be on the way down there, not just just heroes.

Ryuko wrote:
Fofin: Interesting... though can I ask why he's in this particular situation at all? Sounds like he's a mercenary with no ties to Brevoy in any way. Not really what I'm looking for.

Point taken, allow me to work on this and I'll post my resolution.

1d10 for my heritage roll as promised, 1d10 ⇒ 10, ok rakshasa-spawn heres goes nothing

thanks for the feedback Ryuko - I'll be watching the thread for char selection! :)

Ryuko wrote:

OK, feedback, character by character.

Mavis: Not bad, and could be fun to play with. May I ask what race/class and role he would be in the party? He definitely seems to have some issues which could be disturbing. I do want to stress that my game will stay within about a PG rating. Might push PG-13, but I don't intend to move into any kind of explicit content.

Nexi: Seems legal, I'm wondering what kind of backstory you come up with.

pH/Freyk: I love it. Very well done and very flavorful. Definitely a story worth dealing with a different race for. I love that she has family ties that aren't completely foreign to her which may actually be around in this game.

Blake Cortelli: I love the 'Ultimate Survivor' kind of vibe of him. Makes perfect sense for the kind of man who might end up in a crappy situation that the party is in. Good justification for your dump stats, though I would ask that you don't do too much worse than say... a 7 and a 9. Two 7s is a little uncomfortable to me, though better than usual with my houserules since you can buy them off a bit easier.

Fofin: Interesting... though can I ask why he's in this particular situation at all? Sounds like he's a mercenary with no ties to Brevoy in any way. Not really what I'm looking for.

Just because of the illicit background doesn't mean I'm going to sex up every female npc you throw at us, I'm not so bold, bahaha. Preferably front lines tank fighter, as well as backup face. Oh and human. Im very respectful in that sense.

He essentially is just going to be extremely nice to female npc's and alien to male at the worst.

But yes, human fighter tank.

I knew I recognized you! You ran Rise for my shapeshifters Summoner, Elloe Awran! My interest is piqued for this game now.

I've gotta work on my backstory a little bit. This is one of my first Play-by-Post sessions, and I might need a little guidance. I was thinking of doing something with her about being a nomad working with the few farmers in the Stolen Lands as she comes by them. She could volunteer her knowledge of the bandits and beasts there for the sake of peace.

I'm still bouncing ideas, but that's one concept I could go with and expand on.

Hopefully this seems a good enough reason.

Reasons for Involvement:
Tales of struggle drew the young dwarf as a scorned mother might lead away her misbehaving child by the ear. A land in the north, beset by rumors of strife and the possibility of war. Gold was good to be had but money was never the dwarf's objective in life, not now. The sure stroke of a blade, butting heads with a formidable foe, the thrill of battle! Perhaps he could find all that and more there, possibly even some structure past the constant search for challenges that marked his days since pledging himself to the Lord in Iron.

Hastily, the iron-clad wanderer began to question any who might know of the land named Brevoy. Learning of Gorum's strong presence within said nation only made the enticement of the country that much better. Immediately he set off to see what promise might lie for him in those distant lands, hoping to rub shoulders with other Gorumites and lend his steel to a cause, to better understand the oath he pledged. Somewhere inside the worn warrior, he secretly hoped that his promise would lead to something more fruitful besides the next battle to be fought. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking.

stats for Jarin Balak:
Jarin Balak, rakshasa-spawn tiefling sorcerer, CN.
str 8
dex 16 (14+2)
con 10
int 12
wis 8
cha 18 (16+2)
skills 3 points per lvl bluff, intimidate and disguise.
skill bonuses disguise and sense motive, spell like ability detect thoughts.
traits Bastard Chain master (tiefling)
spells lvl 0 message, ghost sound, mage hand, detect magic, lvl 1 spells silent image and disguise self .
feats tiefling heritage feat (rakshasa-spawn)
equipment 2d6 ⇒ (6, 1) = 7 times 10 so 70 gp, dagger (2 gp), Explorer's outfit (free each class gets a free outfit worth 10 gp or less), waterskins 3 (3 gp) and trail rations 6 (3 gp), crossbow crossbow light (35 gp) and twenty bolts (2 gp)

story of Jarin Balak:
No one knows why Jarin Balak looks for all intents and purposes like a great cat, he just does. His eyes are a intense yellow, his nose slightly flat like a felines, his face set in a regal example of the tiefling race, his hair a pure black that one could only expect on a cat.

Born to lower nobility when one of the house's daughters was seduced by a Rakshasa, Jarin Balak was cast off into the streets to die. Unfortunetely for them he survived by the kindness of strangers, an order of traveling monks who wielded spiked chains.

They fed him until twelve when he set off on his own, while he never learned the chain from the monks (orderly and focused movements went right over his head) he did still like chains and might eventually master their use...assuming he survives.

As his "family" has learned of his survival and is now hells bent on killing him. But this clever tiefling has no interest in dying, he intends to live and either become a king or the power behind the throne. His guile is great, his devotion to the arts of deceit and treachery inherited from the Rakshasa, his will is great and he knows one thing for certain...he will be victorious or die trying.


Where you been man?? We've been missing you!

How goes all?


Might roll up a Ranger or perhaps an elemental Witch. We'll see though, got some other stuff to work on, not sure if I'll have time.

Glad to see you're alive!

Hmmmm . . ..

Looking (long term) at a Duelist build. An Elven Magus (Spelldancer)/Duelist is REAL appealing (mechanically), but I have trouble fitting it into the draftee mold Ryuko's set up, here.

Human Rogue/Fighter (Free Hand)/Duelist is the path instead, I think. Given the backstory I've written, he'll start Rogue. Not even close to having the mechanics done, just the outline I just described, actually.

Backstory that I'm looking at using:
Born and raised on a simple farm, Rick decided early that he needed to find something else to do with himself besides become another peasant farmer helping his Lord get richer. During the Spring planting of his 12th year, Rick made his break for greater fortune. He took nothing more than the clothes he was wearing and the lunch he had carried out into the fields. By morning, he wasn't so certain he had made the right choice, but he was a stubborn lad, so he pressed on. Young Rick managed to reach Silverhall, begging for food or stealing it as he traveled. He felt some guilt about the thefts, but not enough to quiet his belly, so he took what he needed. After a few days of this, Rick no longer felt any guilt about taking what he thought he needed.

Things were more complicated in Silverhall. He was adopted by a street gang when he helped one of them escape from the local constabulary. Rick had thought the boy was actually innocent, but he was wrong. Sometimes mistakes make big differences in your life!

The next several years had Rick learning and working with "Tom's Terrors". He grew into the role well enough, losing his niavate along with his expectation that good people would see that those around them got what they might need. Eventually, though, Tom started seeing Rick as a potential challenge for leadership of the group, as he did all the eldest boys, and he started working out how to remove this potential threat to his livelihood without telling the younger boys that their day would eventually come. One of the schticks used by Tom's Terrors was the misdirection of a cargo vehicle through a concentrated application of mischief. They had a couple of constabulary tabards the elder members could wear to provide "assistance" at the right moment.

Rick was outfit as a Constabulary agent, and was holed up well back in the alley he was supposed to direct the target to take, waiting for the ruckus to start before he showed his face. When he heard things well under way, he came tromping out of the alley only to see himself run by. He stopped, looked at himself running deeper into the alley, and then moved on to do what he was supposed to do, though more slowly. As he reached the opening, a full squad was moving away from the fallen men who had been hauling the wagon, and towards the alley Rick was "hiding" within. They cried out and gave chase. Rick started running after himself, but the Constabulary managed to catch him.

There were many witnesses, including some of the Constabulary members and several of the younger members of Tom's Terrors, to the three cold-blooded murders. All of the witnesses were adamant that Rick was the killer. As a known criminal, Rick's pleas that he had been set up were laughed away. King Surtova's need for truly expendable men gave Rick an option that he wouldn't have had even a week earlier. The farm-boy who had become a thief trying not to be a peasant, was about to become something else again.

So, what's anyone think? I'm not sold on the name Rick. Very likely to change it. I need to worry about the mechanics of the character next, though.

Shadow Lodge

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

Thanks for the feedback, all.

This game looks like it's a magnet for great submissions -- I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

Shadow Lodge

Azten here, with my submission: A half-elven Cleric. He's not completely updated to the houserules, but he should be close enough for at least a simple review.

Azten wrote:
I knew I recognized you! You ran Rise for my shapeshifters Summoner, Elloe Awran! My interest is piqued for this game now.

That was a great game. Super fun.

MG: Yeah, I know, I've been dead for awhile. I'm back now.

Backstory for Nexi the Wanderer:
Nexi was born to a small community of shamanistic gnomes in the Gronzi Forest, living off the growth of the land and the beasts of the wild. They would keep to themselves, and replace what they took from the land, esteeming clerics of Gozreh, druids, sorcerers, and rangers. Living in burrows in the ground and in the carved-out hollows of trees, the gnomes led a hermetic life guided by simultaneous discovery and solitude.

Nexi grew up here, and was notorious for exploring the dangerous corners of the forest, where only the strongest of the village would dare explore. Nexi’s mother took her out to gather food for the village, so she could be under close supervision and see the world of the forest. She wandered away, seeing a rustling in the bushes. When her mother looked next, Nexi was nowhere to be found. Before she realized how far she had gone, Nexi found herself cornered by a pack of wolves. She yelled for her mother, but her mother searched the other direction. As the wolves closed in, a small tree leapt out of the woods. It pounded the ground to chase the wolves away. Wherever she went, this little tree followed her wherever she went. Initially frightened of the creature, she grew to admire it for its tenacity, and followed it deep into the forest as it seemed to guide her, seeking to learn from it. The tree’s capricious nature led her into all kinds of dangers, from hungry predators to wicked gremlins. Growing attached to the creature, she eventually named him “Willowmane,” after his shaggy tufts of hair-like leaves.

As she explored the forest, she began to understand her people’s connection to the world around them, and her connection to nature began to manifest itself into divine evocations. Nexi began to defend her uncanny friend from greater dangers, until she had realized that she could do much more with her newfound abilities. What good was being special if you keep it to yourself? Deciding to share her connection to nature with the peoples around her, she began to wander into the farmlands of the Rostland Plains. She would help farmers to achieve greater harvests through her knowledge of the natural world, and chase away wild animals that would impede on their harvests.

Upon her years of nomadic life, she begun to reminisce about her family back in the Gronzi Forest. She had gone back to the place of her birth—but found that her family had moved on. The familiar trees and winding burrows she called home had been abandoned, empty, cold shells of their former selves. Nexi, after searching for hours for any clue of where her family had migrated to, dropped to her knees. They never left these woods, why would they leave now, without me? Disheartened, she and her sapling friend left the burrows for good. She didn’t blame Willowmane for guiding her astray—she blamed her own denial that her family would always be there. She realized that this might be the opportunity to start her own gathering of gnomes, to possibly give them a permanent home, away from the dangers of the wild, but not from its beauty and bounty.

This is a first draft, so I'd definitely like some feedback and criticism. It's 2 AM here, and I just finished writing, so ma brain's kinda mush. I'd like to connect her more to the fey somehow, too.


Ok, here is my submission, elven illusionist (and former bandit) Culinë Virianothil.

Equipment is the only thing outstanding, and will be completed in a few hours. There's a little spoiler for you on the profile, Ryuko, just enquiring about his traits. Please feel free to give feedback/criticism as you wish!

No chance at making unarmed attacks finessable weapons eh? Monks really suffer against the 15 point buy

Lets say that fists count as finessable to monks or those who spend a feat on Improved Unarmed Strike. That keeps everyone from doing it, but I'd love to help the monks.

*editted - Decided to go with a Ranger 'cause I had more ideas!

Annnd here's the crunch for Blake.

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