Story Time with Doc- GM Dr.Guthrak Olafson's Continuation Of The Mana Wastes Fallout Campaign

Game Master DevonRex

This is the continuation of GM Wasteland Chronicler's Mana Wastes Fallout Campaign.


Clockwork Librarian
Unamatrix Zero

**DEACTIVED(ADAPT)** Human Male Adult Essence Transferred
Military Bot, Lvl 1, HP:30/30, AC:18/T:13/FF:15, Perception:+10, Initiative:+3, F:Spec/R:+3/W:+2, Speed:30
Craft(Armor)+4, Craft(Energy Weapon)+4, Craft(Engineering)+4, Craft(Firearms)+4, Craft(Ammunition)+4, Disable Device+7, Nanorepair+6, Knowledge(Engineering)+4, Perception+10, Stealth+7, Wasteland Survival+6

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The Exchange DevonRex

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Nareem Daress
Dr. Guthrak Olafson PhD

Male Half-Orc Alchemist (Grenadier) 1
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Loup Blanc

Kestoglyr Mantiel
Araden the Wanderer

Male Human Medium (Reincarnated) | HP 35/35 | AC 20, touch 11, FF 19 | Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +5 | Init +1, Perception +6 | Lamb, Order of the Sheep
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