Silver Nexus: The Cured Ones

Game Master Nimon

Mythic Pathfinder PbP set in Neo Exodus.

Nations of Neo Exodus important to this campaign:
This campaign focuses on the Main land of Exodus. There are Six Major Nations
Starting at the North we have
Reis Confederacy- Azetec/African inspired nation with a large amount of uncharted jungles and some cannibals.
Koryth - Land locked nation between Reis to the north, Sametia to the South and Caneus Empire to the West.Center of the Imperial Alliance responsible for upholding the peace between the nations, or at least attempting too.
Caneus Empire- North West Nation of Gothic style splendor. Government is decentralized due to political infighting of nobility
Sametia- Demilitarized Zone in the center of Exodus, home to the Janus Horde ruled by Queen Thais and now the Phoenix Guard and their holy Emissary. Sametians were denied entry to the Empire so they choose to become barbaric nomads and destroyed their own cities.
The Dominion A magical nation to the South West that has a persian or middle eastern theme to it. Gevets are from this area, a type of Neo Exodus specific tiefling.
The Arman Protectorate To the South East, a nation that focuses on technology with the Machinesmiths and other secret wonders.

Timeline important to the Campaign:

61 AU- A meteor crashes into the Island Unthara. The “Quickslaver” infection begins.
70 AU – The Lawgiver’s first appearance.
82 AU There is an outbreak of Quickslaver infection in Sametia. Extreme measures are taken to isolate the infected, but it rages on.
90 AU- The Phoenix Guard begin to harass the Abadon river area between Sametia, The Arman Protectorate and The Dominion. Queen Thais of Sametia attempts diplomacy with the Phoenix Guard. She refuses to convert to the Cult of the Emissary and her diplomats are killed. She puts a bounty on the Emissary equal to her killer’s weight in gold.
91 AU – The Phoenix Guard and the Cult of the Emissary gain increasing support from those seeking refuge from the quickslaver infection by claiming to have a cure. They take over the small town of Morolt in southern Sametia and establish a stronghold.
94 AU- The Phoenix Guard becomes bolder and conducts raids and burns heretical temples along the Abadon River. Morolt is pronounced a Holy City by the Emissary. The Archprelate is forced to react to this heresy. He declares the Phoenix Guard heretics, but he makes it a point to exclude the Emissary from this excommunication. Covenant Purifiers begin to systematically weaken the Phoenix Guard by taking out their leadership.
96 AU- The infection spreads. The Phoenix Guard has a large scale battle with Protectorate forces on their border. Infected with the quickslaver plague they are easily overtaken by the Phoenix Guard. The Phoenix Guard caravan all of the Protectorates firearms and machines back to Morolt and begin to reverse engineer them. The Protectorate declares war with the Phoenix Guard. The Imperial Alliance sanctions this action. Queen Thais’ only reaction is to repeat her offered bounty for the Emissary’s head.
98 AU- The plague claims thousands and spreads as far north as the Reis confederacy. Denizens of Exodus flock to Morolt for promise of the cure.
99 AU- The Dominion block all trade and travel into Sametia. Inclined to let the Protectorate destroy itself against the Phoenix Guard they fortify their borders. The Caneus Empire takes advantage of the distraction in the South and begins a Campaign against The Reis Confederacy launching a sneak attack on Izusa, a large town in the south of the Confederacy. The town falls easily, but many die in the conflict, becoming a breeding ground for the plague. The Plague erupts almost overnight and spreads.
100AU- The Phoenix Guard proudly shares its cure for the quickslaver plague, a hybrid of Protectorate Engineering and Sanguine Blood Magic, a hybrid of man and machine, affectionately called The Cured Ones.

Alternate Rules Used:
Psionics from Dreamsccared. Hero Points(you will start with 1) feats/spells associated with them are fine.Mythic Playtest