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GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The alleyway was dark, and with only human eyes it was difficult to make out details, but you could see at least two humanoid shapes scuffling. You heard a gasp as the larger one grabbed the smaller by the neck.

“Damnit.” Karliah muttered to herself when she realized she couldn’t see anything from here. Knowing that trying to go down though the inn itself would take too long she hoisted herself up out of the window. From the looks of it, there wasn’t any gutters to slide down, so Karliah intended to swiftly jump from wall to wall of the alleyway in order to safely and descend down to the ground. Or at least slow herself down so she doesn't fall badly.

Acrobatics: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (13) + 12 = 25
Stealth: 1d20 + 1d6 + 14 ⇒ (17) + (3) + 14 = 34

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Leaping from the window was not generally a wise move, but Karliah landed softly enough to avoid detection. Before her was a hulking brute of a woman, grabbing what appeared to be a halfling or gnome with a freshly shaven head.

Hmmm... yeah, this was a rather bad looking situation. Drawing her blades out from her sheath, Karliah spoke loud and clear, not just intending to draw their attention, but hopefully alerting any neraby guard who might come and see what was going on as well. “What is going on here?” Karliah wasn’t afraid of revealing herself currently... she was a child of the night, she knew how to hide in the shadows.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Sorry, ill yet again. It's been an interesting few months.

The woman grunts and drops the smaller person, turning towards Kaliyah. "Private matter. None of your concern."

“Probably not. But when a girl’s woken up by some scuffling outside of her window, then she gets curious as to what exactly is going on.” Karliah said casually, leaning against the wall to show just how relaxed she was in a situation like this. “Plus, forgive me for being a little skeptical. But private stuff that happens in dark alleyways like this, don’t tend to be the private ones that both people want to happen, or if they are, tend not to be the most legal of activities.”

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

"Big talk in a funny accent," the woman huffed harshly. She glanced down at the panting person and smiled nastily. "You know what? You want to get in my business? You can deal with my business." Looking down she added, "You're all hers," and stomped off.

Well, at least that meant no fighting today. Sheathing her blades, Karliah slowly approached the smaller being. Crouching down to make herself smaller and not a threat. The bushi gently reached out with a hand, saying softly. “Hey. You okay? I’m Karliah, what’s your name?” Introductions after asking how they are, subtly putting focus on their situation then their name.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

"What..." the little being gasped, slowly getting to his knees with a choking noise, "What does the mistress command?"

’Oh no...' Karliah thought to herself after hearing this response, swiftly realizing just what had been going on here, and tucked her hand away, knowing that it wasn’t going to be accepted any time soon... and she would tolerate being called mistress for a while as well. For now she would simply say. “I want to know how you are, and what your name is please.”

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

"The old mistress used the name Goust, if it pleases the mistress. I am of the First World."

“Of the First World? That the official name of Golarion now huh?” Karliah mused at this revelation as she tried to get a better look of the figure in front of her. At least he was willing to give her a name... but the human female didn’t like it, instead saying. “So do you have a name that your old mistress didn’t give you?” Revealing that she came from the First World as well could wait, if the fact she knew its old name didn’t reveal that.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

"No, mistress, that would be known as the Old World. The First World is the land of the Fey." The small creature does indeed look a little unusual, somehow. "I have had several names, if it pleases you, or you can choose another."

“That makes more sense.” Karliah said with a nod, even as she mentally grumbled a bit. Old World... how lame! Far too late to change the title of what Golarion is now known as. Instead, she focused on the here and now, and the being in front of her. “Well then, if you have had numerous names... what is your favourite name?”

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The man shrugged. "None can be my True Name, and so I have no real preference." Pausing, he added, "If it pleases the mistress, Deacon will serve."

“Deacon it is then.” Karliah said with a relieved smile, happy to have gotten a name from the male that wasn’t one given to him by his previous mistress. Whilst Karliah was curious to learn more about Deacon, she decided not to press, instead saying. “Now then Deacon. I’m currently staying in the inn for the night, and I’m setting out to a different town in the morning. Do you think you will be up to talking to me during the journey? I wouldn’t mind finding more about you and what skills you posses. Not tonight though.”

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

"As the mistress wishes." Deacon rose to his feet, ready to follow.

“One last thing.” Karliah said as she moved to exit the alleyway and head back into the inn. Hoping that the innkeeper wouldn’t ask many questions... and glad she always slept in her clothes. “I prefer being addressed as Karliah, not mistress.” She had been under the thumb of others far too much to take any joy in being called mistress.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

"As Mistress Karliah wishes," the creature replied, following behind.


The next morning arrived without further issue, and Karliah awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking.

Considering that Deacon seemed unable to not be a servant, Karliah decided she would take the bed tonight, but was determined to get two beds for them from now on. She would have to ask Deacon if his feyness meant he had lower needs for sustenance... later though. When Karliah woke up, she smelled that wonderful breakfast, and swiftly got dressed to go down and join the other inn-stayers for breakfast.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Breakfast is warm breads, butters and preserves, fresh local fruits in the form of apples and berries, cold cuts of meats and warm porridge and bacon. It probably doesn't come as a shock to see the short figure of Deacon bustling through the kitchen, to the cooks amusement.

Seeing Deacon cooking instead of the actual cook had Karliah shaking her head as she stepped over in order to ensure that the male wasn’t just cooking for her... and she would have to ask if this cooking was something that Deacon actually enjoyed doing, or was simply something he was used to doing.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The Gnome like creature certainly seemed to be enjoying himself, and if he's only cooking for Karliah, then he doesn't fully understand mortal appetites...although that is possible, given his previous master.

Seeing that Deacon was enjoying himself, and that he was more than enough making enough food for everyone. Karliah shrugged and beckoned towards the cook, deciding that she would pay for any excess costs that Deacon’s meal would be causing the inn. Only fair after all, and she did have the spare coin... hopefully.

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