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GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Passing by the corridor, you can see it ends in a door marked 'Administration.'

The door to the room further along is damaged, the bottom panel torn away. Inside is a large amount of heavy piping and arcane equipment. Frost glistens on many of the surfaces. It would seem this is where the place is powered.

Perception DC 15:
From somewhere within the machinery, something can be heard moving, the faint click of claws on hard surfaces all that gives it away.

Perception: 1d20 + 1d6 + 9 ⇒ (16) + (3) + 9 = 28

“Administration huh?” Karliah said curiously, moving forwards as she spotted the broken door, seeing the equipment underneath. “Wonder if I can find my identity for the golem...” She muttered, though only after a few steps, she heard the click of claws along the stone floor. Swiftly, Karliah doused her torch and slipped it back into her sack, before dropping into a crouch. Hands on blades she crept forwards to peer underneath the door.

Stealth: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (12) + 14 = 26

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

A large lizard lurk among the ruins of some of the machines. Two long horns sprout its head, and electricity crackles along it's scales. It seems obviously displeased by the coolness emanating from the machines, and unleashes a sharp crackle of electricity, which soars into another machine nearby and overloads it in a shower of sparks.

Staying silent Karliah studied the lizard, trying to figure out just what it was, seeing if she could recall anything about it. Why it might be destroying this equipment... whenever or not it was a threat she would have to take out, or if it was a person that she would be able to reason with. Karliah hoped firmly it was the latter honestly... she didn’t like being alone like this.

Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 1d20 + 1d6 + 8 ⇒ (8) + (1) + 8 = 17 -1 to the skill check I needed to use Arcana, Nature, Planes or Religion isntead.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The monster is a shocker lizard. They generate electricity to hunt and defend themselves, and tend to live and work in groups thanks to there ability to combine there electric attacks.

‘A shocker lizard...’ Karliah quietly mused to herself when she realized what the lizard actually was. ’Poor guy, probably trapped here all alone without anyone to keep him company... Of course, for all Karliah knew there could be a group of lizards out of sight ready to come and ambush her... but Karliah didn’t see the animal as a threat, and because of this pushed the door open. Keeping crouched down, but with her hands lifted away from her swords, taking a non-threatening position.

So... will I be allowed to make checks to calm an animal, even without wild empathy...?

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

You can try, but it'll probably have a penalty to it

Okay, you apply the penalty, I'm going to burn a point of inspiration on this

Diplomancy: 1d20 + 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (20) + (3) + 6 = 29

Edit: Natural 20. Oh yeah.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The creature approaches curiously, small sparks grounding out on the metal nearby. It seems curious as to your intent, but apparently doesn't consider something as large as you as food. At least, not yet.

“Hey there little guy... you lonely...?” Karliah said softly reaching out with a hand. She didn’t move to actually touch the lizard or anything, it was more so that the shocker lizard could investigate her without having to come any closer... Karliah didn’t know enough about shocker lizards to know if they could be tamed or not... but wanted to see if she could befriend him and get him out of this place.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The small creature studies you. A small bolt of electricity arcs out - not as an attack, but simply as part of it's nature. Possibly the way they said hello.

You can make a DC 15 Fortitude save to avoid flinching, and take 1 point of non-lethal damage. Or you can make a DC 12 Reflex save to pull your hand back and risk upsetting the creature.

Okay... going to burn two of my five inpsiration points to apply it to my Fort save

1d20 + 4 + 1d6 ⇒ (5) + 4 + (3) = 12

Oh g$&@*$nit

Whilst she tried valiantly, toughness wasn’t Karliah’s strong point so she unfortunately flinched a bit as the shocker dragon sparked her. It didn’t hurt, not really. It simply stung, but that was still enough to get her to flinch, and it made Karliah curse under her breath. ’Come on! I didn’t ruin this simply because I couldn’t take a little zap did?'

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The creature backs off, disinterested for now that you seem to be neither friend nor edible.

“Damn.” Karliah cursed when the lizard wandered away, losing interest in her for flinching. After such a great start, she had to go and ruin it... sighing, the female got up and left the room and its lizard behind. There was nothing more to be gained here. Instead, she backtracked down the corridor in order to investigate the door she passed to get to this branching off point.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Sorry for the constant slow responses. My health is kicking my ass a bit.

You open the door to an office. A large, heavy desk sit in the middle, papers scattered across it's surface, an ink well knocked down and the stain now long dry and faded with time. Several filing cabinets stand around the room, most open and empty, but one seems to still be shut. More papers are scattered on the floor.

“An office? Hmm, this could just be what I needed.” Karliah said as she headed to the desk in order to start skimming and sorting out the papers. Once that is done, Karliah would start investigating the cabinets. Basically, searching for information that could tell her more about this place. What it was, what it had done, why they were so many dead in the closet. Maybe even have something to identify herself to the golem back there and not have it attack her.

Its fine... anyway, can I Take 20 on this? If not, I'll Take 10. I'm gonna roll Inspiration for the Perception check either way. Perception is +9

Inspriation: 1d6 ⇒ 3

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The remains of the letters scattered around give snippets of information, but much has been ruined by time. From what you can make out the facility was designed initially as long term care, for injuries that couldn't be solved via application of normal magics. These were especially common during the transition, when many spellcasters were burnt out or killed outright. This facility used lower level spells over a period of months to repair the damage incrementally.

Interestingly, this was an expected result of things, and the facility was actually constructed in your world before being brought over to serve it's purpose. Things seem to have been going fine, although requests for military aid is mentioned several times when suddenly the records cut off.

Try as you might, however, you cannot find a way into the sealed filing cabinet. It appears to be locked by magic, and will require a key - a phrase, a colour, even a smell or memory. You'll have to find a clue to this elsewhere, however - the owner was smart enough not to leave such things in there office.

The investigation was mixed in the end. On the one hand, Karliah got great confirmation about what this place was, and why they were talking about using ice spells and the like instead of actual healing spells. This place was designed to help heal injuries that can’t simply have a cure-light tossed on them. However... Karliah had some grim suspicions about how it requested military aid repeatedly, before cutting of all of a sudden.

That being said, the final cabinet more than likely had a lot of important information. Info that Karliah simply could not access at this time, and she couldn’t find anything, no hidden compartments or anything to show her how to access the cabinet. Hence why she had to sort it out and leave it behind. Heading from the room to check out the final room in the corridor... though she suspected round the corner, she would find one final room with a circle in it.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The next room is indeed the third teleportation circle. Once the phrase is chanted you can step into the circle to be transported away. Interestingly, with all three together, you realize there is a code phrase to return as well, likely activating a circle on the other end.

“Good, there is a way back.” Karliah said to herself with a sigh of relief. She couldn’t think of any more reason to stick around now she had fully explored the place. Hence why she spoke the phase and stepped through into the portal. Knowing how long it took her to explore the entire place however, Karliah was going to tense her muscles, ready to move the instant she came though the other end in case there was anyone waiting there.

Gonna update the map? Maybe have something to indicate the circles?

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Odd, it should have updated. Apparently something hiccuped. Map updated, again.

Power builds and hums softly as you complete the enchantment, and with a sudden, jerking sensation you are lifted from your feet. And vanish.

You have the sensation of moving through something not unlike liquid before you reappear in what appears to be a cave. A soft glow of daylight comes from the sole passages, and you can hear water somewhere. It takes a moment to find the pattern marked on the ground that acts as the other end of the spell, now badly worn and faded despite being carved into the rock.

“Damn.” Karliah muttered, noticing how the seal was damaged. Stepping off, the bushi crouched down in order to inspect the circle thoroughly. She needed to know whenever or not it would still work, and if not, how exactly she would be able to repair it... or well, more likely know HOW t would be repaired.

Knowledge (Arcana): 1d20 + 1d6 + 7 ⇒ (8) + (4) + 7 = 19

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The circle will most likely still work, as long as it doesn't take further damage. To reinforce it the symbols and circle itself would need to be cleaned and deepened, but for now it should function.

“Best see if I can get some help strengthen it later.” Karliah muttered to herself, pleased that the circle would at least work still if she needed it... though it would be better if she could get someone willing to strengthen and restore it. For now, Karliah stood up and began to head towards the daylight... this was going to be a new world, and she was eager to see it.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Around the corner is the entrance to the cave. Bright sunlight fills your eye for a moment before allowing you to see. It takes a moment, but you realize that you're part way up the side of a mountain. Down the slope you can see a small forest, a town of some kind, a lake...and then nothing.

Literally nothing.

The world simply ends, as though sliced away. In the distance you can see another lump of land, greenery sitting on it, and a bridge running between the two. From here it looks like a strip of wire, but it must be a formidable structure to be so clearly visible from this distance. As you look around, you can see more and more of those island, and the bridges that connect them. And in the distance, a single spire rising into the sky, where above you can see another layer of floating island.

“Gods...” Karliah breathed when the new world was shown to her... no longer was it the comforting place she knew once more, solid continuous world that folded out unendingly... now, it was a series of small islands... floating in the abyss. Or at least, she thought they did... it was an eerie sight, seeing these islands, the last remnants of the old world... who knew how long she had been awake for? Who knows what they people and customs were like right now...

Sighing, Karliah began to advance down the mountain towards the town. She needed answers and information. Standing on a mountainside wouldn’t help that at all. A town however, would have information, it would have people to talk to. It would likely have a town-hall where she might be able to get a copy of laws and regulations, or if she was really lucky. A library where she could study up on this world.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

It's strange, you note, how real it feels. The abyss in which you float glows with the same shades of blue, you can feel the heat of the sun on your skin as you walk. The plants look real, and you can hear, see and smell the occasional signs of animals as you walk.

As you approached the town, you notice it's walled. Quite heavily, in fact. You can see at least two gates, standing open, in the north and south walls.

“That, is not good...” Karliah said with a slow shake of her head when she noticed the height of the walls in front of her... walled towns never boded well in her opinion, especially not so extensive. The paranoid side of Karliah told her to drop down and sneak forwards, to search the walls for a secret way in... but, Karliah didn’t do that... in a new world like this... well, she just felt she should at least give these people the benefit of the doubt and thus approached the gates like any other traveller would.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

As you approach two guards watch you. One looks human while the second is a Half-Orc. Both seem curious rather than wary, even with your weapons. There are no obvious additional guards in sight, although the walls has positions for archers and some heavier weapons are positioned along the wall.

“Well at least they aren’t coming out to arrest me on sight...” Karliah muttered to herself as she neared the gates, wondering what the process was to getting though. There was more than likely someone down at the base of the gates themselves right? Having a conversation from someone at the top of the walls when she was at the bottom... yeah, that would just be a waste of time.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

You aren't challenged by anyone as you enter. Apparently what they are looking for doesn't look like you. You do get some glances as you enter, but no one seems especially worried or concerned.

The town seems...normal. The streets are paved with heavy slabs, the buildings seem designed for a cool, temperate climate. You can see some kind of market in the centre of town. Nothing seems especially odd or weird.

“Well, despite the walls all looks good.” Karliah remarked to herself as she entered the town though the gates. Despite the looks of curiosity, she was not approached by any of the guards. Either this meant she was not a threat, or someone of higher strength was coming to collect her. Karliah guessed it was the other honestly. Marketplace up ahead, with normal paved roads... a pretty nice place all things considered.

Still, Karliah was here for a reason after all, and she needed information. Hence why she didn’t sit still and started moving through the streets, searching for where she might get information. Hopefully a library or bookstore or something... she would rather avoid the main hall and the government if she could.

If perception is needed, I'm taking 10

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

There is indeed a book vendor in the market, although it takes you a moment to recognize the laungauge. It's changed subtly over the years, but it's still readable. Listening, you realize the spoken version is the same way. You'll be able to understand and be understood, but you'll have a notability different pattern of speak and accent.

Bookstore, yes good. Difference in accent both in writing and speaking showed that Karliah had been asleep for a VERY long time, and she had to wonder if people here knew the fact that this world was created from the ruins of an old one. Still... hopefully gold was gold and silver was silver... hence after finding a good history book, she asked the shopkeeper. “How much for this?”

Preemptive Sense Motive: 1d20 + 1d6 + 11 ⇒ (20) + (4) + 11 = 35

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

"Oh, an interest in history, eh?" The vendor smiles and nods. "Good place to start teaching the basics, that one. I can let you have it for, say, eight silvers?"

You can sense that they're probably let it go for less, although not too much more - it's not an especially valuable book but it is in nice conditions.

“Mhmmm, I love reading and learning.” Karliah said with earnest honestly, smiling at the vendor when he spoke. Glancing down at the book, the bushi considered bargaining for a lower price... but decided that as she only had a few spare coppers, she would nod. Digging around in her pouch to get a her eight silver pieces out and handing them over. “Pleasure doing business. Any good spots to sit in the town and have a good read? I like the fresh air.”

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

"There is a park near the west wall," the vendor replied, pointing down a road. "It is shaded this time of day so it's chilly, but pleasant all the same."

“Thank you sir.” Karliah said smiling at the man and tucking the book under her arm. Heading off towards the location he had mentioned. She could tolerate a little bit of chill in order to read up on this book and learn about this new world and its history.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

A brief synopsis of this world gives you some of the details you need.

The seven major nations of your world worked together to create this place, each nation forming one layer of the world as it was built around a central spire, Nexus. Magic, leaking through holes in this place, is used to sustain and run it. From the sun in the sky to the water in the rivers to the weather, all of them is created by an impossibly complex series of machines and spells within nexus. Conduits, hidden in the bridges and underneath each island, connect the whole system together.

Soon after arrival it was realized that something had happened in transit. Monsters appeared, many of which had been left behind when the world died, and over ran many of the small settlements. Between the chaos of the shift and these attacks a great deal was lost. Entire facilities and towns deemed important enough to transfer were lost from maps and have yet to be found again.

The seven great nations splintered. Each island was reasonably independent and difficult to attack without airships or magic transport, most of which were not easily or readily accessible in this age. Many nations these days are only a small handful of islands, although two or three larger ones exist.

Anything you specifically want to look up?

“Interesting...” Karliah muttered to herself after she got a general overview of the world. So, the monsters once thought left behind had managed to come across to this world as well huh? The fact the nations fell apart and most islands are independent or are in a small coalitions didn’t surprise her honestly. With how the world was, maintaining control over multiple islands would be all but impossible. The bridges were the ultimate chokepoint in existence.

What interested her mainly however, was that the world managed to lose towns and other facilities like her own from the map. Which were yet to be explored... and that gave Karliah a place to start. A purpose in life... who knew how many were like her, still trapped in stasis, waiting to be freed? Karliah began to look through the book to see if there was any official organizations trying to explore the lost reaches.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Many groups were interested in the various places. Chruch groups went to them to gain a better understanding of the Fall, an event that had taken on religious connotations during the time you've been asleep. On top of that various groups of adventurers and mercenaries take work finding and entering such places. The most well known are the Wayfinder Dragoons, reputed for being well above board and with supposed links to the old world themselves.

(Right, now that Christmas is done, lets get cracking!)

“Hmmm... Wayfinder Dragoons huh? I’ll have to do more research about them in a bit...” Karliah said, making a mental note about the organization, rather curious about what the possible links to the old world might be. Still, she had a book to read... admittedly, Karliah only had one other subject to research. That was the region she was on itself. Its history and nation, and if they knew about the transfer station hidden within the mountain...

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

A couple of questions to passer bys gets you the name of the region. This particular area is nicknamed the Southlands. Although rich in resources the area is fractious, and populated by an usual number of monsters. The locals have an alliance, of sorts, to help keep them at bay. There's no mention of any pre-jump facilities in the area.

(I thought she would of done some more reading... and you meant unusual number of monsters, right? Anyway, Steelforge's Non-Magical Item Enchantment's been heavily revised, should I change to match it?)

With the book safely tucked away in her Haversack, Karliah was free to question the populace in order to start gathering information. She was likely going to end up back at the book vendor eventually in order to buy some more books from him. But, not today likely. Didn’t want to come off as... too eager after all. For now, Karliah was content with the small lot of information she had learned about this town. After this, she conducted her next research. To see if Wayfinder Dragoons had any builds nearby. Whenever it be this town, a different town on this island, or on a nearby island.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Yes, unusual. And yes, keep it up to date.

While the history book wasn't nearly detailed enough to grant that kind of information, asking around led to two rumours - one was that they had a recruiting office and guildhall in a town a couple of days travel away. The second was that they were involved in a dig two islands over, reachable by this evening - but the opposite direction to where you needed to go for there office.

Updated, and I have to say its a substantial buff...

While the idea of heading straight to a Wayfinder Dragoons dig was rather appealing for Karliah, she decided it was not the best place to start with. Going to this office of theirs was best. But, not right now. Now that she was satisfied with her knowledge of the local culture and history. As well as having an actual purpose in life. Karlaih decided it was best for her to relax a bit before sending out. And began to nose around for a good-quality inn. Not the best of the best, but one with a good reputation regardless.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The Inn you found was comfortable and clean, and the food was good. A little different to what you were used to, and using some herbs and spices you didn't recognize, but good none the less.

1d100 ⇒ 4

Can I get a perception check please?

Perception: 1d20 + 1d6 + 9 ⇒ (7) + (4) + 9 = 20

Clean, comfortable inn and good quality food. This was exactly what Karliah needed after a rather long and stressful day. Tomorrow, she would head out on her journey to join up with the Waywood Dragoons, but for this evening... she would relax and enjoy this new world.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

You start awake slowly, hearing something in the ally beneath your room. It's soft and difficult to notice, but it's definitely there.

Hearing this strange noise, Karliah was swiftly alert. Firsts thing first grab the blades that were always nearby and hook them on. Next the female huma stepped to the window. Quietly opening it so she could cautiously look outside, searching for whatever had made that noise. It might of been nothing... but Karliah never took chances.

Stealth: 1d20 + 1d6 + 14 ⇒ (1) + (4) + 14 = 19
Perception: 1d20 + 1d6 + 9 ⇒ (6) + (6) + 9 = 21

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