Shadow over Golden Fields Farms

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The Golden Fields Farms are a placid and beautiful place, rolling fields of wheat, corn, and other crops for as far as the eyes can see. Your life has been this for as long as you can remember and though the rest of the frontier might be a harsh and unforgiving land this small patch of it has always been kind to you and yours. Now, deep into the colder months of February you are weathering the chill with the hard work of the fields and the exotic crops your family/employer is testing to increase his yield this year even during the February chill. All in all it's an ordinary day, just like all the rest...

Shadow Lodge

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You all awake and groggy and tired in your small work tenements, the events of yesterday still fresh in your mind. Yesterday, Sunday February 16th the sky's shook and cracked as it seemed to rock itself apart forcing everyone either into their homes or to the stables as they tried to keep the animals from panicking. Luckily no one seems to be hurt and the sky seems to have returned to normal but after all of the thrill of yesterday many of you dread the extra work you will have to do to repair and catch up on after this trying ordeal and many worry of it happening again.

Now the sun has started to creep up on this cold and foggy morning and you know that soon everyone will start to gather in front of the modest estate of the Aurelians, the family that owns and runs Golden Fields Farm to await their jobs for the day as is procedure after events like yesterday. No doubt there will be many awaiting answers for yesterday's events and work orders for the day which likely won't be anything fun.

What do you guys do?

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