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Hey, everyone. I've been a part of these forums for several years and have had an amazing time both playing and GMing games. One of my goals is to eventually run every Paizo Adventure Path. As I'm only able to do PbPs at the moment, this has little chance of being accomplished.

Or so I thought. A couple months back, I discovered the amazing Dungeon World system. It's easy to learn, combat is dynamic, and characters get to be epic badasses starting at Level One. Plus, gameplay is very quick. With this system, my goal actually has a chance at being accomplished.

This brings me to the point of this thread. I'm getting ready to run Paizo's "Serpent's Skull" AP using the Dungeon World system. I currently have two (maybe three) players lined up but would love to get a couple more. I'm especially interested in people who are new to the forums, as it's often difficult for someone with minimal posting history to find a game.

My goal is to give a few new forum members a good experience with a fun system and (hopefully) finish the AP in a reasonable amount of time. If anyone's interested, I'd love to hear from you. :-)

Dungeon World Summary:
This is an incredibly simple system to learn. There's an SRD where all the basic information is covered, but it basically boils down to two things.

First, the GM doesn't touch the dice. Ever. The players do all the rolling.

Second, all decisions are resolved by rolling 2d6 + a relevant stat modifier. If you get a 10+, you succeed! If you get a 7-9, there's some kind of complication. If you get a 6-, you fail. And that's the system in a nutshell.

For example, let's say there's a mob of Goblins charging up a hill toward you, but there's a large cauldron of bubbling liquid nearby. You decide to spill the liquid onto the Goblins.

10+ The cauldron tumbles down the hill, bowling Goblins left and right. The liquid spills everywhere, burning them severely.

7-9 The cauldron is very heavy, and you'll have to use something as a lever. Your sword would work perfectly but will probably bend in the process. You only have seconds to make a decision. What do you do?

6- The cauldron tips, and boiling liquid spills all over the Goblins. Their eyes begin to glow red, and they seem to be even stronger now....

Hmm, part of me's actually intrigued...I'm not a newbie to the forums, but I've never played the system before, and it looks like it could be cool. I'll look over the rules more closely and see if it tickles my fancy.

(Feel free to pick PbP newbies over me. I got my start in newbie-designated games and I think they're a great idea.)

It seems like it's just Monster of the Week. Doesn't mean I'm not interested, but I'll just dot for now while I make a decision.

Monster of the Week uses the same rule system but is more horror-themed. Dungeon World is the traditional fantasy version. Both systems utilize the Apocalypse World engine.

Hello YBD. I hear so many people rave about Dungeon World. I picked up the rulebook awhile back. Its not a game I could run, but I would love to be a player.

I am also veeery new the forum. This will be like post 3? Count me in. I can make an effort to put together this weekend. Your other players have anything in mind yet?


Quite interested.
I have played in 2 pbp's on these boards using dungeon world and quite like the system.

If you have an opening for someone not exactly new to the forums I would live to throw my hat into the ring.

Grand Lodge

I don't have the time to play, but I *LOVE* that someone is trying to run Dungeon World here. It's such a good fit for PbP and the Apocalypse Engine is one of my favorite game systems ever. :)

I am interested. My newness is questionable though (several months).

Edit: but I would be new to dungeon world :)

I'm glad to see there's a bit of interest. :-) I know DMFrogfoot also runs DW games here; he actually helped me get this set up. He's the potential third slot, as I've sent him an invite but haven't heard back yet.

A little more info about the game. As I stated in my opening post, I'm planning to run a condensed version of the "Serpent Skull" adventure path. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's essentially an Indiana Jones type adventure where you get to explore ancient ruins from a forgotten civilization. A large chunk of it is very sandboxy, which is perfect for Dungeon World's rather spontaneous gameplay style. I also have two houserules. 1) Because I'm running a prepublished adventure, this game will be set on Golarion. Any flavor decisions should keep that in mind. 2) Dungeon World has a level cap of 10, but since this is an adventure path, I've slightly modified it so we can hit Level 20.

Currently, we have a Good Cleric of Sarenrae and probably a Chaotic Fey Warlock. Everything else is fair game. If you're interested, I have a bunch of other classes that I can provide.

While this is still just an interest check, it'll most likely turn into a recruitment thread if we get a little more interest, so feel free to start thinking about character concepts.

Additional Class Options:
Alchemist – master of bombs, potions, and experimental mutagens. Careful. They might blow up in your face!
Artificer – master tinker and inventor of strange technological gadgetry. Their function is a mystery – even to him!
Barbarian – exotic foreigner whose lusts drive him to great power
Berserker – HULK SMASH!!!
Brute – unstoppable juggernaut of destruction
Channeler – unleash raw elemental force from inside you
Clock Mage – bends time itself to his will
Dashing Hero – his style is unmatched, his lovers are many, his reputation is enormous
Dragon Mage – let your heritage consume you to grant draconic power
Fool – blundering idiot who somehow gets the job done despite himself
Gunslinger – follows the Code of the Gun
Medic – patches the party up so they can keep on going
Monk (reloaded) – master of wuxia-style martial arts
Necromancer – master of the undead
Nephilim – a descendant of either an angel or a fiend and gains a portion of their ancestor’s power
Shaman (GW) – speaks with the spirits of nature and borrows their power
Slayer – the hunt consumes you, and you cannot rest until your quarry is slain
Templar (GW) – righteous zealot and enforcer of a deity’s will
Villager – an average person who’s stumbled into adventure
Winter Mage – master of ice and snow

Aw rats no Vampires.


I do like the Lore and Lords Vampire though.

Where are you finding your class options?

Two ways. First, I went through the DW section of DriveThruRPG. Then I read that massive DW Google doc with the fan-created classes. In both cases, I grabbed anything that looked interesting.

EDIT: By the way, I first discovered Dungeon World by reading through that "Tower of Light" game. It peaked my interest, so I started researching the system. :-)

That was a fun game.
Might be worthwhile to drop DM Frogfoot a line to see if they are interested.

Already done. Still waiting to hear back. :-)

What do you mean by "Monk (reloaded)" in the class options list? Does this differ from the Lore and Lords monk?

It's a slightly different take on the Lord and Lords Monk. Adds the "Wire Fu" move and, and the various Paths have been changed a little. Same basic concept, though.

hmmm so I am leaning Fighter depending on how the rest shake out. With options on Druid should more magic How many players are you looking for?

I was contemplating trying to talk you into allowing the Lore and Lords Vampire but given that we start on a ship..... Well that did not work out so well for Dracula now did it.

I'm wanting a 5-6 person party, with two slots already claimed. Regarding the Vampire, the ship bit would be ... problematic. Especially as that's not the only ocean journey you'll be taking.

Well dragon mage sounds awesome. I think I will have a look at that.

Oh man. There's a few characters I have that would fit this. Would you take an unchained summoner?

Although I have to ask. What does the Villager class look like?

@The_Lake: I PM'd you the playbook to look over.

@Feth: This game would run using the Dungeon World system, so Pathfinder classes aren't an option. Sorry. :-( I PM'd you the Villager playbook to look over, though.

Oh whoops, brainfart on my part lol.

While I'm not new to this forum I would like to put forth my interest should you have a free spot. I'd like to try out The Dashing Hero in the guise of Silvio Callgari Pazzi, great sea captain and hero to all. Silvio is a character I've previously played in a Savage Tide game on this forum and I think that the dashing hero playbook is a perfect fit for him.

Haha I immediately went and got it from drive thru but thanks. The dragon mage has less magic than I thought it would but I like it.

Since this is set in Golarion are we using Pathfinder races? I am thinking a half-orc that escaped from his tribe of dragon worshiping orcs and has been "hoboing" since.

YBD, I've looked it through and barbarian looks fantastic. I want to play an aspiring human conqueror who adventures to gain strength and experience before returning home.

Gleus, The Conqueror ~ PensivePanther's Dungeonworld Barbarian Sheet:

Class: Barbarian
Race: Human
Name: Gleus
Look: He is tall so that his men can look up to him. He is strong so that his enemies know they will find a challenge. His blue eyes determined, so that all know what he fights for.
Stats: STR 15(+1), DEX 12(+0), CON 16(+2), INT 8(-1), WIS 9(+0), CHA 13(+1)
Max HP: 24 (8 Base + 16 CON)
Starting Moves:
*Unencumbered, Unharmed
*Herculean Appetites(Conquest, Mortal Pleasures)
*The Upper Hand
*What Are you Waiting For?
Alignment: Neutral (Teach someone the ways of your people)
Gear: Load 23 (8 Base + 15 STR)
*Dungeon Rations (10 Uses, 1 w)
*Dagger (Hand, 1 w)
*Token, bird-skull necklace/family heirloom
*Axe (Close, 1 w)
*Adventuring Gear (1 w)

Please let me know how that looks!

@Patrik Storm: The "Plan of Action" Move from that playbook is probably my favorite Move in all of Dungeon Wold.

@The_Lake: Yeah, the class is more for the "RAWR! I turn into a dragon!" playstyle. :-) We are using Pathfinder races, so Half-Orc is fine.

@PensivePanther: Barbarian is a very fun class. One of the perks is that you get to come from a land nobody else is familiar with. We're set in Golarion, so Land of the Linnorm Kings might be a good fit. I'll leave it up to you, though.

Linnorm sounds perfect. My character, Gleus adventures in far away lands to hone his skills so that he may one day slay a Linnorm in single combat and claim the title of Linnorm King. I like it.

I think I'll go ahead and make this an official recruitment thread now. :-) Anyone who's interested, I'll need the following things:

Name, Race, Class
Physical Description (or a picture, if you can find a good one)

If you want to give me a complete character sheet, that's a nice bonus, but it's honestly the least important part of your application. If you know anything about Dungeon World, you've seen that the mechanical part of character creation takes literally 5min. Don't worry about forming bonds right now; that'll happen once I've made selections. If you want to link backstories with any of the other applicants, you can, but it won't affect my final decision.

Backstory Stuff
Your character's been through enough adventures that s/he knows his/her stuff. Not a total beginner, in other words. For whatever reason, you're currently on board the Jenivere - a ship sailing to Sargava's capital city of Eleder. It left port in Magnimar but has made many stops along the way. It is a 3400 mile journey, after all. In total, the trip will take approximately 100 days.

My application is for Silvio Callgari Pazzi.

Name: Silvio Callgari Pazzi
Race: Human
Class: Dashing Hero

Silvio is a young Chelaxian man with a significance and confidence in his steps. His constant smile reveals two rows of perfectly sculpted white teeth, charmingly glinting in the light. He has brown shoulder length hair and ruggedly unkempt mustache which he carries with the grandeour of a true hero. No matter what apparel Silvio happens to be wearing he sports it with a simple and sophisticated grandiosity. Simply put, Silvio makes the suit.

A picture would obviously be something like this

The Pazzi family have long had alot of pull in the city of Corentyn, so growing up Silvio never lacked for anything except for excitement. While his mother and father and three elder sisters where content with going about the every day life of a Chelaxian noble house Silvio soon realised it was not for him. From the day he learned to walk he payed more attention to the stories of sailors and guards in his fathers employ than lessons and lectures designed to "make him a true Pazzi". In fact the only lessons Silvio did pay attention to (and became quite good at) was the fencing lessons he nagged his father into arranging.
One day, faced with the choice of being shackled to a bride his father had choosen for him or the freedom of the open sea Silvio snuck on to a trading vessel called The maiden's kiss set for soem foreign port leaving only an empty space where his training sword had been behind.

Always adapt with words and quick to make friends Silvio had no trouble infiltrating the crew and his adventure begun. The life at sea did not match up to the chelaxian nobleman's expectations though. Everywhere he looked he could not see any potential for plunder, adventure or glory. Only toil, and that's not what stories are made of. Or Silvio for that matter.

A week into the voyage Silvio staged a coup and one night he took command of the ship and proclaimed himself the captain of the vessel. His reign over the maiden lasted until morning, when the real captain woke up, a grizzled seaman of some forty years. The ship was returned to normal within an hour and Silvio was cast into a life boat for mutiny and set to die, either of starvation or in some storm. The original plan had been to just throw the chelaxian overboard but Silvio managed to talk the captain into placing him in a lifeboat then sail away leaving him to die. But by the grace of some god, or perhaps the malice of some demon, Silvio endured and after more than a month at sea, Silvio was spotted by the crew of the Jenivere .


Str 13
Dex 15
Con 12
Int 9
Wis 8
Cha 16

Damage die: d8
Hit points: 20
Alignment: Good (put yourself at risk for the sake of a friend or lover)

Race: Human (You are especially resourceful. When you use Plan of Action, take +1 to any roll made to make use of hazards created by the move.)
Load: 8

Dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight)
Dueling rapier (close, precise, 1 weight)
Hidden stiletto (hand, 1 weight), which is never found when you are searched
Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight) and a map
Bandages (3 uses)
9 coins

Starting moves
A Lover In Every Port (CHA)
When you enter a town that you’ve been to before (your call), roll +CHA. On a 10+, there’s an old flame of yours who is willing to assist you somehow. On a 7-9, they’re willing to help you, for a price. On a miss, your romantic misadventures make life more complicated for the party.

Daring Devil (DEX)
When you laugh confidently before performing a crazy acrobatic feat, describe it and roll +DEX. On a 10+, choose three. On a 7-9, choose two:
• You end up exactly where you want to be
• You don't attract unwanted attention
• You grab someone nearby and bring them along with you
• You show off and feel fantastic about it - take +1 forward

Parry (DEX)
When you parry an enemy's attack with your blade, roll+DEX. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1:
• You take no damage.
• You deal damage equal to your level to your opponent.
• You lock blades with them, keeping their full attention.

Plan of Action
There is always a chandelier, rope, window, cart, easily-spooked herd of livestock, or similar unusual environmental hazard handy in any situation in which it would be convenient for you and remotely plausible.

True Love and High Adventure
When you attempt to enact a daring plan OR defend the honor of a friend or lover, gain 3 hold. You can spend 1-hold to take +1 to any Parry, Defy Danger, or Daring Devil roll made to advance your daring plan or defend their honor. You lose all of this hold after successfully defending their honor or finishing your plan.


Name: Keith
Race: Elf
Class: Warlock
Pic plus Crunch


Keith was born into an all female tribe of elves near the Mordant Spire, the bane of his mothers existance. You see, only once in a blue moon is a male child delivered to one of these women, and, because of his gender, he became a second class citizen in his own home. Because he was male, he was never taught any of the customs and knowledge normally passed down, leaving him quite an outcast. He tried to be a good child, but no matter how hard he tried, he was never accepted or loved by his mothers. Eventually, he was approached by a mysterious glowing fae. "Oh little one. You seem to have a hard life. I have been watching you for a while now and I believe we can be of benefit to each other. Begin to play tricks and seductions and I will grant you power. Deal?" Of course Keith took it. He was soon after kicked out for being a general nuisance, not to mention being male. He has since then been on a quest to cause as much meyham as possible.

I thought about it a little bit more. You'll find my barebone's character sheet above.

Name: Gleus Hightail
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian
Description: Gleus is a large man, but most of his size comes from a head held high. His light hair and cool eyes betray his northern heritage. A strong body and worn hands suggest a humble upbringing and a rigorous line of work.


Backstory: Gleus grew up among the poor people of Southmoor and their contentious ruler Opir Eightfingers. Gleus's parents were slain by trolls when he was young and was raised mostly by his uncle, Strogi Hightail. Strogi was a warrior in his youth but decided to lead an easier life once he adopted Gleus. Strogi would fill Gleus's head with stories of valor and glory ~ stories learned from his fighting days. He instilled his own personal philosophy on what it meant to be a king - a way that starkly contrasted with their current rulership. Strogi believed Opir to be a sham and challenged the Linnorm King's right to rule. But poor Strogi was defeated and shamed. Strogi lost his right arm in the fight but the old warrior stubbornly pushed on. He died two years later in a lumbermill accident.

Alone, poor, and embittered, Gleus decided to move away. He vowed one day he'd return and restore his uncle's honor. But first he needed to become a warrior. Gleus hired on as a bodyguard in a travelling merchant band headed to Varisia. He grew significantly with each passing day, meeting new races, cultures, and religions. Eventually his travels took him to Magnimar and the sea. Gleus steps aboard Jenivere with hopes that lands across the ocean will teach him what it means to be a powerful ruler!

Gleus lives by Strogi's code. Men want to be lead by Kings who live life to the extreme. A King should take what he wants. A King's desire should be monstrous. That is the conqueror's way.

Completed Applications
Silvio Caligari Pazzi (Human Dashing Hero)
Gleus Hightail (Human Barbarian)

Expressed Interest
Poor Wandering One (Fighter?)
The_Lake (Dragon Mage?)
Feth (Thief?)

Keith the Warlock holds one of the two guaranteed spots. I'll keep recruitment open until the end of the week.

It looks like we have quite enough in making people miserable through violence department.

So I was thinking of a wizard, if that will not step on the Warlock's toes. Or a Druid but I think the shapeshifting would play merry hell with the plot. Hard to keep someone on a ship who can turn into a bird or fish.

Speaking of the Warlock: HEY KatsuneSage! Please make your google doc public or otherwise enable us poor players to see your background and crunch.

Also wasn't there going to be a

Your Benevolent etc. wrote:
"... Good Cleric of Sarenrae ...."

Did they drop out?

Cleric's here but hasn't posted in this thread yet. HERE'S the profile, though.

Wizards are fine, by the way. Warlock casting is more versatile, but there's always a cost associated with it. Wizard casting is predictable, which is always a good thing. :-) Druids are a bit wonky but still workable as long as s/he is a team player.

Poor wandering one here.

I think a wizard will do quite nicely. Crunch under the alias, background incoming.

Completed Applications
Silvio Caligari Pazzi (Human Dashing Hero)
Gleus Hightail (Human Barbarian)
Chaney VanLon (Human Wizard) - needs background

Expressed Interest
The_Lake (Dragon Mage?)
Feth (Thief?)

Guaranteed Slots
Keith (Elf Warlock)
Amy Eir (Human Cleric of Sarenrae)

Recruitment will close Friday night, and I'll make final selections Saturday morning.

Hey YBD.
Are you doing anything with the background traits for the AP?

I thought about it but decided not to.

Thinking about it I'm not interested in playing the power addicted dragon mage and none of the other classes jump out at me. So I am withdrawing my semi-application. Thanks though and good luck everyone!

Dungeon worllllddd oh yeah!

@The_Lake: If you change your mind over the next couple days, let me know. :-)

@JJ Jordan: There's still time if you want to submit a character. :-)

Thief incoming?

Sweet we could use one.

Haven't heard back from the potential Thief, so it's still available.

@Chaney: Still waiting on a backstory. :-)

Recruitment's open for another 8 hours or so, so anyone still on the fence/finishing up a submission should get a move on. ;-)

Windows 10 upgrade ate my homework and my computer but here is the

rough outline:

Purchased as a child from Ilizmagorti orphan-home by an alchemist

Alchemist was a rather evil and powerful wizard in disguise.

Trained as assistant to said wizard

Wizard's power threatened Red Mantis but any attempt by them to move against the wizard either directly or indirectly was doomed to failure (Place of power + Ritual move + paranoia + time = powerful and violent defenses)

Mantis waited and worked freely with the wizard getting him more and more involved with their organization. Eventually word of the relationship got out and a group of consortium aligned adventurers looking into the contract murder of an aristocrat/consortium member in Absolom found evidence of the wizards direct involvement in the killing.
They arrived in the Medina and to cut a long story short(too late) they did what they did best and killed every living thing in the tower including the old wizard, his assistant and the cat that lived in the scullery.
Luckily for our hero (and the cat) the adventuring party's Life channeller was killed in the attack and the resulting Death Move/dimensional breach pumped out enough raw life energy to undo most of the damage done by the ranger's arrows. The former assistant was able to crawl out of the ruined tower and into the shadows before the Blood Guard sealed the area. The cat still lives in a cafe near the ruin.
A few months later Chaney (The name was taken from the life oracle/channeller) VanLon (Lon from a mythical city in an allegorical poem the old master was having Chaney search for ritual clues when the attack began) now a respectable journeyman wizard stands aboard the Jenivere ready to start a new live somewhere far from the Mantis and the unreliably faded memories of his former master.

Well, it's that time. Thanks to all who submitted characters. I don't think anyone will be surprised by the outcome, as I have up to four available slots and a total of three applications. ;-)

The Party
Silvio Caligari Pazzi (Human Dashing Hero)
Gleus Hightail (Human Barbarian)
Chaney VanLon (Human Wizard)
Keith (Elf Warlock)
Amy Eir (Human Cleric of Sarenrae)

I see a lot of potential here and am really looking forward to running this campaign. Once I've finished this post, I'll open up the Discussion thread. When everyone's dotted, we'll finish up character creation. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, I'll have a list of questions for you to answer about your character, and you'll have the opportunity to create preliminary Bonds with the other PCs.

If there are any last-minute applicants, there's still a bit of time (Feth, for example, was considering submitting a Thief but is currently out of town). Happy gaming! :-)

Hi everyone! I am looking forward to playing with everyone.

Here is my backstory.

Back Story:

Appearance. Just replace the green and blue with red and the yellow with bright gold. The staff in the hand would have Sarenrae’s symbol on top. I have kind eyes, with strange white hair that stands out with my darker skin, with flowing robes covering my thin body. Though I am born of two Garudians, I for some reason was born with lighter skin then my parents. The toss of the DNA dice resulted in me having some ancient recessive skin color.

My name is Amy Eir. I am a Garudi that was born in to the family of Laurel in the town of Falcon’s Hollow. My family was renown for their healing and helpful traits. I received my training from my family and got first hand experience healing the local lumberjacks. From the age of 5, I sit at my family's feet and learned the art of healing. By by late teens I was the second best healer in Falcon's Hollow after Laurel. As I became 19, I left Falcon’s Hollow because I was tired of the Lumber Consortium and their monopoly of the area.

I headed for Everlight Oasis in Zelshabbar due to a calling that I felt, where I heard about the Goddess Sarenae. It took me over a year and a half to travel from my hometown to Everlight. I traved by merchant groups, mercenary groups, healer for nobles. I went by horse, cart, ship, foot, and many other ways.

It was during this time that learned the practice of waking with the dawn and giving thanks and praise to the rising sun. I also learned about the important sacrificial rites, and offering.

To receive my powers for the day, I must heal a stranger or put on a red/yellow bandana and look for the sun.

My faith and my healing training has made me very quick to save others even to put myself in danger to do so. I am patient with others who hold different ideals so long as their hearts are in the right place. By helping others, I guide them into the light and help justify your own existence.

My priest had taught me these sayings:

“If you are a true devotee of the Saranrae, you have strong diplomatic skills and a gentle nature, having tempered your steel in the calm fires of the Dawnflower – yet when required, your sword still strikes true.”

“Redemption is rarely a swift process, and your faith demands the patience to hold your temper and help others to walk the righteous path. Only the followers of Rovagug are denied a chance at salvation, for to entertain the Rough Beast is to display a total rejection of righteousness.”

“Unless someone has shown himself to be irretrievably evil, your faith demands that you treat him with the kindness you would show to anyone who had lost his way.

“Her clerics often train with her favored scimitar, whirling and dancing with their blades in the sunlight.”

I became a follower of Saranrae at the age of 21 and now 15 years have passed since then. I have become of of the most devotee followers of Saranrae and my skill with healing has improved multiple time over. I have raised the next generations of followers in Saranrae's teaching. I have joined many different groups over the years to spread the teaching of Saranrae. Some of my favorite times on the trail have been with my friend, Rhovanor Shadespyre.

Last minute thief application? I think I can do that. I've never played Dungeon World before, but I have played Apocalypse World. That was a riot. Sign me up!

Name: Boram Velvett
Race: Halfling
Class: Thief
Description: Boram is cheerful-looking Halfling - his short frame lithe and swarthy from years of work in the hot sun aboard the Jenivere. The stout little sailor usually wears an eyepatch over his left eye, keeps his dark curly hair trimmed short, and is rather fond of grog. Especially when it isn't his.

No time for a picture!

Backstory: Boram Velvett has been working on board the Jenivere since his youth, leaving the Sargavan slums and trying his very hardest not to look back. Since then, his life has been hard work and long hours up in the ship's rigging. Still better than the slums though. Over the years, the short little fellow has developed something of a reputation among the rest of the crew: more than a few drunken sailors have been heard throwing about the phrase "Smooth as Velvett" in admiration, jealousy, possibly even fear!

I don't have a character sheet ready, but it doesn't look very hard to put together. I should have the mechanics ironed out by this time tomorrow, if you'll have me.

@PensivePanther: Found you!

Speaking of slipping in under the wire... ;-)

DW has a few differences (the biggest one is the lack of a "sex move"), but all the important stuff is the same. Finish up getting yourself made and head over to Discussion. :-)

Any chance you'd take one more submission?

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