Savaged Jade Regent (Inactive)

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The Jade Regent AP by Paizo, played using the Savage Worlds RPG rules from Pinnacle Entertainment.

When a decades-old secret is exposed, an unassuming local tavern-owner and a close friend of the PCs discovers her birthright is to rule one of the ancient Dragon Empires of Tian Xia—the empire of Minkai. Yet the current ruler of this empire, the mysterious and increasingly cruel Jade Regent, has no intention of giving up his hold over the throne. In order to save Minkai from a would-be tyrant, the PCs must not only escort their friend from Varisia to Tian Xia, braving the frozen horrors of the Crown of the World, but must aid her in gaining the trust and support of a nation on the edge of anarchy.

The Brinewall Legacy (1 of 6): A rag-tag band of goblins armed with fireworks leads to the discovery of an old parchment that connects local tavern-owner Ameiko Kaijitsu to a mysterious legacy hidden in the abandoned ruins of Brinewall. Once the northernmost Chelaxian colony in Varisia, the citizens of Brinewall vanished mysteriously several decades ago, and the empty village and castle have since become the lair of all manner of strange creature and monstrous beast—recovering the legacy still hidden within will be no small task, especially since a powerful supernatural enemy of the Kaijitsu family still lurks within the ruins!