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Game Master Luis Loza

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I'm sure a lot of you are aware of Nicolas Logue's Razor Coast. It's a sandbox AP for levels 5-12 set in an Age of Sail setting.

I'm looking to run this for my personal group once my physical copy arrives. I was hoping to test the waters of how to run everything by setting up a PBP. Anyone in?

(I have a feeling I will get dozens of entrants if I were to do this. :S)

Edit: I'm just going to change this into the official recruitment thread.

Character Requirements:

Level 5 Character

20 Point-Buy

All Core Races as well aasimar and tiefling

All Core and Base Classes Available (Core, APG, UC, UM) except Summoner

Two traits

Max health every level

No limit on dump or maxed stats at character creation

Average starting wealth + 6,000 gp

Make sure to make someone with a more coastal theme to have fun. Pirates, sailors, dockworkers, tribal men, and the like will do well here.

I'm keeping recruitment open for two days! It will close on Wednesday morning. Good luck to all!

I'm in!

It's new, it's shiny, so I am sure there will be plenty of interest. In other words, you should probably brace yourself for the stampede. I'll uh, step over there for the time being.

Regret is a terrible thing.

I'm not going to lie, I will be one of those several dozens applicants.

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10/10, would submit.

I'll throw in my hat in on this as well. I'd like a chance to try PbP soon.

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You may want to start throwing out some restrictions, for the dozens are coming.... Dot. LOL

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I am interested as well. Will make a character when you post your rules/requirements.


Recruitment guidelines up!

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Any alignment restrictions?


RainyDayNinja wrote:
Any alignment restrictions?

Ah, yes, any Non-Evil please.

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Player convergence: I suggest we all roll up dwarves and make a bloody cap group!

Now many would say they are evil, no. Chaotic well yes. Good likely not. Yes there are probably many bad eggs in their race, but hey it happens.

We fight to make our berets red and to gain strength, we can't help that those pesky humans keep thinking we are demon dirges, LOL!!!


BloodWolven wrote:
Player convergence: I suggest we all roll up dwarves and make a bloody cap group!

I'm going to allow this.

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donato wrote:
BloodWolven wrote:
Player convergence: I suggest we all roll up dwarves and make a bloody cap group!
I'm going to allow this.

Yes!!!!!! Now I just need to get the other players to agree.

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I think I'll roll up a blaster caster of some sort here.

But... what is a "cap group"? Is that a Britishism of some kind?

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Interested, let's see what I come up with...

And alchemist ship cook...

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McCladdic, dwarven fighter dual axe wielder, or doubled handed Axe bearer!

Hagoth McCladdic, yes I like that.

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lol i'll make a dwarven pirate if that's what he wants.


It's not necessary. I was just saying if you want to make an all dwarf party, I'm for it.

I'm going to change this character up to fit this one. probably change class. and I have to change race from gillmen. This was sent in for a skull and shackle campaign. what are the gods in this campaign?

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I'll put forward a character tomorrow, but I'll do so with the warning that if a dwarf party appears to be forming, I'll withdraw to ensure I don't ruin their party theme.

I'll be putting forward a human monk / fighter.


Djulla "Sea Charm" Olavess wrote:
I'm going to change this character up to fit this one. probably change class. and I have to change race from gillmen. This was sent in for a skull and shackle campaign. what are the gods in this campaign?

For character creation purposes, asume all the core Golarion deities are available. There are others worshipped on the Razor Coast, but I'll explain those later.

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Do you mind if we use campaign traits from Skull and Shackles, or does the campaign have its own traits?


S&S traits aren't really suited for this. Give me a bit and see if I can get some traits for you.



These traits are pulled from the Freeboter's Guide to the Razor Coast.

Combat Traits:

Pugilist: You grew up swinging and you still fall back to it. You gain a +1 trait bonus on damage rolls with unarmed strikes, brass knuckles, gauntlets, rope gauntlets, and other hand weapons as determined by the GM.

Coherent Rage: Your determination allows you to hold onto a shred of your rational mind at all times. Select one of the following skills: Bluff, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, or Stealth. You may use this skill normally while raging.

Equipment Traits:

Fashionable: You are one of the “betters” within Port Shaw and aren’t afraid of showing it. So long as you are wearing clothing and jewelry worth more than 80 gp, you gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive checks. One of these skills (your choice) becomes a class skill for you.

Fiddler: You have a natural talent with the devil’s own instrument – the fiddle. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Perform (string) checks and this is a class skill for you.

Magic Traits:

Lucky Tattoo: You were plagued by bad luck until you purchased a “lucky tattoo” from a mysterious traveling artist. On that day, your luck did indeed seem to improve for the better. Once per game session, when called upon to make a d20 roll, you may re-roll one die roll, before you know the results. You must take the second roll regardless of the result. The lucky tattoo isn’t a magical tattoo and doesn’t take up an item slot on the body.

Totem Tattoo: You bear a tattoo depicting one of the totems of the Three (Whale, Turtle, Dolphin). You gain a +1 trait bonus on Will saving throws. The totem tattoo is not a magical tattoo and does not take up an item slot on the body.

Regional Traits:

Skilled Crewman: You have spent the majority of your life working on ships. Pick one of the following skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (geography), Swim, or Survival. You gain a +1 trait bonus to that skill and it is always a class skill for you.

Sailor: Born with an innate love of the sea, you gain a +1 trait bonus on Perception and Profession (sailor). In addition, one of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.

Social Traits:

Razor Tongue: You words are like a steel rapier and cut as sharply. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff checks and Bluff is a class skill for you

Sea Dog: Descended from a long line of pirates or just heartless and cruel – a seed of malevolence grows within you. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Intimidate and Profession (sailor) checks. In addition, one of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill.

Impressive Presence: Your grandiose posturing often makes it difficult for anyone to concentrate around you. Once per day as a full-round action, you may attempt to distract adjacent foes with a lengthy display of your martial prowess. All adjacent foes must succeed at a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your level + your Charisma modifier) or gain the
shaken condition. This condition persists for 1 round.

Alright, here's my melee blaster sorcerer. Background and stats are in the profile. Let me know if anything needs tweaking.


Jahni "Johnny" Thunderfist wrote:
Alright, here's my melee blaster sorcerer. Background and stats are in the profile. Let me know if anything needs tweaking.

No immediate red flags.

Hm... I am also rather interested. Will begin contemplation and creation....

Ive had a moment of sheer genius!

Moctezuma the tribal hexcrafter warrior! (magus archtype hexcrafter and this will be fun!)

human lvl 5 Magus, CN
hp 40, ac 16, Initative 2+, fort 4+, reflex 1+ and will 2+
str 16 (15+1 from lvl 4 attribute raise)
dex 14
con 10
int 16 (14+2)
wis 8
cha 14
feats skill focus (intimdate), weapon focus (Terbutje), Dazzling Display, Combat Expertise and extra hex (im assuming that since I have the ability to use hexes I can take this feat?)
hexes flight and evil eye
magus arcana Pool Strike
arcana pool points 6
favored class reward 1/4 of a magus arcane pool point per lvl
traits Fashionable and Totem Tattoo (turtle)
skillpoints per lvl 6 Intimidate, bluff, knowledge arcana, knowledge dungeoneering, spellcraft and use magic device.
spells cantrips mage hand, message, dancing lights and detect magic, lvl 1 spells enlarge person, shield, vanish, expeditious retreat and true strike, lvl 2 spells bulls strength, glitterdust and burning gaze.
equipment Cruel Obsidian Terbutje (cost 2005 gp, since this is a magical weapon it does not have the fragile quality from being made of obsidian), Defiant Wooden armor (cost 1020 gp, its bonuses apply against creatures of the human variety), Mask of Stony Demeanor (500 gp), Cloak of the Hedge Wizard (2500 gp, necromancery variant) and a magus's kit (22 gp).

Moctezuma the story of the demon warrior:

Born in the great city state of Techpotizil Moctezuma proved at a young age to be a powerful warrior and was capable of impressive feats of magic. The leaders of Techpotizil, the priests of Kelotizil (demon lord of war, fire and demonic frogs) ordered that he be trained to become a Demon warrior. The Demon warriors were the cities most prestigious fighters, only ranked below the priests of Kelotizil in importance and prestige.

His training was difficult and deadly but he proved up to and above the challenge, becoming the most feared warrior in the city. His name spread to the other citystates and warriors in those city states rose to challenge him and were defeated. Soon he became legendary and was showered with gifts of gold, food, land and women. Even a minor priest of Kelotizil served him as his pet sage, life was good but then the priests performed their yearly auguries... They received a vision from Kelotizil telling them to send Moctezuma to an unknown land on the coast, so that he might avert a grave and terrible threat to the city state of Techpotizil.

So now Moctezuma goes forth to this strange, new land to find out what threat could cause Kelotizil to send warning and demand that the city's greatest warrior be sent to deal with the threat...

anything I've missed gm?

No Merfolk characters? ;P


Submitting Duardo, a wizard air elementalist

Backstory & personality:
Duardo Vendrigo de Salavegas was born with the silver spoon.
Youngest scion of the de Salavegas, one of the richest families of the Razor Coast, wealth inherited form centuries past with their noble titles and ancient manor. The de Salavegas had ships full of spices sailing from port to port, and enriching the family.
Duardo was sent to boarding school, in the mainland, to study at the Arcane Academy as most young de Salavegas did when they came of age. His obscene wealth easily covered the costly fee of the school, and Duardo, although smug and a bit lazy, learned the basics of the arcane art.

Unfortunately Ramiro, Duardo’s oldest brother, invested a big chunk of the family’s fortune in an expedition to hunt the terrible Kraken! Three solid war galleons, a small army of the toughest mercenaries of the Coast armed with state of the art cannons, and several of the Family most powerful magic items all disappeared at sea during the hunt – no one quite knows if because of a storm, pirates, or the beast itself.

In an attempt to regain some of the wealth, Duardo’s father, the de Salavegas patriarch, gave in marriage his daughter Olimpia (Duardo’s sister) to a wealthy merchant, in an attempt to unify their trade and become relevant once again. Unfortunately the merchant revealed himself for a con man when, the very night of the wedding, bedded Olimpia and then disappeared with both her dowry and what remained of the family fortune.

Unable to keep paying the Arcane Academy fee, Duardo got back to the Razor Coast – his family living in a now treasure-empty manor they could barely afford. Duardo vowed to catch his sister’s treacherous husband, to find news of his brother and to bring back his family to her former fortune. Using his magical abilities he became a valuable member of the razor-coast sailing workforce, both as lookout and a sailing master thanks to his ability to fly and control winds.

Duardo is well-learned and sarcastic, and also a bit of a smart-mouth. He actually enjoys his life at sea and can't see himself going back to a landlocked life of luxury. Nevertheless, his goal of tidyng up the many loose ends of his family misfortune still drives him.

This character used to be a Taldori - ancient empire in decline and different name and all that. I’m not sure the Razor Coast is compatible with the Golarion setting so I made the locations generic and gave him a Spanish-sounding name for the Caribbean flavor of the setting. Tell me if anything needs to be changed.

Character sheet:
Duardo de Salavegas
Male Human Wizard [air elementalist] 5
N Medium humanoid (human)
Initiative +6 ; Senses: Perception +8

/* Defense */
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 dex)
HP 30 (5d6+10)
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +5

/* Offense */

Speed 30 feet
Melee mwk silver dagger +3 (1d4, 19/20 x2)
Ranged dagger +4 (1d4, 19/20 x2)

Arcane school spell-like abilities
7/day – Lightning flash (DC 16) (1d6 + dazzle 1d4 rounds)
At will – Feather fall, Levitate (self only)

Wizard spells known (CL 5th; Concentration +9)
3rd (3/day): Fly, Suggestion x2 (DC 17)
2nd (4/day): Gust of wind, Blindness/deafness (DC 16), extended Mage armor, extended Alter winds
1st (5/day): Endure elements, Shocking grasp (DC 15), Charm Person (DC 15), Vanish, Ray of Enfeeblement (DC 15)
0 (at will): Read magic, Mage hand, Light, Message, Detect Magic, Mending

Opposition school: Earth

/* Statistics */
Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 13
BAB +2; CMB +2; CMD 14

Feats: Scribe scroll (bonus class), Improved initiative (1st), Combat casting (human), Arcane strike (3rd), Extend spell(5th), Craft Wondrous items (bonus class)

Skills: Appraise +8, Bluff +10, Diplomacy +6, Fly +10, Knowledge [arcana] +11, Knowledge [local] +10, Knowledge [geography] +10, Knowledge [nobilty] +10, Knowledge [nature] +8, Knowledge [history] +10, Linguistics +8, Perception +8, Spellcraft +10

Languages: Common, Auran, Aquan, Draconic,
Traits: Sailor, Fast Talker
SQ: Arcane bond (de Salavegas family ring), Air Supremacy

Gear: wizard’s kit + rope (22 gp), explorer’s outfit (10 gp), courtier’s outfit (30 gp), assorted jewelry (100 gp), spyglass (1000 gp), masterwork silver dagger (322 gp), silver dagger x3 (66 gp), cold iron dagger x3 (6 gp), feather token (anchor) x4 (200 gp), wand of Blindness/deafness (20 charges, CL 3rd, 1800 gp), bonded ring (free), cloak of resistance +1 (crafted, 500 gp)
Spellbook (free) contains
Cantrips: all except Acid splash
1st level: Charm person, Alter winds, Vanish, Mage Armor, Endure elements, Shocking grasp, Shield, Ray of enfeeblement
2nd level: Gust of wind, Whispering wind, Scorching ray, Blindness/deafness
3rd level: Fly, Suggestion

1944 gp left

The gear isn't finished, and I don't know if you have rules about crafting items before the start of the adventure; Also, I'm missing 2 languages... I don't know if the Razor Coast has regional dialets or something.

please let me know if there's something that I need to change.


dunebugg wrote:
No Merfolk characters? ;P

I want everyone to have tough time once they eventually find themselves stranded at sea. ;P


Viluki wrote:

Ive had a moment of sheer genius!

Moctezuma the tribal hexcrafter warrior! (magus archtype hexcrafter and this will be fun!)

anything I've missed gm?

Extra Hex is just fine. You might want to pick up some languages. Otherwise, looking good.


Airon87 wrote:

Submitting Duardo, a wizard air elementalist

The gear isn't finished, and I don't know if you have rules about crafting items before the start of the adventure; Also, I'm missing 2 languages... I don't know if the Razor Coast has regional dialets or something.

I'd rather you purchase items wholesale during creation. As for languages, keep those slots open. I'll be preparing a primer on the setting once I pick players.

Presenting Zaria Robertson, soon to be captain and agile bladesmith!

Click for Info.. Any changes needed just let me know..

I picked Aquan as my bonus, but i can leave it open if u wish..


Zaria Robertson wrote:

Presenting Zaria Robertson, soon to be captain and agile bladesmith!

Click for Info.. Any changes needed just let me know..

I picked Aquan as my bonus, but i can leave it open if u wish..

Looking good. I happen to have a dervish dancing sea captain fighter myself for a Skull and Shackles campaign. Quite fun. Aquan will be a good language for this campaign.

My plans are to go levels 6th-7th in lorewarden as well, picking up imp trip and mobility.. Go Prc Duelist of 8th, picking up twf at 9th for offhand dagger parries..


Zaria Robertson wrote:
My plans are to go levels 6th-7th in lorewarden as well, picking up imp trip and mobility.. Go Prc Duelist of 8th, picking up twf at 9th for offhand dagger parries..

Be aware that dervish dance doesn't work if you have something in the off hand.

donato wrote:
Zaria Robertson wrote:
My plans are to go levels 6th-7th in lorewarden as well, picking up imp trip and mobility.. Go Prc Duelist of 8th, picking up twf at 9th for offhand dagger parries..
Be aware that dervish dance doesn't work if you have something in the off hand.

Well perhaps by then i can afford the agile enchantment and just keep the feat for flavor.. It was basically going to equate to taking a -2 to attacks to be able to parry 1 attack a round..


Take it as a bonus fighter feat and train it out later if you need. That's my suggestion.

donato wrote:
Take it as a bonus fighter feat and train it out later if you need. That's my suggestion.

That would work as well.. Never played a pirateish game before, so looking forward to it if im selected..

I'll update the backstory and fluff for this campaign. Feel free to see what the backstory was on the alias, It'll change to fit this but stay close to it (obviously the gillmen thing will change). What I posted is correct and its a lot to go through so I'm going to post things to help breakdown it a bit. My familiar is going to be a monkey named Goku that I found on the island I was stranded at when I update that. The reason for multi-class is I'm going to go Arcane Trickster.

Djulla "Sea Charm" Olavess
Female Human Rogue(Pirate) 3 / Bard(Sea Singer) 2
CG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses Perception +3
AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (+3 Dex, +5 armor)
hp 41 (3d8+2d6+5)
Fort +2, Ref +9, Will +3; +3 against fear, +1 against mind-affecting
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 rapier +7 (1d6+1/18-20/x2}
dagger +6 (1d4/19-20/x2)
Ranged hand crossbow +6 (1d4/19-20/x2/30ft.)
Special Attacks Sneak attack +2d6
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 17
Base Atk +3; CMB +3; CMD 16
Feats Sea Legs, Defiant Luck, Inexplicable Luck, Bestow Luck, Weapon Finesse
Traits Lucky Tattoo, Courageous
Skills Acrobatics +12, Appraise +6, Bluff +8, Craft(sails) +6, Craft(ships) +6, Climb +8, Diplomacy +7, Disable Device +10, Disguise +7, Escape Artist +7, Intimidate +7, K(arcana) +6, K(engineering) +6, K(geography) +7, K(history) +7, K(local) +7, K(nature) +7, Linguistics +7, Perception +3, Perfom(oratory) +11, Prof(cook) +3, Prof(engineer) +3, Prof(gambler) +3, Prof(sailor) +9, Sense Motive +3, Sleight of Hand +7, Stealth +7, Swim +12, Use Magical Device +7
Languages Aboleth, Aquan, Common, Polygot
SQ Swinging Reposition, Evasion, Unflinching, World Traveler, bardic performance, distraction, fascinate, Sea Shanty, inspire courage +1, Familiar, Sea Legs
Combat Gear wand of cure light wounds, potion of cure light wounds (2), potion of touch of the sea (1), potion of water breathing (1); Other Gear +1 rapier, +1 mithril shirt, dagger(2), hand crosbow, bolts(20), spyglass, Rogue's Kit(This kit includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, caltrops, chalk (10), a flint and steel, a grappling hook, an iron pot, a mess kit, a mirror, pitons (10), rope, soap, thieves' tools, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin),and 15g

Alternate Racial Traits and Feats:
Heart of the Sea: Humans born near the sea are always drawn to it. They gain a +2 racial bonus on Profession (sailor) and Swim checks, and these are always class skills for them. They can hold their breath twice as long as normal, and spellcasters gain a +4 racial bonus on concentration checks when attempting to cast spells underwater. This racial trait replaces skilled.


Defiant Luck - You can sometimes defiantly shrug off spells and attacks that would kill a lesser creature.
Prerequisite: Human.
Benefit: Once per day, after you roll a natural 1 on a saving throw or a critical hit is confirmed against you, you can either reroll that saving throw, or force the creature that confirmed the critical hit against you to reroll the critical confirmation roll. This does not stack with other effects that allow you to reroll a saving throw or an attack roll. You may only make one reroll.
Special: If you are using the optional hero point system, you can also spend 1 hero point when a critical hit is confirmed against you to have the opponent reroll the critical hit confirmation roll.

Inexplicable Luck - Others are often dumfounded by your luck.
Prerequisites: Defiant Luck, human.
Benefit: Once per day, as a free action before a roll is made, you gain a +8 bonus on any single d20 roll. You can also use this ability after the roll is made, but if you do, this bonus is reduced to +4.

Bestow Luck - You are extremely lucky and sometimes your allies are as well.
Prerequisites: Defiant Luck, Inexplicable Luck, human.
Benefit: You gain an extra use per day of your Defiant Luck ability. You can also use your Inexplicable Luck ability to grant an ally that can see and hear its benefit as an immediate action.

Pirate Rogue Archtype; UC:
A pirate breaks from the confines of country and king to commit her crimes upon the high seas. She holds allegiance only to her ship and its captain (if even that much is true), and lives a lawless life upon the waves, plundering ships and shorelines as suits her whim.

Sea Legs (Ex): At 1st level, a pirate becomes adept at moving on ships, boats, and similar vessels. She gains the Sea Legs feat as a bonus feat, even if she does not meet the prerequisites. This ability replaces trapfinding.

Swinging Reposition (Ex): At 2nd level, a pirate incorporates a ship's masts, rigging, ropes, sails, and other such structures into her combat style. Provided she is wearing light armor, when fighting in an environment where such structures exist, the rogue incorporates them into her Acrobatics checks by grabbing hold of the structure and swinging toward her opponent, making either a charge or a bull rush maneuver. Once she completes her attack or maneuver, she can reposition herself. Immediately after making the charge or bull rush, she can move 5 feet as a free action, even if the charge ends her turn. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. This ability replaces the 2nd-level rogue talent.

Unflinching (Ex): Pirates are a salty and steadfast lot. At 3rd level, a pirate gains a +1 bonus on saving throws against fear and mind-affecting effects. This bonus increases by +1 for every three levels, to a maximum of +6 at 18th level. This ability replaces trap sense. This ability replaces trapfinding.

Rogue Talents: The following rogue talents complement the pirate archetype: black market connections*, combat trick, finesse rogue, firearm training*, hold breath*, rope master*, and strong stroke*.

Advanced Talents: The following advanced rogue talents complement the pirate archetype: getaway master*, hard to fool*, and unwitting ally*.

Sea Singer Bard Archtype; APG:
The sea singer calls the blue waters his home, and is much in demand among sea captains wishing good fortune for their crew and hull as they ply the tradewinds far and wide.

Bardic Performance: A sea singer gains the following types of bardic performance.

Sea Shanty (Su): A sea singer learns to counter seasickness and exhaustion during long sea voyages. Each round of a sea shanty, he makes a Perform skill check. Allies within 30 feet (including the sea singer) may use his Perform check in place of a saving throw against becoming exhausted, fatigued, nauseated, or sickened; if already under such an effect, a new save is allowed each round of the sea shanty, using the bard's Perform check for the save. A sea shanty has no effect on instantaneous effects or effects that do not allow saves. This ability requires audible components. This performance replaces countersong.

Still Water (Su): At 3rd level, a sea singer can use performance to calm rough waters within 30 feet, reducing the DC for Profession (sailor) and Swim checks, as well as for Acrobatics and Climb checks aboard ship, by an amount equal to the bard's level (to a minimum of DC 10) for as long he continues to perform. He can extend this duration to 1 hour by playing for 10 consecutive rounds. This ability requires audible components. This performance replaces inspire competence.

Whistle the Wind (Su): A sea singer of 6th level or higher can use performance to create a gust of wind. This wind lasts for as long as he continues his performance. He can extend this duration to 1 minute by playing for 5 consecutive rounds. This performance replaces suggestion.

Call the Storm (Su): At 18th level, a sea singer can use performance to duplicate control water, control weather, control winds, or storm of vengeance, using his bard level as the caster level. Using this ability requires 1 round of continuous performance per level of the spell (as if he were a druid). These effects continue for as long as the bard continues performing (the effects on control weather happen immediately), but not longer than the spell's normal duration. This performance replaces mass suggestion.

World Traveler (Ex): A sea singer gains a bonus equal to half his bard level on Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nature), and Linguistics checks. He can reroll a check against one of these skills, but must take the result of the second roll even if it is worse. He can reroll one additional time per day at 5th level and every five levels thereafter. This ability replaces bardic knowledge.

Familiar: At 2nd level, a sea singer acquires an exotic pet—a monkey or parrot (treat as raven)—that gains abilities as a wizard's familiar, using the sea singer's bard level as his wizard level. This ability replaces versatile performance.

Sea Legs (Ex): At 2nd level, a sea singer gains a +4 bonus on saving throws against air and water effects and effects that would cause the sea singer to slip, trip, or otherwise be knocked prone. He gains a +2 bonus to CMD against grapple, overrun, and trip. This ability replaces well-versed.

Stat Breakdown:
20pt buy

STR 10
DEX 16 (10pts)
CON 12 (2 pts)
INT 14 (5 pts)
WIS 8 (-2 pts)
CHA 14 (5 pts) add +2 racial, add +1 lvl 4; 17

Skill Breakdown:
Rogue 8+Int(2) x3 = 30 skills, Bard 6+(2)+1FC x2 = 18; 48 total skills

1 Acrobatics
1 Appraise
2 Bluff
1 Craft(sails)
1 Craft(ships)
3 Climb
1 Diplomacy
4 Disable Device
1 Disguise
1 Escape Artist
1 Intimidate
1 K(arcana)
1 K(engineering)
1 K(geography)
2 K(history)
1 K(local)
1 K(nature)
1 Linguistics
1 Perception
5 Perfom(oratory)
1 Prof(cook)
1 Prof(engineer)
1 Prof(gambler)
5 Prof(sailor)
1 Sense Motive
1 Sleight of Hand
1 Stealth
5 Swim
1 Use Magical Device

Starting AVG gold 140 for rogue +6,000 = 6,140

+1 mithril shirt 2,100g
+1 rapier 2,020
wand of cure light wounds 750g
rogue's kit 50g
bandolier x2 1g
daggerx2 2g
hand crossbow 100g
boltsx20 2g
spyglass 100g
potion of clw x4 200g
potion of touch of the sea x1 50g (from APG lvl 1 druid spell)

Touch of the Sea
School transmutation; Level alchemist 1, druid 1, sorcerer/wizard 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a fish scale)
Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration 1 minute/level
Saving Throw Fortitude negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)
You cause webs to grow between the target's fingers and its feet to transform into flippers, granting a swim speed of 30 feet along with the standard +8 bonus on Swim checks and the ability to take 10 even if distracted or endangered. You can also use the run action while swimming, provided you swim in a straight line. This transformation causes any boots or gloves the target is wearing to meld into its form (although magic items with a continuous effect continue to function). This spell does not grant the target any ability to breathe water.

potion of water breathing x1 750g (lvl 3 druid spell)
15g left

Maybe i misunderstood, is it average starting gold +6k, or average wbl +6k?

Oh i see you miscalculated the price on the keen rapier, a +1 keen rapier would cost 8,320gp not 2,020gp..

I looked it up I was thinking it made a weapon considered +1 I didn't know u had too add that too. so I'll switched it to just a plain +1 and its fixed now.

I wasnt trying to railroad u sry, i just thought for a min i had under geared my character.. i wasnt till i inspect ur equipment that i saw what u payed for it.. Sorry..


Djulla "Sea Charm" Olavess wrote:
I'll update the backstory and fluff for this campaign.

Looks good so far.

Zaria Robertson wrote:
Maybe i misunderstood, is it average starting gold +6k, or average wbl +6k?

Average starting gold and an additional 6k.

I believe I have fixed everything... if I missed something sorry. I'll fix it later.. off to work.

About Djulla:
Djulla's Goals

To live a peaceful life on the sea away from people trying to keep her as a "sea charm". To find an artifact or legendary treasure that will go down in history.

Djulla's Secrets

Djulla is lucky due to a tattoo she got from a stranger when she was really young. Djulla is unknowingly caring a relic of the "old ones". One of them may take control of her mind and do their bidding. But it is watching everything she sees and does.

Djulla's Allies and Enemies

Captain Carl Mormuck was the captain of "The Strapping Eel". He was a fisherman and was the first one to discover Djulla as a "sea charm". He was saved by her twice. The first time she saved him from the storm that took his ship and his crew. The second time she stayed with him after saving him for three years and helped him escape the island by becoming a new crew's "sea charm". He is forever indebted to her and hopes she is still alive, so he may repay and aid her in whatever she needs.

Nevik "Weird Eye" Cazu was the only one on "The Temptress' Pleasure" that treated Djulla with respect and helped her slip away during the mutiny over the latest find of treasure the crew found. He is an ally, but still is a pirate and may ask Djulla for a favor since he helped her escape.

Captain Catherine "The Succubus" Everfiend was the captain of "The Temptress' Pleasure". She lost it, her crew, and her favorite "sea charm" Djulla. She will get them back and this time Djulla will not escape her clutches.

Djulla's Quirks

Djulla stares at her special relic every single night before bed. Djulla likes to eat her fish raw. Djulla loves to stir up trouble with pirates who force her to stay on their ships.

Djulla's Small Items

Djulla carries an old relic that looks like a disfigured mermaid with her. She also has a seashell necklace that belonged to her mother.

Party Role:
Out of Combat

She is a jack of all trades, but is an excellent sailor. She is very good at swimming and acrobatic on a ship with the riggings.


She isn't a very good fighter and tends to only attack if she or a friend is threatened. When that does occur she tries to get in the best position for attack to strike in vital areas to do the most damage and stop them from attacking and tries to persuade them to stop fighting because she doesn't want to kill them. She can provide healing with her magic and her wand. If a magic item is available for her she tries to figure it out and use the spells it has.

Appearance and Personality:

You see an attractive female standing about 5' 5" and weighing 140 lbs. She is 29 years of age but looks like she barely is 20. She has dark brown wavy hair and bright blue eyes with fair skin for someone who is at sea all the time. She wears a light brown vest and a light green leather pants that stop at the ankles. She also wears a red bandanna on her head and has a seashell necklace around her neck. She carries a rapier on her side and has two bandoliers on for storing her two daggers, potions, and wand of cure light wounds.


She is very charming to be around and can cut up with anyone she encounters. She has lived with pirates, fishermen, and adventurers who have traveled by sea most of her life. She does not like to talk about where she is from and her family, but likes to find anything about ancient races and cultures. She likes to stir up trouble among pirates who capture her and force her to stay with them as a "sea charm". She will not take the life of others if she has the option. She believes everyone can change and tries to save lives if she can, but if no option is available she protects herself and friends if a fight occurs.

Djulla was born one a special night of her mother's god. Her mother died during childbirth and her father hated her and blamed her for the loss of his beloved wife. She lived in a small peaceful sea coast village for the first 7 years of her life and barely remembers much about it. Her father decided to leave the village with her and to find out more about his studies on ancient races and went out with a ship and crew to study artifacts and sites with the history of ancient races. Trying to earn love from her father she took the interest as well and helped him find artifacts.

When she was 14, she got into an argument with her father about a strange tattoo she got from a travelling pirate and ran off in a small boat to go treasure seeking. She had found a site and started to scavenge around it and got cut bad. Blood gushed out and a nearby shark big enough to kill her in one bite started to rush after her. Terrified she swam as fast as she could to get away and got caught in a net set out for fish before the shark got to her. She was now aboard "The Strapping Eel" a fishing ship. The ship had been doing poorly catching fish thus far until the catch they got with Djulla. Captain Carl Mormuck decided to keep the young girl and called her his lucky "sea charm". They continued to do well fishing with her on board. They were kind to her and let her do as she pleased as long as she didn't try to run off.

She decided not to run away from them and abandon the father who hated her. She stayed with this crew for 8 years. She knew the basics of sailing but never had to do much manual labor or get into fights. There was a terrible storm that took the ship and its crew. She managed to save Mormuck during the storm and swam on broken pieces of the ship to a small nearby island. They were able to survive well on the island and Mormuck apologized for keeping her as his item for so many years. During this stay she came across a monkey with odd hair on his head. She kept him as a pet and named him "Goku". They were stranded there for 3 years until one day she spotted a ship that stopped in sight. They were able to create a signal fire and the ship came in to get them. This ship was "The Temptress' Pleasure". It was a pirate ship led by Captain Catherine "The Succubus" Everfiend. Everfiend told them if they would swim down and figure out how to get the treasure they sought and bring it back that she would let them go at the next port. They agreed and went deep down into some ancient ruins that led to an underground cave.

They went up into the cave and encountered deadly traps that Djulla was barely able to disable. They went further in and came across a door with this ancient text. Djulla figured it out and had seen this language before as a variant of Aboleth that she encountered before. She figured out how to open the door. They opened it and saw tons of treasure of an ancient race. Among the treasure she found a small statue of a strange creature that looked like a disfigured and twisted mermaid. She kept this hidden for herself as she was drawn and intrigued by it. They returned with some of the treasure and led the others to the area to get the rest. Captain Everfiend was pleased at the success of the find. She let Mormuck go at the next port as promised, but "The Succubus" decided to keep Djulla as her "sea charm" and didn't allow her to leave. Djulla was her new and favorite pet and no one was going to take her away from her.

Djulla was aboard "The Temptress' Pleasure" for 3 years. During this time she learned how to fight and was forced to kill. She was kept a close watch on and was forced to sleep in the captain's chambers. Captain Catherine Everfiend was very possessive of her and used her however she saw fit. They continued to find treasure after treasure and Everfiend kept more and more to herself. Finally, Djulla was able to gradually stir up mutiny among the crew after a huge find of treasure. During the fight amongst the crew the only friend she made in the crew let her slip away during the confusion. His name was Nevik "Weird Eye" Cazu and told her that she owed him one day. Finally, she was out on her own she decided to go out and look for ancient lore. She spent the next year joining crews of her choice to hunt treasure. She has had an experience life as a pirate and loves to sing to cheer up the crewmates she travels with. Now, she sits at a tavern in Port Shaw hoping that one day she will find a great treasure and no one will ever keep her as their "sea charm".

Liberty's Edge

Not completely finished, but there he goes:

Valaravans was born in a far away land, and his love for the sea, and his quest for the next cooking recipe, has made him travel far and wide, and now he only recognises the sea as his home.

A cook by profeesion, and an Alchemist by trade, he is always looking for that new spice or flavor than can change his day into something special... really special.

Because, what can be more magical that eat or drink something into our bodies, that gives us strenght, endurance, life?

Stat Block:

Male Half-Orc; Medium Humanoid ( Orc, Human )
Hit Dice:
Hit Points:
Walk 30 ft.
11 (touch 11, flatfooted 10)
*Bite +8;
*Bite 1d4+5;
Darkvision (60 ft.)
Face / Reach:
5 ft. / 5 ft.
Special Attacks:
Bomb, Feral Mutagen, Throw Anything
Special Qualities:
Alchemy, Brew Potion, Darkvision, Infusion, Mutagen, Orc Blood, Poison Resistance, Poison Use, Scavenger, Swift Alchemy, Toothy, Weapon Familiarity
Fortitude: +5, Reflex: +5, Will: +1
STR 20 (+5), DEX 12 (+1), CON 12 (+1), INT 15 (+2), WIS 8 (-1), CHA 8 (-1)
Acrobatics: 2; Appraise: 6; Bluff: -1; Climb: 5; Craft (Alchemy): 12; Craft (Alchemy/Create item): 17; Craft (Untrained): 2; Diplomacy: -1; Disable Device: 5; Disguise: -1; Escape Artist: 1; Fly: 5; Heal: 3; Intimidate: -1; Knowledge (Arcana): 6; Knowledge (Nature): 6; Perception: 7; Perform (Untrained): -1; Profession (Cook): 7; Ride: 1; Sense Motive: -1; Sleight of Hand: 5; Spellcraft: 10; Stealth: 1; Survival: 3; Swim: 5; Use Magic Device: 3;
Armor Proficiency, Light, Brew Potion, Master Alchemist, Power Attack, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Throw Anything, Toughness
Challenge Rating:
Chaotic Neutral
Possessions: Bite;
Prepared Spells Prepared Spell List: Alchemist (CL 5): 1st - cure light wounds (DC 13) , enlarge person (DC 13) , shield (DC ) , touch of the sea (DC 13) 2nd - alchemical allocation (DC ) , invisibility (DC 14)
Alchemist - Spells per Day: (0/5/3/0/0/0/0/0/0/ DC:12 + spell level); Known: Level 1: Crafter's Fortune, Cure Light Wounds, Disguise Self, Enlarge Person, Identify, Shield, Touch of the Sea, True Strike Level 2: Alchemical Allocation, Invisibility

Sovereign Court

Here is Mario...

This is woefully incomplete, but I am short on time and really should be studying... >_< I'll have to finish it up Thurday evening if I'm in the running still. (Would love advice and input on the build, btw!)

I'm hoping to run an Aasimar Aquatic Druid (appearance of Agathion-Blooded, but not taking the variant. I'm very new to both Pathfinder and PbP, but I'm an RP focused player and will have LOADS of time once summer begins.

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