Raat Shi Anaa: The Peddler's Tale

Game Master DragonBlood472

A hobgoblin's journey through the wilds of Eberron.

The story of Raunip, a merchant's son cursed by circumstances of birth and the perils he must face as he sets out to create a name for himself in the changing world.

Sora Esma- Hogoblin merchant and mystic, she travels the wilds of Western lands trading anything and everything from magical trinkets to sources of information. To her everything has a price. She dabbles in spellcraft and enchanting baubles and has a wide knowledge of the lands her profession takes her through.
Gorb- Bugbear enforcer, he serves Sora Esma faithfully and silently. His servitude undoubtedly the result of a trade, but it is unclear whether he offered himself or was traded to Esma's care to pay someone else's debt. Though seemingly stern, he has a kind heart.
Raunip I- Hobgoblin warrior, he traded an evening's company with Sora Esma in exchange for a Dhakaani blade to increase his standing in his homeland. After Wildnight, he has not seen Esma and has never met his child. His fate is unknown.
Raunip Esmaabet- Inheriting his mother's gifts of divination, Raunip is a young hobgoblin merchant-in-training. He hopes to prove himself as capable as Sora Esma, and works ever to use his oratory skills to compensate for his physical deformities. 18,870 XP

Wil d'Vadalis- Human from the Eldeen reaches, dragonmarked member of the Handler's Guild.
Ozula of the Green-hoard- Leader of the Green-hoard kobold tribe, natural were-weasel.
Great Grunda- Hill giant recluse and widow.
Ux-Pebble-Paw- Young gnoll sorcerer, member of the Ember Fangs. Chosen by stone.

Ghukliak- Don Bassingthwaite's goblin language and Finnish.
Draconic- Draconic and Latin
Jotun- Slovak
Dach'youn- Klingon

The Peddler's Tale:
8th Therendor, 985 YK- Raunip learns that he is to travel to the north to make a trade on his mother's behalf with the medusae of Chazhaak Draal.
9th Therendor- Heading North, Raunip still finds himself lost. He rescues a man from a basilisk's attack, and learns more about the Reacher named Wil of House Vadalis and of the beasts of Raunip's homeland.
10th Therendor- Wil leaves Raunip's company as the merchant heads north to the stonelands. Raunip encounters the Green-hoard kobolds, talking his way out of being their prisoner he agrees to settle a score with a giantess called Great Grunda on their behalf. Next to Grunda's home Raunip is attacked by a pair of alligators that live along the river, barely avoiding becoming their dinner. Meeting Grunda turns to Raunip's favor as she shares her history and dinner, offering to make peace with the kobolds for Raunip's generosity.
11th Therendor- Raunip stays as Grunda's guest, and teaches her once more how to plant vegetables to sustain herself. Returning to the Green-hoard den, Raunip is attacked by unknowing scouts, but saved by Ozula as it is discovered that she is a were-weasel. Ozula also agrees to attempt a peace with the giant, and the kobolds reward Raunip with a dire weasel for his efforts. Grunda returns in the evening, and Raunip translates a treaty of peace.
12th Therendor- Upon his russet steed Xurwk, Raunip travels through the night northward to the borders of the Stone Lands. The storyteller encounters guards of the city- a pack of gnolls of the Ember Fang clan. Raunip brokers passage into Cazhaak Draal.