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I'm looking for 4-6 PFS players interested in playing Wonder's in the Weave p1: The Dog Pharoah's Tomb. (5-9).

I plan to run the sequel (Wonders' in the Weave p2) afterwards but things could change in between now and then. If so any of you playing p1 would of course receive an invite for part 2.

This is one of the Hao Jin Tapestry scenarios being revisited in 10-00 The Hao Jin Cataclysm so you'll probably get the most value out of this scenario if you're playing 10-00 late enough to complete this first.

Contrary to most recruitments I'll be recruiting players rather than characters.

Posting Rate Expectations:
Please note I tend to run games quite quickly, although I'm not able to run games as fast as I used to (See ~5 day confirmation with ~70 posts a day) I still do prefer a game a bit faster than the 1/day minimum.
That said I understand that real life comes first and with my own toddler sometimes the best laid plans go awry. As necessary I'll Bot players to keep up the pace, likely before a full 24 hours has passed.

Also I'm going to be at a con for Labor Day weekend and will likely take a break from GMing my pbps for that long weekend.

tl;dr; You should post multiple times most days and I'll bot as necessary to keep up the pace.

So if you're interested, go ahead and make a post here, and tell me a little about your experience with PFS & PBPs in particular.

As usual I'll be reserving a slot for a new to pbp player. I'll get players chosen by Monday the 30th at the latest and will get started on August 13th at the beginning of Game Day VII.

Ass always if you are interested or have any questions please feel free to post.

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Waves to the Pirate.

I'd be interested.

I've been playing PbP for 3 years now, although I've been playing PFS for a little less. You can see my experience by looking at my campaigns page, although it's a little inflated currently by extra entries for the GM school I'm running right now. I can definitely post several times a day almost every day, with a single post on that rare very busy day.

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Hey Rob. I believe I can keep up with your posting pace. I'm in Gallows Part 3 with you, and have played with you in several other games.

I've been doing PbP for several years now, and spend tons of time posting on the boards.


Thank you both for your interest, just acknowledging I've seen them. I'll start working on who to accept in the next couple days, finalizing by Monday at the latest as mentioned in my initial post.

I would like to be considered as well. Had the opportunity to play with you years ago at Pacificon. I have been playing Pbp for a couple of years now. I've even had the chance to play with CariMac here on the boards, then met here at Paizocon. I would say that my favorite Pbp to date was playing my investigator in GM Hmm's Salvation of the Sages. It demonstrates just how free and creative the medium can be. I also had the good fortune of being invited to play in her Solstice Scar "C" run at Paizocon.

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This sounds like fun!

I first dove into PbP 'round these parts a bit less than 3 years back. I took a hiatus at some point, then came back in earnest a year and a half ago. That was when I started GMing here, which was slow but fun. Around there I also started picking up more games, though I'm pretty light at the moment. I love this format for its extra potential to roleplay and interact with your party!

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Reporting for duty!

I started doing play-by-post in *squints* late 2012 (? yikes) and started GMing them shortly after that. I do enjoy the format and, while I'm not as active on the boards as I was once upon a time, I'm still here.

I can keep up your expected game pace most days.

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I would love to join in for this as it sounds like a fun approach and a good rate of play for me. It would also be good to play these scenarios before 10-00 which I have planned for the end of September.

However, with a physical move in process and a local convention toward the end of August that I hold a staff position for, I am concerned this would not be the best time for me to make that commitment. Sigh, timing is everything.

I do hope however that I will be able to enjoy one of your faster-paced games sometime in the near future.

Happy rapid PbP gaming, everyone.

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Yarr, there's always more games in the future, as a note I am attending a con over Labor Day weekend and will likely just have to put the game on hold for that.

Happy to take Redelia, CariMac, TriShadow, Saving Cap'n Crunch & Thunderspirt.

I'll save the 6th slot for a newcomer, or we'll just go with 5 if we don't get a good looking 6th.

See you in the discussion thread.

Might be too late for this, I have run parts I and II and am eager to play them. My posting rate tends to be at 1 or 2 post each working day. That might be to slow for you, if it is I will happily bow out of this.

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Come join us in discussion, it'll be great.

And with that we're full.

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