PbP GameDay 2: PFS 4-26 The Waking Rune (7-11) Gameplay (Inactive)

Game Master Sam Sturkie

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This game is part of the Official Pathfinder Society PbP Game Day. For more information please visit: PBP Gameday

The Waking Rune, a Pathfinder Society Scenario by Tim Hitchcock, was released in July 2013. This adventure serves as the culmination of the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign's Year of the Risen Rune, and presents the second ever runelord returned to modern Golarion—Runelord of Sloth Krune.

“After a year of searching and risking life and limb, the agents of the Pathfinder Society have discovered the resting place of the Runelord of Sloth, who has been sequestered from the world at large for 10,000 years awaiting the proper time for his return. Thanks to the efforts of the sinister cult of Lissala, that time is now. In a desperate attempt to defeat this ancient evil once and for all, the Decemvirate sends its best agents, armed with relics found throughout ancient Thassilon, to foil the cult's last-ditch efforts to usher in a new era of tyranny and strife. Will the party succeed in preventing Krune's return to Golarion, or will the Pathfinder Society serve simply as a speed-bump in the runelord's path to domination over the entire region?"

The gameday starts on April 5

I like to post at least once a day, but I usualy reply 4-5 time a day if the players keep posting. I'd appreciate the same level of commitment from the players, and we should be able to complete the game with time to spare.

Liberty's Edge

I have this guy here that could play in this adventure.

I would be happy to have you. If you know anyone else who would be interested in this game, send them this way. The fuller the table the better chances for success on this mission.

Liberty's Edge

There are a few threads that GMs use to announce games. I know Endless Forms and Tektite have one. I'll see if I can't post in those for you.

Thank you.

Ok quick update for this game. I've had some stuff come up and I won't be able to start this until Sunday April 13th.

Dark Archive

If I can have this character play I would love to join

So far:
Half-Elf Ranger 8
Halfling Bard 9

Silver Crusade

Waking Rune, eh? The ultimate badge of honor in PFS is surviving this one, right?

Well, my ranger is already in-level (barely), but will hopefully be getting at least a couple of GM credits by the start date (and thus gaining enough prestige for a Raise Dead!)

I am looking at going to a local game day on April 19th as well - would you be willing to consider a slightly later start to accommodate that?

And with two archers and a bard, we'd probably need some extra help, other than a pregen!

Well I'm alright with pushing it back again, but we do want to be sure to have enough time to finish this. Faldoc, Juliet, what do you two think?

Hey as long as its after April 12th I'm good :)

Liberty's Edge

Fine by me also. Maybe I'll get to sneak in a game or two myself.

Sounds like a plan then, see if you can find any more players, I've been pestering my local community as well.

Game Start will be April 20th. After the 5th I'll open the game-play and discussion threads so we can confirm who will be joining us.

I wouldn't feel comfortable pushing it back any farther then that. Try to be sure to save up enough prestige in case we don't make it ;)

Silver Crusade

Thanks guys! We technically have enough to run the game. But please, let's not even talk about hard mode unless we get a full table!

Depending on completion times of my other gameday games I could have 2 that could play this..

Sovereign Court

I haven't played this character in PbP since level 1. But I will give it a shot. He is currently level 9 and that should not change by April 20th (slow track). I DO plan to play him at PaizoCon, so I hope to have the chronicle by then. Obviously his profile needs to be updated.

EDIT: I usually summon critters in combat, but can take a melee role by sharing tactical feats with the his eidolon. Should a second profile be created for the eidolon?

WerePox47: I would be glad to have either character, hopefully those games will go fast then.

Galdur: If you could that would probably make things a little easier to view from a GM stand point. I expect us to be done by then. I'll send out chronicles sheets as soon as we finish, should have time to print it before con.

As far as hard mode, that will be up to you guys.

How many prestige does it take to raise you're character?

Sovereign Court

Generally when someone says 'save enough' they are referring to the 16 PP for raise dead is the usual number, but these others might also be relevant. GP costs are on pg 24 (25?) of the PFSGOP and PP on 27 (28?).

Raise dead: 16 PP (or 5,450 gp)
Resurrection: 32 PP (or 10,910 gp)
Restoration: 4PP (for permanent negative level) (or 1,380 gp)
body recovery: 5 PP

Silver Crusade

I just found out that the local Con I had sorta been planning on has been RESCHEDULED.

The event now takes place on May 9th and 10th.

Osric is the high tier character I wanted to use there (I only have one other). Lower tier games are full or are ones I've played before.

So, with that in mind:

1) Should I just withdraw from this game?

2) Can we bump the start date back up to the 13th and finish by the 10th of April? (I've had many scenarios take about a month, but they do require at least daily posting. I don't know if this one being a hard 7-11 tends to run long, though).

Silver Crusade

Ok, I'm going to back out of the game. I definitely want Osric free for the local con, and I don't want to put any undue pressure on the group.

Good luck guys! I'm definitely going to try to play this another time!

Liberty's Edge

Understood Osric! Good luck! I'll be seeing you around, Derek.

Alright then thanks for your interest Osric.

Current roster is sitting at:
Possible character from WerePox47

Come one come all! Can you survive this epic challenge? This adventure is considered one of the most challenging PFS Scenarios, claiming the lives of many fool hardy adventurers. Time is running out, can you stop the Waking Rune?

Sovereign Court

GM Striker wrote:

Alright then thanks for your interest Osric.

Current roster is sitting at:
Possible character from WerePox47

Come one come all! Can you survive this epic challenge? This adventure is considered one of the most challenging PFS Scenarios, claiming the lives of many fool hardy adventurers. Time is running out, can you stop the Waking Rune?

Did you miss me?

Lantern Lodge

Have we determined yet if this is going to be low or high tier?

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2013 Top 16

I'd be up for this with my level 11 caster cleric, if we had a solid high-tier team.

Liberty's Edge

I'm only 8 so I'm not sure that would be true. Depends on the others.

Corrected current roster is:
Juliet - Bard 9
Faldoc - Ranger 8
Galdur XXI - Summoner 9
Possible character from WerePox47 unknown

Looks like this will be at the lower tier, I think Juliet might be hitting 10 before we start and there is still time to add another few levels in the party before our game starts on April 20th.

Right now we're looking at a low tier game.

Lantern Lodge

I've got a 10th level Theurge of Nethys that I could put in for consideration. Don't have an alias right at the moment, would have to do that when I get home. Zhal Peng, 84048-2.

Zhal Peng would be a welcomed addition to the group.

As of the 5th I'll be making the gameplay and discussion threads, please be sure to post in each to reserve your position. We have plenty of time to finalize things before we get started so the game itself so go quite smoothly.

Lantern Lodge

I will go ahead when I get home tonight and take a look at getting his alias made and updated. Do we have an idea what tier we will be playing yet? I think given the players we know of so far it looks like it will be low tier. I am just trying to plan out what I need to account for.

Dark Archive

Sadly I'm at 9.0 for Juliet so she won't be level 10 by the time we start unless people will be doing two more game sessions back here at home then I could pop her up to 10 but I'm ok at being level 9 she is pretty sweet character can kicked butt like non other and now she can command the undead YAY!! She even charmed a ooz during Paizo con 2013.

Current roster is:
Galdur XXI
Faldoc Tisbane
Mystic Zhal

Have room for 2 more.

Last Call for anyone interested in getting in on this game.

*bump* (for different time zones :)

Thanks for the bump, character intro and the briefing are tomorrow.

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