PbP GameDay 2: PFS 4-26 The Waking Rune (7-11) Gameplay (Inactive)

Game Master Sam Sturkie

Interactive Map:Link

One year ago, the fledgling Magnimar lodge operated by Venture-Captains Canayven and Sheila Heidmarch attracted the attention of the Pathfinder Society by learning of and subsequently bidding on an ancient Thassilonian artifact: a runecarved key dredged from nearby waters. This caused the Society to attract the attention of cultists devoted to the little-known Thassilonian goddess Lissala, whose worship was long thought abandoned.

In response to the mysterious and disturbing resurgence, Pathfinder agents have spent much of the year unraveling the secrets of the enigmatic cult. While these investigations began as mere curiosity, it became apparent that Lissala's disciples maintained many active churches throughout Varisia. Even more threatening, her disciples were near completion of a complex plot to release a terrible evil upon the world by waking Lissala's last high priest-Lord Krune, Runelord of Sloth. Krune stands as the cult's savior, for prophecies hail him as the one being who might call the attention of the vanished goddess back to Golarion.

With Earthfall imminent, Krune fled to a hidden sanctuary deep below the surface of Varisia. Once secreted away, he cast a modified trap the soul spell that separated his soul from his body-the latter magically preserved on the Material Plane so that its connection to Krune's all-important rune foci would not be disrupted. To maintain this magic in his absence, he bound powerful outsiders within the sanctum whose essence he siphoned to maintain the stasis effect. In this way, he could slumber until his loyal disciples woke him after the encroaching catastrophe had passed.

Krune expected to sleep for one hundred years, but he did not wish his servants to wake him until they had prophecy paved the way for his return. Thus, to ensure that he would not have to work too hard upon his return, he created a number of refuge tokens keyed to his sanctuary. He hid these in various Lissalan temples scattered across Golarion, the tokens' command words etched into special metal plates and hidden elsewhere. Only by being numerous and powerful enough to recover both components could the disciples reach the runelord's sanctuary, implying as well that they would already control a sizeable kingdom for Krune to rule.

Ultimately, Krune failed to imagine the extent to which Earthfall would reshape the world and its people. What he intended as a century-long sequestration has instead lasted 10 millennia. During this time, Lissala was all but forgotten, and the Thassilonian Empire crumbled. Despite these setbacks, a handful of servants are about to revive Krune, and with his awakening shall follow the return of Lissala.