PFS Quest: The Silverhex Chronicles PbP (Inactive)

Game Master Chaosorbit


A series of six Quests designed for 1st-level characters.

When the daring half-orc scholar Ulisha enrages a noble family in the River Kingdoms, she contacts the PCs with a special deal: she will sell them a unique and ancient druidic relic at a steep discount to secure the gold she needs to pay off her bounty. By the time the PCs arrive to meet her, she has gone into hiding. However, she has left behind a journal full of profitable leads as a sign of good faith. Can the PCs recover this hidden wealth and claim the powerful Silverhex before an assassin finds their friend?

This is an extension of the Harris Home game group trying out PbP.

[dice=Dimble] 1d20 + 3 [/dice]
[dice=Slaine] 1d20 + 8 [/dice]
[dice=Heff] 1d20 + 6 [/dice]
[dice=Ulric] 1d20 + 4 [/dice]
[dice=Throck] 1d20 + 2 [/dice]
[dice=Ghirahim] 1d20 + 6 [/dice]