[PFS_CORE_Aerondor] 00-01 Silent Tide: Tier 1-5 (Inactive)

Game Master Aerondor

Silent Tide - Core low tier.



Special Organ rules:

The Metro-Cathedral’s massive organ is played by dancing
upon the gigantic white keys. Traveling from white key
to white key requires a DC 5 Jump, Tumble, or Perform
(dance) check. The DC increases by 2 for each additional
key someone attempts to cross in a given round.

To play the more slender black keys, one either needs to
stand on an adjoining white key and reach up and yank the
key down with a DC 5 Strength check, or climb directly on
top of the black key (Climb DC 10). Leaping from black key
to black key requires a DC 10 or 20 Jump check depending
on the distance between the keys as indicated on the map.

Anyone who successfully depresses multiple keys in a round
may also make a Perform (keyboard) check as a free action.
A success of 10 or more contributes to the hymn and keeps
the music alive. The higher the result, the more melodious
and impressive the contribution. Provide each PC with a
+2 circumstance bonus to their check for each key they
manage to depress in a single round.

The organ keys are elevated 15 feet off of the ground.
Anyone bull rushed off the keys falls to the stone church
floor below, taking 1d6 damage

The organ keys connect to the 30-foot pipes above.
Climbing the giant twisting maze of brass pipes requires a DC
10 Climb check each round.

As long as the organ continues to play, anyone of lawful
alignment in the cathedral benefits from the effect of
a bless spell.


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