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Glad I could help!

Are you guys using the the old version of the artificer or the recently released official version?

I built using the official release.

I didn't know there were old ones to be honest. Haven't seen XGE and onward.

I'm talking about the one that was recently released. It's pretty rad.

The more I look up features for the character, the more I get the idea that a Hexblade Warlock ends up doing mostly the same things a Paladin does.

Any hint whether there's going to be only one slot or more? With only one slot free, I might want to reconsider.

Two slots. Paladin always have a unique niche in 5th edition by providing a HUGE boost to party saves at 6th level. But no need to make a paladin if that isn't what will be fun to you.

Will someone link me to both versions of the artificer?

Alright, I think the character is finished, then. The alias is here.

Most Recent UA version

This is a review of the new officially released that has all the information posted with the review. Offical version released in the Ebberon book last week

Only a couple of differences honestly but solid IMO. There are a couple of older UA versions that released earlier but those were from initial designs of the class which have changed. I didn’t look for those links.

ERLW Artificer

This is the most recent (and official hardcover) one, I try to avoid unreleased material where possible.

Thanks for the links, guys. Let's go with the recent release.

Recruitment closes in 9 hours. I'll make a selections a few hours after that and begin communicating how we're going to bring you in.

Pokity Poke Poke.

Must be that intense.

Yes sorry for the delay. I was unexpectedly distracted. And yes it was difficult to select. I know all four of you are good players who are very engaged and made interesting character concepts you were committed to. Here are my selections:

Professor Rankle Boomtop

Please dot in gameplay. We will begin a spoilered discussion in discussion about how to bring you in.

Cool I'm super excited!
Thanks for the reach out!

Good luck and have fun folks!

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