Only the Cold Remains - A Reign of Winter Rendition

Game Master Rasputin17

It feasts forever and hungers ever more. It is a hard irony, with a humorless, one-toothed grin. It exists simply to exist and to never end, its voice cold enough to make you shiver.

Trouble brews like broth in cauldron. For every century past for the last 1,400 years three riders have rode out in the perpetual winter land of Irrisen, heralding the return of the most powerful witch of her kind, the great Baba Yaga. She comes bringing the tidings of a new rulership, replacing the last of her daughters with a new one on the queen's seat.

Some have attempted to resist this upheaval, but all since have failed. Queen Elvanna, the latest of such rulers, has other plans however, and these are ones loftier, and more dangerous than any of her predecessors have ever attempted.

Meanwhile, in the small southern Taldan town of Helden, the sun has begun to set ever sooner, more than a summer sun has any right to. The nights grow colder and the days grow shorter. The nice, friendly hamlet appears besieged by a cold never before seen this far south. If there is any way to stop this rise of the elements, it will require the sacrifice of a brave few. Whoever they are, this journey shall change them more so even than the bitter cold that threatens to change the world.

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