Mass Monkeyshines

Game Master Patrick Curtin

A monthly meeting of Pathfinder gamers at the Medieval Starship game store in Pembroke, MA.

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I will call again they said they normally dont reserve tables but maybe they will make an exception.

Okay, we'll be there early anyway

So, May 19th? Good for all involved?



And now I have a problem. I just found out I won't have nursing on the 19th or the 26th. So we have two possibilities. One, we can squeeze in a game on the 12th, or we can punt to June. Thoughts?

Argh. Ok, the 12th is off the table. This might be too soon, but I am thinking it is either this sat (5th) or June.


June it is, then.

First weekend?

Is good for me.

And since you don't come into the bestest thread on Paizo no more, CC, what are you currently reading?

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I will check my schedule for the 2nd of June.

Hey what you don't ask the orc what he;s reading huh?

My apologies, Mad Badger. I don't recall ever seeing you hang out in the bestest thread, unlike CC, who was driven out by my troll crew. What are you currently reading?

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ha ha I am reading a few books one is the newest Adventure path. The other is the book The Tiger's Wife. I also have been reading John Irvings last Night in Twisted River. I have honestly not had alot of time to read as of late with work and home life. But I suppose I need to make a change with that.

I have honestly been too tired to do much reading. I am finishing up Byatt's Ragnarok, a friend gave me three of the BPRD graphic novels which I read fairly quick, and I just opened a book called Harvest Home, some old horror novel from back in the day.

OK, looks like May 19th might have some juice left. My wife said she will figure out something (because she's cool like dat). My plan is thus:

We do the 19th, then shoot for late June (because the orc cant play any earlier in June.)

We just have to confirm that the store has no big foofaraw going on at those times. Does that work?

Ok, one eye just let me know the 19th ain't gonna work for him. So late June it is

This just keeps getting worse and worse!

I know, right =(

Is okay.

As for myself, I'm on the second volume of the de Camp edited Conan, up to about 1960 or so in Allen Ginsberg's Collected Poems and summoning the willpower to make a third attempt at "legendary Gothic classic" Melmoth the Wanderer. Actually, it's not terrible, just WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overwritten. Imagine Henry James. x100.

Ugh. Gl on that one. I still have a copy of the Nibelungenlied waiting for me to crack open. I don't know if I have the bibliotechnical fortitude for it

Hey, weird idea. Since getting together in RL seems to not be in the cards for two months, do you want to try a bit of PBP? I can run you through Sigil, and you can get some depth on your PCs while we ready to return to Acheron

Sure. Thank sounds fun sorry my schedule is so hectic.


Im working on several PbP projects today. I hope to get some intro stuff done. I think we will consider it a 'prequel' for now. List your stats under your aliases and we will see what we can get going.

Ok I have begun a new PbP themed thread here:


Awlright, cogitating an adventure for y'all. Noting too swingy

Finished Ragnarok and have decided to finally sit down and read some ERB Mars book.

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Awesome looking forward to it.

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